Wake up Blair

This is not the days of the Vietnam debacle of which your government took no part in by the way the time for heroics is over, your job pure and simple is to get those 15 Royal/ Marines and Sailors out of there just let them admit to any rubbish that the Iranians come up with so as to secure their release.

Might I then suggest you get out of the area it is not an area belonging to the coalition forces after all is it?

Most of the world wants you to retreat from the Middle East along with the senior coalition partner the good old U S of A; things may then get back on a slightly even keel.

You are destined for the axe I read so for the sake of decency just admit you were in those waters whether you were or weren’t is really immaterial.

So they can come home the stiff British upper lip approach will not work anymore sport the world is awake to you and Bush and our bloke Howard.

Those service people being held is really the fault of the Skipper of HMS Cornwall, he must shoulder the blame; if he was an American this would most likely get him into strife and possibly cost him his command; will this happen in the case of the arrogant Royal Navy? I doubt it the old boys act will come into play;

Just tell them anything to get them back on board the Cornwall.

I was born prior to a war and there has been warring ever since, over 70 years and humankind is still warring over some such thing or other.

One day I fear we will go too far I just hope I am not around at the time

I have even participated in some of these wars; our side lost by the way.

Do our side ever win? NO not really.


I had a real shock a few minutes ago

A new friend I chat to and play dominoes against was having trouble with her Yahoo messenger I guess it seems she has been relying on Yahoo’s e-mail anti virus.

I did say she needed anti virus; there were free ones out there gave her the site for a couple of good ones she said she would get them another time; this is after it broke down whilst we were chatting I sent them through the Yahoo messenger interface as one cannot e-mail exe files unless you re-name them which frightens new folk to the net for some Extraordinary


Later came the reply; I signed out and went and prepared my evening meal.

I realise she is new to the net but all the same even though I have a good anti virus system installed I was not prepared to take the chance.

I hope she reads this and understands.

What a world.

Lies, Long overdue and a waste of the taxpayer’s money

Much ado about nothing is right

It was hard to believe the rash statements of Marcus Einfeld in his lying to avoid a $77 fine and it could not have been serious surely; the last one I copped in that Dam state of NSW was $195 and that was years ago.

Serve you right if you go to gaol I bet you have sent a few to be incarcerated

Its all on here SMH


This is in my opinion way long overdue long overdue; I have read accounts of these fellas seen movies about them and so forth they were recruited into a programme called the Army Air Corps, it seems that the president of the day Theodore Roosevelt overruled his top Generals and ordered this.

As I read here and have read elsewhere many years ago they were obviously not patriotic enough and worse still were not considered brainy enough good heavens how terrible, they learnt how to fly, they volunteered what else was expected of them.

At least President Bush has corrected this error somewhat by awarding them the Congressional Medal of Honor, well not really only the unit receives the actual Medal so the recipients will just receive a bronze replica which I think is a bit RICH but at least they are finally being recognised.

Known as the Red Tails they certainly did what they were trained for their opponents could not understand the contempt with which they were treated with at the time.

MSNBC _________________________________________________________________

I tend to disagree with Private Kovco’s Mother and am wondering why she wants this all brought up again at the taxpayers expense naturally but the nub of her statement in which she said I quote “It says the army should have a better system in place to prevent soldiers carrying loaded weapons into their rooms” It seems obvious ... that better training is needed in the handling of weapons and better controls need to be in place to help prevent soldiers placing themselves at risk," the report says. quote”

A member of any military whether it be Australian or any other mainly western militaries have strict codes; their members are instructed in them, failure to obey these codes or orders renders the offender liable to military justice un quote".

When a soldier is on Active service I do believe it his left up to his discretion somewhat but when in a base camp the weapon returns to the armoury but there are special circumstances when this is not done.

Private Kovco knew this; personally I think the sad accident has been thoroughly investigated by the Australian Defence Forces

You are in my opinion embarrassing our Military now Mrs.Kovco; they have better things to do than re-open what was for them a closed case surely you don’t want to be reminded of it all the time!! Another reason perhaps!! Hmm

Australian MSN news


Call for blogging code of conduct

I have just been reading about this on the BBC and it makes sense to me after all it is only our opinions that one usually blogs and nothing else and I personally take care to say this in my profile; mine is some opinions of a retired Aussie; now lets face it we all have our own opinions on this and that but usually it does not get to the stage where a blogger is threatened with murder, however it seems that the female blogger at the centre of this was indeed threatened and has received threatening e-mails hundreds of times, but get this she is not ALONE in this hundreds more bloggers have admitted to receiving threats; this fellow bloggers should and MUST be stopped

Were they or weren’t they? Well they could have been who cares really

The whole business with Iran and Britain’s Sailors/Royal Marines is fast becoming a farce for heavens sake just let them say they were there even if they were not there if it means getting them back into British hands again.

There is absolutely no need for this fuss and ado over a disputed water way in the Persian Gulf.

Of course the Iranians will keep on with this it has happened before and no doubt will happen again; another good reason to bring all coalition troops home.

If they want to have nuclear facilities who cares the USA and the UK have them along with China North Korea and Russia ah and the French we mustn’t forget that they too have a nuclear arsenal.

David Hicks and copping a plea well I understand why I just don’t understand why they are talking sentencing I always thought even if you pled guilty in a law suite you still had a trial.

I am wrong it seems American laws are odd to us but I guess ours are odd to them also.

All I have to say about David is send him home and that picture of him with the Bazooka or Rocket launcher was taken in Kosovo by the way, quite a few miles from Afghanistan

David was just a fall guy in the wrong place at the right time for certain folk. A mere youngster who made a blue that’s all we have all done similar things surely and regretted them.

The business of disallowing him civil representation is a bloody disgrace the judge in question is in my view not a fit one; probably obeying orders from on high who knows.

It took a hell of a lot to get that weed of ours to actually speak to Bush about this case he has refused to do this for years.

Meanwhile David and the rest of the inmates in Cuba are still suffering; from what I have read and from the few scenes I have glimpsed

life in Guantanamo is on a par with GESTAPO and SS type facilities

America should be ashamed of it all Bushes fault naturally


An odd thing happened yesterday

When I switched on my computers yesterday on one of them I received an offline message; I signed in to Yahoo messenger just to see if a couple of friends were online and found what was to me quite disturbing; below is a screen shot of a little of what was on that message just click on it to make it show larger. The offline message had this website in it called chat detectives so being curious I clicked on it and it took me to this website which I found somewhat disturbing as I said there was more on it than this shot I put on here in fact there are 28 programmes on it, it is not free of course but that is not the point really. Some things are quite obvious to some of us but not all; we don’t all have the talent of being computer literate as a lot of us realise. This below is making me think how the hell can they do that; still I guess if a hacker can get onto a restricted website then they have somehow. One in particular is a programme that reveals ALL your passwords on MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, ICQ lite, Trillian and Miranda, Google talk and Gaim; it did not mention Yahoo which has set me thinking a bit; Yahoo are a cunning lot if you take the time to read their private policy which supposedly you do not have to agree to; I suggest you read it. This programme also picks up false virus alerts; it seems they are scaring us. Whether this programme is in any way associated with Yahoo is not known to me yet but it says not. All the same I don’t think I’ll risk $55.95 yet till I have researched this a little more.


India Distraught

Rumours of getting rid of India’s word cup cricket team coach really sicken me; not because he is an Australian either Greg Chappell had a great record as an Australian cricketer and captain. No its my opinion that the heavy gamblers on the sub continent are just annoyed because their money looks certain to be lost to the bookmakers, that in my opinion is the nub of it all this coupled with the tragic death of Bob Woolmer the Pakistani Coach strengthens my opinion, in fact I have just

read on here that it was in all likelihood that big money was at stake, it seems Bob was going to write a book about certain things

I am almost certain heavy gambling played a big part in it.

Pictured here Greg Chappell and Bob Woolmer.

These bookies on the sub continent have been around for a long time, indeed threats have been made to certain players, and some of our older retired players have been heavily fined for this sort of behaviour; suspensions have also been meted out. Let’s face it India lost the game and have only a slim chance of moving into the next round, very slim indeed. I always fancied India would win to be honest; my 4 picks were to have been Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and India even though I know as most of the cricketing world knows that Sri Lanka could cart off the trophy they have before they beat us. Now I may have to revise my picks but I would never think of sacking a coach as it has been slyly mooted by various ex Indian cricketers. Sunil Gavascar a former Indian Cricketer mentioned it so I read on the BBC news and their reporting is usually of a very high standard. There have been riots and all sorts believe me this is not just because India appears to be on its way home Not at all it’s because a lot stand to lose a considerable amount of money


Shocked and Stuuned that's me

It is a strange thing to me but maybe not to Americans who knows; but how is a head of state allowed to veto a bill; those days vanished years ago.

Surely this is not democracy well if it is and it seems it is according to the video of Bush on here something is surely wrong.

Heads of state who do this are in my opinion just Autocrats; I thought that when the United States decided to declare its independence all those years ago one reason was because of this type of thing amongst others naturally.

I just can’t accept this as a Democratic thing to do; in the case of the UK for example the head of state does not interfere in the process of running the country although she may have felt like it at times.

It’s the same here in Australia her representative here is not allowed to become political in any sense of the word really; they could well be members of a political party but are not allowed to bib in and say well I’m not having this I shall veto it; good old George is; why well I shall never know the answer to that one but this bill has to be looked at in the U S Senate surely they can recommend amendments or can knock it on the head.

His argument for threatening to do this act is just plain stupid as most Americans want their troops back on home soil as do we here.

America has much more to lose than us this administration has surely made history; it’s a bad way to bow out of office next year I reckon, his name will be remembered for eons as the worst President the USA has ever had, how awful.

Will he write his memoirs do you think well I would be downright ashamed to if I were him

All my opinions naturally

Iran is next in line from the USA I reckon

So exactly who are these military personnel that Iran has captured I mean in this report I read in the Australian it says sailors then soldiers are they Royal Marines perchance?

Hmm this problem in Iran is really one of oil and not weapons really it means the USA will dip out on revenue is my way of thinking.

I read an interesting document today and it really made interesting reading; I had a shock when I read it knowing it could well be the truth and I am not a financier either just an elderly bloke retired for years now.

In the so called Petro dollar wars I reckon stage one was Iraq then next Iran both of these Middle Eastern countries decided to propose using Euros to purchase oil in stead of the American dollar.

Both countries I fear made a blue there it put the American dollar at risk it being a fiat currency; the heart of the American economy in fact; big business was not happy about this turn of events.

A fiat currency in America’s case is just an IOU; just a promise to settle up it is not based on silver or gold at all as I thought.

Holders of this fiat money are really not assured of their return whereas in Euros they would be.

Of course the American government can churn out millions of these notes maybe that’s why they are called bills in the USA who knows! They are just hoping they don’t have to dip into their pockets, in other words it’s just like that Monopoly money really to the concerned Iranians.

So when Iraq President Saddam Hussein said in 2000 that Iraq would begin selling Iraqi oil using the Euro instead of the American dollar he instantly became a marked man amongst a few other reasons as well, but all connected with the black stuff that gushes out of the ground after being drilled for It is vital to the solvency of U.S. fiat currency that there are many foreign holders of the American dollar in order to keep it afloat or solvent. This is particularly important in the oil markets where trade must be conducted using the USD that the United States set as the standard long ago for oil purchases.

To cut to the chase anyone who attempts to block strategic places such as the straits of Hormuz to the USA could result in more bloodshed what with two new commanders in the region and both of them new one is a US Navy Admiral

There are articles in the bulletin regarding all this by the way.

What has become even more important than national boundaries is the control and domination exercised by global elites such as the USA and its partners in this as it affects economies of people and nations few of us are aware of this I fear. This was done on purpose as well according to an article I read 2 or 3 years ago and never thought anything of it I probably read it in a doctor’s waiting room or such I really can’t recall now but since 2003 I believe Iran has been selling its oil in Euros, Iran not only is a major oil producer but intends to setup a non-dollar denominated oil bourse as well. That is the real reason why Iran is the next U.S. target.


Nasty goings on in Jamaica

A Eulogy for Robert Woolmer if you like ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So it looks like Pakistan’s coach Bob Woolmer was murdered according to lots of reports I have read; I am inclined to believe those reports as well. It could of course have no link with betting at all BUT after knowing what I and lots of other cricket lovers know I reckon it is personally. Bob as some of you may not know was born on the sub continent in 1948 in India; he was a batsman/bowler he scored the lowest century against us Australians I recall from memory not from reading it, his major teams he played for were England, Kent, Natal and western province both in South Africa. He coached South Africa, Warwickshire and Pakistan; Wisden’s cricketer of the year in 1976 I did read that as I buy a copy every year; for those not in the know it is a cricketer’s almanac. Like a lot of international cricketers he spoilt his career sadly by joining rebel mob World Series Cricket but really messed up by joining a rebel tour to South Africa as did the others but not all.

So all in all a fine man it seems and so sport claims one more victim in a different way such a terrible thing as he was young by my standards at least and I extend my sympathy to his family and the whole cricketing world.

A shame in such circumstances his team had been knocked out of the world cup; and a good team at that.

if you go to this site you can send condolences on it via a simple mouse click; I just did.

RIP Bob .


Some interesting facts and a Submarine accident under the Arctic ice

One is a genetically engineered mosquito it has green eyes and if you get bitten by one you will not get Malaria so this report on the BBC claims so look out for this green-eyed insect give it a trial run let it bite you lol. Now it seems that Liverpool UK have unleashed a robot Pigeon on the unwary but it is bird brained it seems and they just flap and squawk at the moment not to worry it will get perfected soon they will talk, just a thought peoples.

I would not fancy this blokes job for quids he has to put endangered Elephants in the mood for sex.

Yeah the poor old Elephant has been going into decline rapidly with other endangered species thanks to Ivory poachers the awful thing is their tusks are wanted mainly by Asians as an aphrodisiac.

Species of wildlife are vanishing around 10,000 times the normal rate according to this bloke a Dr Hildebrandt.

Freak nuclear submarine tragedy

A Royal Navy submarine HMS Tireless had an accident whilst under the Arctic ice so two submariners were killed whilst a third was injured so reports SMH there have been several incidents on submarines over the years even one of ours was in dire straits a few years back but all turned out ok.

The US Navy has had them also; one wonders were we meant to travel under the sea us having legs and that.

The worst one by far in peacetime (are we at peace Hmm) was the Russian Submarine Kursk 118 submariners perished in that sadly although if Russia had allowed foreign vessels to help them earlier maybe it could have been prevented who knows really, that by the way happened in the same sea as this British accident the Barents Sea.

This particular Sub was on manoeuvres with the US Navy who airlifted the survivor to a US Military hospital.

Pictured below is the British Nuclear Submarine HMS Tireless in Scottish waters Loch Goil


A worried man

Things are not looking rosy mate it seems you must have seen this coming most of Australia did; it seems we are sick of you, we always were really but you kinda did the usual good things at budget time and what with the preferential voting system and you conveniently changing electoral boundaries you got back in. But I fear the jig is up mate and you certainly looked worried today soon Rudd will be the boss I reckon you have to agree he looks better than Beazley much slimmer too. Yep you are now one shrinking violet as the Brit’s say. I shudder to think of the cost to the American taxpayer in lives and money but it must be a hell of a lot, I know that American lives were horrendous and it won’t let up until there is a strategic withdrawal in Iraq, money wise it must be staggering. I did read on here that the cost for Australian taxpayers is nearing the 3 Billion dollar mark which for us in our not so well populated country is staggering. I just read the Americans have so far dipped into their wallets and purses to the tune of a staggering Australian $938 Billion ($750 Billion in US dollars. Well that amount is to me simply beyond comprehension So now you have been at the helm now for 11 long years BUT an election is due later on this year still think of all the perks and allowances you will receive as an ordinary citizen; you will be ok mate whilst many of us here are on the breadline. Mr. Kevin Rudd has mooted a strategic withdrawal I note; I think it has been the same in the USA; I notice that the Brits have also had enough. Had you ever thought that your own country comes first? Well possibly you did; I realise that there are certain treaties and charters we have to honour, at the same time this Iraqi campaign should have been left to the weak auspices of the United Nations their charter needs an update see Microsoft, as they are a weak mob in my opinion. With hindsight I guess you feel the same way but the fact of the matter is you just rushed in wildly with your good old buddy George, yes I know your reasons you wanted free trade agreements with the USA which did not eventuate although I think they have now but at what cost good grief man we are not stupid we may be laid back to a certain degree I admit but we are not stupid. As I recall this happened in Vietnam and thank goodness a Labor government was elected and brought our token force back. Its gonna happen again mate indeed the ball is already in motion, rumblings are afoot as you know doubt know by the opinion polls with Kevin opening up a 22 point lead. Look at this second dumping of government ministers within in 2 weeks that rat Santoro denied it in the beginning would not go etc, I am only ashamed he comes from Queensland.

The world will not be your oyster for much longer I reckon

No wonder you look a tad worried here I guess I would if I were you, and no more taxpayer funded trips around the globe your last one was kept secret I noticed.


E-MAIL SPAM and a General Whinge

Only Using One E-mail Account

It's very important that you familiarise yourself with more than one e-mail program. You can't think of your e-mail address like your home address. You need to have more than one! In all actuality, it's best to have even up to three open e-mail accounts I have 6 or 7 personally. That way, you can have one for your home e-mails, one for your office e-mails and an extra one for all the other things you do online. For example, always use one of your other accounts to sign up for newsletters, contests, etc. It's also best to have maybe one paid e-mail account and the other two can be one of the free ones that are available today, such as Yahoo!, Hotmail or Gmail. With more than one account, you are saving yourself in the long run. However be careful even then now I myself am being plagued by spam at the moment from my gmail address as you can see here in this screenshot just click on it to see it bigger.

Now believe it or not I kept getting spam in my gmail box that was not always designated spam even though it came from the same source which indeed created a problem for me, what the crafty spammer had done was to disguise it so it looked like it was from a blog I had; I had no such blog of course but it did look convincing in the beginning. So the ones gmail designated as ordinary mail came into my e-mail client on my computer it turned out to be very frustrating as most of them were still marked spam so did not come into my e-mail client with pop access BUT some did.

I put a filter on it in gmail but I guess seeing as it was from me gmail decided to send the odd one through why I sure don’t know.

In the end I thought ah so I got rid of one of my provider’s addresses.

This worked for a few days and then you know what they started coming into the gmail account again I stopped pop access and there were thousands of them I deleted a lot and still left a few now it is back up to 621 again. Really mad now I got a new gmail address but it seems I still need the other one to log in for blogspot. So far touch wood no spam in the new address, I re-installed pop access. I then decided to look at my Yahoo accounts, there was a little spam not much and now hardly any in fact I just looked as I get that into my e-mail client also and there was none in both accounts. I rarely get any from my MSN/Hotmail address either and I get that into my e-mail client also so in my case it is in the main Google mail. I discussed this with a friend and fellow blogger she told me she got quite a few from Yahoo and also told me there is a facility in gmail to delete the lot in one foul swoop; it seems folks gmail although saying they only keep spam and deleted items for 30 days do not bother to do this; what do I care really it does not count against the large allowance allowed by Google mail. Still their search engine is good. Oh well whinge over going for lunch.


The Commemoration of the battle for New Orleans

American early history

An important piece of history for Americans I guess I was amazed to find this on you tube but am sure glad I did now and I hope you enjoy reading and viewing these two video clips.

The second clip was believe it or not banned from being played in the UK by Lonnie Donnigan when the tune was first released in the 50s or early 60’s.

The sheer lunacy of the British troops at that time would amaze you I guess but that’s how things were in those days thank goodness times have changed.

Louisiana was a French crown colony in 1731 in 1762 it was ceded to Spain this was a result stemming back to the French Indian wars, at the same time Britain gained control of Florida.

In 1800 the Spanish gave Louisiana back to the French; amazing how things were just exchanged willi nilli like that then Napoleon sold yes sold it to the fledgling USA in 1803

During the war of 1812 General A Jackson defeated the Brits after a 15 day battle at New Orleans when the treaty of Ghent was signed.

I did read on this link that America tried invading Canada in 1813 do you think Bush read this lol; they were unsuccessful just like their forays into Iraq.

So early Americans were really no better than any of us in this respect except they did have a huge grievance with Britain;

It also seems they wanted all of North America and I suppose it must be irksome to have to drive through Canada to get to Alaska

Here is the first video clip commemorating the route of the British held on January 13th 2007.

This video below is of excellent audio quality the battle for New Orleans and is the same song that was banned in Britain but I think it was permitted in the end.

I quite liked the tune myself quite catchy sadly it's in black and white.


Are Whales and Elephants alike Hmm.

Or round two to the whales ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After reading and watching the streaming video as well on this site I suspect the whale just like the Elephant does indeed have a long unforgiving memory, most likely it was annoyed at the whaling the Japanese were doing a couple of weeks ago in the Southern Ocean . On the video it really rammed them at high speed. Sadly the Japanese who was killed by the whale was actually trying to help it. It would seem to me they went about it the wrong way yelling and making noises at it is not the correct way to save a whale. On the other hand do you think the Sperm Whale in question was a forward scout for an all out attack on Japan nah surely not lol


A bit of this and that

Aussies spent $90k hosting Dutch Royals After thoroughly reading this I wonder why we have to pay for other folks jaunts here whatever their ties to this country at all. Take our own head of state queen Elizabeth the 2nd she has enough money to travel here after all said and done, and if our ministers take a trip overseas it is scrutinised these days pretty well. And our taxpayer pays then; one wonders who actually pays for Howard’s numerous trips overseas I reckon the good old Aussie taxpayer does we also pay the Queen’s representative the governor General his or her salary. So yeah why is this money being squandered willi nilli in this way? We have many disadvantaged people here why can’t the money be spent on making their lives more comfortable? I am asking this question because of this state trip by the Dutch Monarchy we should and must look into things of this nature much better than we do at the present time. It reminds me of my army days being inspected by a General with a load of hangers on trailing behind him. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

Australia's World Cup cricket in the West Indies

Well Captain (Punter) Ponting reckons we should pull it off ok which would make it 3 in a row since 1999 and I certainly hope he’s right however apart from the host nation which stands a good chance on home territory my money is on India not that I want them to take the cup but I think their team is a dam good team.

They have some fine players in their squad.

I read here that Symo should be back after the tragic injury he suffered in the one day series against the Brits so if he and the rest of the squad get it together well yep it could be another Aussie victory.


Sylvester Stallone a Sydney court has heard allegations that he tried to import human growth hormone.

No smoke without fire so it’s said I wonder if the star of the Rocky movies has been a naughty boy Mmm yep I am going to take a stab at this one guilty on all counts but I still don’t understand why to be honest but after looking into it here guess what Human growth hormone has also been linked to anti-ageing therapies.

We all age I guess.


Lower than a Daschund

This is how low the Australian Federal Government has sunk in its efforts to retain power against the opposition leader in the house Kevin Rudd. Excusing the pun John Howard as you are mighty short I notice. Read all about it on the link in green. Downer well he just toes the party line I think but that treasurer Costello is another matter entirely I have seen this bloke on television in the house smirking like a little grubby schoolboy who has just farted and thinks it a joke he impresses me not one iota. Well cop this as you have done your dash this time we the great unwashed are in the majority sick of you and your style of Government

I personally have never had a lot of faith in opinion polls but I sure hope this comes to fruition at first I thought Rudd a wannabe but I am reserving my opinion on that fast.

We all know politicians get harassed, make errors but then don’t we all, the thing is this bloke Rudd has never had the chance to get into the thick of things and you Howard and your smarmy offsider are doing their best to smear him already.

We really have had enough of conservatives running the show here now all they have done is make their own bank accounts larger at the expense of pensioners and other disadvantaged folk.

Oh we have been thrown a few goodies to sweeten the blow but sadly in the wrong hands.

Never underestimate the power of the grey army Howard we made you and we can break you simple.

Giving unwed mothers a huge bonus at the taxpayer’s expense is not a good thing.

Your parents did not get government handouts nor did I indeed even you did not; not that you needed them but a lot did.

My own grandchildren received huge amounts and guess what they drank it away; where’s the benefit in that and yet if a pensioner tries to earn a few dollars he or she is penalised by cutting down their allotted rate of pension and I don’t just mean Vet’s pensions either.

You are surely but slowly whittling away our Medicare and bulk billing soon if we are not careful we shall be in much the same position as the average American battler.


A few of Whizzer's whinges

Basic human rights This is seems was signed by treaty by the US government and the Australian Government. It also it seems is being applied to David Hicks he has been charged with just one offence mark that well just the one offence of giving material support for terrorism. Such rot this type of crime was invented and made legal when Bush signed the Military Commission’s act of 2006. This is now being used against David Hicks who was captured in Afghanistan in wait for it 2001 a long time ago and bugger all to do with this act of 2006. As I read in the Melbourne Age and I agree as well doing this will violate those treaties. If David were American he could challenge this but of course he is not mind you at the same time its no good falling back on the premise that Guantanamo Bay is not America as it is technically it is a US Navy base and surely must be considered US territory like any embassy is considered. You must phone Bush NOW Howard remind him of this get in his ear about it. At this moment in time a hell of a lot of people consider David a bloke in the wrong place at the right time for the US Government maybe not then but now a lot of us do. The disgusting treatment these people who have yet to be charged is a stigma on the US Government. Oh what happened to David’s US Military lawyer by the way Bush you know Major Mori? Last I heard he was being taken to task and threatened by the US Military too many visits to Australia was one reason amongst others. Howard is only getting uppity now as he knows dam well we are sick of him and his politics if there was no election in the wind Howard would never have said all he has about the David Hicks HUGE problem. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Iran, U.S. Blame Each Other for Iraq's Conflict

Nothing new here I guess how the hell Bush can blame Iran for this is quite frankly beyond me.

Ah of course silly me I jest recalled Bush wants global domination notice how he rarely mentions China.

At one time Iraq and Iran were allies even after the little scrap they had and permitted Iraqi aircraft to land there in the aftermath of the 1991 effort against flouting flyover bans.

Now the US government and the Iranian Government are at loggerheads again.

After further reading I suspect the belief’s of a top Iranian Clerical hit the nail on the head he believes the conference is just a cloak so the USA can still meddle in the region.

Yeah I have come to the same conclusion fancy that!! I bet I am not alone either.


Not a whinge but good news for a change in my opinion.

Third stranded whale rescued

WILDLIFE officers coaxed a third whale into deeper water at Macquarie Harbour, near Strahan, on Tasmania's west coast.

A pod of sperm whales had become trapped on a sandbar inside the Harbour

Parks and Wildlife ranger Chris Arthur said the whale was escorted by rescuers into deeper water this morning.

Two other whales, both males, were guided back out to the open sea yesterday.

I find it very odd why these gentle Giants do this there have been several theories as to why it occurs of course.

They certainly tolerate us I know, the snag is this Waling by the Japanese could make them wary of us but somehow I don't think so they can sense good or evil just like us I guess.


So Bush is still going to send forces to Iraq I am wondering how he’s going to get them myself.

I read troops were being recalled ah yeah that was Blair jest recalled.

I didn’t like what I read here all the same the way I read it’s going to continue; more deaths all round, our head Honcho is much the same little arrogant so and so.

The thing is these deaths civilians and US/Brit Military are horrendous.

Things must be crook in London as well from this cartoon I got from a friend nah jest joking.

Surely its obvious by now that we were not wanted in Iraq I get all these e-mails saying support our troops I pass a few on as I like the images but in actual fact I don’t support the troops only in so far as to bring them ALL back home to their respective countries, many of whom I have not mentioned here.

Oh well roll on 2008.

On a happier note I found I had some spare cash so yesterday I went and purchased a brand new electric Frying pan with lid etc and don’t laugh a teeny fan to keep my computer monitor cool.


The kingdom of King Neptune

HMAS Brisbane revisited

Pictured here In her heyday

I did blog this last year but the bloke that took the Movie came back and dived on her again and I sure did notice a lot more fish there than the last time.

This is a great spot here to dive if you feel that way inclined warm water usually but not always depends on the season I suppose.

And to think I have sailed on this ship which has a worthy record so I read and was told by some of the crew.

I thought you would all like to see it once again she lies a few kilometres out under the sea off of Alexander Headland I guess halfway between Maroochydore and Mooloolaba.

Enjoy the beaut views


A visit from my sister and her husband

This visit did not go down so well so I cleared off back home she did not want her picture taken it was arranged to go for a beer with them that was knocked on the head a no no ; my daughter put them up plus myself but there were some unknowns in the place.

To be brief a boarding house except for her regular guy who boards there and kindly gave me his bed.

I quite liked the guy but I have met him before and we got on ok very good of him to let me use his bed I reckon not many would do that

So sadly no pictures at all oh well such is life.

It rained all the time we had an enforced late start I was ready at the crack of dawn they were not.

My daughter kept telling me my brother in law gave her a $200 Doona he said it was news to him

Personally I don’t give a flying fig


Congratulations Colonel Crandall

A bit late in the day now Mr Bush ______________________________ This award was awarded to Lieutenant Colonel Bruce P.Crandall retired U.S. Army, a bit late in my opinion almost 42 years ago. Is somebody trying to make their selves look good here and I don’t mean Colonel Crandall either. George and his administration again I shouldn’t wonder he awards him the highest Honor (I shall spell it the American way for this) the country can award; the Colonel obviously earned this award so come clean George why has his bravery gone unnoticed all these years. I have a theory as to why but I’m afraid you and your henchmen have left the Republican run for your position rather late now. The Medal of Honor is the U.S Military’s highest decoration for the benefit of non Americans who may read this. It was first awarded in the American civil war the citation reads as follows. "For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life, above and beyond the call of duty, in actual combat against an armed enemy force" It has now been awarded 3,461 times since then, prior to this it was last awarded to a USMC Corporal Jason L.Dunham sadly posthumously. A little history of the award (1) The Medal of Honor was designed in the early days of the Civil War to represent the valiant efforts of the Union Army, Navy and Marines, and (2) Over the years as the Medal has become a historic symbol of the bravest of the brave, in respect to all who have earned it, little has been done to change its design. Pictured below are the three types also called the Congressional Medal of Honor Akin I guess to the Victoria Cross awarded for Valour in the old British Commonwealth countries now just the Commonwealth of nations; Ah who cares what they are called now the thing is this brave man had to wait far too long to be recognised by his Government FAR TOO LONG `````````````````````````````````````````