This doesn’t surprise me in the least

The AWB could face terrorism-related charges for its bribes to Saddam Hussein. I read blogs and news articles about this kind of thing happening in the USA and also the nasty way in which their senate passed a bill re holding trials off shore against non proven combatants thereby flouting the laws passed by the supreme court there but it seems its much the same here. I did do a blog on this last month I think re this scandal vigorously denied by Howard and Downer in the beginning; eventually they both sort of agreed it happened with very glib explanations as to why. But now it seems the AWB are in deep doo doo and have passed the buck onto this bloke Andrew Lindbergh. This {article} by the Gold Coast Bulletin shows quite clearly all was known about via e-mails and the bribes ran into hundreds of millions of dollars even suggesting the money was for concrete bunkers to Saddam Hussein for burying Kurds. I guarantee Downer wriggles out of it but I am not so sure about Andrew Lindbergh the ex managing director of the AWB. *************************************************************** http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping ***************************************************************



Will the Falkland Islanders Er Malvinas Islanders be better off under the Argentines? I think not if you read this very carefully but I guess that's not at stake really as Argentina will be if if can get the Islands back and as you can see they sort of have a claim and the Argentine in my opinion has quite a case after reading my history up on it and lets be honest the UK didn’t care less about the Islanders there. Of course they do now they have invested Millions of pounds in the Islands. They want a return for their loot and so far the Islanders are doing ok out of it. Some say it was because of oil there but do we really know!!! Well according to this well presented {blog} oil is suspected in the North Falkland Basin. And this posturing or sabre rattling is tied up with a permanent seat on the UN security council along with Venezuela so as this guy says we all need to watch Argentina very closely indeed. The Brits now they have got it back do not seem interested one iota but then they always were slow off the starting blocks. Some history for you to read. The Falklands War is the result of years of disputed ownership of the islands. Argentina says it inherited the Islas Malvinas from the Spanish crown in the early 19th century. The country also bases its claim on the islands' proximity to the South American mainland. The UK argues that most of the British-descended islanders want to stay British. Its case also rests on the country's long-term administration of the territory. Well I have been doing a little reading on this or research if you like AND it appears the islands are said to have been sighted in the 1500s by the Brits. An English captain made the first recorded landing in 1690 and indeed named it The Falkland Islands after the third Viscount Falkland and France, Spain and Britain subsequently established settlements. The first settlers were French would you believe and when the Brits decided to settle the place they found to their dismay a well entrenched French settlement of 250 indeed it was flourishing. So it appears there were three colonies established on these Islands but it gets worse the French it seems were bought out by the Spanish my word its getting involved now lol. The Spanish promptly evicted the Brit Marines on a fleet from Buenos Aires and sent them packing back to the old Dart. Argentina after inheriting the Islands from Spain was in turn evicted by the US Corvette Lexington; the skipper declared the Islands free of all government. The Brits were waiting in the wings as some would say and in 1833 the skipper of Naval Sloop Clio claimed these Islands who by now were definitely building up a history for sure and Argentine protests continued for the next 170 years or so. Argentina continued to press its claim to the islands, which intensified in the 1960s. In 1965 the UN designated the territory as a "colonial problem" and called on both countries to negotiate a solution. Talks held on and off for more than 17 years, failed to resolve the issue. After months of sabre-rattling, Argentine troops set foot on the islands on 2 April 1982, indeed they forced the Garrison and Governor General to surrender. As I recall now the Garrison consisted of 80 Royal Marines Naval Party 8901 there was however a small detachment of RM’s from this party on South Georgia who surrendered after an epic battle. Of course it may not have been oil and the rotten government in Argentina must have contributed to this event to become popular is my thinking; strange how all these South American countries have Dictators and the like. I read the last few lines on the BBC website. A former Argentine a part Brit now living in Canada said: "General Galtieri", in order to divert the Argentine people from how badly he was running the country economically, invaded the Falkland Islands he also said "Anybody who invades another country is wrong." Yes ok Iraq does come to mind. ************************************** Personally if the Argies had used highly trained military instead of frightened conscripts they could well be in Port Stanley still. From what I have read and deduced the UK government did not give a hoot for the Islanders until this happened and now well yes they have been seen to be making amends. So there has been some heavy investment in the Islands. According to this report in the UK {guardian} newspaper the results are amazing Just 22 years ago, the Falklands were barren outposts of the empire. The bare facts are startling. The Falklands, with a civilian population of just 2,400, have a financial reserve of more than £90 million. That comes to around £37,500 in the bank for every man, woman and child on the islands, and does not include the wealth in individuals' private bank accounts. Compare it with the thousands of pounds owed by the average household in Britain, and it puts it in some perspective. Think of the world's wealthiest places, like California, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and large parts of Western Europe. Now you have to add in the Falkland Islands, those rocky islands 300 miles off the coast of South America. It seems hard to believe these seemingly barren outposts of the British empire, regarded for centuries as a stop-off for whalers and a home to hundreds of thousands of sheep, can join the fleshpots of the developed world in a global 'rich list'. But they're up with the richest. So now to some extent I can understand the sabre rattling. And although there are many mines left in and around Port Stanley the penguins still nest according to this {report}and below is the main street of downtown Port Stanley click to make larger . http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping



I often have discussions with some of my e-mail pals in the United States who do not Blog but read my Blog; they never comment on them but one did write me and tell me that my stuff is all over the place when they go look. My ears pricked up at once obviously they use internet explorer as in Firefox mine and every other Blog I visit look great. Out of curiosity I decided to look in internet explorer and yep you got it my posts looked like rubbish; we are not amused nah I should not use the Royal we I guess. I am not a happy camper over the whole business. These Screenshots are all of the same article by the way. I have therefore done some screen shots of the appearance in both browsers even though my techie son said the problem can be resolved. My argument as he said (it is possible to correct this in internet explorer) but the average surfer or net user does not know how; He conceded this. So I will show you the shots of Firefox first see what all you internet explorer users think and then I will show you the cruddy view in internet explorer; you may think differently then, in fact I will do them together as one can see what browser they are shown in.JUST CLICK ON EACH SHOT TO VIEW IT. Ah yes to see it all properly in internet explorer you will have to go to a different blog post all together in fact it was the last one on the page, not the best huh!! You won't be disappointed if you download it. They also have an extension you can install so you can convert video clips from you tube into ordinary video clips; I know I already have it installed. well I know which one I prefer naturally so get it {here}


Very interesting to read very

WATCH THE VIDEO ON HERE A very interesting video indeed. After reading this article an old one as you can see by the date as of now no WMD have turned up nor that scoundrel Bin Laden.{BBC} Personally speaking I don’t think any will turn up. My view is Bin Laden is in his paradise with his Virgins or whatever and the WMD were just a valid excuse to go into Iraq. I do recall the POTUS saying after Afghanistan Iraq was next though. Well we are in Iraq the thing is when are we leaving? So many deaths have occurred after hostilities supposedly ended according to the POTUS, well he did not say that exactly safely tucked away on one of his warships, but he did indicate that way. These deaths are still going on; the dirty rotten scoundrel has not been espied and the trial of Saddam is a complete bloody farce.{More BBC} This is a map of the Deaths thus so far. In the first trial a verdict is due on October 16 2006 over the killing of 148 persons in 1988. As I see it if he is found guilty and he surely must why bother for him to be charged again with yet the more terrible killings of a 100.000 or more; silly ole me just does not get it. Why wasn’t he charged with the larger crime first? Hmm surely there is no likelihood of him beating the rap on the minor charge of 148 poor folk by any chance is there!! Yeah who knows? No jury in these trials either I read whether that is in his favour or not I really don’t know. What I do know is that in the case of the Second World War there were trials held and the verdicts carried out. By a large number of judges as I dimly recall being only a boy at the time. They were not farcical like this trial in Iraq. *******************************************



IN THE LAND OF THE NEVER NEVER. Our country is a land full of extreme climatic conditions beautiful sandy and in a lot of places deserted beaches. In the most southern states it can and does get remarkably cold in the winter months, fortunately the winters are not as long as the ones in the Northern Hemisphere. Mind you even in sub tropical/tropical areas it can get quite cold at night. If one travels to the outback or what some would call unseeingly inhabited areas they would not realise that there is a lot of wildlife; there is of course and all manner of creatures mainly marsupial excepting lizards and the like can be espied. Large Goanna’s (Australian Monitor lizards) are no exception and although difficult to approach will eat scraps near a campfire. The true indigenous Australian eats them along with witchetty grubs; not my cup of tea but we are all different. Indigenous folk or Koori’s as they prefer to be called out here are nothing like the ones that live in our large cities and towns mainly on the East coast. They are still trying to live their old way of life but sadly the twenty first century is catching up awfully fast. Up until about 70 or 80 years ago they were known to have killed white settlers and were hunted down by Police with a native tracker to face the white man’s courts’ and punishment, knowing if they were not hung they faced their own brand of justice upon returning home to their tribe The outback is a place of very widely scattered communities and usually in touch with each other and the nearest piece of civilisation by radio. Some school children get their lessons via the radio and still do I guess. The true outback I reckon is in the Northern Territory, the Northern regions of Western Australia and the northernmost part of South Australia. One could travel for days indeed weeks and not see a living soul as this picture shows. Gold is still found here by canny old-timers supplementing their pension; they pan the old diggings and make a fair bit of cash one told me a few years ago. Of course big mining concerns are now prospecting in the West for all minerals bauxite, copper, diamonds gold seems to have been forgotten; will I strike it rich no I don’t think so. If you can get into some areas of Western Australia the cave drawings are unique, really good in fact Some are pictured here. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````



Expelled Aussie envoy leaves Solomon’s What on earth does this Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands really think that diplomats dabble in politics? I don’t think so. Australia believes the inquiry is designed to get two jailed MPs off charges that they incited the riots, which destroyed most of Honiara's Chinatown, and to deflect attention onto Australian police commanders' handling of the situation. The MPs are allies of Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, who is struggling to maintain support in the Solomon’s Parliament,Looks a bit warlike I reckon. I reckon we have a case in point hell this country has stepped over backwards helping this country and for what? Yeah something smells here. According to this report I read {Link} this Sogavare joker wants to meet our Foreign Minister at the U N General assembly building in NYC to discuss this. Lucky I am not our Foreign Minister as I am short on diplomacy at the best of times so he would get short thrift from me. But I don’t see why the Aussie taxpayer should fund this bloke at all. What’s more he is facing a no confidence motion in his Parliament when it resumes sitting in October so he’s skating on thin ice I reckon. Now his citizens are suffering with the clamping down of some of the aid we send him, did I hear the words lynch mob nah surely not. ````````````````````````````````````````````


HEY THIS IS MY BLOG I AM ENTITLED TO MY VIEWS OK. It seems our Navy’s honour is now on the line as well if you read this report. This comes in addition to our soldiers in Iraq. I actually like what our Prime Minister said Quote “Prime Minister John Howard called on Australians to cut them some slack, pointing out they were working in very stressful environments and entitled to "let off a bit of steam". He has a point I reckon good grief what are we coming to? Click {here} ```````````````````````````````````` BUCK’S FIVE WHINGES Our Prime Minister cannot understand their animosity towards his Holiness the Pope; me either I just don’t get it man. For the record I am not a Catholic that’s number one. I was always brought up to recognise that we all have our own religions and I agree with that; indeed I respect that so you can count that as number two. The gentleman in question has apologised for something he quoted as I said before and these fundamentalists have seized on that to try and create more violence. I mean just look at what The Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he expressed respect for Benedict and acknowledged the Pontiff had "modified" his remarks. That’s number three Hardly anybody in the western world really holds a grudge against the Islamic faith. As regards al Qaeda well I for one along with billions of others hold a grudge against them certainly and why not; all their BLOODY HOLY JIHAD’S (holy wars) their sneaky attacks against the west. That’s number four. Regarding the religious aspect well even the Islamic faith admits that Jesus Christ was first and although not deeply religious myself most of us know that God spoke to the Jews first and not the Moslems; there were no Moslems in those days (oh why am I not there now) the source for this Islamic admission is on here. Reports click here {ISLAM} So that’s number five So for goodness sake pipe down youse lot and lets all concentrate on trying to make this grief stricken world a better one. {Report} click here ````````````````````````````````````````



NORTH KOREA IS ONLY WANTING CHINESE BACKING It seems obvious to me and most western countries that this country is relying on China to back them up and all we and the Japanese Government are doing is trying to enforce them to obey the ruling of a United Nations Security Council resolution. Also the United States is behind this as well but of course that loony toon KIM won’t take any notice whatsoever. China is reluctant to impose similar measures as is South Korea (I can understand their reluctance) but not the red government of China. Why is this China? Oh of course one of the very few communist countries left in this world today; a worthy neighbour for you I guess; you like being a capitalist as well though I notice. You want further dialogue I see! Hmm yes gives you more time to fabricate some other excuse I suppose. We are not taken in by you one iota. However I digress something has to be done to stop loony toon Kim and his stand over tactics so this is a start in the right direction at least. Exactly a year ago, North Korea agreed in principle to give up its nuclear weapons programme in return for economic help and security guarantees. We are still waiting the year is up and you sound as warlike and loony as ever; when you stated that the world was certainly surprised; IT STILL IS. What we are doing is puny indeed to what you threatened to do. Nice Exactly a year ago, North Korea agreed in principle to give up its nuclear weapons programme in return for economic help and security guarantees. The move was greeted by surprise and relief, but a joint statement issued at the time failed to bridge the wide gulf between North Korea and the US. One year on, the North remains as isolated as ever. I guess all those goose-stepping soldiers of yours with the weapons of mass destruction will be lauded by your lot on your Mayday parade. Personally I would like to assassinate you as would many others no doubt. {BBC} `````````````````````````````````````````````



WHAT THE HELL DO THESE ISLAMIC FUNDEMENTALISTS REALLY WANT? After reading this about our army soldiers skylarking around in Iraq at first I thought it was a bit much but on second thoughts why was it too much I asked myself. We in the west can understand and take jokes BUT it seems they cannot; they want the Pope to apologise in fact they seem to want everything their way. I myself along with millions of others no doubt feel the same way; they cannot take criticism at all whilst of course we silly idiots have to give into them; not politically correct I guess. So what; I don’t really care after the turmoil they started and long before the 9/11 attacks as well. These people are using their religion in a way reminiscent of the National front, Communism and Fascism. They send younger folk in to do their dirty work with promises of huge rewards in Paradise, note well that the instigators stay well behind the scenes. No Paradise is wanted for them they are already in their warped idea of Paradise which includes them staying Earthbound. Getting back to our Military in Iraq this happened in the 1991 gulf war with our Navy; the perpetrators of that were given a warning no doubt grumbled at by an Islamic Australian. I am pleased that John Howard is insisting on all would be permanent residents here to learn our values and our language before being allowed to become a Citizen. Just thought I'd drop that one in; yes it is targeted against these so called Fanatics. For goodness sake, Lieutenant-General Peter Leahy, (The Chief of Army) just grumble or fine them and let the matter drop. I wonder now when I was in the Military did I get up to shenanigans like this Of course I did. {SMH }Newspapers I got quite a laugh out of the story so I thought I would go to bat for these blokes who were only letting off steam after all. Do we want to end up as this image depicts us? I certainly don’t. Frankly I am more interested if the Space shuttle returns safely than to read rubbish like this. ````````````````````````````````````````



To All My Friends Who Have Barraged Me With Those Countless Informative E-mail's, Thought I Would Show My Appreciation With A Big Thanks ! To Whoever Sent Me the One about Rat Poop in the Glue on Envelopes because I Now Have To Use A Wet Towel with Every Envelope That Needs Sealing. Also, I Now Have To Scrub the Top of Every Can I open For the Same Reason. I No Longer Have Any Savings Because I Gave It To A Sick Girl (Penny Brown) Who Is About To Die In The Hospital For The 1,387,258th Time But That Will Change Once I Receive The $15,000 That Bill Gates/Microsoft And AOL Are Sending Me For Participating In Their Special E-mail Program. I No Longer Worry About My Soul Because I Have 363,214 Angels Looking Out For Me, And St. Theresa's Novena Has Granted My Every Wish. I No Longer Eat KFC Because Their Chickens Are Actually Horrible Mutant Freaks With No Eyes Or Feathers As Soon As I Get My Free Dinner Coupons From Applebee's, I Can Eat Again. I No Longer Use Cancer-Causing Deodorants Even Though I Smell Like A Water Buffalo On A Hot Day. Thanks To You, I Have Learned That My Prayers Only Get Answered If I Forward An Email To Seven Of My Friends And Make A Wish Within Five Minutes. Because Of Your Concern I No Longer Drink Coca Cola Because It Can Remove Toilet Stains. I No Longer Can Buy Gasoline Without Taking A Man Along To Watch The Car So A Serial Killer Won't Crawl In My Back Seat When I'm Pumping Gas. I No Longer Drink Pepsi Or Dr. Pepper Since The People Who Make These Products Are Atheists Who Refuse To Put "Under God" On Their Cans. I No Longer Use Saran Wrap In The Microwave Because It Causes Cancer. And Thanks For Letting Me Know I Can't Boil A Cup Water In The Microwave Anymore Because It Will Blow Up In My Face..Disfiguring Me For Life. I No Longer Check The Coin Return On Pay Phones Because I Could Be Pricked With A Needle Infected With Aids. I No Longer Go To Shopping Malls Because Someone Will Drug Me With a Perfume Sample And Rob Me. I No Longer Receive Packages From UPS Or Fedex Since They Are Actually Al Qaeda In Disguise. I No Longer Shop At Target Since They Are French And Don't Support Our American Troops Or The Salvation Army. I No Longer Answer the Phone Because Someone Will Ask Me To Dial A Number For Which I Will Get A Phone Bill Totaling $2,374.76 With Calls To Jamaica, Uganda, Singapore, And Uzbekistan. I No Longer Have Any Sneakers -- But That Will Change Once I Receive My Free Replacement Pair From Nike. I No Longer Buy Expensive Cookies From Neiman Marcus Since I Now Have Their Recipe. And Thanks To Your Great Advice, I Can't Ever Pick Up $5.00 Dropped In The Parking Lot Because It Probably Was Placed There By A Sex Molester Waiting Underneath My Car To Grab My Leg. Oh, and Don't Forget This One Either! I Can No Longer Drive My Car Because I Can't Buy Gas From Certain Gas Companies! Thanks To You, I Can't Use Anyone's Toilet But Mine Because A Big Brown African Spider Is Lurking Under The Seat To Cause Me Instant Death When It Bites My Ass. And Remember, If You Don't Send This E-mail To At Least 144,000 People In The Next 7 Minutes, A Large Dove With Diarrhea Will Land On Your Head At 5:00 PM This Afternoon And The Fleas From 12 Camels Will Infest Your Back, Causing You To Grow A Hairy Hump. I Know This Will Occur Because It Actually Happened To A Friend Of My Next Door Neighbor's Ex-Mother-In-law's Second Husband's Cousin's Beautician ... Thank you, and Have A Wonderful Day.... but most of all.. zzzzzzz--zz Oh! One Last Bit Of Noteworthy News: South American Scientists from Argentina, after a Lengthy Study, Discovered That People with Insufficient Brain and Sexual Activity; Read Their E-mail with Their Hand on the Mouse. Don't Bother Taking It Off Now, It's Too Late. STILL I NEVER FORWARD THIS CRAP ON ONLY RARELY I JUST DELETE IT AT ONCE AND I CAN USUALLY TELL THE CONTENT BY THE SENDER. This was sent by a friend who usually sends me very good video clips just the odd one of these thingies so I don’t mind really; I do wish I could mention her name but being security minded I dare not. I am guilty of sending the odd joke of course `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` PLUS A COLLECTION OF SHOPPING BAGS I received as well ````````````````````````````````````````



NOTHING NEW HERE AS USUAL Fundamentalists ISLAM are up in arms again out of something taken purely out of context. All his holiness the Pope did was quote some 14th century Christian Emperor. Anything to incite a riot it seems. Lots of folk in this world make quotes I do but face the facts he was quoting from some Emperor bloke who lived in 1300 and something. Does this mean more of your sneaky terrorist attacks? Good thinking huh. A great excuse for you to start off a fresh wave of attacks is it? Not all followers of the Islamic religion wish to fight these holy wars of yours; they most likely want a normal life like anyone else. Ask yourselves and I am including the parliament of Pakistan here read this article again properly. Why should he retract a statement in which he stressed he Quoted twice “The emperor's words were, he said: "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." From the 14th century good grief what was wrong with that? Nothing of course; this is being taken out of all proportion here. Anything to create mayhem I guess; no wonder so many Moslems live in western countries. According to this bloke Mohammed Mahdi Akef Muslim Brotherhood “The remarks do not express correct understanding of Islam”. Have you ever asked yourself Mahdi Akef that your views do not understand the correct understanding of Christianity? No of course you haven’t. Taken from a BBC report.[Report] ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````



THE SOLOMON ISLAND AFFAIR From what I have been reading on the ABC and watching; you don’t appear to it seems and yet in a quote from our ABC online you seem to be still pouring taxpayer’s money into the Solomon Islands Quote “We're not trying to take sides politically but we are determined that if Australia is to continue to pour the millions of dollars of our taxpayers' money into that country, that in return we have to see some improvement in economic growth and some reduction in corruption and some improvement in governance” unquote. Something much more radical must be done surely? The only reason you committed our military and Police to the Solomon’s was to sort out the greed and murders etc seemingly done by the Government and their opposition as it turns out. Now they have almost severed diplomatic relations by declaring our Representative there Persona non Grata. The joker that did this is their Prime Minister hey you are one I just recalled; wise up mate for goodness sake. How do you really know what the Solomon islanders want? I have read and been told many times by other pacific islanders that the Solomon’s is very warlike and was avoided if possible, it seems it is carrying on its tradition. Personally my thoughts are let them get on with it go spend the taxpayer’s money where it is needed in AUSTRALIA. You know health, medical, oh all manner of things. What do you think of our National colours folks by the way neat huh? Courtesy of the ABC online [ABC]


I RECEIVED THIS ODE IN MY E-MAIL TODAY AND THOUGHT IT VERY APT SO I DECIDED TO BLOG IT. Endless visions fill my head - this man - as large as life And instantly my heart mourns for his angels and his wife Because the way I see Steve Irwin - just put everything aside It comes back to his family - it comes back to his pride His animals inclusive - Crikey - light the place with love! Shine his star with everything he fought to rise above The crazy-man of Khaki from the day he left the pouch Living out his dream and in that classic ‘Stevo’ crouch Exploding forth with character and redefining cheek It’s one thing to be honoured as a champion unique It’s one thing to have microphones and spotlight cameras shoved It’s another to be taken in and genuinely loved But that was where he had it right - I guess he always knew From his fathers’ modest reptile park and then Australia Zoo We cringed at times and shook our heads - but true to nature’s call There was something very Irwin in the make up of us all Yes the more I care to think of it - the more he had it right If you’re going to make a difference - make it big and make it bright! Yes - he was a lunatic! Yes - he went head first! But he made the world feel happy with his energetic burst. A world so large and loyal that it’s hard to comprehend I doubt we truly count the warmth until life meets an end To count it now I say a prayer with words of inspiration May the spotlight shine forever on his dream for conservation My daughter broke the news to me, - my six year old in tears It was like she’d just turned old enough to show her honest fears I tried to make some sense of it but whilst her Dad was trying His little girl explained it best: she said ‘The crocodiles are crying’ Their best mate’s up in heaven now - the crocs up there are smiling! And as sure as flowers, poems and cards and memories are piling As sure as we’ll continue with the trademarks of his spiel Of all the tributes worthy - he was rough, but he was real As sure as ‘Crikey!’ fills the sky I think we’ll miss ya Steve: Goodbye RUPERT McCALL 2006

For what reason would the government do this?

I personally don't believe a bar of this but judge for yourself



THIS ACT IS THE SORT OF THING MY ELDEST SON WOULD DO IF HE COULD. Shocking to think how some folk behave I think after all said and done, Steve was in the stingray’s backyard after all; some will do anything to justify loutish behaviour while others such as this newspaper will to glean a story blow it up just to sell their product; well not strictly true I guess except for the headline as most of the facts are in there. A [Brit] paper of course with this sensationalism, our papers put it in a rather different light as you can see if you read this story in the Sydney newspaper the Daily Telegraph and well known for its sensationalism also.[SDT] Why do people do this? Who knows akin to road rage I guess. Loonies is what they are really plain loonies; do anything for kicks sorta thing. Never mind the grieving family of course. Having said that it appears there are hopes that this memorial service for Steve will be screened in quite a few countries including the United States.

The Bumbling Brit and a few more oddities

This is a hoot it seems this bloke on holiday from the UK and a police trainee to boot lost his way in the outback in the same area twice in the one week. Lucky for him he had a cell phone and it worked I reckon. One wonders whether he really wanted to stay here! Hmm food for thought that one and he liked a grog or three as well according to this [report]. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` DOLPHIN OR DOG Another weirdy It seems this Dolphin is running amok off the French coast and terrorising fishermen attacking their boats it is described as enraged and has been doing this for some time now; damage bill to date is A$2.530 it seems the enraged beastie has a name Jean Floch and has been in the area for about 4 years now all on here I [read]. ````````````````````````````````` LUCKY LADY Ten orgasms a day woman I have to admit when I read this well you can guess what I thought but the mere fact that she has been defrauding the UK government with this claim (PERSISTENT SEXUAL AROUSAL SYNDROME) yes it has a name folks what hasn’t these days does make me wonder at times why the very nature of the name of the claim was not dismissed; ah that’s the Brits for you. I read it on {here]. I never believed a word of it myself. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` THE BUDDHIST STREAKER DEFROCKED OF COURSE WHAT ELSE HE WAS FOUND THAT WAY LMAO It appears this Monk got smashed to the nines and did a streak in Cambodia and not for the first time either apparently. Partook of the demon drink in this case Toad wine Hmm I shall have to look into that seems its strong tack; will put you on your back after the odd streak. It has been happening now for 7 years if I read it correctly on here. Well I am off for lunch and not a liquid one either enjoy the [read] ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

A few Facts on living in Australia

OR A SUGGESTION OR THREE FROM ME Like our present incumbent Prime minister has said if anybody wishes to migrate to this country they must be prepared to adopt OUR way of life no two ways about it. Religion is I believe a freedom of choice in Australia and hopefully will always remain that way. It matters not what religion from Christianity to Islam whatever. But things seem to be getting out of hand once AGAIN this MP has a case in point “Julia Irwin said she had concerns. In her NSW electorate of Fowler she referred to instances in her electorate of women's veils torn off, children spat at, and Anglo Saxons served before Muslims in shops.” Well yes I can to some degree understand that just human nature what with the Islamic terrorist attacks and so forth. Nothing new there this will sadly always be the case; but it could be alleviated quite a bit if immigrants and other folk who have been given the right to stay here stopped ghetto type living and absorbed their selves into the community. This problem will take many years to overcome indeed sadly it is only just now starting to take effect with our indigenous neighbours; even now there is still a lot of ill feeling from some folk towards them, and this was rightfully their land until the white man came here, well it still is. So some advice for intending settlers here is as soon as possible take out Australian citizenship (you can still keep your old one) if you are a refugee I suggest you put this in to motion as soon as possible and please Endeavour to learn English. Theoretically speaking all intending immigrants should already read write and speak it but as a refugee that would be a tad difficult so take advantage of all classes held in most cases all over the country and at night in some cases. AND DO TRY TO FIT IN WITH OUR WAY OF LIFE, you do not have to partake of alcohol if your workmate does but it is his right to do so if he pleases. There are indeed many of us who rarely drink alcohol so it is not an unsual thing really. If he/her is obnoxious towards you report the matter to the race and relations board. You will find if you keep a low profile and try to do all I have suggested life should hopefully be much easier in your new adopted country. Please also bear in mind if you are of the Islamic faith to never show ill will to any of us and you should eventually fit in.



NOT THAT IT WILL YET IN MY OPINION SO COME TO THE AID OF THE PARTY AND JOIN US CAPITALISTS AS A FULLY PAID UP MEMBER The People’s Republic of china it seems is trying to cling to the old ways but what can one expect of a communist nation? You cannot have your cake and eat it as well. I was taught this as a child and it still holds good. The Chinese government cannot in my opinion want to become capitalists and still clamp down on their people; they are of course; so now it looks like the freedom of foreign news agencies is at stake, I guess the Chinese are trying to restrict us westerners from seeing exactly what goes on in their country. A sheer waste of time most of us realise what is afoot having seen it there. So China do us all a favour will you put up or shut up. You cannot be a capitalist and a communist both although you try very hard to do so. I did at one time e-mail quite a few people from China but I noticed that was discouraged although I get the odd one on MSN instant messaging at odd times. Attention China we still have our China watchers trust me not many of us here at least really trust you; no doubt you do not trust us either who cares I sure don’t but I assure you I will never set foot there. Tiananmen Square’s massacre still sticks in my craw. I notice that up until now you are still keeping the bargain struck with the Brits regarding Hong Kong of course it suits you doesn’t it where one can be a millionaire there; my mind boggles when I think of that and yet a lot of your people are living on the breadline it is all on this {BBC report}. Your human rights record is appalling simply appalling. Is that one small reason you are denying foreign news agencies; it’s certainly possible but I don’t think that is the real reason somehow. Oh of course you can spend much needed money in rebuilding the Qinghai-Tibet railway but not on your poor {but} then I ask myself why did you take Tibet back as you claimed it was yours in the beginning; ask a Tibetan how he feels about your soldiers there that may give you some idea. Ask his holiness the Dalai Lama forced to live in exile what he thinks regardless of whether he went or is going to China on a visit; I have a good idea what he would like to say, maybe he has or will as the eyes of the world are on you now Mr. Red China. Personally I have had my rant against you FOR NOW but I will not forget you; one last gibe why do you usually veto western decisions at the United Nations? Ah North Korea do you suppose?


I must say that tributes from most world leaders amazed me, it seems this shocking tragedy and the remembrance of it united them. Helen Clarke’s statement from New Zealand was to me the one that said it all and I quote “NEW ZEALAND PRIME MINISTER HELEN CLARK” “My concern was that intervention would make the world less safe from terrorism, rather than safer. Iraq was not a haven for terrorists prior to the war there, it certainly is now” Helen certainly got that right in my opinion, her concerns have been proven correctly as no doubt all of us now realise with the shocking loss of life in the Middle East. All the rest can be read on {here}



U.S.A REMEMBERS 9/11 FIVE YEARS ON I think we have all tried to put the horror of this day to the back of our minds excepting the folk who lost loved ones naturally. I myself switched on my TV on that terrible day to watch the early morning news in NSW Australia and wondered where on earth my regular news channel had disappeared to as it was all CSN and it never stopped; I made enquiries with a neighbour who worked a night shift and he said it’s been on for hours. I was not as much into the internet then as I am now so did watch some TV back then. My condolences to all people who lost somebody and also to the United States of America a strong ally of ours.



WELL MAYBE NOT It could be legend but I suspect it’s historic in a way as there is an old Castle in Eire called Blarney Castle where all the real blarney began it seems well Irish blarney as we all have our own blarney (cajoling talk) I do believe that means bulldust or plain B/S or as some say the gift of the gab but whatever it certainly looks a beaut spot. Blarney Castle was built nearly six hundred years ago by one of Ireland's greatest chieftains, Cormac MacCarthy, and has been attracting attention ever since. Over the last few hundred years, millions have flocked to Blarney, making it a world landmark and one of Ireland's greatest treasures. Now this stone is in actual fact called the stone of eloquence Now that might have something to do with the Blarney Stone, the legendary Stone of Eloquence, found at the top of our Tower. Kiss it and you'll never again be lost for words. But don't take my word for it - everyone from Sir Walter Scott to a host of American presidents, world leaders, and international entertainers has been eager to take advantage so I have read. This bloke here is kissing the stone as you can see, I am just wondering if Bill Clinton kissed it! I reckon he did. I read up about the blarney on the blarney you could say on this site here and there are indeed some great pictures on it and it is only 8 kilometres or 5 miles from Cork. So off you go and see a great spot. {Source of report}


Fun and games

I DID MY CIVIC DUTY TODAY FINALLY Well I thought upon wakening I would have a quick shower and off just around the corner to vote at the Queensland elections today; I had previously been assured by the Australian electoral commission that I could vote there it was staying open for that purpose. So a quick cup of tea and off I go I walked around the corner but no such luck they were closed with a notice giving the location of the polling booth for Nambour, it seems there was only one and that was the state school. Back I go to the car; drove to said location zilch just an empty school a huge place I might add. I spotted a lady walking in so I enquired if this was the spot yep says she; I soon lost her I tell you, a quick walker that one. I must of walked a good Kilometre or so and thought ah the hell with this so I thought I would go back to the car where like an idiot I had left my cell phone and make further enquiries. Aha but then I espied another lady also looking we had a brief chat about it and she said it is here somewhere I will come with you (walking cane was now in use) after a Kilometre or so we both spotted the first lady on her way back who gave a vague backwards wave so finally we made it to the polling booth. So I made my choice preferential voting is our system here so I put the candidate I loathe last lol. Bottom line is I scored a new blogger from all this with one of the volunteers handing out the usual crap; this is funny he was working for the guy I put last. We shared URL’s. Are you going to blog this I said? Nah mate says he I can’t be bothered I just laughed and said well I am; so maybe he’s reading this or may do after 6 PM when the booths close. We only had 4 candidates here in this area so here is a selection of how the literature looks like. I filled in one to show youse all but they are not my true selections ok suffice to say I am not a conservative so I will leave you all to guess lol. This bloke happens to be the sitting member For Niklin with a huge following; he is not my favourite son but he most likely is on all the lurks and a conservative to boot BUT he is not the only conservative on here. This one below and his claims really make me laugh he has or his party has at least (Liberal National Coalition)this is the same mob who run our Federal government to be truthful. Yeah he has dreams big dreams they never work out of course. I guess by now you will have figured he is number 4 lol Take a look at his promises for heavens sake Now Katherine here has not got a cat's chance in hell of getting elected will not be number one on my vote but will get my number 2 vote for sure as I am a bit of a greenie. Do you know I do believe I have told you my choice lol Mind you Peter Beattie needs to get his act together especially with some of the outrageous promises made by the National Party promises as most of them are a huge problem in Queensland and Peter has not solved them as yet.


Our knowledge is increasing for sure. Scientists it seems NOW believe there are many such systems similar to our solar system out there according to this {BBC} article I read with fascination will there be dwarf planets in it one wonders after the Pluto debacle; ah well I fear I and many of us will never ever know. It appears that the way we look for them increases the possibility of other systems much like ours. Personally I think it utter rot but fascinating all the same, another study of course!! Goes without saying we are full of studies these days on this that and the other. What these so called studies do in effect is to give somebody a wad of cash (no need for them to work then) and employ other folk thereby giving them employment (they need the work) the others are just plain greedy or simply mad yeah mad sounds good, like in crazy scientist; all in my opinion nach. Still I guess some good could come out of the fact that there are other systems like ours out there even if it does take a million years to come to fruition. That does not do us poor battlers any good does it? This study concluded that about one of every three known planetary systems could harbour Earth-like planets in habitable zones further out than the Hot Jupiter’s It was done it seems in Boulder Colorado at the university there so I guess maybe only one person was getting the big bickies (dollars) I guess the rest were students ah to be a student again life would surely be good then. No more scratching around getting the dollars for a loaf then; working in the field eating fast food (yum) ah I am just joshing all the same I see no need for a study of this magnitude. I just want ET to pop in and say good day all the way from Pluto er ok Mars then hows that!! Yeah I’m rambling again I know it, nothing else to do my scrabble opponents have given up on me. Will there be scrabble in the thirtieth century do you think as I reckon that’s when all these studies at Boulder will be settled once and for all. Hell I am hoping I’m still around to watch the Beijing Olympic Games. Ah well back to my relentless search for some Guns an Roses Video clips


Election tomorrow or not Premier Beattie is correct re the Greer feminist

This was NOT an enticement for Queenslander’s votes tomorrow the opposition agrees with what the Premier said also. Greer is a backstabber as portrayed and it is all in [here]. Writes for the Guardian press in the UK and was married maybe she still is who knows who bloody well cares she is just insensitive as always. I will dwell no longer on this out of respect for all the Irwin family.

Have you ever noticed I have?

Some folk you write to just seem to send forwarded e-mails most of the time and never a serious letter. All a lot do is simply send ridiculous letters about one getting bad luck if you do not forward this on rubbish like that you know and oh yes I shall expect this back. I have fun with that one I do I send it just to them. Some even send the same gag you have sent them back with your name still showing on it; they have the forward all syndrome lol. Security is the name of the game here and I have explained it many times; all you do is put all folk you send or forward to after cutting out other folks addresses (VERY IMPORTANT) and put them ALL into the blind carbon copy (BCC) on most e-mail programmes you will then receive a mail addressed to unknown recipients; oddly with outlook it says from me to me and I don’t yet know why. Still I guess we are all different and I admit when I first started using e-mail and the web I was as bad but soon wised up; that was around six years ago though. I am not an old fart of course and do send a fair bit of humour and video clips/slideshows but not awful gooey stuff like I and no doubt you still get. I don’t worry if any of these of my contacts will have a whinge at me regarding this either. They will be to busy avidly reading the next load of crap to forward; me I just delete usually without looking at them. Then again we have ones who are only interested in instant messaging re Yahoo, MSN. ICQ, Aim oh there are many Jabber or Miranda. I only do this with two of my friends Some like blogging; indeed I was introduced to this art by somebody I write to Her advice and letters etc are welcomed. The URL in case you are interested is here and if you are interested in agates and American politics go man go look. [come speak to me] This I have found is the way to go in my opinion naturally you can say more or less what you want backed up by news reports and images. I do get a lot of readers of my blog thanks to Feed blitz a very good site it sends your latest blog posts to whoever has subscribed to the blog of your choosing. I thoroughly recommend them for bloggers they get a plus with me; if you wish to obtain the info just go to it on here in the side bar. Unfortunately for internet explorer users it does not show up as well as the Firefox browser which I have on my site also. I would indeed get rid of internet explorer but for the nasty fact that to view my bank statements online I must have them; I find this odd as I can log into my bank for transactions with Firefox and do; not much freedom of choice there readers is there? I have my favourite blogs where I can go and comment at anytime and do at times. One e-mail subscriber a good friend says he cannot do this but I can’t really see why not; he signed my guest book on it. Another blog I recommend is [here]. Oh well another day nearly over but not another dollar.



FOR STEVE IRWIN Very good I thought of Environmental crusader Philippe Cousteau to do this of course and and carry on finishing a documentary they were both working on I understand he was actually on one of Steve’s Boats the Croc One when this fatality occurred. It appears Philippe is President of the environmental group Earth Echo International and they were actually working together and yet I received an e-mail today from a friend in the USA here is a little of it and I can’t really say I enjoyed reading it a lot to be honest “e-mail quote 'Crocodile Hunter' exploited animals, says critic Feminist academic Germaine Greer on Wednesday she hoped the death of Australian "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin would mark the end of what she called exploitative nature documentaries, a discordant note amid floods of tributes unquote”. Report. The irony was according to this report stingrays was not on their Itinery at all. Cousteau, the president of environmental group Earth Echo International, said he had been enjoying his working relationship with Irwin, including catching saltwater crocodiles in Northern Australia. I see no exploitation here at all where this Greer person thinks up things of this nature is to be frank beyond me. I admit to putting this pic of Steve on out of sheer devilment I just couldn't help it LOL. Like all youngsters I guess he got over most of his brashness and was starting to enter the field of serious work regarding the wildlife left on this planet of ours; it still is one I hope and not been downgraded to a dwarf. And was working with Philippe to ensure we had a decent documentary to watch at night when bored, well I like to think so at least. Also my condolences to Steve’s wife and family. I for one am glad very glad indeed she is living in the UK now; quite frankly they are welcome to her and her proclaimed feminism. She has or had a husband by the way at one time; her views were at times quite valid as I saw it but not as regards Young Steve who although brash was actually doing good work when this happened So yeah good onya Philippe for your act it will be appreciated around the world for sure. [Source]


A Tribute to Steve Irwin From an Aussie

I was reading a post today about young Steve Irwin who was a mite cocky and brash I know but he promoted this country one hell of a lot. He was made Australian of the year a couple of years ago as well. Nobody deserves to be taken away at the age of 44 its true. Ok yeah he went overboard at times but haven’t we all as I have his age. A shame he has to leave a family behind although his wife says she will carry on the projects they both had. I discovered this video on You tube with many many more and most were American so I chose the one written by a fellow Aussie as I thought it more fitting somehow and here it is.

A small follow up re my trip on HMAS Brisbane

All credit must go to Stephen Trainor in the making of this movie which I found fascinating to say the least. One of the divers featured actually served on this Royal Australian Naval Ship so quite possibly could have known my son who served on her who knows; whatever sit back and enjoy. this other guy was a shipwright so it is possible I guess. [Link]


An open letter to the Islamic council of the ACT

ATTENTION REZAUL MRIDHA I well understand our prime minister's and the Treasurer's views regarding their insistence that Muslims learn English and adopt "Australian values" in relation to women. You basically live in a Christian country it also has many religions ranging from Buddhists to obscure ones He is not as I see it stopping you from your religious practices in any way simply insisting you adopt our values in regard to our womenfolk. You can get as irate as you like but tell me and my fellow Australians why you came here? And all this rubbish about removing footwear; the treasurer is not vilifying you at all. When you chose to come here it is the policy of this country that you read, write and speak English, adhere to our customs as much as possible and treat your women with respect a thing lacking in your native land. Also I have noticed that Moslems in this country tend to live in ghettos just like the Jews were FORCED to do in Central Europe; you are not forced to do that you just decided to live that way Other ethnic races here try to assimilate but oh no not you. But if I was forced to go live in say Saudi Arabia for example I have to abide by their rules which I might add makes a women in a country like that become in effect a second class citizen . Well I have news for you sport we don't and won't allow this to happen here. Yes the mere fact you live here and indeed some may well be Australian citizens requires you to make it perfectly clear that you do not condone terrorism of any sort let alone from people of your religion, this time our treasurer was right for once. If of course those conditions are not favourable to you I suggest you pack your ports and go back from whence you came. Before Islamic fundamentalists decided to bomb and terrorise innocent people everything was fine, now of course we have to take care of ourselves and you are part of us so it was thought; you can't have it both ways pal. We don't get this fuss from other religions in this country only from yours it seems. Obtained [here ]


To Azzam the American [Thug and Murderer more like]

This IF VERIFIED is disturbing news very disturbing news. It first came to my attention on the BBC news who has this to say about it. It seems that Al-Qaeda using this person as a conduit has urged non Muslims to convert to Islam. This is what this Azzam joker has supposedly said To Americans "QUOTE and the rest of Christendom we say, either repent [your] misguided ways or enter into the light of truth or keep your poison to yourself, UNQUOTE" this was said in English on a new tape. It threatens in effect that if Americans and it is mainly Americans he has supposedly said this to, a nation mark you of immigrants that gave hope and the chance of a new life to millions of people for its freedom to worship who they want when they want and how they want. Who the hell does he think he is? He is it seems living in America has a name Adam Yahiye Gadahn. At this moment the FBI are seeking him so my money is on them; the tape looks genuine according to US officials but the CIA are still checking on that. One might say well he is entitled to his opinion and I agree but not to threaten the citizen’s of America who must have welcomed him at some stage. Also he has no right to threaten when he obviously knows that most of the ordinary citizens of the USA did not wish to go to the Middle East in the first place megalomaniac George did. After all that nasty business with the twin towers I guess folk were a tad enraged and who could blame them but they now just wish for their troops to return home. I stick up for human rights BUT this AZZAM bloke well there is no way I would help him in any way at all IF this report is true. I am sick and fed up of the carnage going on in the Middle East and it sickens me when I read of all the waste of lives on both sides but for this well words fail me. There can be no smoke without fire so unless this is some dastardly plot to sell newspapers then there must some truth in it. Fox news from [AP]