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Bucks on Sunday

The picture above Ayers rock is a view of the Q tower on Queensland’s Gold Coast being struck by lightning on the 24th of October 2005 at 2 minutes past six in the evening; courtesy of Buck junior; this tower is the tallest in the Southern hemisphere and possibly the world. I can just see the looks of disbelief as all go to Wikkey or Google lol; well that’s what the report on the picture said ok. It crossed my mind as we have been having some rather bad electrical storms lately; still this is the season for it now so I guess we should not grumble, In fact while you lot in the Northern Hemisphere are freezing we are sweating; the funny thing is we shall still be sweating when you are but not quite as much. What a world And to think it is only three weeks to Christmas according to my calendar; not so nice to be ahead in time after all. I suppose we shall read in the media that it has been a record spending for Christmas this year as always, and hasn’t it gone quick this year and so on blah blah blah; what hogwash still all in I guess folk look forward to it. Maybe a post tomorrow or a trip out.

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