This is what we here in Australia call a mongrel dog.

Yes you got it he's a crook he's under investigation, he has been warned by the DA to put up or shut up. they will arrest him no worries and yet this is the Governor of Illinois. The mind boggles at how corrupt this nation of mainly decent honest people has sunk to. I have been reading about this most of the day. I thought we Australians had colourful language not so...This man and some of his cronies need their mouths washed out with carbolic soap...I dont' think I swore as much as this mob when I was a soldier. I read a little on it here so you can make your own mind up...I just hope this does not rub off on President elect Barack Obama...something I have noticed now all the hoo ha has died down I am in contact with an American friend her opinion is he will go to gaol...it seems it has been in the American media for some considerable time...but only recently here in Oz. I definitely did not like this statement a direct Quote "Governor Blagojevich was caught on FBI tapes referring to Mr Obama in a derogatory fashion calling him a mother f****r unquote". This bloke is the elected (hmm) Governor of a state in the USA and he uses such derogatory language...he would not have lasted long in Queensland I assure you. The man is just a pig. comments most welcome


I don't like this.

This reminds me of the Gough Whitlam era which was brought undone by proposed off shore loans called in those far off days petro-dollar loans. My personal opinion is that Kev is possibly going too far. The younger generation may not think so; thank goodness we have an older generation that recalls this only too well. My memory was jogged about this not only by reports in the media but also by a Canadian friend who was telling me about the activities of the Canadian opposition and the role of their Governor General (GG) the Monarchs representative. This representative in all British Commonwealth countries has certain powers as old Gough found out (yes he is still alive and pretty robust for 91) so hopefully the Canadian one works out a solution ok. I’m worried about our so called esteemed PM falling into the same trap. His plans are much to grandiose for us Australians I fear he must pull his head in on this, this is my view...but not his of course naturally the trouble is we ordinary Australians suffer if he makes a blue, but not him he’s a wealthy man his wife more so...he has no worries just us idiots do...big worries at that. A direct quote “The Whitlam government (1972-75) was rocked by revelations that rogue ministers had enlisted Khemlani to raise billions from Arab nations. Unquote” According to the leader of the Australian Federal opposition Mal Turnbull it’s the Kev-lani road show which is a mere reference to Tirath Khemlani the Pakistani commodity dealer in Whitlam’s day More can be read here and also here