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Post-mortems who needs em

I see absolutely no need for all these so called political writers holding posts after the event Mr Obama won fair and square. For what do they do these things if only there was a way of speeding up the inauguration process now yeah that would work for me? Naturally they cannot so that's that. I meant to say that Mr Obama has a MySpace and Facebook account he also has a website called a change of Government just here I like it I like what he says on his site I quote “"Immediately after I become president I will confront this economic crisis head-on by taking all necessary steps to ease the credit crisis, help hard-working families, and restore growth and prosperity," President-Elect Obama said unquote” More on here


  1. I totally agree. I hope this presidency brings in the computer age to all of us and that communication with our president will be easier.

  2. Thanks For your comment creeking mad...somehow I reckon communication with him will be as you say