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Fizzy drinks 'memory boost'

Well I must admit I love them but I did not know they could improve you’re memory; so that’s why I have been remembering things of late lol. Seriously does anyone really believe all this? I admit I don’t take this example for instance. (Psychology lecturer Dr Leigh Riby, who led the research, said people studying for exams could benefit from increasing the amount of sugar in their diet) folk and doctors are always telling me to cut down on my sugar intake sorry it’s called glucose now, and now I read this, so I have got the go ahead now and am going to exploit it to the full. Hippocampus huh not an animal then after all just an area lol, I am now seriously having a huge rethink on this and it appears that orange flavoured gives quite large results. Don’t you just love orange lol Golly do I love orange; apple too but that was not mentioned still I can swap allegiances in fact I just have; although I do at times mix apple juice and carbonated sugar water together so maybe that counts. Do you know I was discussing great aunt Emma and not Grand Mama after all so its working, pour us another orange soda Pop please Babe.

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