A couple of items includes a gloat

Scotty beamed up in final space voyage

Actor James Doohan who starred in Star Trek as the famed engineer of beam me up Scotty finally with a few others (around 200) actually made it into space their ashes that is so as fitting tribute to the 85 year old who played the part I think; Doohan was a Canadian by birth; it appears the nose cone of the rocket comes back to earth for the relatives at a very reasonable $499.00 with a plaque commemorating the trip to the stars well almost the stars so in reality a fine gesture all round I think.

James actually passed away some 2 years ago now.

Thanks to Reuters for this info


And now how we bulldozed our way to victory in the cricket world cup for the 3rd consecutive time actually I never doubted we would make the final I thought it would be against another team; however our opponents acquitted themselves very well I thought.

The result may have been a little tougher to achieve if these silly Duckworth Lewis rules had not been in force as Sri Lanka did show remarkable doggedness after I suspect Jayasuriya had a word in his partners ear well judging by the fierce looks he gave Sangakkara it seemed to be the case still I know nobody loves a loser; These two were Sri Lanka's highest scorers by the way,I felt sorry though in a way even though my team won as this stupid rule must at the least be got rid of for a final.

A 38 over reduced match further reduced into confusion as it got dark dam ridiculous, as the Aussie coach of the Sri Lankan team Tom Moody said on here and I fully concur with this comment quote" Moody felt it would be better if future World Cup finals were played over the full 100 over’s and officials should consider carrying forward the game into the reserve day in case of rain. Unquote"

I still reckon we would have won but then I guess I am one eyed.

Oh well just my very biased opinions ok live with them

This is a chart from the Times of India showing the top team’s final points

Unsuccessful appeal by Shaun Tait


A little nudge to the British Prime Minister

The said Gent Prince Harry has been trained at great expense by your taxpayer’s 44 weeks intensive training no less and should definitely go to wherever the British Army chooses to send him just like the rest of the British troops who are sadly still deployed in Iraq.

Tough so he’s a Royal yeah well he’s a soldier as well and like his relations before him should definitely serve in a war zone.

The guy wants to go as well do you really think he wants to be branded as a coward Hmm well I and no doubt thousands of other ex military would not nor does the Prince.

I actually read it first on the Times of India.

All this malarkey was approved by the British Government and Buck house by the way; who are we kidding here; definitely your fellow soldiers are upset in arms and quite possibly a lot of the world; it has been well known he would have probably ended up in Iraq

He worked on a sheep station here; he did ok.

This decision to deploy him to Iraq was strictly a military one made by I might add the Chief of the General Staff who is General Sir Richard Dannatt as you well know along with yourself and the Commanding Officer Household Cavalry Blues and Royals Regiment

This BBC site if you are interested has a video on it and details of the British Monarchy’s involvement with all branches of their military.

I must admit I like this image of him where he is graduating his Mom looks happy I reckon well pleased as he looks the happy one.

Good ONYAH Harry


So you think you have lived in Puget Sound for ever huh

Well you may think so but the Suquamish have, well almost I don’t think I would argue with 15,000 years course I could be wrong here; but I somehow doubt that what is more they recorded their history with legends and song very similar I would say to our own Australian Aborigines.

All their history is not exactly written but can be sung just like the Suquamish history is.

The Indian reservation known as Port Madison is on the Kitsap Peninsula in the North Western state of Washington.

I have now discovered how Seattle WA got its name as well from the Suquamish of course as the leader of the tribe was one Chief Seattle.

I did often wonder how the name was arrived at but this info I read confirmed it.

To think I came across this info whilst researching for a blog post is not that amazing anymore thanks to the World Wide Web and the internet.

So I guess I better get back to where I was this is a problem with the internet one gets carried away and can virtually end up anywhere; thank goodness for the home button.

Ah yes I was looking at the Pioneer farm which is Internationally acclaimed and rated by the Smithsonian Institute as the best historical museum of Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America,

Pretty good site as well lots of interesting info on it I assure you.

I got here via a chat session with a friend of mine who lives in the region; I seem to learn things all the time when I chat with this particular pal; I cannot mention a lot of them of course security etc suffice to say she seems to know what is what and actually does a lot of good work which by and large is ignored by most of the folk she helps.

As I read it there are tours etc to see and live what it was and is like with no labour saving gadgets and stuff, the making of butter etc in the traditional manner; it in fact looks a fun place to visit and really is not all that expensive, definitely something different at least in quite a number of things; one tip go in the summer it tends to get very cold in the winter so I was told this here is the site for more info


A tribute to our ANZACS 25th April 2007

Our what most of us consider is our coming of age is upon us almost in about five hours time it will then be ANZAC Day 2007. A defeat but it will always be remembered in our history it all happened at Gallipoli in WW1 a long time ago I know but as I just said it will never be forgotten. We do celebrate other wars I guess at the same time but for the raw colonial troops of Australia and New Zealand although it was a defeat it was an honourable one; one I might add that will never be forgotten. I found an unusual tribute to the day on you tube and here it is below, after the ode to remembrance. They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them lest we forget.


I really laughed when I read this

When I read this account of the Kiwi cricket team by a kiwi newspaper no less I really laughed my ass off.

Fêting them and all sorts I mean they are a bloody sports team not a bunch of historic warriors for heavens sake.

It all boils down in the end to the captaincy and yes I like Stephen Fleming its just that he is not in my view cut out to be a captain he dithers around out there on the pitch in front of the whole cricketing world like an old woman instead of letting the bowlers set their field to suit; I have always been like this regarding cricketing captains ok so yes he is the captain and can suggest a certain tactic I would go along with that but Stephen goes one step further.

To be fair he is not the only cricketing captain that does this; the Poms are favourites for that job never fear; as are the Pakistanis

And to think the Poms shut up shop by beating the host nation well in a way it rather annoyed me.

But the garbage this newspaper has written about their national team is WORDS FAIL ME OK.

New Zealand deserves to be beaten by Sri Lanka, well that’s a little unfair of me I guess but they will certainly need some exceptional batting to beat the little blokes from the former island called Ceylon.

For Craig McMillan to have said that he or any of his batting mates can not pick Muralitharan’s wrong ball is the biggest mistake of his career this will only strengthen the resolve of Sri Lanka.

After watching the game and the look of hopelessness in Styris’s eyes I must admit I did have some feelings for them but not for long.

On another matter regarding cricket I did come across this snippet on the Cricket Info site it seems in June 1899 a young bloke name of A E J Collins scored 628 not out this record has never yet been broken called the highest innings on record I doubt it ever will either.

Arthur Edward Jeune Collins was born in India august 18 1885 and killed in War 1 November 1914 at Ypres France but on a few afternoons in the summer of 1899 he definitely earned cricket immortality with that huge score.


Nooze from hither and yon

Sadly a US Navy pilot of the world famous Blue Angels suffered the ultimate destination of us all much earlier than his time.

This happened at an air show at Beaufort Southern Carolina on the USMC Air Station there.

It just crashed without any warning.

I recall many years ago at Farnborough Air Show in the Southern UK a fatal crash not a nice scene folks.

I feel for the bloke’s family and friends I have many images on my computer of this famed Aerobatic team and often watch them in fact in addition to a great screensaver I have of the US Navy Air & Sea Power on a CD-ROM sent to me by a very good friend in Poulsbo WA USA.

Life is so short.


Yes I meant that literately folks there is it seems a Blind Pilot due to land in Darwin he has been delayed until Monday bad weather apparently even though he cannot see it.

Rest easy he has two co-pilots who can see and I find this info very interesting his Route follows the same path of the 1919 London to Sydney Air Race wow hows about that pretty good for a bloke who is blind I reckon. So far, he has traversed 18 countries and weathered a wind-chill factor of minus 25 degrees Celsius (Minus 13 Fahrenheit) while above the Lebanon Mountains.

So landfall Sydney in about a month in a hang gliding sort of craft it must be a bit more sophisticated surely!!

The Internet May Eventually Be Scrapped

Well I certainly hope not and after reading this I somehow think it could be the second option discussed of a second internet running side by side.

Anything is possible today in this world of ours but this does seem rather extreme, still it’s worth a read and you can find it on this link.

I try to make all my links green but sadly it does not always work out as planned


Americanisms am I guilty of using them

Well yes I suppose I am in a way but then I do write and/or chat to Americans most days online so I guess I have picked a few words up which annoy certain members of my family at times. The latest well I got to say I really like it its just another way of saying outrageous things but too funny oops there I go again lol what with cell instead of mobile too funny instead of just plain dreary old hilarious well its just off the wall stuff oh cripes I’m cracking up already ah well I like and it makes me chuckle so who really cares except my family. What the staid British half of the family will say I have absolutely no idea but then I don’t really care either; I have heard a couple of them come out with some off the wall stuff but am wondering if they knew it was called that at the time; but who cares now did I have my supper or is it dinner oh dear lol too funny for sure. Guess I better go hit the sack instead of just going to bed. I might do a comparison on American/Australian expressions if I can find the time it could be fun. Meanwhile we really killed the Kiwis in Grenada last night at cricket like lambs to the slaughter they were I never felt sorry for em either to be honest. Stephen Fleming can be like an old woman at times setting his field well I think so anyway; a ditherer could be one way to describe him. I reckon Daniel Vettori is showing the strain as well time to think of resigning Daniel I think you have served your country a long time now Hammered by 215 runs what a win Australia.

A Centenary of Scouting.

The father of the world’s scouts as a soldier more famously known for winning the siege of Mafeking it turned him into a national hero and seven years later he started the scout movement

From its humble beginnings in 1907 until August 2007 a world Jamboree in fact and it will be called 2007: One World One Promise.

It started with an experimental camp on Brownsea Island in the UK for a mere twenty boys of differing backgrounds.

Now it involves millions of young both boys and girls and men and women.

These I should add are from almost every country in our world and from every religion, race and culture.

I think that if Lord Baden Powell who kicked this off were alive today he would be amazed but very happy at what he actually achieved simply quite amazing really thinking about it.

He was 50 years old when he started scouting but it is going really strong still.

On February 22 this year which was the 150th anniversary of BP’s Birth a torch was lit at his grave in Kenya, many thousands of scouts attended this ceremony which included a procession from his old home in nearby Nyeri this torch akin to an Olympic flame is being carried even now by scouts and guides through Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Greece, Italy, France and Belgium and is due to arrive on Brownsea Island after going around the UK it will continue on until the start of the 21st world scout Jamboree.

I was involved myself in the scouting movement in Australia at one time and my three children were all members of this excellent organisation.

I actually thought with the advent of the internet and then the World Wide Web that scouting would decline; happily this has not happened.

I found what looks like the official video clip of this forthcoming event on you tube so I have put it on this blog post; I found it very interesting it runs for a few minutes true but its worth it.

Here below is a very old b/w photo of Baden Powell presenting merit badges to some American scouts from Chicago at the second world Jamboree in Copenhagen Denmark in 1924

So finally the video I promised which is of good quality excepting the opening which understandably is pretty old sorry about that good people.


Are you a nappy headed Ho ?

Well in my usual game of pool today and a chat my friend brought this subject up so I thought I would look into this a bit more than usual to be honest I had never even thought of it as a topic for a blog. This however was explained to me throughout the several hours we were chatting etc. The upshot of this well yes I decided to at least write a little about this otherwise my career as an internet pool player was in serious trouble. The oddest thing I found after it was explained a little to me was NOT the fact that the same folk who demanded Don Imus’s head were of the same colour as these so called Nappy headed Ho’s but the fact that they use this language to describe themselves so why all this hullabaloo. This is a basketball team by the way I won’t mention the name except to say it was a female team Also it seems that Don has not just been suspended as the original article said from the New York Times but has since been fired no doubt to appease the same folk who call themselves this awful name. At times I do wonder what this world is coming to. I did not have to ask what Ho meant as I kind of guessed. In my country it is against the law to call a coloured person a name depicting their colour I realise I am talking the USA here but in all my readings and writings on this subject I still fail to see why a (dare I say this) black American is called an African American I was under the impression Americans were simply just Americans. These comments are but two out of a total of 951 I quote “ Imaus’s mouth over ran his brain again, and this time he went too far. When he slandered the Clinton’s as host of a banquet, he went way over the line. These latest racist comments make that pale in comparison. His hubris finally did him in, and he should be taken off the air permanently. He can spend his spare time working on ways to get phony write-offs, like his summer work program for children at his ranch. He is a fraud and a charlatan, and a disgrace to humanity. — Posted by John Connally • 9. April 10th, 2007 12:00 am Mr. Imus has apologized again and again. Let’s forgive and move on. — Posted by L. Gatewood” unquote. I liked this comment at least somebody is willing to forgive Don Imus's rashness So now what has actually happened to Don Imus? Well yes he was in the end fired and whilst I can to some extent understand why he was rude to those ladies in this Basketball team I don’t condone it but I bet that MSNBC and co would have kept him on BUT yeah there’s always one of them BUTS it really all boiled down to money and this mob would have lost thousands in advertising revenue so simple they fired a bloke who made a blue (mistake). Don Imus I read on various websites has done a lot for charity and was actually in the middle of a radiothon when this ugly business happened. You may be wondering about the colour of my pool player who told me this well just wonder on ok.

All this and in the land of the free or has freedom of speech gone by the wayside.

Merely my opinions and nobody elses


Will Cricket’s world cup be between two Southern Hemisphere Nations?

I think without a shadow of doubt it will be as South Africa completely demoralised England last night. Australia and Sri Lanka are assured of a semi-final spot indeed the semi-finals are as follows, Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and South Africa. The thing is who will be the two qualifiers Hmm a tricky question. My personal choice is Australia versus New Zealand after careful consideration. Sadly the host nation is now out of contention which is rather a shame in a way but as folk say thems the breaks. There are some beaut looking playing fields there as well and to me they looked really well tended they obviously love their cricket in the West Indies. I noticed Tony Greig grumbling about the fact that Sri Lanka rested a couple of their players; SO WHAT any team can field whomever it wishes there is nothing in the rules to say they cannot do this, I think you will find if you go carefully back certain teams have used this tactic; personally I find nothing wrong in it especially when you are more or less guaranteed a spot in the Semi finals anyway. To me in some ways it makes sense, why it should be a bone of contention for Tony Greig to pick up on is odd to say the least. I have an audio clip of him with his ramblings but I have forgotten how to get it up on here now.


I had really no idea us blokes were this bad

After reading this blog and its comments on the Melbourne Age I had quite a shock to think our women folk are being treated in the way portrayed on here.

I guess I had never really thought about it that much but after reading what a lot of these ladies went through well speechless comes to mind and I am certain if I were a younger man I would never stoop to the things some men got up to just to harass a female and I mean harass as in sexually harass.

One joker in some Middle Eastern land actually pushed his way up to one gal and just laid his exposed tackle against her thigh in broad daylight holey moley I mean I have been around yah know and been to some of these countries described but I have to admit its something I would never have done.

After further reading I did find that on average life was not too bad for these back packing ladies but I had a few shocks I can tell you.

It’s something I would never have dreamed of doing to the fairer sex in public like this or in private come to that

This blog was certainly an eye-opener for me it made me feel ashamed when I read of all the things various men of all nationalities did and are still doing to our women folk out there.

I now understand why a few Aussies are called mongrel dogs as this sort of thing happens here all too often I read.

A bad thing that comes out of all this is that a lot of women think of men in this regard and this is simply not true not true at all.

They are of course in the minority thank heaven.


Well good people I found a delightful Blog

The strange thing is I found it by pure chance as an e-mail friend and fellow blogger who actually got me into blogging did a post about the same subject as is on this blogging India Blog The Life of Riley what a coincidence I certainly thought so at least.

Written by a young man it is certainly worth a visit or 3 click here to get on it.

I am certainly glad I did at least I found the blog owner a young man is very interested in the art of Cricket so I guess I took a shine to him for that reason alone.

So good people give it a whirl and go check out this blog from the sub continent ok for all you dummies out there that is in the main INDIA yeah ok smartass we know Pakistan and Bangladesh are there as well and to think I have been there myself; as a young man of course.


This is really what sport is all about

A deal signed between Australia and Bangladesh to help them with their cricket has just been decided upon it seems.

A previous agreement has just expired between the two cricketing nations but is not an unheard of thing indeed it is usually general policy to do this for all the cries of racism and there are always a few sadly this policy of ours is in general not abused and is directed at a genuine effort to join the two nations in this manner.

After all we do want decent and ALL I must stress this ALL cricketing nations together in a public spirited approach to the game and it has to be competitive; I have sensed that Bangladesh are more than proving their worth on the cricketing arena, in a sense they have already done so by walloping South Africa.

I was kind of hoping against all the odds that Bangladesh just might pull off a victory against England tonight it was not to be but after sitting up all night listening to the game I really thought they had a chance; well they did but England sneaked in.

They did however show some real pluck and definitely deserve to get more involved with the game than they are at the moment.

This is along with Pakistan, India and I am including Sri Lanka as they live just off the sub continent.

The business with India and the coach must not enter this at all in my opinion as India have a bloody good team it was just an unfortunate matter that has now hopefully been resolved.

It also gets nations together if you see my meaning.

I hope anybody that reads this has noted the fact that terrorism has not deterred any of us who indulge in this game of pitting leather against willow; I don’t think it ever will so don’t quote the Zimbabwe case of a few years ago as a match stopper as it was not terrorism but the leader of the country; he still does run the place as well sadly.

Another thing that caught my eye was the Tom Moody business he coaches Sri Lanka and has done since 2005 but there is talk of him leaving as the Sri Lankan coach at the end of the world cup.

Mahela Jayawardene of Sri Lanka said this today it’s a little involved at the moment with Justin Langer but Sri Lanka don’t really want Tom to depart as their coach. Ah well yes its an involved game just like footy I guess and we all have our likes and dislikes also there are contracts in all of this.

See Cricket Info


URL'S permitted by the Chinese government

I was browsing merely browsing and I saw this website called the Great Firewall of China so out of curiosity I checked both of my URL'S they were knocked back so I tried my family page site but it was allowed; My curiosity really piqued me now so I tried a few friends blog URL'S all of them from blogspot was knocked back; I am wondering why as know I might and have got cranky with the red Government but not all of them I suggest you try it yourself Click on the link to enter your URL please.

Three items all read worthy

SPAM simply SPAM

I have written about this before I even provided an address one could write to and forward a suspected spam e-mail to if it was spam and trust me folks you will be able to tell if it is spam and make no bones about it here it is again; spam@uce.gov this is the mob to send them too it worked for a while but the spammers just changed various things in their mails; in occasional letters I get from folk some insist their yahoo mail gets a hammering from spam whereas their gmail address does not.

My gmail address does cop 100’s of them this came to my attention AGAIN purely as a result of reading an article in the Melbourne age arguing this very point with Australia’s largest Telco versus the Google giant; of course there could be much more here that has not been revealed like for example the Telco in question may supply anti spam WITH A PRICE OF COURSE this does happen what really bugs me is the fact that a lot of these anti spam mobs are free so why pay your provider for a free one, a good question that and at the moment of writing I have not worked out the reason why.

This is exactly the same as my provider supplying an anti virus (in my case AVG) for a charge of course it can be got free if you go and get it yourself and it’s a very good one along with several other free anti virus programmes on offer.

This is slyly done of course and a newcomer to the net or web would have absolutely no idea; in the beginning I know I purchased a well known brand but found others are just as good and in some cases better the added clincher is they’re also free, mine cost about A$89 at the time but is lower now I believe.

Getting back to SPAM I have noticed of late I am receiving more and more via my providers address as well as gmail,

Some I notice even have my yahoo address on them and yet I DO NOT ALLOW YAHOO TO COME INTO MY INBOX AS A POP 3 CLIENT food for thought huh.

Are they all in league with each other or what? it’s a logical question and should be asked; since I rarely if ever get comments I shall ask my youngest son he seems to be rather good on all things computer related, providing I can pry him off his computers that is, he has even been known to ignore his telephone at times (a bad sign or leave me alone message) yes well I can wait until the morrow I mean what’s one more day.

Now where was I ah yes world cup cricket I admit I had the most delightful shock upon reading THAT Bangladesh had upset the applecart again and routed the South Africans; yes I spelt routed correctly ok lol

This in turn puts strain on the old enemy England and us as well which all things considered is in my opinion good for the game as a whole

Now this has definitely stuffed up a few things my oh my I like it.

I do think however this event has been stretched out a tad long, even the stoic Matt Hayden was whinging about it and that is not like him at all.

I do feel sorry for the hosts the West Indies as they are certainly having a bad trot

Another study would you believe

It would seem that if both the male and the female smoke there is little chance of them having a girl such crap my wife and I smoked and we had two of each gender.

We did of course have friends who never smoked but the same result applied to them just the same; sometimes I think these Studies go to far out of context to be taken seriously.

Nuff said I think


The Royal Easter Show Sydney NSW Australia

This delightful but very expensive show put on by the RAS was always a good un but after looking on this site boy has it got better. Most cities in the land down under have their own Easter show but Sydney’s is by far the biggest and best in my opinion and I live near Brisbane which is a long way from Sydney. I was always plagued year after year by my Children to take them and we did ONCE; as usual stuff was so expensive and as the years rolled by I guess it got worse then they grew up and found out that little fact for themselves when they decided to go. I suddenly thought of it as on the Tuesday that day was reserved for children so I thought I’d go look see if they have a website I found there is over 170 live gigs wow and now even a seniors day on the tenth and eleventh of April so us oldies have been relegated to the old children’s day by the look of it. Kid’s day called children’s activities day is now on a Wednesday it seems. The Sydney Royal Easter Show is also known as the Great Australian Muster (it never was) and is Australia’s biggest annual event, what some would describe as a shoppers paradise (I wouldn’t go that far) but an agricultural marvel for sure well I always thought so. I think after looking that the best place I noticed as did a website was the dome, the largest type of dome in the Southern hemisphere. Showbags for the kids were always a killer for Dad and still are from what I have been reading. Carnival or fairground attractions well yeah you have to put up with them I liked them when I was a boy as well very expensive now as no doubt my children are now finding out; tough lol. I did notice it is very much commercialised now much more than it used to be. I did not put anymore images on as I noticed whilst uploading them Google has now placed a limit on images not that I can blame them really.


Traitorous confessions

I must confess I did find it odd that the British Government permitted the selling of the hostage’s stories to the press.

However I did not find it odd that the so called confessions were allowed or permitted; I do realise that at the time of the Korean and Vietnam wars this was not the case but often wondered why the captives did not just admit their supposed wrong doings and just denied them if they managed to return, IF being the cooperative word here people; some did I guess and some did not.

To me personally they will never be considered traitorous at all it was a matter of survival why some insisted will never be known sadly, not to me at least.

I also realised all was not as rosy as it was portrayed by the media regarding the Royal Marines and Sailors in this latest episode regarding the violation of Iranian waterways but just went along with my rants as it would be expected of me in certain quarters.

But to be allowed to sell the story to a tabloid is another matter entirely and I am amazed that the usually staid Brits permitted such a thing; in fact I had quite a shock to read it and from the first sea Lord at that.

This would have never been permitted in the USA or Australia well I certainly hope not.

At the moment I am still recovering from the shock of reading this and one that hopefully will never be repeated

Whales and SONAR


I had not thought of this but after reading this article it could well be that our Navy the RAN has quite unthinkingly caused this or could do along with other Navies who use Submarines and SONAR.

SONAR is used by most Navies today I should think and there are two modes active and passive it just means it is using sounds to locate objects in a navy’s case to detect underwater objects.

After a little reading I can see that this could also pose a problem for animals such as whales that use this system themselves.

This means that the good old boys in blue that sail the seven seas could well be responsible for whales stranding themselves etc.

Some evidence suggests that this is the case according to our sea power centre (a new one on me for sure) our Navy obviously knew about all this.

Australian waters have about 40 species of whales and dolphins this includes the Beaked Whale a much misunderstood whale.

Australian research is not good on the beaked Whale.

It is believed there are 20 species of beaked Whales known as ZIPHIIDS some have never actually been seen so there could well be more or less who knows; I must admit after reading this I was certainly confused but data can be found on Cetacean Society International by looking those words up on a search engine

I do know that our Navy has looked into and adopted certain techniques to minimise any harmful effects SONAR has and indeed will cause in the future.

What these techniques are well only the Navy can tell you that; if only these techniques could be used to stop Japanese Whalers yes quite a thought but it would be nice to see them stopped once and for all.


Dear me we are insensitive then TOUGH.

So why did you a British woman a Caucasian to boot convert to Islam? I just don’t get it to be honest, your experiences was it in Afghanistan.

Save this for the British tabloids in case you had not noticed we seem to be at war with certain Islamic countries as indeed does your own country.

This war I might add was not at the request of us ordinary folk either we are against it.

On the other hand we don’t need you to remind us of the rights or wrongs in this case.

Go back to the old dart as the UK is referred to here and do your whinging there we don’t need you or your kind telling us what and what not to do as the UK was so fond of doing in the past.

Thinking about it well yes you do seem to be upstaging Easter we are a Christian nation not an Islamic one.

We have every right to screen entries into this country the last time I went to the UK I was interrogated for at least 30 minutes and I was born there so just put up or shut up.

Anyone we deem to be bad for us will always be denied entry you could well be next

By the way Sheik Philips was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in 1993 at the first world trade centre attack


What’s good for the goose is good for the gander I say

I personally cannot see any difference really in either David Hicks or John Walker Lindh they both did similar things and yet although John copped a plea he is still to serve another 15 years in Gaol WHY? They were both young and naïve at the time so why is not something being done for this unfortunate John.

I read on a forum that John was a traitor well if that’s the case so was David so I myself can see little difference between the pair of them or their actions.

I have read he needs his sentence pardoned or commuted by Bush I cannot for one minute see that happening.

However he may strike it lucky next year when a Democratic President will surely be elected to office.

Sourced from the Brisbane Times


Polls and stuff

Are polls accurate well that is a matter of some debate a poll of a hundred people according to studies whilst being more accurate than a poll of 10 decreases around the 500 mark and increases after a 1000 are you confused yet? Well I am for sure I mean it just did not answer the question at all did it? It seems our world is run on the success of these so called polls to some degree at least; me I personally think all of them are a crock of you know what. I asked myself had I ever been polled and the answer was that in 55 years of adult life it was NO how odd thought I and yet our political thoughts and more importantly VOTES in elections for any form of government are taken and used by the people that conduct these polls. We have a very important federal election coming up this year in Australia and I am already reading the results of the polls; why wasn’t I asked or my neighbours who it seems just like me have never been polled. Are we not considered important enough to be polled; I guess the answer is yes. Lots of things can influence an election result therefore to me at least it is commonsense that polls come into this equation; well they do it just seems I never get asked. It is not for what some would say where I live as I have lived in the places where most of these pollsters conduct their polls; you got it I have still never been asked. One wonders well I do whether we need these pollsters; do we really need them well if you answered in the affirmative you have either been one of the very fortunate few to have been polled OR you go through life depending on these pollsters; I am going for the latter myself. I have to admit I read these polls who doesn’t but do I believe them ah there you have it. If you believe those polls then you must surely believe all you read in the media about this whilst folk like me try our dammdest to get you to believe us instead. Trust me folks us bloggers are usually correct well we like to think we are so that is how I suspect the polls do so well by thinking that we are thinking, oh I have completely messed up here of course we bloggers are correct lol. Which reminds me I actually had a comment published on a well known Australian newspaper for the second time as well. WOW. The image below I voted on it’s a survey and not a poll lol what else did you think it was but I admit to being shocked at the result polls it seems are where you are actually bailed up by a person and just asked a question or two. Oh my oh my ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The gagger it seems has been exposed read it on the age but I was more interested in the interview with Major Michael Mori and Kerry O’Brien who is a very dogged interviewer I would hate to be interviewed by him maybe he is needed at the cesspit the USA runs in Cuba Kerry could easily earn his keep there I reckon.

I do feel very sorry for Major Mori actually as he has placed his career and his family life into jeopardy over the whole Hick’s affair.

I truly hope things blow over for him but deep down I know this will not happen.

Still one never knows if I need a lawyer I know whom to ask at least.

I noticed the good Major avoided all Kerry’s tricky questions with ease God how does he do that, he can tie our most senior politicos into all sorts of strife but not with Major Mori he simply evaded them so easily; please don’t consider politics Michael for heaven’s sake.

I am however thanking him for taking up David Hick’s case and really pursuing it the way that he did.


Ireland's Run

Sadly Ireland will fail in its bid to win the world cup but what a tremendous run at it; they have certainly made big cricket teams very aware they were there in the West Indies very much so indeed.

The rules when a game is affected by rain has always been an annoyance but this time it really hurt.

These rules I think should be looked at AGAIN as it does seem very unfair at times.

So look to your laurels ICC as another contender is sharply knocking on the door and soon it will be for test match status I think,

At the moment they are an associate member of the ICC so a few more years I would say and test status would definitely be on the cards

The sheer luck of losing the toss seriously spoilt Ireland’s chances of going further in the super eights.

They will not always lose a toss you can count on it.

Soon the day may come when they fly out here for a few serious games I think.

The skipper of South Africa Graeme Smith said Ireland have some exciting new prospects in their team so I read

Test status is some way off I reckon but not that far away.

I recall when Sri Lanka at one time had hardly any coaching at all and were in a similar position as Ireland BUT have held the world cup and are playing very well at this one apart from being a great test cricketing team as well.


Just keep off David Hick’s case will you for the terms of his agreement I know you will harass him it’s in your bloody nature to do this.

This is one time when you don’t need to do it ok.

You think it is your God given right to tell each and all about anything NOT THIS TIME.

I personally did not agree with the terms or the plea bit but I can understand why he did it and so can you.

I recall quite some time ago now how a journo was sent to gaol for refusing to disclose his source which was his right.

Well this is David’s right so KEEP WELL OFF HIS CASE this means no inducements of any kind you got that you guys and girls.

If one of you just tries it on I will do all I can to harass the reporter concerned; I MEAN THAT if it means lying to do it I surely will ok



Whom to believe and more Nooz

Personally it is all just so much B/S the Brits could well have been in Iranian waters but what really matters is getting those British troops back to their Ship HMS Cornwall. This is a map shown on CNN I spotted it on Google news today just click on it for a larger picture. What I personally think is it's like the sacking of the U S Embassy in Tehran some years ago so it's on the cards for the British Embassy to follow the same fate.

A suggestion Ahmadinejad get off your high horse and let them go it is doing your attempts at keeping your nuclear devices no good at all

The whole world knows how crazy your people get look at what happened at the American Embassy in Tehran all those years ago.

You are ruled by a religious cleric you are merely a figurehead.

If you truly wish to discuss this in a civilised manner then stop all the pussy footing around.

Ask yourself why so many Iranians live in the UK instead of Iran a tough call huh with old loony toon breathing down your neck; strange we don’t have that problem here in Australia or most of the western world.

We can actually please ourselves whether we pray or not we allow Jews here one was a Governor General here at one time.

Ok so yes you have Jews there and in your parliament I did read once that you actually have a Jewish Member but all the same I am glad I don’t live in Iran.

So now you have got the worlds attention of just what a lunatic you are wake up.

You are in actual fact making matters much worse the west don’t respect you they despise you just let it go mate; I used to think it was ok for Iran to have Nuclear facilities but I fear I may have been wrong and yet you do have every right to become a nuclear power use it wisely won't you for all our sakes .

And reading on here it seems you are not certain yourself; why does this not surprise me who knows with you lot, you are far too excitable you must tone things down somewhat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So who is right here on one hand we have the worlds Meteorological Organisation saying 1998 was the worlds warmest year NASA reckons 2005 was warmer.

Records began by the way 150 years ago I did read on here that we ourselves are not to blame; I really can’t see that it doesn’t make any sense to me whatever.

Surely we must have something to do with global warning we are the clowns burning off coal wood any old thing we have cars that cause all the CO 2 gasses obviously we must partake of the blame.

Nations are sending rockets into space all these things must be taken into account when accounting for global warming.

Mind you I did read on here that this has been going on now for the past several hundred thousand years it seems changes in the Earth’s orbit around our star has contributed to temperature changes which it seems affected CO2 levels

It also forecast for hotter temperatures well I can assure you it has been lacking here in the land of the sun it may be officially autumn here but I felt very cold last night in bed most unusual for this time of the year.


So you reckon our colonising ancestors are to blame for this global warming?

WRONG you are so wrong

So who is right here on one hand we have the worlds Meteorological Organisation saying 1998 was the worlds warmest year NASA reckons 2005 was warmer.

Records began by the way 150 years ago I did read on here that we ourselves are not to blame; I really can’t see that it doesn’t make any sense to me whatever.

Surely we must have something to do with global warning we are the clowns burning off coal wood any old thing we have cars that cause all the CO 2 gasses obviously we must partake of the blame.

Nations are sending rockets into space all these things must be taken into account when accounting for global warming.

Mind you I did read that this has been going on now for the past several hundred thousand years it seems changes in the Earth’s orbit around our star has contributed to temperature changes which it seems affected CO2 levels

It also forecast for hotter temperatures well I can assure you it has been lacking here in the land of the sun it may be officially autumn here but I felt very cold last night in bed most unusual for this time of the year.

I rather liked this which I read in the SMH so true to life

The stereotyped environmental vandal crusty red necked folk and rare today; were rendered redundant by machinery such as chainsaws and dozers.

So yeah they chopped down trees, BUT they actually led very frugal lives.

Everything that came into their possession was used, if something broke well they repaired it.

What was a car or computer to them even a supermarket had no place in their society if they made a blue it was within walking distance; what I am trying to say is their life caused a mere fraction of what a car owner’s lives caused in greenhouse emissions.

If you really think about this and go and read up on it as I did you will find by driving around for 50 years (that’s me for a start) you will in fact produce the same amount of carbon dioxide that is stored in and around 1000 large mature trees.

So that blows the theory of global warming just a tad dontcha reckon

My thanks to Nick Galvin for this remarkable info SMH


Re Male circumcision in any circumstances

It is much more hygienic is my view.

Thanks Mother

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