A great idea I reckon

Top marks for this initiative Mr. Wales

A lot of folk get confused over the use of search engines some give up some blithely plod on.

One search engine I use will accept the actual words but there are still errors so hopefully this idea will put a stop to that.

This Chap is trying to revolutionise that if you take the time to read the link.

Since I was first introduced to Wikipedia I found it of immense interest and although put together by volunteers is remarkably accurate in almost all of it and that’s putting it mildly.

Here is their link WIKI a fount of info is how I described it on my links on this blog.

It could also buck up some of these search engines Jimmy refers to.




Important news in the Northern Hemisphere and more

Much more of a worry to us

Of much more important news than the blight that was removed from our society on Saturday 30 2006 is the huge sheet of ice that has broken free close to the North Pole a mere 800 Kilometres south not so far and it appears it happened some 16 months ago and was not noticed at the time.

This is definitely a sign that our weather is changing; it has changed in good old Ozz sadly as we have had the coldest December on record.

It may not be cold by Northern standards but to us it is cold I assure you.

Yes this is worrying news indeed there is a video of it on here kindly received from CNN only 1 advertisement at the beginning so it is well worth a squizz so take a look HERE disable your pop up blocker if you have one.


It seems the Scots are being misled good heavens surely not

Now a Scot I was told is a canny person so what is misleading them a good question and I cannot say whether it is the Whisky consumed there or not however it could well be a case of mistaken identity

They are confused it seems to having their museum named the Royal Museum of Scotland

Even for locals, it was confusing to have the title "Royal Museum of Scotland" to refer to the original 1860s building and "Museum of Scotland" too much whisky do you think Hmm well to put matters in order they have now obtained permission to drop the title Royal which was a privilege given to them in 1904 so wait for it the two of these Museums will now be known as the National Museum of Scotland nobody thought to call them the Royal National Museum of Scotland now is that the whisky talking or do they just want to get rid of the Queen food for thought there I reckon.

Sourced from Scottish Snippets

Finally a very happy and Prosperous New Year to all my reader's I have a few I think.

Remember those resolutions what a hoot they were meant to be broken.


We all knew this would happen

Why the big deal

Of course the pope would protest just like Roman Catholic clergy in WW11 protested when if you read this site thoroughly actually applauded Hitler and his methods for genocide.

Holocaust info

One can now maybe see why I am not a Catholic but I can still recall this event with National Socialism.

No sympathy from me then regarding Hussein’s execution except that the larger trial regarding the WILFUL MURDER OF THE KURDS should have been held first or in an attempt to mollify some individuals together.

What did he expect he wanted Paradise so he got it.

I by the way am a stickler for human rights but NOT in this case.

People can say oh America interfered by this statement **Late Friday, a U.S. judge refused to halt the hanging**.

Whether or not they did is now irrelevant the blight has been removed from the Earth.

Now Mr. G W Bush President of the United States of America will you please pull out of Iraq the thorn in your side has been removed.

Washington Post


A day of cricket watching and naps

Just a quick post

Enjoyed my Christmas lunch with my daughter Turkey, Pork, baked potatoes and greens with gravy and apple sauce and brought some with me to Brisbane in an ice box, so that was good.

Hard to do really what with the Christmas break and stuff however we bowled out the old enemy at cricket very cheaply so I was happy.

Warne makes it 700

02:33pm: VICTORIOUS spin king Shane Warne took his 700th Test wicket this afternoon in the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne in fact he ended the Brits innings so all up he took 705 wickets he is retiring after the New Year’s test in Sydney and will only play one day games.

I am concerned about the weather it is so cool here compared to Christmas day long pants and a woolly most odd I usually wear shorts and little else.

Drove down to Brisbane and back and a lot of traffic on the roads with a few hoons as well still I guess they are under lock and key now or should be.

I will not return home proper until the twenty ninth of December.

Drive carefully folks.


Back with their rightful owner's

The unthinkable happened when the third Australian team to tour England achieved the unthinkable; The origins of cricket's oldest international contest go back to 1882. Until then, the English had never been beaten on home soil, but Australia, led by WL Murdoch, shocked the Mother Country and pulled off an amazing win England, with the legendary WG Grace in their ranks, lost by seven runs, Aussie fast bowler Fred Spofforth taking 14 wickets for 90 runs. Boy what a shock that must have been to the old boy’s network and establishment when we unruly colonists snatched victory from the old enemy and on their home soil to boot. The following day, a mock obituary ran in the Sporting Times "in affectionate remembrance of English cricket, which died at the Oval on 29th August, 1882". Supposedly a bail or stump was burnt and placed in an urn which was then presented to the cricket establishment at lords and so the term the ashes were born. Since then of course it has changed hands a number of times I believe the longest we unruly bastards held the trophy was for 19 years and 2 days; we lost it about 15 or 16 months ago but today we decidedly beat the Brits which put up at times a strong defence; they succumbed and we have now won 3 out of the 5 games scheduled to be played. I myself thought we were lucky at times in the first 2 tests but this one held at the WACA ground seemed a struggle at times for both sides until we cracked them open; it was hard work by the look of it but there were some outstanding scores by some on both sides but wicketkeeper-batsman Adam Gilchrist I thought was magnificent notching up the second fastest century in the history of the game; he missed out on attaining the fastest ever by just one ball; what an achievement. He must have broken the hearts of some of the English team but he tends to play fast and furious its just his style, I personally loved every minute of his innings The heat in the middle was I believe unbearable for both sides and was over the 100 mark out in the centre so extra drink breaks were understandably permitted by the Umpires. There was a time when the wicket at the WACA was a hard bouncy one but it seems to have lost some of that over the last few years; the result of the ground staff I guess. Why England kept their spinner Monty Panesar hidden had me baffled; although he bowled well he was not exactly a thorn in our team especially Gilly who just belted him all over the paddock and not only him either. Just 2 tests to go and then the one day games which are very exciting, the day night games are a huge favourite here and in England too. I am especially looking forward to the New Year's day test in Sydney which follows on after the Boxing day test in Melbourne. Sourced from BBC Sport Images from Google Images


I discovered this little snippet on Snopes

Nasty Purses I was really surprised at this and honestly had never thought about Have you ever noticed gals who sit their purses on public restroom floors - then go directly to their dining tables and set it on the table? Happens a lot! It's not always the 'restaurant food' that causes stomach distress. Sometimes "what you don't know 'will' hurt you"! Read on... Mom got so upset when guests came in the door and plopped their purses down on the counter where she was cooking or setting up food. She always said that purses are really dirty, because of where they have been Smart Momma!!! It's something just about every woman carries with them. While we may know what's inside our purses, do you have any idea what's on the outside? these purses were tested for bacteria - with surprising results. You may think twice about where you put your purse. Women carry purses everywhere; from the office to public restrooms to the floor of the car. Most women won't be caught without their purses, but did you ever stop to think about where your purse goes during the day? "I drive a school bus, so my purse has been on the floor of the bus a lot," said one woman. "On the floor of my car, and in restrooms." "I put my purse in grocery shopping carts, on the floor of bathroom stalls while changing a diaper," said another woman "and of course in my home which should be clean." They were tested at Nelson Laboratories in Salt Lake, Most women told us they didn't stop to think about what was on the bottom of their purse. Most said at home they usually set their purses on top of kitchen tables and counters where food is prepared. Most of the ladies we talked to told us they wouldn't be surprised if their purses were at least a little bit dirty. It turns out purses are so surprisingly dirty, even the microbiologist who tested them was shocked. Microbiologist Amy Karren of Nelson Labs says nearly all of the purses tested were not only high in bacteria, but high in harmful kinds of bacteria. Pseudomonas can cause eye infections, hylococcus aurous can cause serious skin infections, and salmonella and e-coli found on the purses could make people very sick. In one sampling, four of five purses tested positive for salmonella, and that's not the worst of it. "There is fecal contamination on the purses," says Amy. Leather or vinyl purses tended to be cleaner than cloth purses, and lifestyle seemed to play a role. People with kids tended to have dirtier purses than those without, with one exception. The purse of one single woman who frequented nightclubs had one of the worst contaminations of all. "Some type of feces, or possibly vomit," says Amy. So the moral of this story - your purse won't kill you, but it does has the potential to make you very sick if you keep it on places where you eat. Use hooks to hang your purse at home and in restrooms, and don't put it on your desk, a restaurant table, or on your kitchen countertop. Experts say you should think of your purse the same way you would a pair of shoes. If you think about putting a pair of shoes onto your countertops, that's the same thing you're doing when you put your purse on the countertops - your purse has gone where individuals before you have sneezed, coughed, spat, urinated, emptied bowels, etc! Do you really want to bring that home with you? I thought not Source

World's oldest man dies in UAE and more stuff

Lizzie Borden was not the oldest say some

It seems the issue of the world’s oldest person has been clouded even further from a report I read from Abu Dhabi in the Middle East.

Apologies to the late Benito Martinez (126) and Elizabeth Lizzie Bolden (116), both reported to be the world's oldest people when they died. That honour apparently goes to Fujairah's Ali bin Abdullah bin Ezab (140), which also makes him the world's oldest person anywhere ever, beating France's Jeanne Calment who died at a comparatively youthful 122 whom I did not hear about either.

I never knew this but it seems this happened in the Middle East the UAE to be precise so I guess there is hope for me yet I sure hope so.

All the same I don't think I could live in the UAE although I have been there I prefer good old Oz Mind you it seems a lot of Brits live there and holiday there as the climate is ideal after Great Britain.

Will the net have changed much do you think? I think so instant news that sort of thing from a little gizmo possibly in your pocket or purse.

Courtesy of the Khalee Times


Missing weapons breach national security, Rudd says

Our new Federal Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd says the alleged theft of weapons from Australian army bases is a major breach of national security.

He's right there

The Army has confirmed it is investigating the possible theft of weapons after claims criminals in New South Wales are in possession of rocket launchers.

An Army Sergeant who works at the Puckapunyal School of Artillery in Victoria has been charged with theft, firearm and dishonesty offences.

I dont like the Sergeants chances myself.

The sheer utter waste of money that goes on in our Department of Defence is a disgrace also.

A Serviceman/Woman can be posted anywhere at Government expense; this has been known to happen to the same person twice within 12 months making it an extensive rort for Soldiers and the like who get huge sums of cash for this purpose the allowances paid are out of this world.

Most of them obviously claim the maximum whilst in some cases camping out on the way to the new base.

When one enquires one is told they have a budget and if they use less they get less of the poor old taxpayers cash next financial year which makes sense and yet does not; Look into that one Mr Rudd would yah



Still it looks like we are in the box seat to retrieve the Ashes back as England appeared to be shell shocked at our performance today at the WACA ground in Perth Western Australia.

England has two days to score well in excess of 500 runs I don’t believe it has been done before; it is however possible.

The Brits released a secret weapon in Spin Bowler Monty Panesar hid him for the first 2 tests but our blokes soon made short work of him never mind the reports in the media; I watched it ok.


The figures do not lie Mr. Prime Minister

Take heed that we are heartily sick of the way you crawled up King George’s ass of the USA,

You were not elected with these things in mind indeed you and that hypocrite Tony Blair were elected to govern our respective countries not a foreign power.

You and that sidekick of yours Andrew Downer and Ruddock have gone beyond the decency of humankind.

You seem convinced that David Hicks is guilty how can you say this; in my opinion David was in the wrong place at the right time For you that is.

No Weapons of mass destruction were ever found but you blithely believed your bosom buddy as did Blair.

You did notice I hope that Blair got his detainees back safe and sound; WHY CAN'T YOU?

It is now time to bring this young man home govern Australia don’t pander to the POTUS.

You are not good at governing are you little John the wheat board scandal you so vehemently denied bears that out little things to you maybe but not to the average Australian.

You continue to take more and more allowances from senior citizens who have paid their taxes even fought in wars you still punish them. You sir have the hide of a Rhinoceros look to your laurels pal you may well be ousted with the change of leadership in the opposition.


As a liberal you are just an arch conservative you jet around the world at public expense trying to appease us with all manner of crap; I noticed when you were in opposition you grumbled about the then government of the day now you hate being interviewed on your government’s excesses; Me I just love to see you squirm.

Still cheap tucker and grog I suppose in the parliamentary bistros whilst struggling battlers and seniors have to make do, yes I thought that was the case.

You could of course score some points by DEMANDING NOT ASKING for David Hicks release think on this well ok.

Remember things are changing in the United States with the regaining of power by the Democrats.

Just change things here is all most Australians want get off your ass and do it AND BRING DAVID HOME.

Story on David Hicks courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald


Words fail me at this decision **************************************************** What a cruddy lot of Jerks bloody QANTUS shareholders decided to take the offer they upped the ante is why greed sheer bloody greed. one now wonders what it will be called now; will it have the Star of Texas on it or will our Kangaroo remain. I for one will never fly with QANTAS AGAIN OR ITS DOMESTIC FLIGHTS The Australian


Like most Australians I did not like this

I was not overjoyed to hear about the takeover bid for our National Airline as were most folk I spoke to on this matter to make it worse it was from a Texas and a Canadian mob.

I guess it’s like that turncoat Rupert Murdoch who gave away his Aussie citizenship and became an American purely for greed.

He doesn’t have to do it now I’m sure.

Our National Airline is another matter and the weasel who runs our country said he would not stand in the way of it.

Thank goodness the stock holders of Qantas knocked the offer back

Sourced from Courier Mail

Other Nooze of a funnier nature than that so lets hoe into it.

Is there life after death yeah well in the case of one tiny Aussie frog there sure was.

A tree frog has miraculously come back to life after being accidentally frozen solid in a freezer in Australia.

The tiny frog was found covered in a layer of ice in a walk-in freezer - at -18C - at a Darwin cafeteria.

But - after defrosting - it fully recovered and started breathing again, according to the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

It seems incidents like this regarding frogs have happened before but they were American frogs I dunno about you but to me a frog is a frog wherever it was born.

The worker

A 103-year-old Dorset gardener reckons he is Britain's oldest worker.

Jim Webber started working on the land aged 12 and has clocked up 91 years since, and in all that time the great-grandad has never had a holiday.

Widower Jim turns out in all weathers to tend a half-acre garden at his local pub in Stoke Abbott.

I wish now I had a green thumb but thems the breaks he likes a tipple now and then as well it seems.

We might get away with this babe

A German couple caught speeding on their way to give birth were given a toy for their new baby instead of a ticket. They told authorities that they were on their way to hospital where the Wife gave birth to their first baby, police cancelled the fine.

Still they won’t forget it in a hurry as they sent them a toy police officer in uniform holding a speed camera Instead.

And no points or penalties were incurred

Three British muggers who made a big blue

Three thugs who tried to mug a pensioner got a shock - when he turned out to be an ex-Army boxing champ.

Good onyah George we could do with a lot more blokes like you.

George Bayliss, 67, of Bury St Edmunds, had just drawn his pension at the post office when the gang demanded his cash.

It seems the retired builder, who boxed for England in the 1960s, hit the ringleader with a left hook to the chin and his pals fled empty-handed.

And to think in Australia he could have been sued by these scumbags.

This is a goody I have to agree

A Scotsman sold his house so he could go to Australia to watch England play in the Ashes.

I never really thought the Scots were that interested in Cricket even though a Scot captained England onetime.

This bloke reckons he was born in Edinburgh, but when it comes to cricket there isn't much alternative to supporting England.

I dunno what his fellow countrymen think me I just reckon he wanted a holiday.

Sourced from Ananova


This is the time of the year for bush fires in Ozz

And some pre history of Ozz _____________________________________________________ There have been worst years than this recorded but all the same I am glad I am not in the middle of one. Careless folk can cause these I know so can one being deliberately lit. I recall many years ago whilst in a hospital observing a few youths setting the bush land around the Hospital and a golf course alight, many folk watched this and did nothing; personally I hobbled out to the nurses station and asked the young nurse to report it, she did not want to only ah they are only kids the fire brigade will put it out she said. My mind was made up I took the phone off her desk and dialed the number for fire. I got hauled over the coals for that until I pointed out I personally knew the Matron in charge of the ward; I did know her both my wife and I were friends of hers; it was sorted out. These little jokers were caught by the Police in the end but the work the fire brigade put in that day went on for 4 days all for the sake of a few unruly kids. It’s worse today in that respect I know but one wonders what started all these fires prior to the discovery and colonisation of this sunburnt land of ours. I do know that prior to the arrival of the white man the native Australians had recourse to fire and did fire grassland periodically it actually promoted growth strangely enough, They traded with Arab and Chinese traders as early as the 9th Century they also smoked so maybe old Sir Walt was not the discoverer of Tobacco after all he only took it to the British Isles. The first recorded examples of tobacco smoking were from the Mexican Maya civilisation in about 500 AD. It was first brought to England in the second part of the 16th century. The people living along the northern coastline of Australia have had encounters with various visitors for many thousands of years. People and goods moved freely between Australia and New Guinea up to and even after the eventual flooding of the land bridge by rising sea levels, which was completed about 6000 years ago. Lots of trees and native grasses get burnt and rejuvenate so maybe in those days it was a good thing but sadly that is not the case today. There was a high degree of cultural exchange, evidenced in Aboriginal Rock and paintings the introduction of technologies such as dug-out canoes and items such as tobacco and tobacco pipes, Macassan words in Aboriginal languages Balanda means a white person [in Malay the word was and still is as I recall Orang Puteh], and descendants of Malay peoples in Australian Aboriginal communities and vice versa, as a result of intermarriage and migration. So this land has had a colourful history really prior to Captain Cook’s claiming of our land for the Brits. Things did not bode well for the natives here after the establishment of a penal colony either. Many of them were hunted down and killed and I do mean many. When I first came to Australia years ago the natives were not even included on official census forms. Thankfully things have been restored somewhat we have even had Aboriginal Senators we still may I am not certain. For more info on our native people I suggest you read this website I myself found it fascinating it seems they even believe in our Christian God but in a different manner to our way incredible really. Website Brisbane Courier Mail *******************************************************************************************************************************


A couple of items one a tad personal.

I definitely concur with this. Re New Zealand’s win over Sri Lanka New Zealand could have well have lost the test if they had not whipped off the bails in this instance it was Brendon McCullum’s call. Goodness knows what would have happened if he had not run out Muttiah Muralitharan who by the way is a very Sharp and fine cricketer and knew on Saturday New Zealand could well have lost this game. Sadly the spirit of the game is not what it once was. One cannot abide by this quaint Pommy notion of interpreting the rules of cricket which started out when the game was first played in earnest on Hambledon Common it had been played before this but really came into its own when it beat an all England side in the 18th Century at Hambledon I believe. Now we have video referees apart from the match referee and the two umpires; where once a player walked off when he knew he was out it seems those days have gone so the onus was on the umpires at first until the video referee who mark you always gives the batsman the benefit of the doubt if it is too hard to call, these tactics are used far too often these days, being an Australian only one player springs to mind as the fairest in this department and that’s Gilly our wicketkeeper/batsman; there are others I just cannot recall them at this time. Even though the umpire gestured Mutti to get back to his crease he could not possibly have called a dead ball the ball was still in the air at the time. Test cricket is not a friendly knock it is serious business. Courtesy of Richard Book New Zealand Herald *****************************************************************************

This personal thing

Not really personal I guess but it does involve how a friend of mine from the USA I write to quite regularly is being treated by at least one of her other friends; I thought it a bloody disgrace when she told me today.

This lady in my opinion deserves a medal for what she does for society, she is one of those ladies who bake cakes, cookies, homemade jams you name it she does it; for the troops in Iraq and not just American ones either she also does other things out of the goodness of her heart; she has a big heart.

I cannot say much more otherwise folk from her area will know to whom I am referring; she does much more I assure you.

What the person said to her well words just fail me ok but it was in my area of the world.

I do wish her well in all her endeavour’s I think if I was her age I would be very honoured to meet her; I doubt I will sadly I am however working on going to the USA so who knows one day I might get a cookie or three.

I just wish there was some recognition I could give her but I am not a US citizen.

Good luck ****** ok and may heaven shine on you truly you are blessed.


Off beat stuff

 This takes some believing 

Curry craving inspires 14,000km takeaway order
A group of English cricket fans watching their team play in Australia were so desperate for a curry from their favourite chef that they ordered one from Britain, and the restaurant's managers promised to deliver.
Not a joke but I find it incredible.
It takes all sorts I guess but be warned you Pommy fans it may not make it through our Customs we are hot on stuff like that to pardon the pun.
Santa’s face job risks being cheery: survey

Saying "ho,ho, ho" is practically a Christmas miracle, given the job woes that shopping mall and store Santa’s face each day, according to a US survey apart from all the mishaps that occur like kids wetting on his lap pulling his beard and all that garbage, the thing is has political awareness crept in here I would without doubt say yes it has with everything else and not only in the USA it has reared its ugly head in my country I know that, so there is a distinct possibility this could be SANTA’S last year on the job who knows I mean we could be upsetting somebody here, did I say a Moslem nah dear reader you are blind look again.
MERRY CHRISTMAS READERS even to you BUSH BLAIR AND HOWARD political awareness my A**

Company fined for building highway through Great Wall of China

Now this will never do how has this happened in the largest communist nation I ask myself, still I don’t really care what happens in China to be honest their policies STINK but as a point of interest it seems that only a third is left of this ancient structure and these contractors were fined yes fined not put in a pig pen, ah of course MAO has gone thank heavens.
Sexual Highs in the UK

I always thought this honour went to the French

Not that I realised the French had any Honour left after their A tests in the Pacific and killing of innocents in a New Zealand port.
Londoners were the most likely to have reached a sexual high, with claims that 35% had an orgasm a day.
Sex therapist Emily Dubberley said and I quote: "As a nation we are enjoying sex more than ever. But what is distressing is the lack of knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases."
It seems condoms are discarded in the UK Tut Tut.
Thank heavens I moved to the land down under where I might add the nation enjoy their sex also but we are a little more informed on STD’S no I put that wrong we take heed the Poms obviously don’t; too much of their soccer riots and grogging on, and brawling after international games is their big problem.

A Bigger Bite than T Rex

Holey Moley just wondering what sort of line and hook to use nah course I don’t need to wonder I have realised we were not invented then phew thank goodness.
Scientists reckon the monster fish, which was protected by armour plating, prowled the Devonian seas 400 million years ago.
'This Is the Ultimate'

It sure looks good; I have already placed an order who needs to go to the Gabba or the Sydney cricket ground with this I know a fellow blogger who would dearly love one of these sadly he has bought a new one but not as large as this methinks.
2.6162 meters or 8 foot 7 inches wide WOW 103 inches wide I just love it I have informed my local club about this as they are not up on techie matters; they are looking into it.
A long wait I fear as the screens have to be ordered from Panasonic's factory in Japan and there is a waiting time of at least three months.
Just though they and all you bloggers should know this, I am now wondering that being as we are much closer to Japan than the UK whether we will get in first.

ABC news and Sky News


These comments make me crook

So our new Australian Labor leader is going to clean up his act is he well how about a shot at that weasel Howard do you realise that every time a woman has a child here they get a few grand well so I was told however I am trying to ascertain this it should be on the site at the bottom of the blog post

The thing is when I raised my family I never got all these handouts from the government at all just a piddly sum of a few shillings.

I have been told my own granddaughter got at least two grand in her hand the same as my grandson he spent his with his woman of choice at the time on grog yep he just pissed it away; he is not the only one who does this either.

Instead that weasel Howard is doing his level best to deny retired senior citizens at the expense of young families; God I wish I was the Prime Minister I would cut that little lurk out at once.

When I was told this the other night well words fail me ok I think it best not to tell the world what I said but I guess you can imagine it.

Take a squizz at this Am I eligible for a Large Family Supplement?

To be eligible for the Large Family Supplement you must have three or more children for whom you receive Family Tax Benefit.

How much can I get?

You can receive a Large Family Supplement of $9.80 a fortnight for each child after the second. This is paid on top of your Family Tax Benefit.

Large Family Supplement

Number of children

Extra each fortnight

Extra each year












$1 022.00

Yeah amazing huh no wonder we get so many folk who try to get in here thank goodness that was stopped the trouble is the ones that got in before we tightened up immigration receive all these benefits and much more I assure you.

Pay attention Rudd ok and don’t forget the power of the grey army as us poor old geezers and geezeresses are known as.

We have defied governments before so watch it you are just the new kid on the block.

Oh by the way we fought for this country so we could remain free and allow our children a better life BUT this was not done thinking that we would get passed over in our so called Twilight years what a hoot that is.

You pal are merely on probation still I must admit you look better than that Beazley you defeated for the leadership.


By the way those figures are chickenfeed if you look on the site below more is revealed no wonder we are called the lucky country.

All in all we still are the lucky country I just object it being at the expense of senior citizens who paid their income taxes.

Australian Government


News as I read it around the globe

Plus some funnies The FBI questioned a female passenger re flatulence lol oh my goodness horror of horrors not a brain fart this one but a real one pooh er phew sorry I got carried away there lol. Trust the BBC to pick that up still I guess a lot of newspapers and media did. Outer space electricians "Shuttle set for complex mission" The mission may be one of the hardest yet for NASA astronauts The crew of space shuttle Discovery is preparing to lift off on what NASA says will be a "truly complex mission". Early on Friday, seven astronauts will embark on a tricky and hazardous bid to rewire electrics on the International Space Station (ISS). Discovery will launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 2136 EDT (0200 GMT) I reckon that’s about 1100 AM AEST - making it the first NIGHT lift-off since the Columbia disaster. Good luck to all of you and a safe return. Weird and I mean weird news Weird Fact of the Day The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses. No one in Greece has memorised all 158 verses I can understand that. Weird funny place names Would you like to live here? I don’t think I would These are names of actual locations: Arsoli (Lazio, Italy) Bastard (Norway) Beaver (Oklahoma, USA) Beaver Head (Idaho, USA) Brown Willy (Cornwall,UK) Chinaman's Knob (Australia) Climax (Colorado, USA) C**t (Spain) C**ter (Switzerland) Dikshit (India) Dildo (Newfoundland, Canada) Dong Rack (Thailand-Cambodia border) Dongo (Congo - Democratic Republic) Effin (Limerick, Ireland) Fuku (Shensi, China) Fukue (Honshu, Japan) Fukui (Honshu, Japan) Fukum (Yemen) Hold With Hope (Greenland) Intercourse (Pennsylvania, USA) Lickey End (West Midlands, UK) Little Dix Village (West Indies) Lord Berkeley's Knob (Sutherland, Scotland) Middle Intercourse Island (Australia) Muff (Northern Ireland) Nobber (Donegal, Ireland) Pis Pis River (Nicaragua) Sexmoan (Luzon, Philippines) Seymen (Turkey) Shafter (California, USA) Shag Island (Indian Ocean) Shitlingthorpe (Yorkshire, UK) Tittybong (Australia) Tong Fuk (Japan) Turdo (Romania) Twatt (Orkney, UK) Wank (Germany) Wankendorf (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) Wankener (India) Wankie (Zimbabwe) Wankie Colliery (Zimbabwe) Wanks River (Nicaragua) Wankum (Germany) Wet Beaver Creek (Australia) I edited a couple as you can see not tasteful in my opinion however it seems this is in actual fact the truth. And now for my round up Stupid Quotes - gaffes, blunders and embarrassing words 640K ought to be enough for anybody. Bill Gates, 1981. My fellow Americans I'm pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes. Ronald Reagan, said by the US President during a microphone test in 1984. We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes. Leona Helmsley, the US businesswoman dubbed "the Queen of Mean." She was sentenced in 1992 to four years in prison and fined $7.1m for tax evasion. I hate that one. People can have the Model T in any color...so long as it's black. Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company. The company was forced to move with the times, introducing a choice of colors in 1925. If you stay here much longer, you'll all be slitty-eyed. Prince Philip, husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, to British students in China during a 1986 state visit. Always in strife is Phil the Greek lol. Well that’s my lot for today bed calls after I have done the dishes of course. BBC


I like this idea and then onto the stars GREAT.

Wow I just hope I am around to see this happen.

Anything space and I am like putty lol I like this idea I know it will happen naturally the thing is will it happen before I vanish to wherever we are destined to go I sincerely HOPE so.

NASA’S bold plan will definitely succeed in the end one now wonders well I do if that famous slogan on star trek “BEAM ME UP SCOTTIE” will eventuate in the end much better I think to look for things like this and medical research than did a Siberian Sabre Toothed Tiger mate with a Diplodocus well you get my drift I guess.
The future is what this world is all about not what happened aeons ago.
Strangely my youngest son and I were only discussing these sorts of things recently re digging up the past etc and whilst doing so lived off of grants provided by governments etc.
We both came to the conclusion that they were plain scams pure and simple it matters not they were famous had doctorates, my opinion of course and we are all entitled to them,
Now back to the important thing on my agenda a SPACE STATION ON THE MOON very important this especially if we wish to travel the stars which will happen I just know it.
NASA has some very dedicated Astronauts they will one day make this an everyday occurrence.
It seems NASA gave no details of how much the moon base would cost, it is however expected that the agency will fund its plans from its fixed budget of $16 Billion a year. A NASA spokesperson said that once the space shuttle was retired in 2010 NASA would also scale back its involvement in the International Space Station. Any savings would be directed towards the lunar programme.
My thinking is there won’t be any savings indeed it will cost far much more than the estimated sum but so exciting even so other countries have been invited to join in with this.
The UK is already involved in discussion with this far reaching project and other space faring nations will be asked.
A great idea one that was actually promised by President Bush and maybe just maybe the world can settle down from its warlike activities I sure hope so.
This is an artist’s impression of a future starship on the way to Mars and beyond, trust me it will happen one day just like the telephone and other things once mere science fiction.

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I Whizzed to Maroochydore today

I went to Maroochydore today to pick up my camcorder an early Christmas present from Buck Junior (he hates that he reckons he is the original Buck well I think so) youse can all work it out why most of the male members in my family are called that.
If you are around the 45 to 50 year old group you will have no worries but if you are younger well I don’t think you would have a clue! Still you may who knows in our weird world.

Sooo here it is great huh I have to give credit here my youngest son Ah I will call him Buck cripes even his wife does ok, has done a lot for me re computers indeed he started me off on them; he went so far as to send me one down to the mid North Coast of NSW where I lived at the time, things skyballed from that I can tell you, I updated it a bit and really updated it when I moved up to Qld quite near him and my daughter actually.
He now works from his home pictured on here and makes websites for a living as well as graphic art and some printing I believe; send me an e-mail if you want a website made; I will pass it on to him.
I had been living on my own then for a few years still am sadly and he suggested it would give me something to do; how right he was, I have three computers now on my own local area network.
I went to my local library just prior to his gift of the computer and one of the gals there showed me how to use it.
I like to think I have come on a lot since those early days; I have learnt a hell of a lot and can do most things with a computer but not all.
I have made a lot of e-mail friends lost quite a few as well; I did have four special friends from overseas but sadly that is now down to three, I do have more than that but these are kinda special; I have a couple in my own country as well.
I commenced blogging a year ago the twelfth of December 2006 to be precise and find I really enjoy it; if anybody who reads this is interested in blogging I suggest using beta blogger by Google it is free and has many features you can put pictures video clips even music on it if you wish; type pad and word press are good also but one of them is not free but very reasonable price wise.
If by chance you do get into blogging you will soon stop thinking about those forwards as at times they can become quite an irritant you know the ones like if a thousand people do not receive this from you within the hour a huge flying Elephant will evacuate its bowels over you and so on.
I mean some are quite good but flying elephants yeah well enough said I think.

I have seen Buck so I popped in to see my daughter on the way to the shopping mall and thence home for a cup of tea etc.
I don’t know what to make of her at times I really don’t she was busy doing her laundry but she still made me a cup of tea bless her.
I got the usual interrogation which I ignored or made some comment that was not strictly the truth.
Still I shall need to be on my toes as she invited me for a cooked lunch on Sunday; I will go I think why not.
I loathe her interrogations thank goodness I’m not her husband oh yeah they all left just recalled that lol.
She won’t read this will she oh well I’ll think of some excuse like a partner who helps me blog or some rubbish like that.

Oh and my day was made we beat the Poms in the second cricket test woo hoo.



The boy King and more.

Seems King Tut died from a broken leg I always thought it was by the sword any chance one wonders could the great minds that solved this possibly intriguing puzzle could get to the problems of the twenty first Century no I guess not. We have many problems that cannot be solved as yet cancer is a nasty I wonder did our ancients have this problem Hmm still it made for very interesting reading I admit. ____________________________________________________________________________________ I did mention this in my last blog I believe I guess this is what it looks like all cleaned up mind you the ancient Greeks were very smart people. Medicine inventions poets, playwright’s, war indeed a lot of the English language stems from ancient Greece so it really came as no surprise to me to read this in fact it has been news for days now and on a few blogs as well I noticed. __________________________________________________________________________________ Now this is more like it Normal immune cells that were genetically altered to recognise and destroy cancer cells have successfully shrunk large tumors, scientists reckon. A couple of people with advanced melanoma—a deadly form of skin cancer—that underwent experimental treatment with the engineered immune cells saw their tumours shrivel in fact after a couple of years they were in fact declared completely free of the disease. _____________________________________________________________________________________ So you enjoyed your Thanksgiving turkey But party hosts in other parts of the world often mark their special events by dishing out more unusual fare. In southern India, for example, a big Sunday lunch among the Anglo-Indian community might feature the local delicacy kutti pi—a cooked animal fetus to be precise a goat’s fetus; not my cup of tea to be honest thank goodness I live in a western country. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Awww such a sweet story They might not be suede, but these blue shoes are a perfect fit for "Elvis." The newly shod bird you can see here is a Fairy Penguin in New Zealand we have them here in Australia also in our South Eastern states, this poor little bloke along with a few more developed calluses. Somebody had a big heart I reckon National Geographic Ancient Greece.