When will channel Nine (Win) ever wake up.

Australian cricket like most cricket (if you are a fan is a joy to watch), however in the past few years it is starting to become a down and out bore.

The commentators offer voting as to what we the spectator want and a zillion other things like voting as to what we think and that’s not all either.

At the luncheon interval these jokers go to the extreme, reading out tweets and a host of other crap

If one lives in Australia one has to put up with it seeing as channel nine has secured the rights.

We are stuck with the clowns featured but there are more here’s one we all call him the mouth below.

Then there’s this Galah South African born but his claim to fame was playing for England, he’ll probably call you chum so just tell him to piss off.

The bloke below has opinions for everything; he came from a cricketing family his two brothers don’t get involved they’ve had their day.

He backed off from (sir) Ian Botham in a blue once in a nightclub in the UK.

The bloke below now he was a fine cricketer famed for the tied test in Brisbane who does not get involved with the antics of the other.


I watch cricket from other countries and crap like this is never mentioned merely a brief observation in the luncheon interval.

There is much more I could write but won’t, these commentators with these unwanted comments have ensured that at times the Australian public LOATHE LOSING; Yeah well nobody likes losing but there is a word called sportsmanship.