A comparison

Kevin 747 versus Honest John our last Prime Minister

Is there much difference in Kevin 747 and honest John re their globe trotting...I think not both of em did a lot of travelling (at the taxpayers’ expense of course) John has hopefully finished his (although there are hidden perks in an ex PM’s job many the average bloke knows nothing about)...yeah service to the nation and shit like that Kevin 747 well he is set to plunder all the perks of the PM’s job and has started off in good form...were I a bookie I would give him tremendous odds. More on Kevin 747 can be found here I notice he got up GW Bush’s nose I had a smile at that as George may have been unpopular but at the time he was still President of the USA and should have been shown some respect Look here He has visited China, the UK in fact the list will be a lengthy one by the time he is toppled from his job...hopefully I will be around to deny him another stab at governing just like Honest John’s government. Kevin 747 has met with the new American president sadly before the inauguration as can be seen here I don’t begrudge him a trip to Washington to have a chat etc...There is still however no need to jet about the globe Willy-nilly like I envision. I have the idea that Kevin 747 is up to no good either all these stimulus packages I view with foreboding...I looked at the one for today nothing for myself (which I can understand) but I do think it wrong for kids on the dole (collecting social security for the rest of the world) to pick up a hefty sum tax free naturally whilst other folk stretched Beyond their means at times struggle with mortgage payments and frankly just try to keep their heads out of the mire...meanwhile Kevin 747 will just jet away wherever. Yes I did benefit last year from Kevin 747’s regime with a well needed boost. But I saved most of mine for a rainy day if you get my drift...To satisfy the government I spent a few bucks as was intended by the lump sum

Kevin 747 however must choof off to Washington post hoc d proc and get on friendly terms with the new American President...Take over a couple of cartons of duty free smokes though as I understand he smokes...thrash out a few things with him and such. He won't be invited to Texas I'll give you the drum he did his dash with GW not like his beaten opponent below...it is essential he meet with Mr Obama as soon as possible though...it would be a good idea to invite the just elected NZ PM to come along split the cost of the trip...many of us have got our beady eyes on Kevin 747 now and I figure he knows it.

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