Have you seen the state our so called accused ex-Taliban fighter is in? You ought to be downright ashamed of yourself thank heavens you will be leaving the American Presidency soon.

You were never actually voted in it was decided by a court decision YOU may well have been outraged at the time of 9/11 that was long ago and you treat one of our citizens like this; you are very fortunate that I am not John Howard diplomatic relations would have ceased between Australia and the USA long ago now get off your BACKSIDE and release this bloke now.

Up until you appeared upon the scene all was well in our relationship but you buddy have let your own people down as well as the rest of the so called Coalition.

Your own courts have decided your actions re David Hicks are unlawful but you want an Aussie scapegoat it seems.

Who in hell do you think you are disobeying your own laws? ACT NOW, how would you feel if it was the other way around send in your cavalry you’d have a job sport they’re all overseas fighting some other bastard’s battles.

You can thank your lucky stars that I don’t hold it against the American people; I realise its not their fault but you sure have put them in a nasty position.

YOU SIR ARE WORSE THAN YOUR FATHER May God have mercy on your soul.

The Australian ABC online


Who is right here?

I’m sure I’m losing it I tell yah I read someplace that a further mob of American troops have sent to Iraq under a new commanding officer and strike me pink if I don’t see this item.

A direct quote *BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki told Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Ca., visiting Baghdad on Friday in her new capacity as House speaker, that he would like to see 50,000 U.S. troops leave by the end of the year*

This is a far cry from the 21,500 troops that Bush is sending there at this time.

As I see it changing the officer in charge won’t do anything at all better the devil you know than the one you don’t know I reckon.

Still Army Lt General David Petraeus has an impressive record of tours in Iraq so maybe he will do ok as that Robert Gates is big big trouble in my opinion he in my considered opinion was the cause of all the terrorist acts in the USA from the start when he ran the CIA Bush's man of course replacing that other jerk Rumsfeld whether General Casey has not done the job correctly is a matter of conjecture I guess.

I did read here that both Bush and Gates questioned the American Congress with their decisions and Bush’s assertions that he is the decision maker what a sad joke this man is.

I have always been of the opinion that civilians should butt out where military strategy is concerned sadly this almost never happens and not just in America either

The Senate on Friday voted unanimously to confirm the nomination of Army Lt. Gen. Petraeus to command U.S. troops in Iraq.

I noticed briefly on the SOTU Address that folk on limited incomes were forgotten AGAIN what’s new there mainly in the health sector of course.

Portraying Poms as whingers is racist they reckon

And more whinging I mean explanation sorry.

Well I put up with it and survived and this watchdog mob we have here in good old Ozz seem to be a fickle lot from what I read SMH most *lets get all highbrow now* Englishmen it seems just laughed at the report.

The advertising watchdog here allowed a tonk a Pom add saying it was just good clean fun but not when an ad played Land of hope and glory in which a bunch of Poms were heard to be whinging.

All these ads by the way including tonk a Kiwi are promoted via a brewery named Tooheys; this brewery I might add some 30 odd years ago would not employ anybody unless they were a native born Australian, now it seems Toohey’s brewery is now headed by a Pom what a hoot their brew tastes like urine in my opinion always did and to think you can now buy it in other countries including Pom land *I jest couldn’t resist that gibe*

When this so called derogatory term was used in the beginning it was not just Pom either so I had to put up with whinging Pommy Bastard; it was used affectionately even then.

Some of my kids have called me a silly old bastard; I most likely am at times lol.

This is why this bloody so called political awareness gets right up my nose and I refuse to conform why the hell should I? This silly practice seems to be creeping in all over the world sadly.

Cripes I recall when the Poms won the 2003 Rugby world cup and some wag did a picture of the Sydney Opera House in photo shop I reckon, and painted it with the Brit colours, did I get offended of course I didn’t I just sent it winging its way around the world. I got a laugh out of it to be honest.


Today is Australia day as most of the world knows

``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` This Smiling Bloke knows this being a New Zealander so we are neighbours Just a two hour flight separates us. At the one day cricket match being played in Adelaide the Poms have sunk to a disgraceful position being all out for a mere 110 runs in 34.3 over’s (these games are 50 over’s a side ) how the devil they will wish to return to England with their disgraceful record has really got me thinking, mind you I do feel a tad for them, did I type that good grief I never meant it honest lol. We have just scored 56 in 12 over’s and now the players have gone to an early evening meal well its early here in Qld 5.50 PM in Adelaide it is 6.20 PM The mugs are on daylight saving time usually it’s a mere 30 minutes difference; we only need 57 runs to win The Ashes series was a whitewash they lost all five games and now they have managed just one win against New Zealand odd as well as it looked in the bag for the Kiwi’s so much so I turned the TV off sadly. Many international cricketers play in other countries during their off season excepting the touring sides naturally, we are no exception indeed one of our cricketers who has retired from the Aussie scene is in fact still the Captain of an English county team Hampshire for two years. It really looks like it will be a New Zealand/Australia final I reckon still cricket as all the commentators say is a funny game and anything could happen. I did notice one of our older esteemed retired cricketers Greg Chappell a former Aussie captain has been hounded in India for not selecting certain blokes for their team, actually slapped by some bloke Police were called for the protection of both teams (he’s their Coach I think) an American term that has been around for ages now at onetime they were just called trainer’s oh hell that’s what the Brits call joggers. It seems I cannot win but our team can and will when it resumes in about 12 more minutes. Ok game is over so the actual result was England all out for 210 in 34.3 over’s and Australia 1 for 211 in 24.3 over’s the points table now stands at Australia 23 New Zealand 5 and the poor old Brits still on 4 next game is on Sunday the 28th Ho hum

Happy Australia Day Folks

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Our Immigration Minister gets dumped or sacked not before time either

That’s my view she always was a pain in the ass and her pulling faces in public etc a royal pain is my view it’s about the only sensible thing our incumbent PM has done lately. There is talk of giving her a diplomatic posting who cares I sure don’t. Howard our incumbent PM has left poor David Hicks to rot in Guantanamo and a lawyer says he is afraid David may take a deal offered to him just so he can return home.

Howard’s sudden expressions of concern about the length of Hicks’s detention without trial are animated by cynical electoral considerations. With a federal election due later this year, Howard clearly recognises that his government is isolated on the issue and is seeking to squirm out of its sordid record in the ongoing and illegal imprisonment of Hicks. Personally I think this lawyer could well be correct so I read here. David Hick's military lawyer, Major Michael Mori, has criticised new Pentagon rules for putting his client on trial, saying they are in some ways worse than the previous ones ruled illegal by the US Supreme Court. This bloke is now in his sixth year in this rathole in my opinion a bloke in the wrong place at the right time for the Bush Administration .

Meanwhile the Brits Cricket team is having a real bad trot in the one day tournament held here after game number six we have 18 points New Zealand 5 points and the poor old Brits 5 points. Still they may redeem themselves on Australia day game 7 from the picturesque Adelaide oval but I sure hope not.

A couple of items of interest maybe

My daughter finally showed up to do her voluntary cleaning

Yep she finally fronted up to clean my little unit which she says she does every two weeks lol this time was the first time since November 13 2006 so yeah I have been doing it myself of course.

What amazed me was the cold water she drank whilst here and after reading about it here I decided to blog it.

It appears it can be dangerous to drink too much H2O even though it has been recommended in the past and also the fact that our bodies are in the main water.

It is usually recommended to drink one and a half litres a day; more in hot weather.

This report was a silly stunt and the person in question died of water intoxication take note you heavy grog artists drink water and save cash if you want to get sloshed.

Way to go you reckon lol maybe the daughter had a hangover!! I tactfully refrained from mentioning that of course.

I mean it could be 2008 before she fronts again I wonder will she read this, Hmm hopefully not.


Whilst on the subject of ones children I had an amusing experience the other week whilst stopping at my son’s for the weekend; he was on one of his numerous trips away the Gold Coast this time some surfing or lifesaving thing or other.

So there I was with my laptop checking my mail and blog (what else) and a movement caught my eye sadly I did not have my camera (no batteries) and to amazement there was a huge Cane Toad sitting in the middle of the room.

Some info on this pest below.

These things are pests that are now spreading all over the country imported from Hawaii for the cane field’s worse thing the settlers here ever did apart from introducing the Rabbit.

Some info on these pests Cane toads naturally occur in the southern areas of the United States to South America. They were introduced to Australia in 1935 from Hawaii in an attempt to biologically control scarab beetles which were devastating sugar crops. Unfortunately, the ecologists of the time got it wrong, and the toads simply could not get high enough in order to feed on the beetles which continued to decimate crops as the toads made the most of favorable breeding conditions.

Off came my trusty thong (for the feet ok) and I really hoed into it and took it outside do you know it started to come alive after 10 minutes or so it seems they do this I was told needless to say I made good and sure it was dead the second time.

My wife had she been here would have just bolted yelling instructions to get rid of it but I guess we are used to them up here but they are poisonous on their backs I think .

Oh well as long as it wasn’t a carpet snake.


Clinton makes her run with a promise to talk to Americans

WITH the simple but blunt "I'm in" headline on her campaign website, Hillary Clinton not only declared her bid to become the first woman president of the United States, but triggered the true start of next year's presidential race.

Within minutes of Senator Clinton announcing she had formed an exploratory committee for her running for the presidency, the major television networks and news services flashed the news to millions of Americans.

This looks promising to me at least but then I am not an American but I reckon the USA has a better chance with Senator Clinton at the Helm than the present incumbent but what really is puzzling me is if she makes it and gets elected what about Bill who was also a president will he be known as the FIRST GENTLEMAN do you think now I never laughed when I typed that well I did have a little chuckle

I always liked Bill when he was a president to be honest but sorry Bill I just can’t help but chuckle at what you could be called.


The Tri Series Australia/New Zealand/England

Thanks to a lot of pluck by Michael Hussey after our top order failed AGAIN we managed to beat New Zealand at the Sydney Cricket ground last night.

We were in a similar situation at the Woolloongabba known as the Gabba on Friday against England a very low scoring match but we prevailed even so far as to gain a bonus point.

Hussey featured strong in that game also.

The next games are in Adelaide on Tuesday and Friday good luck you blokes.

What do these people get out of making a computer virus?

Well it has me beat I have often wondered if it is the anti virus companies themselves but I can’t see that as anybody today can get free anti virus programmes for their computers home only and I have found quite a few good ones as well.

I use one of them on one of my computers myself and I shall do so when the subscription I have to a well known company expires on my other one.

The anti Vir is a good one it features a lady I think holding an umbrella depicted in red so is the one put out by AVG; I found it very good also.

Unlike a certain brand it does not tend to slow your computer down and it is all done online.

Of course then there is anti spy ware which I find essential windows do a free one but there are other free ones just as good if not better I myself use this one depicted on this site; I find it very handy and it scans for spy cookies which in turn can let a malicious back or trap door Trojan virus installing on your computer.

I must admit I found nothing out of the ordinary re this report on the BBC I just cannot understand why people make them and in some cases can cause chaos one nasty one caused all the Traffic lights in Newcastle NSW Australia to fail not nice at all.

We live in a nasty world today I think



Star Wars

Horror of horrors should this happen.

We don’t want the star wars business again originated by President Reagan and at the same time I read the Red Chinese used a missile in space.

I do think that all this space business should be discussed by the various space nations as well as nations that could and will be in various forms of rest and unease should these jokers continue in this vein.

My own government is concerned and rightly so.

The snag I think with the Red Chinese Government is they are getting very powerful now.

I wonder did The President of the USA discuss this matter with the new head of the United Nations Hmm I don’t suppose so but it is a matter of great urgency in my opinion, will we ever know what really transpired in the Oval Office Meeting nah I don’t think so.



Well we squeaked in and beat the old enemy again at cricket but I must admit the game could have gone either way; the Poms felt the heat I think but were very determined and there was a bad umpiring decision in our favour but this happens in the game.

Played a 100 kilometres away from me so I watched it on television petrol prices being what they are although it has now come down to A$102.99 a litre; after I filled up my beast of burden I was told it will be even cheaper on Tuesday.

The government and oil companies make most of the money naturally so it’s a constant battle of survival for a service station owner as well as us the great unwashed.


How d’you like these apples folks lol

Much better than freezing I reckon all you cold folk up in the Northern Hemisphere

Through the roof: the thermometer measuring the on-court temperature at the Australian Open Tennis Tournament yesterday was stretched to breaking point at 118 degrees Fahrenheit, or 48 degrees Celsius.

This was way down south in Victoria where sadly Bush fires are still raging and there is now discussion on how to ration electricity.

Ah well the price you pay for living in the North has some compensations I guess but I prefer heat to cold any old day.

Sadly this searing heat is a killer and kills babies and the elderly quite frequently not a good thing at all really.

These temperatures are endured on cricket pitches also but our cricketers can hack it beating England AGAIN and New Zealand in the first of the 50 over’s one day international tournaments for our summer.

ON THEIR 72nd day in the country, after nine losses and three draws, England yesterday finally, nervously, won a cricket match against New Zealand WOW what a record and to think I switched it off on TV as it looked grim for England again,The elusive victory arrived not only belatedly in the tour, but in the match, coming with only one ball to spare when Andrew Flintoff clipped a four to overtake New Zealand's score of 205 at Bellerive Oval; Punter Ponting will make their lives hell again I bet when they play us again.

Methinks there will be a huge board of enquiry in the UK if they deign to go home


When in Rome do as the Romans do

I expect most of you read and were taught this as a child by your parent’s or your school.

I received an e-mail today with this SITE on it and thought straight away how correct this decision of the Bavarian Government was.

The banning of the wearing of the traditional headwear of a practicing Moslem lady.

I don’t know about your country but I have to remover a rider’s helmet when entering a bank or other financial institution for a start.

This business of political awareness is a dam nuisance and in my opinion should be stopped forthwith.

If you elect to live in another country you MUST adhere to the laws of that country.

Bavaria is a Christian country so yes Moslems should keep their religious practices which by the way are being thrust down all Christian countries throats.

They are entitled to their religion by all means so let them wait until they go into their Mosque's for these practices otherwise they should conform to the laws of the land.

Ok so folk will say bash a Moslem; not true human nature being what it is and always will be would never have condoned this practice if the terrible events of September Eleven had not occurred; I myself do not condone such acts.

These ladies in this article had nothing to do with that terror but being human Christian law abiding Bavarian citizens want the practice stopped.

A quote “According to the deputy secretary general of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Christoph Kannengiesser, the wearing of a headscarf is not necessarily a political statement and it should not stop the communication between Muslims and Germans. Unquote”

True I quite agree but not to the changing of laws just to suit them NO SIR.

Personally I could not care less I see them here I have seen them in their own country if I had my way they would all be deported.

Not for the reasons you may think as I am not a racist at all but I live in a Western country Bavaria is a Western country also

I have noticed also as soon as you are in the air even on an Emirates flight whose headquarters are in Dubai they remove their veils and some even smile wow

This political awareness crap has gone on long enough and should be stopped forthwith I mean happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas what a sick and sorry joke.

It’s crept in here; I ignore it completely.

Thank you my e-mail friend for bringing this to my attention I am truly grateful she knows who she is and often sends me snippets of info.


You could have kept your mouth shut here Rudd

Our although unpopular PM has stated he was investigating this occurrence your remarks will not I assure you get you elected and if you are just going to spout off in this vein that may just be your undoing haven’t we got a better person to lead our Australian Labor party than yourself. I can think of a few but you go work it out you get paid enough her Majesty’s opposition leader gets a fair swag of cash as we all know; but not for inane remarks like this. Why oh why didn't you just allow the opposition to say hear hear period? To dumb I guess. I reckon it’s entirely appropriate you resign and get somebody with more backbone; I don’t suppose I am the only one either. After voting for your party now for well over 40 years I am now casting my eyes around for one that has more brains than the ALP sadly I have not found one that comes up to my standards well perhaps one but the leader of it was disposed sadly. This is the mob I am thinking of and yes they have what it takes I think. The Australian Democrats and I did not like the way in which a leader of their party one time a senator from South Australia was cast aside one Natasha Stott Despoja she was I thought treated rather shabbily at the time a few years back now It still has it seems a woman at the helm Senator Lyn Allison, Democrats Leader. This is their policy The Australian Democrats stand for a fair society that values justice, democracy, individual freedom and diversity. We work for a prosperous, environmentally sustainable and equitable economy; good, accountable governance and responsible, peaceful engagement in the global community. We are honest, compassionate, and beholden to no interest group and we provide a voice for the voiceless. It sounds good to me and far better that our present incumbent and also the opposition who over the years have gotten so weak one good Willi Nilli and they would blow away. This is Senator Lyn Allison and the other is of Natasha Stott *************************************************************************************************

Now on a lighter note I have been playing pool on Yahoo against a friend and just a tip don’t take her on she is the original pool hustler I swear.

This is an actual image of a game we played today but I cut out our chat and names for security reasons obviously.

But she is fun I must admit and will play me at scrabble and dominoes as well.

Oh well you gotta have a break from blogging at times I think.


Why the hangdog look George

You mate are not fooling anybody even some of your own party members are questioning this rash statement of yours which I read on here.

You have been ill advised through all this unnecessary loss of life and your solution is to send more of your troops to their grave along with your partners in this heinous crime of yours GROW up pal the bloke you appointed as the new DCI is actually the cause of all this strife.

Without a doubt you will go down in history as the worse President your Country has had.

Have you given any thought as to how that must make your own people feel; of course not you just blunder on and on thereby making the USA looking idiotic in the eyes of the world.

They are not idiotic they are just fed up of all the uncalled for deaths and most are fed up with you and your administration, roll on January 2008.

Nobody really wants the US to be placed in such an unenviable position except you and your brainless advisers.

Here is a prime example which I admit I found on you tube but it clearly shows the world what sort of a leader you are, its ok Mr. Bush my Prime Minister is as bad well almost.


Well I watched the giggly Cricket match

We won of course

All in all I found it stupid it kind of demeans cricket in a way it was just sheer entertainment like going to a concert with a sports theme is how I saw it.

After researching this silly game further I found that although it was only Australia’s fifth international it is played in state matches; I shall not watch those indeed I shall not watch a Twenty/20 international again but for all cricket info look on HERE

Now the fifty over a side one day international’s I shall watch as they are a hard fought contest and to me that’s what sport is all about not some music hall show.

The first of these starts on Friday in Melbourne so no computing from 1 PM for me on that day 2 PM in the Southern states as the stupid clowns are on daylight saving time down there. It was always known as summer time but it was changed what doesn’t change human kind meddles far too much in my opinion.

One day I guess we will go too far still I guess I will never find out.

What I would really like is a kind and gentle lady to look after me someone I can actually talk to face to face and take out but alas this is not going to happen sadly so I guess it’s computing and sport for me now with some politics thrown in.

My wedding anniversary today as well so am a tad sadder than usual oh well life goes on as they say I wonder at times who on earth they are.


And on a not so lighter note I thought this so very apt of the way we all live today that I just had to blog it.

It was sent to me by a friend via e-mail

What Happened?

At first I thought this was funny...then I realized the awful truth of it.

Be sure to read all the way to the end!

Tax his land,

Tax his bed,

Tax the table

At which he's fed.

Tax his tractor,

Tax his mule,

Teach him taxes

Are the rule.

Tax his cow,

Tax his goat,

Tax his pants,

Tax his coat.

Tax his ties,

Tax his shirt,

Tax his work,

Tax his dirt.

Tax his tobacco,

Tax his drink,

Tax him if he

Tries to think.

Tax his cigars,

Tax his beers,

If he cries, then

Tax his tears.

Tax his car,

Tax his gas,

Find other ways

To tax his ass

Tax all he has

Then let him know

That you won't be done

Till he has no dough.

When he screams and hollers,

Then tax him some more,

Tax him till

He's good and sore.

Then tax his coffin,

Tax his grave,

Tax the sod in

Which he's laid.

Put these words

upon his tomb,

"Taxes drove me

to my doom..."

When he's gone,

Do not relax,

Its time to apply

The inheritance tax.

Accounts Receivable Tax

Building Permit Tax

CDL license Tax

Cigarette Tax

Corporate Income Tax

Dog License Tax

Federal Income Tax

Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)

Fishing License Tax

Food License Tax,

Fuel permit tax

Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)

Hunting License Tax

Inheritance Tax

Interest expense

Inventory tax

IRS Interest Charges IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)

Liquor Tax

Luxury Taxes

Marriage License Tax

Medicare Tax

Property Tax

Real Estate Tax

Service charge taxes

Social Security Tax

Road usage taxes

Sales Tax

Recreational Vehicle Tax

School Tax

State Income Tax

State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)

Telephone federal excise tax

Telephone federal universal service fee tax

Telephone federal, state and local surcharge taxes

Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax

Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax

Telephone state and local tax

Telephone usage charge tax

Utility Taxes

Vehicle License Registration Tax

Vehicle Sales Tax

Watercraft registration Tax

Well Permit Tax

Workers Compensation Tax

COMMENTS: Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago,

And our nation was the most prosperous in the world.

We had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class

in the world, and Mom stayed home to raise the kids.

What happened?

And I still have to "press 1" for English

Food for thought huh AND it’s getting worse trust me


This has to be stopped NOW Ruddock

This is Crap and you know it

Your remarks re this in the Melbourne Age should have never been said as usual you are talking out of your rear end AGAIN which is nothing new but your remarks will be read and heard by us voters rest assured.

It is my fervent hope you will be out of Government very soon

We may be a multicultural society but that’s where it ends I am sure I am right in saying that a 100 % of Australians do not wish an Islamic state in this country.

We may seem frivolous at times I agree but this is going beyond the norm,

The trouble that Moslems are causing all over the world not to mention my country leave much to be desired.

Send them back to a tract of land in the Middle East where they originally came from so they can set up an Islamic State there with all the rest of their bretheren.

I notice that the federal Government would not allow a portion of NSW called New England to become a state WHY SHOULD MOSLEMS HAVE ONE they are for a start mainly refugees and their kin who sadly grew up here were born here and are still causing trouble even as I type.

Make this land free yes but not for Islam for the rest of us decent folk who wish to get on with life.

If by chance and it’s a slim one this should happen you sir may have an uprising on your filthy hands.

I for one will not tolerate them here at all; there are many like me.

Do you understand the reality of this if and it’s a big if this were to occur of folk praying to Mecca wherever they are, you are a complete idiot if this gets another mention.

Whilst I am on this thorny subject get rid of that grand Mufti bloke who has a dubious record as we all know.

I suppose all this stems from political awareness like the state of affairs in the USA at the present time; throw that out of the window for a start I never adhere to it at all and never will.

The term POLITICAL AWARENESS actually sticks in my craw as it does with most Australians.

Yes we are a free society I agree but this time NO we are not for Moslems we were always based on a Christian society why even say what you did.

We took these people in as refugees nothing more; now they are citizens well some of them, they want their own state.

IT’S JUST NOT ON SPORT OK; I do hope they blow you up when you say no I really do its one less conservative to worry about.

This quote”Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Wassim Doureihi said the purpose was to highlight the reality of political struggle in the Muslim world and the obligations of Muslims in Australia to raise these issues and to raise awareness of the caliphate”.

Who is this bloke kidding look at this quote "Islam is universal. The caliphate would be a role model for the rest of the world." Such hogwash.

It means nothing to me CALIPHATE my rear end we are in reality a Western Nation living on the Pacific Rim nothing to do with Moslems we have those to the North west of us in Indonesia and Malaysia let em go there and set up this Caliphate or whatever’s we ordinary Aussies are not interested.

This rash statement of yours could cause a lot of dissent especially from our Defence forces who are serving in Cruddy Islamic countries BE WARNED.

Remember this well RUDD should you manage to become Prime Minister also.

This mob has been banned in other countries but not here it seems WHY a good question a very good question one you will have to take up with your legal advisers but as a suggestion BAN it should you make it

Sunny Queensland it aint

Croc attacks policeman in Torres Strait It definitely seemed hungry for the lads in blue. ************************************************************************************************ An off-duty policeman has escaped from an attack by a large crocodile in the Torres Strait in far north Queensland. A Sergeant from Thursday Island police station was snorkeling on a reef near Adolphus Island when the croc attacked him about 15 metres from shore just after 12pm AEST. Note well the non use of daylight or summer time He was at the reef with his wife, who is also a police officer, and three other off-duty police officers. It is believed he was attacked from behind by the crocodile, which grabbed him by the head and shoulders and pulled him under the water. The crocodile swam away and his wife managed to get him back into the boat. He suffered wounds to his face and ear, but his injuries are not life-threatening. Another Police Sergeant says the snorkeling officer was about 15 metres from the shore with his wife and two other off-duty police officers. "Now he was attacked from behind by the crocodile which grabbed him by the head and shoulders and pulled him under the water," she said. "They both surfaced again soon after and the crocodile then swam away from him and into deeper water and that's when his wife, a Senior Constable , positioned the boat between her husband and the crocodile and actually assisted him into the boat. "She then immediately picked up the other people who were still in the water." His facial wounds were not serious and he has been released from hospital. One lucky bloke methinks. I swear we are getting worse this hoon was charged after a police officer was run down all in Sunny old Queensland A 31-year-old man who allegedly reversed a stolen car into a police officer last night has appeared in a Brisbane court, charged with attempted murder; shots were fired. I read these reports along with more on the ABC online (Australia) but still come visit we want to see youse all don’t let this sort of thing put you off ok.


Don't rate our form on Twenty/20 hindsight says Young Brett Lee

I agree with him 1000%

Twenty/20 cricket is for pure entertainment indeed Brett says that here in his article on it a direct quote from my favourite Bowler Brett Lee writes: “When the national selectors asked me last week whether I wanted to play in tomorrow's Twenty20 match I accepted immediately.

I really enjoy the game and I'll be giving it everything I've got but it must be treated for what it is -- an entertainment package where the crowd comes first”.

Australian test captain is of much the same opinion a quote from Ricky Ponting

“Ricky Ponting has urged the games governing body not to overdose on Twenty/20 cricket, I can’t take it seriously”

Australia has only played four games of this hit and giggle type of cricket so this will be their fifth game in two years when they play the Ashes loser tomorrow night at the Sydney cricket ground.

I confess I have never ever watched one but I may if it is televised as I live too far away from Sydney to go.

I have just read it was a Pommy idea from the start now that figures all the rules are changed dramatically in fact all in all it’s a stupid form of the game.

It also seems from this bloke’s writings it was played at the Rose Bowl I won’t comment further.

This will not just apply to New Zealanders

Oh no it will apply to us all.

Maybe we should get our own back on this situation by banning a few visitors to our shores make them learn English for a change.

I mean can you honestly say you can understand a person who says Bro M**** ***** words like that well I sure can’t, this of course does not apply to the average American who is just trying to get on with life but the gangs in NYC and the mob who live in the deep South I think you all get the picture.

WHO THE HELL DOES BUSH THINK HE IS no he is a not a God he is a misinformed creature and not a fairly elected one at that

I have been thinking of visiting America but I don’t think I will until this petty tyrant and the civil liberties mob STOP this fingerprinting and THINK WELL

9/11 would never have happened but for one man GATES who Bush recently appointed think well America the devil is already amongst you and you are losing friends fast.

Yeah ok we all know he is the President of the USA but to make tourists suffer these indignities is just going too far.

Does he think like most of America that there is only one country living here on this planet obviously not?

I have noticed that most Americans who have travelled overseas do know this but in the main most Americans are very naïve or insular in their thinking.

Now they have the biggest one of the lot and he actually runs the country.

Its time for them to remedy this by all of them yes ALL OF THEM recording their vote to vote in a decent person; Bush is not a decent or fit person to run a garbage truck in my opinion along with his trusty gang of cohorts.

All they think of is cash cold hard cash that’s why the Buck stops at the Whitehouse.

If our present Prime Minister continues to suck up to Bush then I guess his days are numbered also.

I read articles and indeed have written them asking that all foreign Military be withdrawn from Iraq.

If our bloke loses our boy’s are coming home.

And if I lose more e-mail friends over this well that’s just too bad.

I was inspired to write this by a Canadian friend and the article I just read HERE.

As the article states some have said it will make absolutely no difference at all security wise SO WHY THE HELL DO IT


Do we really want to know this? and other info

Well I sure don’t Who the devil cares about 2000 year old Faeces well some Israeli Anthropologist does it seems; such crap excuse the pun lol. These researchers are now digging up 2000 year old restrooms good grief whatever will they research next I wonder all is revealed on HERE well not all thank goodness that would be embarrassing. It’s also the subject of a lively academic debate. I am now seriously thinking of dropping my subscription to this site if more garbage like this is debated. I myself am looking to the future not the past especially the sort that is being dug up lately. It seems it is not the first time either as there is an exhibit in Miami this is gunna get yah called The Scoop on the Poop I reckon some folk are just plain sick who the hell cares and it is on the same site as the Middle Eastern Dunny. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It seems that Italian Scientists have solved a 400 year old MURDER Sherlock Holmes and his mate Doctor Watson could have solved it I reckon I mean it’s elementary; he solved everything with his magnifying glass and wearing his famous deer stalker hat of course.

Gosh I have been reading some garbage lately I do wish they would blast off for Mars now that would be exciting.


Toward Immortality

Now this looks better and it seems it could happen quite soon if one can believe this REPORT still as the author says it will still not prevent poverty and wars so maybe we are better off as we are after all folk do tend to live longer nowadays so I have noticed and then there is the added burden of medical costs oh all manner of things.

Still for the younger generation it seems it will happen in their life span increasing it to around 140 years Hmm yeah well thems the breaks I guess.


On my travels yesterday I nipped into the Library as its open all day on Saturday whereas in Nambour it’s not sadly.

So I picked a few books I had already had lunch with my son and his wife; I gave the daughter a miss.

Well I was just sitting in the sun and a homeless guy sat down eating Fried Chook I never asked where it came from but yeah he told me outright where it came from.

Having had fresh snapper and chips I kinda felt sorry for him however it turned out with no prompting from me that he was not homeless anymore now but used to be and slept in the park a few feet of metres away from where we were both sitting at one time.

Never begged or nothing and in fact he now lives in a government housing unit or so he said.

Introduced himself as Eric needless to say I slipped him 5 bucks when I left to drive home I just felt sorry yah know.

So when I get to Nambour I popped over to the Post office to collect my mail and you’re not gunna read about it but there was another one of these blokes there as well.

A hell of a lot younger as well but spoke to me and was blatantly drinking grog which is an offence here to do that in public.

But he was not drunk at all by any means.

So we had a chat as well I never asked where he slept.

What a weird day.



Do humans hibernate?

It seems it has happened

Take this case I read on the BBC about some bloke in Japan after going mountaineering with a few friends a Japanese man has survived for 24 days in cold weather and without food and water by falling into a state of "hibernation", his doctor has said.

It was decried by Brit Doctors and I myself had a job believing it as I always thought our bodies needed water at least to prevent dehydration.

He went it seems without water and slept for 24 days before being discovered.

He fell into a hypothermic state at a very early stage, which is similar to hibernation," said Dr Shinichi Sato, who treated the bloke; oh well another mystery.


I quite enjoyed reading this A very good idea I only wish they did it here it seems that the Lincolnshire Police (UK) on their nuisance patrols targeting underage drinkers confiscate all booze or grog as us Aussies call it and donated it to the pensioners in the area. They were handed out in the form of hampers; it seems the lads in blue ran out of storage space. Very thoughtful of them I must admit all here on the BBC


My usual whinge about Cricket Umpires

This bloke pictured below to me is a terrible umpire and in my view should be removed by the ICC (International Cricket Council)

The rules clearly state if there is some doubt the decision should go in favour of the Batsman.

This Kiwi Umpire who at times clowns around on the field gave the fairest player in the game out a bloke called Adam Gilchrist if Gilly knows he is out he walks off he always has but this time Gilly stayed put constant replays showed he was not out.

There is a video referee if there is any doubt one wonders why it was not used in this case.

But no this jerk raised his finger so he was given out Gilly is the fairest player I have seen on the field he would not have stood his ground if he had been out.

There is much discussion going on now about this I reckon but the decision is sadly irreversible.

Time for Mr. Billy Bowden to leave the scene in my opinion and thousands of other Australians, still at least I don’t think he will be umpiring in the one day international tournament which follows the end of this game.

Harold Bird or Dicky Bird as he was known as was a very fair umpire sadly retired now but the other international Umpires are good.

Oh well my bitching is over that’s all today folks.


Our vocabulary for would be migrants

Be warned hardly any of the words in this article are really used now with the mixed population only by the older ones who know the terms and then not often.

I really don’t think this is the English test our miserable Prime Minister actually meant to be honest, still who knows what goes on in his head I don’t for sure.

However it is amusing to see the words in print I notice the word bastard is not mentioned in this article and yet it is frequently used as a term of endearment as well as its true meaning.

We also call larrikins Hoons so be warned.

The word dinkum portrayed in the article well in actual fact it’s an old Lincolnshire term (UK) fair dinkum meant fair play derived I believe from poaching I shall have to check I suppose over time it has got mangled like every other thing in this mad house of a world we live in.


I guess not all of you are fans of this group

Now disbanded long ago.

But if you watch it and read the words it sure makes sense to me I guess you could say it's a message for 2007

I found it on you tube needless to say it is one of my favourites and I have several versions mainly of the group Guns n Roses it is their song this version just gives the words for all you guys out there

Enjoy it I do most evenings I admit.

Blogging is not for everyone

In my opinion it is if the person wishes to blog. ************************************************************************************ But according to this ARTICLE it is expected to reach 100 million very shortly gosh that sure is a lot of bloggers out there. Some folk just don’t have time; others have plenty of time whilst others plead ignorance on how to use a blog (web log) to tell their stories. It is not a full time job by any means unless you wish it to be so some days I blog some I don’t for various reasons. Blogs however are very easy to use to write just about anything under the sun. I also noticed in this article on another page that Google the Giant is now overhauling the ailing Technorati as a web log search engine; I don’t doubt that for one second. Technorati’s interface can be hard to work out at times very hard. I do however recommend Google blogger if you wish to blog it’s free for one thing well at the moment it is. None of the other ones I have researched are in my opinion as good; some charge for their services and it does add up over a 12 month period especially to folk who cannot afford a great deal. At the moment I am having a great deal of trouble with one site I tried out so be warned and pick a good one. I won’t name the site for ethical reasons sadly I do not wish to incur their wrath. ********************************************************************************** Warning of a Worm in a 2007 greeting These things make all of us wild. ************************************************************************************* It seems a Finnish security mob warned yesterday of a so called e-mail worm called Luder-A or Tibs.jy so I suggest readers read the info HERE, these things should be picked up by our antivirus systems we have installed but not always so be warned. Why people make these things is beyond me I have several theories of course apart from the obvious one of just sheer annoyance to us. My number one suspect has always been the antivirus mobs themselves or the big noises that make our systems who really knows any thing is possible today in our crazy mixed up world I reckon. The thing is I know most of us are protected by antivirus but there are still some who are not which I found amazing when I first heard of it from a friend no less. Rest assured the said friend now has one. There are quite a few free ones available should you look I found Anti Vir and AVG very good ones. *********************************************************************************