Sorry but I am a sceptic

Or I have heard this B/S before. Of course there could well be something in this Aussie Yowie thingy which is no worse than the Yeti, Bigfoot or Sasquatch in fact thinking about it they all sound the same to me. Nobody say they are aliens from another world either as why would huge hairy beasts such as these want to come to our troubled world and with no technology that’s not on either; do they have ray guns or death beams lol not as far as I recall; oh dam it I wish I could see one, just to put my mind at rest you know ah got it; beam me down to the precise location Scottie LMAO; whoops beam me up Scottie. Seriously yeah it could well be true but why have they never revealed themselves to us one reason could be we are a warlike mob I guess but this site made for some funny and interesting reading. Strange Nation I took some time reading it; well it passed the time I guess as my e-mail is all up to date. I have to admit there are some serious folk on this site yowieing on about it Nah I can’t see it I mean there have been tracks of these mythical beings spotted. Photographed even made into casts no doubt studied by some mob but for what if they choose to remain hidden who cares I sure don’t. So what do you think after a squizz at this thing pictured here. A blown up Gorilla surely not.


Most folk do this anyway

Should copying your own CDs should be legal This is the view of The Institute for Public Policy Research who is calling for a private right to copy. Lets face it if we are honest lots of us do this what’s the big deal a copy has to be purchased first before its copied or burnt as its called. This of course is being mooted in the UK but I guess if it’s adopted most countries will do it. Can I still sell mine if that’s the case lol? Usually it’s done for private use but there may be ways of stopping fly by night mobs that spring up overnight and do it for profits, I guess that will be looked into. BBC ************************************************************* Re the Google takeover of You tube and copyright laws yeah they seem to have been a tad unwise and from what I read it seems that some of us and I include myself here may have uploaded clips to YouTube and may very well have infringed the copyright laws. I do know that on the odd occasion I have uploaded a clip and You Tube have rejected it and warned me and yet I usually check with the clip info and one in particular was rejected and it was a private movie clip. I upload to another site now as well; this particular site allows me to use anything on it so I use them at times. No it is not my space as I was really messed around with my space when it arrived in Australia. I had a few complaints with them wrote to them never heard anything. I just deleted the account; I was warned if I did delete it I could never join again; I still deleted it and 6 weeks later received a reply in answer to my complaint and stating "don’t be complaining all the time " I ignored it of course. Yet I have heard good reports about it. What bugs me with the likes of You Tube is the way folk subscribe to your videos and expect you to drop everything to go log on every 5 minutes or so and reply. I only use it to embed the code on my blog and the links are handy for sending videos by e-mail. Why Google wanted to acquire it is to me plain greed as they have their own video site, mind you Google are more alert on theirs; I won’t use them as it can take days to get an upload approved and that’s no good if you wish to use it on a blog. BBC ***************************************************** On a happier note I decided to get an external USB plug in hard drive on Sunday so basically what I have been doing today is transferring a lot of unwanted info and images, oh yes and video clips into a folder I created on it called crap to be sorted out later lol. Will I ever get around to it well yeah one day I guess lol but I can just put it in a little overnight bag if I go visit and plug in to my host’s computer even saves e-mailing them stuff cool huh!! And it has a good point in that no more CD-RW’S need be used again as I have noticed that after a few months no matter how good the brand they seem to deteriorate. DVD’S for burning are of course another matter. A dinky thing I reckon as shown here,I must admit I love that red mouse of mine, that's a dinky little thing as well I reckon; I love the way it glows in the dark. ********************************************************

A cricketing country never!!! Who knows

Some cricketing facts even the USA has most likely forgotten I had. All you have to do now is win the final after beating New Zealand not an easy task but I am rooting for you. And something caught my eye in this report from the SMH it seems Australia could be playing India in New York next year as part of a five-match one-day series in North America. Cricket Australia is in talks with the Indian cricket board about the proposed tour, which could occur after the World Cup I sure hope that takes off the ground but I have my doubts although way way back cricket was played there and in Canada also if I recall my history. Just looked it in one of the numerous books I have on cricket and it seems that England toured from 1859 until 1924 indeed at the beginning north America at the time was regarded as the strongest home of the game outside of England although there was a tour there by the Brits as late as 1959; 25 games played on that occasion, these facts were obtained by an excellent book by Peter Wynne Thomas, Now that’s a new one on me I must have squizzed through it very quickly but I recall us Aussies sending teams to Canada and not so long ago either Allan Border was el Capitan of the eleven I think!! Well he was in the team I know. Pictured at the top of this blog is the first British cricket team that toured the USA captained by G Parr 5 games were played in all some were played in Canada some were combined American Canadian teams, sadly all were losses to our old enemy the Brits excepting one drawn game. The stats are pictured here also. From what I have read there was a skirmish in 1846 between a US bowler and a Canadian batsman which could well have soured the game in America sadly; the fixture was abandoned for quite a few years and yet it was considered the norm but had been abolished in the eighteenth century, I read this courtesy of Ashley Brown’s book which I have. This blog may be of interest to sportsmen all over the world!! I sure hope so and am looking forward to watching this proposed series of games in New York next year.


My weekend which was great again for the second time in a row

I really enjoyed it as well much the same as last week really but well kinda different but good. I had been invited to my youngest son’s place today actually Sunday October 29 but it was changed to the Saturday sooo I whizzed over in my little car and strike me nobody was there it seems I got the time mixed up not unusual for me either. The tucker was good fantastic all the same and my daughter in law cooked this first up was king Prawns natural of course and then the main food was grilled fresh fish done in garlic with the usual salad that Jenny prepares, I like her salads as she always puts Avocado’s in them, for desert Mud cake with cream yum oh I nearly forgot two bottles of Australian Chardonnay. After this great tucker which we ate on the balcony we trooped downstairs and watched a movie through a projector on a huge screen called true lies; I fell asleep of course lol. There are some images of this huge screen on here. Next morning {today} I went with my youngest son for breakfast Al Fresco at his local surf club and the number of people there quite astounded me really, bacon, eggs tomatoes and toast was my preference. I then went home but detoured first and took this small video clip of the commemoration site of the HMAS Brisbane which was paid off and given to the Queensland Government to be scuttled as a reef for divers so enjoy the brief clip which I uploaded to You Tube for this purpose. Not being an expert at this there is a little footage which is not necessary, also my panning was not the best hey a movie director I’m not ok lol. Here's what she looked like when still a commisioned ship of the Royal Australian Navy and I really enjoyed my three days at sea on her, and the crew mixed now these days were very patient with this landlubber here. Enjoy it I did.


Crushing pills “can prove fatal”

Crushing pills to make them easier to swallow can cause serious side-effects that can sometimes be fatal, experts have warned and after reading this excellent report I can see why. I realise it depends on the particular drug involved but this made much common sense to me. BBC ************************************************************* Noah's Ark plan from top Moon man The European Space Agency's chief scientist has said there should be a "Noah's Ark" on the Moon, in case life on Earth is wiped out by an asteroid or nuclear holocaust. Festival of Science, Dr Bernard Foing said the ark should be a repository for the DNA of every single species of plant and animal on our Planet His solution is to build a DNA library on Earth's satellite. Click on the image for full size effect. I really like this idea it definitely has merit. BBC *********************************************************************************************** Have a Squizz at this

Now this is an eye opener I knew us Aussies got around but this well yep if you can believe this your relatives from eons ago to be blunt were Australians and Asians lol.

All in favour say aye I already have cast my vote in favour of course
BBC ************************************************************************************* We don’t want this at all no way Hosea QUEENSLAND could be voting on whether to introduce daylight saving within eight months. The State Government is seriously considering holding a state-wide poll on daylight saving at the same time as the recycled water referendum. Yeah well it was defeated last time some 14 years ago, the Premier is not in favour of it nor am I which is important ok. All we will do is interfere with nature re Farm animals and financial institutions The move comes 14 years after daylight saving was narrowly defeated 54.6 to 45.4. Premier Peter Beattie yesterday refused to publicly rule out a referendum but cast doubt on its ability to succeed why he is doing it at all has me baffled most Queenslanders do not need daylight saving time we live far too close to the equator in fact most of Queensland lies in the tropics, the Northern Territory does not have it for the same reasons. Tasmania observe it 3 weeks before all the other states still who knows with the Tasmanian Government All you have to do Peter is stall you are good at that like with our hospital waiting lists which are a national disgrace; you got re-elected on that promise. No more stuff ups thank you let it slide into the background like other thorny problems facing you. Courier Mail

Why is he still here and other stuff.

It seems that this CUR originally from Egypt is being let off the hook by a group of senior Moslems in Sydney’s Western Suburbs. So Mr Prime Minister when are you taking action you will receive my mail in a few days time complaining about the disgusting way he rubbished our women folk. I reckon there will be many such letters from concerned citizens like myself. This joker the supposed grand Mufti of Sydney possibly Australia is far too outspoken he has to go. I am not a biased man but this is beyond all redemption and you can believe these senior Moslems if you wish; their decision however in my opinion is wrong. Let us hope your decision on this matter Mr Howard is the correct one. The whole world has bent over backwards for these people and yet we still have some truly fanatical ones sadly; we all know that most of them are not like this joker. The remarks could be construed in a number of ways but deep down they hurt and is not an excuse. This report says that he was alluding to the gang rapes in 2000 that may be the case but it is not an excuse for these statements of his. Pru Goward, Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner is quoted as saying. "Young Muslim men who now rape women can cite this in court, can quote their leader in court." It would not do any good were I a jurist of course but yes it has set a precedence. Here is a clip of our Queensland Premier today commenting on it as it seems this joker has been invited to my State. Powered by Castpost NZH `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` We have had an eruption in Sydney of late as well as this one Eruptions from the sun or solar eruptions I cannot for the life of me see why this is happening but if as the article says it can help us in any way then it cannot be a bad thing, these eruptions it seems can disrupt satellites, radio communications and power systems. They can be hazards to Spacecraft and Astronauts/Cosmonauts and in years to come a lot of ordinary people and are responsible for the Northern lights, the Aurora Borealis, Southern lights or Southern Aurora the Aurora Australis so yes a good thing. I have just read a book by Buzz Aldrin/John Barnes nothing to do with this excepting the dangers of space debris and the need to clear it up as it is a hazard just like these solar eruptions BUT human life could be at a great risk if say a shuttle encountered one, so I do wish these folk had looked at this problem as well, hopefully they have!!! Boston Globe ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Good news for smokers!!! Well it could well be according to this report I read it’s just a simple CT scan called ROUTINE Computed Tomography which in ordinary language just means screening of people at high risk of lung cancer with this and the word ROUTINE and SIMPLE suggests it could be cheap; it seems it can substantially drive down the death rate, according to a controversial new study led by a team of American researchers; yeah I know another study but a much more important one than a lot of them which are just so much crap; funded by taxpayers naturally. I know quite a few folk who would be interested in this. When is it due to hit the streets LOL. Good news for smokers Herald Tribune


A bloody disgrace

No John Howard did not get out of bed on the wrong side this morning Prime Minister John Howard has condemned remarks by Australia's most senior Islamic cleric likening immodestly dressed women to meat that attracted cats. I wonder what the outcry would have been if John Howard had said this of Islamic Women! Well we all know I guess threats of terror, take back your comment or else you all know the drill I think. Australia's Sex Discrimination Commission called on Thursday for Alhilali to be deported. I agree back to Egypt from whence he came. Yesterday would be good I reckon. This is our country we can dress how we please and we don’t need some Islamic cleric to say things of this magnitude. Why they ever came here has me and most of the Western world baffled. If I had called an Islamic woman a whore there would have been a huge outcry. This is a direct quote from this so called man of God Sheik Taj Aldin Sheikh Taj El-Din Hamid Alhilali, the Mufti of Sydney's biggest Mosque. **Compared women who wore make-up and dressed immodestly to meat that attracted cats**. He should be deported without fail for saying such a disgusting thing about our women. A spokesman for the Islamic Victorian council, Mr Ali Roude, said he was "astonished at Sheik Alhilali's comments, saying he "had failed both himself and the Muslim community. He was astonished Hmph words failed me when I read this; perhaps my Father was right he always said East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet, a quote by somebody I guess but he always told me this; like most young I completely forgot it until I read this disgusting remark. He certainly has and an apology is needed NOW The Age *********************************************************************


The saga continues with my birthday celebration and some news snippets of interest

Gosh I feel old lol. My daughter carried on with celebrating my seventieth Birthday with a night out at a bowling club in Maroochydore and I thought it real good of her I got a very much needed set of stepladders so I can change light globes; stuff like that and a few small gifts from folk I hardly know really although I have met them so I was really touched and more to come it seems from my youngest son and his wife this coming Sunday fresh Aussie seafood yum so I am looking forward to that for sure. So at the moment I am the flavour of the month and savouring it. I really appreciated it all as well and thanked them all so I thought I would blog it. ********************************************************************** Good ole Peter Beattie and his big mouth Your Bull dust is now sticking in my craw and thousands of other's And he has still not come good on his election promise re hospital waiting lists for surgery, so how about it Beattie my boy when are you going to fix this I mean you really won the election on this premise frankly I am sick of waiting to get my other eye fixed up; I’m not the only one of course YOU MUST FIX THIS PROBLEM LIKE YESTERDAY, and yet you put your foot in it with a lot of garbage about daylight saving time. Don’t be an IDIOT Mr. Premier the worst time of the day for the sun is between 10 AM and 3 PM which is not to say I don’t agree with you re daylight saving time being a dam nuisance as it is it messes up animal feeding habits irks farmers and puts our financial institutions into disarray. More to the point is these hospital waiting lists, you have been dragging your heels far too long on this, and you more or less got elected with a promise to fix it. I shall not vote for you next time no way I and no doubt thousands of Queenslanders who need their cataracts removed will be blind by the time you fix it if ever. You dragged your heels over the electricity problem as well; my confidence in you has gone sport PULL YOUR FINGER OUT, for a Labor man this actually goes against all party principles. Mail **************************************************************** US rejects Hicks sex abuse claims Yeah and so does our government lacklustre lot If what I read in this report is to be believed it’s about time both the US and the Australian government pulled their fingers out as well. How about it Downer you are the foreign minister even David Hicks American Military lawyer Major Michael Mori, accused the Australian Government of failing to conduct its own investigation despite having information as far back as May 2003 that Mr. Hicks had been mistreated. You lot in Canberra and Washington may have written him off but thousands of us ordinary folk here have not, if this report is to be believed the disgusting things done to David makes an American or Aussie gaol a holiday camp. He has now been in the hell hole of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for five years without a trial, he has a family he has never seen and indescribable things done to him, and I believe it. SMH ******************************************************* The saga of the Solomon Islands So at the pacific Island Forum we have it seems Prime Minister Mr. Sogavare of the Solomon Islands has been granted a small concession, more a face saving I reckon than anything else considering we were asked 3 years ago to restore law and order there this was almost accomplished when the warlike Sogavare decided he wanted Julian Moti as his attorney General, And still wants him even though he is on bail for alleged child molesting; something is rotten here to the very core. We have aided financially to this joker and more or less had law and order resumed there when this happened. Not only are our Military there but also a contingent of our Federal Police lawyers and the like, these are the same police who aided Indonesia to bring to trial the Bali Bombers. And of course the Papuan New Guinea Government looks as though they were involved in this Moto characters’ escape from there back to Honoraria. Me personally I think they were involved up to their necks whatever their Prime Minister says. The truth will out I think in the long run and Somare doesn’t like it. Tough BBC **********************************************


I read this with some interest re Ontario Canada

This has just popped into my mail box from a friend from Toronto. I have reproduced it below AND have added my cutting remarks about it as I think Mayor Miller (pictured above) is wrong and why my friend sends me these snippets I really don’t know as I am always reminding him I read the Toronto Star which I consider a rag. Immigrants should have the right to vote in municipal elections even if they haven’t yet become citizens, Mayor David Miller says. "It’s time to allow landed immigrants to vote in municipal elections," Miller told the Star’s editorial board in a question and answer session today. "We allow people who don’t live in Toronto to vote, simply because they own property here," Miller said. "It’s not like a national election; you’re not determining issues of what this country should do or shouldn’t do," he said. "You’re determining issues that directly affect people’s lives." "And if we ask ourselves: How have we let neighbourhoods’ where there are often high proportions of landed immigrants deteriorate, one of the reasons is, they haven’t had a vote. They haven’t had a real say in the decisions that are affecting them. "And if somebody who lives in Calgary, but owns a piece of property here has a right to vote in municipal elections, I think somebody who lives here, committed to the city, has a right to vote." Allowing immigrants to vote would require a change in Ontario’s Municipal Elections Act. I only have one thing to say really regarding these municipal elections there and that is nobody but nobody should in my fervent opinion be allowed the right to vote unless they are a Canadian citizen. This bloke Mayor Miller just wants votes for himself who by the way is a Brit (you are naturalised I trust David?) LMAO. It is against the law indeed not permitted here in Australia in any election, unless a citizen of course. I don’t know the facts regarding the United States however but I imagine to be enrolled one would need to be a citizen there; I just checked and one has to be a citizen. Get off the grass Miller I’m glad I don’t live in Canada if this is the way you want things done. Do you really want to help these folk ok you do so how about giving them funds help them in this way; much better I think and then help them to get naturalised. If these people cannot afford to get naturalised but WANT to vote this is the operative word here WANT I suggest you put a motion before your Monthly meeting or whatever you call it there get the support of your fellow councilor's; Ah you have done that I see! I still dont think your scheming plan will work the laws of the land will not be changed because you desire the Immigrant vote. Good luck with it my opinion is that it SUCKS.

Parachute failure!!

I was sadly dismayed on reading this There are risks of course with any sport but this was a sad one as the qualifications to participate in this sport in West Virginia are very rigid it seems, this is the first fatality there since 1887 a once a year event. It’s called base jumping and as the name suggests involves jumping off tall structures etc with a parachute. There are risks involved naturally but humankind has always taken risks be it war or pleasure. The sheriff said it was permitted to continue as there did not seem to be any freaky conditions, I guess they allowed it to carry on as competitors from other countries were taking part. And I had considered a tandem parachute drop myself this week. This guy was 66 so not a madcap youngster and a retired California Police lieutenant to boot, ah such is life. SMH


Shades of Stalin

To be a bit blunter who else but North Korea So Kim Jong-il is acting like a petulant schoolboy again or is he well that remains to be seen. Personally I think he is basking in all the attention he is receiving for a person who likes the limelight he sure has a peculiar way of showing it. All people living in this strict regime hardly know anything of the outside world except the few who have whizzed over the border into Red China. These few who were sent back were amazed at the conditions there almost one could say westernised. According to a Western observer in Pyongyang who wishes to remain anonymous, {not that I blame him/her} reports that every aspect of a North Korean’s life is controlled by the state, this is not the life for me and although life is not always rosy in a true democracy {are there any true ones} I know where my fortunes are. According to this report from the BBC This loony toon blames yes you are right, the *USA* calls them warmongers; he unfortunately got that bit right sadly with the Republican Administration at the helm. This does not apply to the ordinary Americans, they know as do I that sooner or later their present administration will be no more and they are fed up with all this posturing and warmongering and want their military home and be left alone, geez that rhymed lol. The UK and Australia are right in there with the Bush administration as well. Elections are looming in all three countries so who knows Surely Kim must know this um well maybe not but I think otherwise. The way this observer put it there is only one TV station; the announcer told the people they ought to be proud of this test, it was a good thing, and so they believe it. If this is the case they are in my opinion like a herd of sheep personally I don’t think so. Story’s of the west filter through, they must so I reckon they know they are in a catch 22 situation. Thinking of it in this light maybe this loony should be harassed a tad more; maybe the Chinese will earwig him about it, I certainly hope he is disposed very quickly if this were to happen This scenario is so much like the old USSR; it has to go in my fervent opinion and the sooner the better. For all the whinging and whining that this Kim bloke is doing re the USA in particular if a terrible disaster were to happen in North Korea; the USA would be one of the first to offer aid. There is a video on the site and a lot of related sites so it makes for some informative reading. ***********************************************************


A National Icon banned in the USA

A national icon banned in the USA Well there’s no accounting for taste It tastes like crap to me. Some Australians like Vegemite and it seems that Aussies living in the USA are to be denied their Vegemite on toast for Brekkie in the morning. All because it has Folate deemed illegal by the Food and administration, mind you under a technicality it is used in the USA **I don’t quite get the technicality bit myself** Mind you if our cousins in the USA wish to keep offside with 3 or 4 of the Australian population who live there deport them who really cares Kraft spokeswoman Joanna Scott said: "The (US) Food and Drug Administration doesn't allow the import of Vegemite simply because the recipe does have the addition of folic acid.'' The US was "a minor market'' for Vegemite, she said most likely what I find odd is it's owned by Kraft a US concern what's more it's not on Dick Smith’s list of genuine Aussie tucker and goods. Good ole Dick loves his country and is making a fast Buck along the way and why not. I thought everyone should know this very important fact meanwhile folk are still getting killed in Iraq; while a story like this gets headlines; I don't get it who really cares about vegemite lets be honest peoples. From News Australia ******************************************************** All this bull regarding North Korea, This is all very interesting but I still cannot understand all the hullabaloo about it if this joker Kim Jong-11 wants N Korea to be a completely secretive communist state who the hell cares I sure don’t? It seems Condi is exasperated with everything related to this incident so I read. She’s not the only one exasperated either I AM for sure as Blogger is really acting up today, in fact these last couple of days which stretch into nights are wearing a bit thin. I do wish blogger could get their act together Ah I hear you mutter but it’s free; I totally agree but one wonders whether Google have taken on too much in their battle against the Gate’s Empire. Their other services are very good in my opinion especially regarding news and search engines still one can’t have everything I guess. To briefly return to the N Korean episodes I am thinking of conducting my own nuclear tests and not underground either, it seems the info on how to make a nuclear device has been on the web for some years now. Will this guarantee me a visit from the US Secretary of State is what I’m asking here WOW my sleepy little town will be on the map, I shall offer her tea and Vegemite sandwiches naturally. I'm just hoping my family will pay my bail. LOL. ************************************************************* Finally I was really touched today. Many thanks Georgina for a wonderful day My Daughter took me for a birthday lunch at Noosaville a few kilometres from Noosa Heads. A real expensive affair looking at the menu I baulked a bit at the prices but was assured I could have just what I wanted, so I had a pre-drink of an imported beer Stella Artois a Belgium beer a favourite with Brit troops in Egypt. I last had one on a trip to the UK and found I liked it. A whole bottle of Riesling (Australian naturally) which in my opinion is far superior to European White wine, a fantastic meal whatever I wanted to order and it was not cheap I assure you. I was especially touched when the quartet burst into happy birthday and all came over and shook my hand; I was eating my favourite desert at the time ordered by my Daughter Rhubarb crumble. Sometimes I misjudge my gal at times I think as it certainly made my day. Below are a couple of pics I took of the place in one you can see Noosa Heads in the background a Mediterranean kind of place bistros on the foot paths etc. Please excuse the wobbly writing Whoops typing LOL. All images are clickable. **********************************************


Keeping the Ashes safe

The Ashes urn on tour I reckon it ought to stay with the team who wins but tradition is tradition I guess. For all folk who do not really know about the game of cricket the Ashes’ series is the most strongly fought over trophy in Test cricket, contests played between England and Australia - is one of cricket's fiercest and most celebrated rivalries and the oldest in international cricket dating back to 1882. It is currently played at approximately two yearly intervals, alternately in England and Australia. The Ashes are "held" by the country which last won a series and to "regain" them the other country must win more Test matches in a series than the country that "holds" them. If a series is "drawn" then the country holding the Ashes retains them. The last Ashes series was played in England in 2005 when England regained The Ashes after a gap of 16 years by winning the series 2-1. The next Ashes series will be in Australia in 2006-07 the next series in England will be in 2009. I want to be around to see both as it is televised like most sports are today. This is no joke sitting up all night to watch either but avid fans do and I am one of them. There are usually 5 or 6 games in each series and I know Americans will laugh at this but it is played over 5 consecutive days. In the beginning this was not always the case and some games were long drawn out affairs, others were not; long before my time of course. At the moment there are 10 test playing nations one Zimbabwe is limited at the moment to a shortened version of the game for political reasons but will resume tests next year and South Africa was out of the scene for a good 20 years sadly due to its apartheid policy but are now back in the fold. This pleased many Cricket lovers around the world as they had some fine cricketers and had to play for England or Australia to beat the ban. I’m getting off the track somewhat; the ashes series is almost akin to a war, years ago it was in a way; the Brits couldn’t beat us so they devised some nasty tactics called bodyline bowling (or leg theory)1932-1933; it worked and sadly there was almost a diplomatic incident over it. There was a Movie or TV series about it I can’t quite recall now which was which, today all sides use these tactics depending on the state of the pitch. My workmates years ago used to wonder why I went to the Sydney Cricket Ground to watch test matches and also touring teams from other countries who played our NSW state team I took with me like most folk did in those days an Esky full of chilled grog. A no no today of course Not just England and Australia either but any team. But this bodyline did actually cause an international incident between the two countries with our Prime minister getting involved but I do believe that money was involved some loans or such that we owed the British Government, I did read this in some cricket books of mine, as a matter of interest I am refering to them for this blog (Australian Cricket by Jack Pollard) given to me incidently by my late Brother and his Wife for my sixtieth birthday. Cables were sent back and forth no e-mail then lol The Brit fast bowler Harold Larwood who never played test cricket again migrated out here and Bert Oldfield one of our Batsmen never did meet or speak again just onetime when a centenary test match was held in Melbourne and both were invited; I managed to watch that game, the oddest thing about that is they lived quite near one another but there was ill will between them as Bert Oldfield was terribly injured in the head, Actually none of the players wanted to play this type of game but The Brit Skipper Douglass Jardine born in India of Scottish parents did and it seemed demanded it you must remember this was in 1932/33 I was not even a twinkle in my Dad's eye then Prior to this terrible series players always socialised after games but not when bodyline started they do now of course. I am looking forward to the coming series and of course one day games will be played as well, in some ways it seems a better game than the 5 day test matches. At one time they were 6 days duration; one day was a rest day. Whatever I am looking forward to the coming battle with the old enemy as the British team is known as. The story of the ashes in its urn is an intriguing one; it normally stays at Lords Cricket Ground Marylebone near the City of London but its on a tour here at the moment and the value of it is priceless. Australia has actually held the Ashes for 16 of the past 17 years, but despite its recent dominance, it has never been able to overturn the long-standing tradition that the urn remains in London, regardless of who wins the contest. This urn was made by a group of women from Melbourne and presented, so the legend goes, to Bligh the Brit skipper, who took it back home along with one of the Melbournites, the future Mrs Bligh. They play for another trophy now. Pictured below with Steve Waugh of Australia and Nasser Hussain of England. A little info can be found on the BBC


The plot deepens in the Solomon Islands

Not that it’s the only one going on in the World

There are many strange happenings of late it seems with US President George Bush likening the Iraqi Campaign as another Vietnam to a member of the fourth estate, this of course was put into context later by a Whitehouse Spokesperson.

I have read this in many world newspapers around the world and they all report much the same thing.

It also seems that although a patient man he will not put up with dawdling but he will not cut and run just yet; British Prime minister Anthony Blair seems of the same opinion. The thing is neither of these two men has really considered what we the great unwashed feel.

Americans are a caring and compassionate people as most of us know but their patience must be wearing a tad thin now the loss of their military’s lives and of innocent civilians bears to this surely same with the UK and to us here in Australia also.

The troops must surely have had enough by now no wonder they are fed up.

This site is just as good as any other to read if you are inclined to do that.



Yeah well enough of that old George has enough on his plate I reckon so back to the Solomon Island affair which it seems is not a storm in a tea cup at all and involves Papua New Guinea and with the Pacific forum coming up in my opinion has to be solved real fast.

It would appear this affair in the Solomon Islands is now getting more involved than ever.

Seems our Federal police is involved up to its neck more than ever now getting mixed up with the arrest and charging of the Solomon Island’s minister for immigration for allegedly aiding with purportedly the PNG Government; denied of course but then I don’t put much faith in governments these days.

This of course is a direct result of their attorney General who fled PNG after being charged on child molesting an Australian citizen as well but he was stripped of that I believe.

So this other Joker aids him to escape justice not nice and disgusting if proven.

He was granted bail by an Aussie magistrate who was a tad perplexed; he’s not the only one, I know I am this is starting to look like a farce to me although there has to be some truth in all this.

I don’t think we would go off half cocked over it.

Mind you I recall one Prime Minister who was fired in 1975 over another matter entirely but he used to go off half cocked quite a bit.

In fact my father could not get over what he said in the Parliament.

These were his very words when there was a debate about the longest serving Queensland Premier I quote” that bible punching bastard “ unquote although the word bastard is used here in almost everyday life it is not considered bad to be called one well depending on the tone of voice used I guess, even then I had a shock; I kid you not peoples.

Yeah well back to this Solomon’s bizzo I certainly hope it’s cleared up real quick before the Pacific Forum which commences in Nadi Fiji next week.

Seems there are threats of another military coup there and Prime Minister Helen Clark of New Zealand does not wish to be caught up in it and I can’t say I blame her either our little incumbent is going of course and I think he’s going to cop it over the PNG/Solomon Island’s affair.

A wait and see situation I reckon, SMH and New Zealand Herald report.



Something different for a change

I hope you enjoy this you fish lover’s Poisonous fish under the sea off Indonesia Shot by Stephen Trainor off Wakatobi Indonesia or should I say underneath. He has made some remarkable videos of his adventures around the globe this is but one of them Thanks Stephen Trainor who made this excellent video. Thanks You Tube for the embedment code. ***********************************************************

Hungry cops

They sure never starved at least The bill it seems for feeding the New South Wales Police Service in some operation came to a staggering half a million dollars thank goodness the rest of Australia did not have to foot the bill. This is being debated as I write I believe but the poor old NSW taxpayer will have to cough up the Dollars boy am I glad I live in Queensland. This is a direct quote “Despite the food business downturn, at least one company did well. It submitted four bills for a total of more than $460,000 worth of food it supplied police in December and January The food included lunch and dinner for up to 567 officers, and barbecue buffet meals. But what was in all these meals, and what police ate on Christmas Day, was blacked out to avoid giving rival catering companies an edge and they did well by it as well it seems! yep I should have been a Cop LOL Sling over another bottle of that Chardonnay mate would yah my glass is empty. Course we still have homeless who receive hardly any food never mind Christmas tucker. A tip for the homeless join the NSW Police Service not for them fast food no sir imagine this if you will at these keepers of law and order scoffing this whilst you poorer disadvantaged folk may not even get this to eat on Christmas day yes they do open here on that day ok. Staggering really if you read this report. Sydney Morning Herald.


We all have them I guess

Trouble with one’s kin. I have been pestered lately by my daughter who I guess means well but seems to volunteer me for all kinds of jobs to folk I don’t even know; never asks me of course I don’t even live near her now well a 15 minute drive is all So I got a bit shirty with her about it as it had been arranged for her to take me to a birthday luncheon and she mentioned it as a lever for me to do this job; she’s good at that I just put the phone down on her and thought the hell with it; this morning early she rang to remind me it was on but still had the Gaul to mention this job I was well half asleep it’s true but flabbergasted all the same so muttered yeah right and hung up and left it off the hook and my mobile or cell phone switched off Was I wrong or what ah who cares now to something of much more concern in my opinion. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our diplomatic crisis Seems we are having a diplomatic crisis here in Australia with the Papuan New Guinea government friends and close neighbours of ours for years now are it seems not doing the right thing in fact they have harboured Australian lawyer Julian Moti and secretly flown him back to his country of origin the Solomon Islands, the Howard liberal or conservative Government has stepped up attacks on Papua New Guinea for providing a military plane to fly fugitive Australian lawyer Julian Moti out of the country. PNG ministers denied involvement of course but according to Australian intelligence, there was high level official involvement, Reports out of Port Moresby yesterday revealed that corrupt payments of $48,000 had been made to the two PNG defence pilots who conducted the illegal flight. Frankly I can quite believe that as well. This Moti character who by the way has now lost his Australian citizenship has been accused of some crime involving young children something stinks as why flee like he did. He is now in gaol in Honoraria the capital of the Solomon’s this is another government we have helped given aid to just the same as the PMG government Andrew Downer is quite wild about the whole affair and for once I agree with him why waste hard earned taxpayers money on corrupt regimes! still we are not alone in that are we looking at the UK and the USA who have done similar things and sadly will continue unless they are stopped see Source ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Australia to ban N Korean ships I personally feel we are doing this just to keep in with our allies as what harm can they do for heavens sake They have their neighbour Red China behind them and I don’t think the Chinese wish for N Korea to stir up the west over this even though they reluctantly agreed in the UN Security Council to abide by the West’s wants I consider we are going overboard on all this but I could be wrong having said that consider this; this is quote from Downer addressing the house of representatives "I think this is appropriate. Members may recall a few years ago the so-called Pong Su incident, where a North Korean vessel unloaded large quantities of heroin on the Victorian coast," unquote. I fail to see the relevance between illegal drugs and nuclear testing but Downer does it seems see source ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At least 98 killed in Sri Lanka blast A news item that has been prominent lately and I must stress this has been actually happening for years but I have never read it on a blog only my newspapers. SUSPECTED Tamil Tiger suicide bombers have killed at least 98 people and wounded 150 when they drove a truck packed with explosives into buses full of sailors in northeast Sri Lanka. This does not surprise me in the least in fact some cricket teams refused to play there in a world cup series and so forfeited the game and lost points into the bargain. These terrorists are fighting for their independence in the North East of the Island I don’t support the way they are going about it but my question is why can’t they have their independence and why is the UN not looking into this; they should be in my opinion. A beaut Island as well I have been there, much wildlife is there also some endangered species. Tea is grown there possibly harvested by Tamil workers I am not certain of that. Could be a reason I guess! Source *****************************************************



DEFINITELY WORTH SHOWING I THOUGHT. Just an ode by a Marine it said The Monsters and the Weak by Michael Marks It may not be true but it was not on snopes but all the same true or not it would stir my emotions a little were I an American. The sun beat like a hammer, not a cloud was in the sky. The mid-day air ran thick with dust; my throat was parched and dry. With microphone clutched tight in hand and cameraman in tow, I ducked beneath a fallen roof, surprised to hear "stay low." My eyes blinked several times before in shadow I could see, the figure stretched across the rubble, steps away from me. He wore a cloak of burlap strips, all shades of gray and brown that hung in tatters till he seemed to melt into the ground. He never turned his head or took his eye from off the scope, but pointed through the broken wall and down the rocky slope. "About eight hundred yards" he said, his whispered words concise "beneath the baggy jacket he is wearing a device" A chill ran up my spine despite the swelter of the heat, "You think he's gonna set it off along the crowded street?" The sniper gave a weary sigh and said "I wouldn't doubt it," "unless there's something this old gun and I can do about it." A thunderclap, a tongue of flame, the still abruptly shattered; while citizens that walked the street were just as quickly scattered. Till only one remained, a body crumpled on the ground, the threat to oh so many ended by a single round. And yet the sniper had no cheer, no hint of any gloat, instead he pulled a logbook out and quietly he wrote. "Hey, I could put you on TV that shot was quite a story!" But he surprised me once again -- "I got no wish for glory." "Are you for real?" I asked in awe, "You don't want fame or credit?" He looked at me with saddened eyes and said "you just don't get it." "You see that shot-up length of wall, the one without a door? Before a mortar hit, it used to be a grocery store." "But don't go thinking that to bomb a store is all that cruel, the rubble just across the street -- it used to be a school. The little kids played soccer in the field out by the road," His head hung low, "They never thought a car would just explode." "As bad as all this is though, it could be a whole lot worse," He swallowed hard, and the words came from his mouth just like a curse. "Today the fight's on foreign land, on streets that aren't my own," "I'm here today 'cause if I fail, the next fight's back at home." "And I won't let my Safeway burn, my neighbors dead inside, don't wanna get a call from school that says my daughter died; I pray that not a one of them will know the things I see, nor have the work of terrorists etched in their memory." "So you can keep your trophies and your fleeting bit of fame, I don't care if I make the news, or if they speak my name." He glanced toward the camera and his brow began to knot, "If you're looking for a story, why not give this one a shot." "Just tell the truth of what you see, without the slant or spin; that most of us are OK and we're coming home again. And why not tell our folks back home about the good we've done, how when they see Americans, the kids come at a run." You tell 'em what it means to folks here just to speak their mind, without the fear that tyranny is just a step behind; Describe the desert miles they walk in their first chance to vote, or ask a soldier if he's proud, I'm sure you'll get a quote." He turned and slid the rifle in a drag bag thickly padded, then looked again with eyes of steel as quietly he added; "And maybe just remind the few, if ill of us they speak, that we are all that stands between the monsters and the weak." Michael Marks January 25, 2006 ****************************************************

Could there be light at the end of the tunnel.

Let us hope so At least someone in command of the British forces seems to have the guts to speak out about this terrible war in Iraq. All coalition forces and innocent civilians caught up in this nightmare are just fodder for these insurgents in the country of Iraq, its starting to turn into another Vietnam it sticks out a mile. It looks like you may lose your job Sir Richard but I and no doubt millions around the globe will applaud you I know I will. WELL DONE SIR for speaking out in your own country. This war will be in my opinion the undoing of the Blair government and hopefully the Bush administration; millions in the United States feel as you do as do thousands here in my country; (take note Howard), Perhaps you could be persuaded to take over from our Defence chief once Howard is ousted. Source 1 Source 2 Sir Richard By the way is no coward and won the Military Cross at the young age of 22 ***********************************************************


News apart from North Korea well a few lines.

It’s really tiresome to read watch or listen to the news lately with all this big ado about North Korea but before I whiz off onto something else here are a few statistics you should take note of in my opinion. The USA has around 10,240 strategic and tactical nuclear weapons The Russian Federation has 3,814 nuclear weapons The UK has 200 weapons The UK also hosts 110 tactical nuclear weapons that belong to the US; UK Trident submarines typically go to sea with 48 warheads - that is the equivalent to 380 Hiroshima bombs. France has 348 nuclear weapons China is the smallest of the five officially recognised nuclear states and has a stockpile of around 188 nuclear weapons. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Israel is the largest of the three 'unofficial' nuclear weapons states, with an estimated arsenal of between 75 and 200 weapons Pakistan is estimated to have produced sufficient weapons-grade uranium for between 30 and 55 nuclear weapons India is estimated to have a stockpile of approximately 30-35 nuclear warheads By early 2005 North Korea announced it had produced nuclear weapons. The US estimates that North Korea has anything from 1-15 nuclear weapons. So what for Goodness sake is the world really worried about with the North Korean scenario it has got me. And by the looks of things the Russians could really cause some grief if they wished. A thought for the new Inspector General of the UN Ban Ki-Moon when he takes the helm from Kofi Annan in January 2007. Thanks to Greenpeace international for the data. `````````````````````````````````````````` This is without doubt the most idiotic rubbish I have read regarding British Airways I always thought they were a responsible bunch but it seems not, they have actually suspended a Christian woman who wears a necklace with a crucifix to work, even though it allows Muslims and Sikhs to wear headscarves and turbans, according to a report from the Daily Mail. Below is a direct quote from British airways "There is no ban. The rule applies for all jewellery and religious symbols on chains and is not specific to the Christian cross," it said. "Other religious items such as turbans, hijabs and bangles can be worn as it is not practical for staff to conceal them beneath their uniforms." I guess Bangles could be put in their pockets or purses and yes well Turbans and Hijabs could be stuffed up you know where; Problem solved. The lady in question is suing I read and both parties appear to be waiting on an appeal. What with no smoking and other ridiculous laws and not just in the UK the whole world is taking a downturn, next thing you know breaking wind in the street will be a major crime. Wake up peoples. ```````````````````````````````````````````` Bushfires rage across four states in Australia. We seem to get this here every year but it does seem to be getting worse I have to admit but reading about it and listening to some of our native Australians it has been happening for millennia so its really nothing new just frightening; I can recall once as a young bloke coming back with the family in the car on a camping trip and flames were leaping across the road although warned by the boys in blue not to drive on I foolishly did but made it ok it was only about 20 metres or so but still stupid; no comments on this please I was an idiot I know that. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Three more satellites in orbit. Joining the rest of the junk orbiting our world, A pity some way could not be thought up to clear this junk I’m sure many scientists out there could at least conduct a study on it lets face it they do on mundane things so why not more important things. I really put this on as I found the article interesting so I hope anybody reading this does; was I plugging myself then lol oh well one can live in hope. The flight from Kourou in French Guiana was the fourth mission of the year for Arianespace, the company charged with operating Europe's launchers and it seems it lifts very heavy payloads, I notice the French are still hanging onto that colony of theirs. ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Why is the USA so frequently the victim of resentment around the world? I would say it’s federal government as like this article says The American people are generally a friendly, kindly and compassionate people (I can vouch for that). If they knew one tenth of what their governments get up to around the world and in their dealings with foreign governments and people, there would be an enormous outcry. For this reason much is hidden or obscured. Since the terrible events on 11 September 2001, many Americans have taken to the internet to find out more about the world beyond their borders. It would seem that in the case of the UN the veto option is used by the USA rather a lot as this site says we the great unwashed never hear of this or other things thank Goodness for the world wide web and the internet. The list of US veto’s is staggering yet I never read a lot of them; why; they were never reported in full, sounds like the old USSR doesn’t it. Removal of democratic elected governments is another since 1945; the USA has been responsible either directly or indirectly of helping in the removal of dozens of governments, many democratically elected, around the world. Sometimes the events are kept secret for years and only slowly come out. Other times, the events are the cause of demonstrations, anger and resentment at the time they occur. Yeah I too am starting to think now in a big way too. Below is a direct Quote and it shook me to the core. But a big deciding factor as I read it is business and access money of course. • “Reason 1: The reason given by the USA, its media and its friends around the world. Reasons like Communism, Terrorism, Human Rights, Freedom, Liberation, Weapons of Mass Destruction, etc. • Reason 2: The actual reason. This is usually hidden from the general public and has to be looked for in quotes by under-reported officials or subsequent events on the ground. Often, the victims of the change of government know the real reasons better than the populations of the Western countries. Real reasons are many but usually include Business Interests, Access to Resources, Markets, Military Bases, Strategic Value, or Political Support”. • The lists are endless it even includes my own country in it, if you by chance read this site I guarantee that you will be shaken to the core I know we are not all na├»ve but after reading this I was really staggered, no shocked and stunned is a better description. Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 Source 4 ******************************************


I have heard and read it all now

Well I thought I had I know that terrorists are causing security problems it goes without saying but now what looks on the surface to be a kind of solution that could work is an infringement of our civil liberties. It seems that those whackos those so called scientists have thought to tag us as common felons if we travel by air. Yep that’s what I have just read in my BBC bulletin I receive in my mail box each evening. Here’s the go when a passenger checks in for a flight he is going to be issued with a tag which will not show any data, I’m starting to get confused here now really befuddled, upon reading further in the future it seems if this gets off the ground it could incorporate biometric data, now correct me if I’m wrong but if it does not contain data why bring that point up and in the next sentence say well it could incorporate data, I cant see how it could work if it didn’t myself. Closed circuit cameras will be used well they are already used now what’s the big deal here. The issue of infringement of civil liberties will also be a key; too damm right it will be. But potentially, said Dr Brennan, the tags could aid security by allowing airports to track the movement patterns of passengers deemed to be suspicious and prevent them from entering restricted areas. These gadgets only have a range of accuracy up to one metre that’s around three feet three inches not that crash hot is it. Furthermore this system is about to be tested at Debrecen airport in Hungary. If successful, claims one of these egg heads, it could be available elsewhere within two years. Odd how its to be tested there when most terrorist attacks are aimed at the USA, the UK, Australia etc, I have not as yet heard of terrorists in Hungary although it has happened in the Russian Federation, not at an airport as I recall but a movie theatre. There has to be another way surely than this idea and whatever happened to the sky Marshalls according to Wikki very few airlines have them, I know there were huge lengthy debates about them here in Australia but the idea never got off the ground really **excuse the pun** I see they are also developing a scanner for explosives now that I’ll go along with. I’ve also read on a friend’s blog about body searches and the enthusiasm if a female was being searched which to me is a bloody disgrace this was not on blogger either a dating site which had a Blog I think. Far better by far I think to develop these so called photon scanners than tagging innocents. Taser or Tazer guns next folks. BBC Wikipedia Sky Marshall **********************************************************************