Whaling from an Australian Aboriginal point of view

It seems that our true indigenous people are allowed to kill or in my book murder Whales in Australian waters I think this is wrong here is a video supposedly put out by the indigenous people in Australia and yes it looks good I agree but the fact remains that these people now living in the twenty first century are permitted to commit what I term a crime.

There is no need for this they get welfare benefits much more in value than the ordinary Australian plus they get free medical care schooling etc.

They are allowed to take turtle eggs with complete and utter abandon simply because of their traditions we of course are not allowed to do this neither do we wish to.

They are permitted to harvest the Dugong a very large marine animal and long lived; also as the article says we are making ourselves hypocrites, I totally agree.

I just thought the world should know these facts as well.

I have read these rules apply to a lot of native peoples in the northern hemisphere and don’t doubt it.

We should not allow this in my opinion I have been quick off the mark in decrying the Japanese whaling but we ourselves must stop being so hypocritical when it seems we permit it also.

This practice should be nipped in the bud right now is my view.


Australian Federal law is an ass led by an ass

I am more or less repeating what I read in the Melbourne Age today; well no not all of it; it seems that a general obligation for our federal government to protect its citizens overseas has actually never been recognised.

So it seems once again poor David Hicks has been abandoned what a terrible thing this is.

His American Military lawyer was quite surprised by this comment he thought it very annoying to see David Hicks treated in this manner un American like I think he said well yes but it is also un Australian like as well.

I notice that Dick Smith a well known Australian entrepreneur has chipped in A$10,000 towards David’s costs even though he is not a supporter of him the reason you may ask why is quite simple in this country we believe in giving somebody a fair go, David is not getting one; Dick knew this; good on yah Dick.

The Arch Bishop of Melbourne is concerned over the fact that the US government had picked on certain things in the Geneva convention to suit themselves well I concur with that what is more how can the Bush Regime refer to the Geneva convention I was not aware that Al Qaida was a signatory to this document such hocos pocus

Its about time Howard Ruddock and company you did something about this whole bloody mess now; Blair brought his back you can do the same.

Seeing as you unwillingly made this country a part of the US led coalition demand at least that he is tried in this country, at least he will be in much better conditions than in the cess pit run by the US government Guantanamo Bay.

Let him at least have the judgment of his peer’s Australian peer’s not American ones the US government is not to be trusted I mean it was never elected fairly was it well Bush was not.

This bloke is wasting away here along with many more I might add at the Bush administration’s discretion.

All of you politicians are alike all tarred with the same brush and all you really care about is your public image and money; one must never forget the money angle with you mealy mouthed lot.

The sooner you are ousted from power the better for us all.

Ruddock well he is the worst of the lot hard nosed bastard even his own daughter disowned him at some of his decisions as I recall.

Honest John yeah well he does like to parade about walking or wearing his Mao style Chinese jacket.

The simple facts remain fly over and make it known to Bush you want something done today not in a few years time.

He has been there just over 5 years now without a trial did you mention it to Deputy Dick on his unwanted flying visit? if so why have you not told us the idiots who voted you in.

At least I know I never voted for your Party and never will.


The Profile Directory of Bloggers: A Links Blog

The Profile Directory of Bloggers: A Links Blog

Would you honestly kill these? I could not

How the Japanese and not only the Japanese but certain European countries can even think about murdering these gentle giants of the ocean is beyond my comprehension.

These animals breathe air just like us play and have fun just like us have sex and reproduce just like us.

We are indeed a cruel species to do this in my opinion.

Ok so we do eat livestock you may well point out and you’d be correct but then these creatures eat as well and bear in mind all you pro whaling mobs some types of whales do indeed eat other mammals.

Are we so different I don’t think so the species shown in this video clip courtesy of lMN PRODUCTIONS and You Tube for hosting it are gentle creatures they do not wage war on others of their kind like we do if you think about it.

It has also been known for these harmless animals to help mankind in some ways; some of them have even shown gratitude to us for freeing them from careless fishermen’s nets.

And they are still hunted and MURDERED for so called research what a lot of rot sheer bloody rot

Comments are most welcome on this thorny issue I assure you so youse can all have a whinge if you wish you’ll get short thrift from me.

I now suggest you view the video on here.


Deputy Dead eye Dick lobs in toting his six guns

We all have the right to protest in our country and this sorta got a bit out of hand but I’m sorry to say we don’t need ole dead eye here or his bloody politics so I can’t really say I blamed the rioters.He will never be a Clint Eastwood Wannabe.

Frankly I wish the Vice POTUS had not come here at all we want no more talk of war at all.

Most of us just want the slaughter to end on all sides it has gone too far in my opinion.

I suppose he will address parliament I don’t know and I don’t much care to be honest but I suppose the Bush administration is a tad worried at the way the UK pulled out of Iraq or have they I did read that Prince Harry was going there Hmm. We don’t need you here we don’t need you to try and talk honest John into sending more troops to Iraq he is anyway from what I have read.

Our force in Iraq is a mere token force I know but most of the western world know it just means we agree with your policy on Iraq well we don’t and if you look a bit closer at your country you will find most of your people are sick of it now as well

Go home Dick old mate don’t wait until Sunday we don’t want you here at all unless its as a bona fide tourist then you will be welcome in the eyes of the Australian people well most of em we still have a few weirdos like you have sadly, besides you have taken my sister out of the limelight as she is visiting Sydney got in the day before you.

She is a much more welcome visitor to these shores than you will ever be in your official capacity; now as a tourist even I would greet you but not at this moment in time.



What a hoot we are not stupid Mr Howard

The reason that you are not pulling out of Iraq is because of your suck up relationship with the POTUS.

You are not following Blair’s decision because he or his henchmen have seen the light regarding British troops in Iraq the public there are sick and tired of the whole shebang to be blunt as are we here in good old Ozz; why you are not is to say the least odd; Denmark has been quoted as saying it will be pulling out of Iraq this year.

Hopefully you will be ousted long before Blair retires I can’t wait mate to see you depart the scene; as I see it if the Australian labor party get elected Rudd will only leave troops in Afghanistan he says he will not agree with the US Government on sending anymore of our troops to Iraq which lets face it are only a token force.

I have also noticed you are now enquiring about the David Hicks fiasco public opinion again there with more than enough help from bloggers on this subject; only a few months ago you were adamant you and your ministers and would not consult with the POTUS on this subject why the change of heart? Is it as our American friends say covering your ass? Too bloody right it is. Yeah it seems we the public including bloggers do have a voice after all its got you worried sport I reckon.

More delay now for David Hicks re the US Courts a human rights group will appeal this ruling so more delays however I did read that these detainees in the Guantanamo hell hole have a right under US law to challenge their detention in US Courts an appeal will be lodged shortly I believe.

These detainees are not even being held on US soil only technically as it is a US Navy base on Cuba, still is I suppose.

Sources Brisbane courier mail and MSNBC

Australia is banning the old style light globe

Some facts not mentioned in this article or not explained fully are that it will not necessarily cut down ones power bill by this action as to gain the full benefit of fluorescent lighting one must leave it on all the time as most of us know or should know the frequent switching on and off of this mode of lighting will increase your power bill make no mistake. Of course I was not aware that the normal humble light globe or bulb as some call it affects our greenhouse gas emissions at all. I also know through my history that in the 1800’s a Hungarian invented a light globe that never ever blew like our old ones we used and is locked away in a secure place in the USA and yet these globes are the ones used on military and possibly civilian aircraft makes you think huh? You know what I think I think it’s a load of old cobblers just to boost the sales of fluorescent tubes globes whatever. Just our capitalism at work is all. Now if we cut out fuel emissions from our vehicles now yes that does make sense but a light globe come on give us a break. (Malcolm Turnbull Environment Minister Australian federal government) [Live Science] and [Aussie news]


I had a sort of funny day yesterday.

I usually play pool with a good friend on Yahoo but she was not there I found which was odd so I played dominoes with a new pal and I was getting whipped but I stopped that naturally us blokes don’t take kindly to that cripes I can lie at times.

Actually I quite enjoyed it to be truthful the game ok I’m talking here.

I had to go in the end things to do an all that not computer related, anyways when I returned to my usual spot I thought I’ll give my good friend an pool playing opponent a buzz and strike me pink there she was hiding as usual under the cloak of invisibility that Yahoo provides.

Yep you got it she was on lol but she did not seem her bubbly self so me being the nosey bastard I am asked her what was wrong the reply was *oh I have the blahs* well I jest could not help it I cracked up.

Looked it up in the dictionary an found it was a North American expression nothing else so I am figuring she was jest miserable anyways I think I finally cheered her up.

We do joke around when chatting and I really thought I had offended her but hopefully it appears not although I haven’t heard from her today.

She really is a decent person good hearted and would help anybody within reason the way I read it.

I suspect a lot of folk in a certain state in the North Pacific area tend to take her for granted which in my opinion is not a good thing,

Being a true Aussie gent I thought she would appreciate this rose pictured below.


Why are we not acting on this Prime Minister?

You are a weak minded individual sir

Why do you not send one of our naval warships out there as the New Zealand spokesman for conservation cannot he says but also says the weather could turn at any moment down there; you know this you would not get off your ass to look into David Hicks until public opinion forced your hand; now it seems you are having a torrid time on that subject as most of the world knows but to return to the in my opinion illegal whaling activities ACT NOW not tomorrow but NOW.

You sent our Air Force and Navy to rescue that idiot from the UK who insists on yachting single handed around the world but not to save the pristine conditions of the Antarctic it seems.

Summon the Japanese Ambassador and make our feelings known on this matter; I do believe we are an anti whaling Nation that dam Japanese ship is just drawing attention to itself do something or are you just going to let it ride like this government did when the dam French conducted nuclear tests in our own backyard.

So I suggest you make certain the Japanese Government is mindful of us the public’s view on their arrogant attitude.

At times I do wonder who actually won the last war against these people methinks they came out in front handsomely.

Threaten them with trade agreements increase the price they pay to import our beef when or if they retaliate look into the export tariff systems.


They’d get short thrift from me if it was possible in any way that they would drown out there without upsetting the environment I’d let them not because they are Japanese but because they are killing off beautiful animals when there is no need to do so today.

All this B/S about scientific research is now a bit thin I reckon; You can buy whale to eat in Japan go there and find out; quite a few Dolphins suffer in Japanese waters did you know? well they do and are eaten.

Most of the world knows this at least the whale is protected in Australian waters; this will drag on an on knowing you

BBC ABC online


Shake rattle n roll n more

Well ok then an earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale rattled houses in the town of Denham, 800km not Bill Haley and his comet’s after all then.

No major damage at least.

As I feared re my last post KEVIN RUDD has promised that under a Labor government there would be a more independent approach towards the alliance with the US, with no automatic compliance with every aspect of its foreign policy.

Mmm this could well be a mistake for us here in Australia I don’t like the sound of it at all

We have been warned it seems by a Jewish professor to limit the intake of Moslems well I do believe we have but we don’t need this guy telling us things like this especially saying we will be swamped by Indonesians I don’t think so mate; I shudder to think of the fuss and ado if we bibbed into his affairs

This bloke it seems is on a visit to our country I do wish he would go home we try to live in harmony here hard I know but we do try without this joker’s warning.

We even have a Muslim attempting to get into the NSW parliament I read well I don’t so much mind that as long as their religion is not shoved down our throats mind you if I lived in NSW the Muslim hopeful would not get my vote to be quite frank.



It seems Colin Powell was correct after all in relation to the Iraq invasion this paper called it an adventure I don’t think so with all the deaths on both sides, that was 1991 Desert Storm look at the shocking state of affairs in that country today the deaths of women, children all civilians and foreign Military is just simply shocking

Click on the image as usual with all blogs


When 4 star General Powell at one time the US Secretary of State once warned George Bush it’s going to suck the oxygen out of everything.

General Powell by the way has a very distinguished career very distinguished even a Knight Commander of the most Honourable Order of the Bath (Honourary of course it’s a British Knighthood)

This included Afghanistan and the Taliban or as the Brits spell it Taleban; indeed our own government is much to blame on this issue.

Now good old George wants a go at Iran maybe Rudd has got a point after all;


We sure are a tough mob

I had a laugh at this it seems a bloke caught a Bronze Whaler Shark with his bare hands it was going to bite him he said THEN it turns out he had had quite a few Vodkas I read this snippet on the ABC online.

Other sources the SMH

Images Google

A news item which I think is not exactly good for us in here in Australia

It is the news that our present government after 3 years of SECRET negotiations is the building of a US Base in Western Australia the reason to help thwart terrorism all very well in principle but whatever this paper says it is mainly for the USA one wonders whether we will be privy to any data gleaned from this base will it draw the attention of these terrorists to us I personally think it will.

We seem to have a better opposition leader than I once thought as our Australian Labor Party’s Caucus was never in agreement on these types of deals and from memory are still not in agreement on such matters and the Caucus decides their policy so Rudd must have a fair bit of influence in Caucus

On the other hand the Liberal Party is in the main in agreement on most policy decisions mooted at their conferences.

So in my considered opinion it will not bode as well for the USA if the Australian Labor Party gets voted into office.

I personally am not keen on getting offside with the USA at the same time I am along with most of us here sick of our present government.

If you get elected Mr Rudd I do hope you will think of this.

I am opposed of course to the Iraq war always was but I do see the need to withdraw with a little decorum as it will lower the esteem of the USA even more so.

Think on it mate it needs to be strategically done the American Democrats I believe are of the same view remember Labor and the Democrats are from the same mould.

Face was lost over Vietnam and it looks like it will here sadly for all coalition members

Comparison of the Australian Party courtesy of Wiki

US Base courtesy of The Melbourne Age


This appears to be a full time job

Unpaid of course but who cares at my age as I sure don’t but it does seem that in between blogging e-mailing chatting to friends and playing games with one really good friend, that I spend simply hours on these machines pictured here. This one here is a computer I purchased at graysonline an Aussie mob similar to eBay in a way a great site I recommend it. Note how slim it is compared to the other one I have I was amazed how it performed as well very fast much faster than my older desktop which by the way I reformatted so it should perform much faster in my opinion. I should I think point out here that when I first started computing quite some years ago now it was my youngest son’s idea in fact he gave me one the motherboard monitor keyboard the lot. I still use it it’s the one on the far right I have of course updated it since then new case new CPU graphics card burners but I will always be grateful to him for this. He arranged the purchasing of this dinky one; it has however much more bandwidth than the first one I just paid the cash I now use this new one mainly for video editing which I found was not as easy as I thought however I shall get there in the end I never give up like a dog with a bone I guess. This I find makes a change from my usual rants on here tell you what I’ll do a rant tomorrow if I have the time of course.


Don’t get involved in our political shenanigans mate

Which is not to say I won’t yak on about yours of course Senator Obama. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How the hell Bush convinced Howard to send our troops to Iraq has us all beat sport although we do know it revolved around free trade agreements that at the time were passed over by the POTUS you are not a President yet just labelled a hopeful ok; Personally I hope Senator Clinton makes it but I read something not so good about her today also; still rather her than you about time a woman was at the helm for a change huh? I’ll tell you this as you obviously don’t know but Howard is facing an election very soon and we need as he dam well knows some sweeteners as most of the Australian public did not want to go there in the beginning. If you took those sun glasses off and took the trouble to visit our defence website you will find we are introducing conscription there are not enough of us Aussies to send the number of military Bush sent to Iraq per capita plus we have other commitments why I should have to explain such a simple thing to you is beyond my reasoning to be honest. We have a population of 20.3 M and yet the United States has a population of 298.4 M get real will yah mate, your own troops are pretty well stretched you are using your reserves I note also our defence force is at the moment purely voluntary Let’s see I am getting out the calculator ok here it is if ratios were matched to all this we should have around 8 or 9 thousand service personnel in Iraq but yeah always a but huh if we were to become a full military partner with the U S Government we would be asked to have troops in Europe, Korea and Japan as well I reckon; well most of us don’t want that and as you dam well know neither do the majority of your own people if so we would have maybe 18,000 or so I guess!! We could send more but have you stopped to think all we really want is to get the hell out of there the United Nations piss weak an organisation as they sadly are was formed for such contingencies.You need to look into this a little more before sounding off we had a Prime minister like you once made rash statements and in Parliament as well The UN are the worlds Policemen and not us or your country. Oh one other thing apart from the USA, the UK and Canada I guess you forgot your neighbour to the North did yah. How many have the Canadians got there I am including Afghanistan here stuck for words are yah? figured that and don’t forget other countries that were coerced by Bush in wilful murder either sport. I wonder what your vote in the U S Senate was on all this Hmm. Our bloke Howard probably lied as well yeah most politicians lie I have yet to meet an honest one in any country, ok the odd one might be but they are as scarce as hen's teeth These are my opinions only Source SMH

All hands on deck Pirates in the Southern Ocean

Piracy my butt payback I’d call it.


Japanese vessels often breach the rules regarding the whale sanctuary in the Southern Ocean ok the bloke went off a bit half cocked so what we all do at times if we are honest; they have no right to be whaling in the Southern ocean at all in my opinion.

Some time ago now the Japanese rammed a Greenpeace ship in the same ocean called the Arctic Sunrise shown here from a video I posted with you tube it gets really interesting towards the end and the interviewer be heard and seen, I am presuming the shouts are from both vessels.

Back to the present another ship involved with in my opinion another Japanese Whaler a Greenpeace ship was also around somewhere.

This captain one Captain Paul Watson rammed the Japanese whaler with his ship the Farley Mowat.

They the fourth estate had the hide to call him a pirate what a joke he was labeled an Eco terrorist another sick joke.

Good onyah Paul I support your action mate.

You will find all this Hoo Ha on here SMH the rubbish the Japanese put out good heavens its about time somebody with some spine stood up to them just like the free world had to do in WW11; yeah I consider it payback as well as breaching an agreement this agreement has recently been changed I believe but it is not ratified yet as far as I know.

One more thing I am not a racist re my words on payback but I hated the little jokers in them days that’s for sure.

Photo: Angela Wylie


Something a little more relaxing

I was browsing on You tube today after an horrendous night the result of a visitor who stayed the night and no it is not what you are thinking either lol.
the visitor was in fact a bloke who lives opposite and had a bottle of Wine he then drank his way through a couple of bottles of Port of mine which I have had now for 18 months or so which I drink on occasion but not often; I was feared for the fate of my Irish Whiskey I'll give you the drum my chance came to hide it when he had to go visit the Bathroom.
When he got back I tactfully suggested it was time to go beddy byes It was broad daylight by then.
I thought I was saved at one stage around midnight I guess When a friend called me up on Yahoo but it was not to be so I apologised and signed out.
When he finally departed with the sun I made a quick cup of tea and did a draft to blog as I had been on You tube at the time looking at some videos of Whales and their language
I thought they were simply great so here are two video clips of them I hope they please you as much as they did me me.



A sad fact of war

A war we should not be in either. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

These things will always happen in war incidents that have been branded friendly fire are just sheer accidents.

No matter what the member of the Idaho Air National guard said re his supposed comment "We're in jail, dude,"

There are of course today rules yes rules for this kind of thing called rules of engagement (ROE) but to my way of thinking accidents will always happen especially in a wartime engagement; I recall when friendly fire killed a lot of British troops in Korea they just happened to be American but it was a sheer accident.

I don’t recall any courts or coroners involved it was a war.

Later in Malaya now called Malaysia I recall the Royal Air Force dropping bombs on our blokes one night it too was an accident we are all human.

Stress of this kind does not help in my opinion.

According to this report SMH an earlier investigation cleared the pilots so there was no court martial for them they were cleared of wrongdoing years ago.

This all happened by the way in 2003 there is a video of the incident on here in which the British government said this video evidence should not have been leaked; I agree with that myself.

Sadly but luckily only one man was killed the language on the tape is strong but I can understand it;

I found it odd that the US military agreed to hand over this evidence to a British coroner I mean this all happened a few years ago and it has taken this long for a coroner to make a finding on the matter more like it was needed so the family of the soldier killed could use it as evidence in a law suit.

So these National guardsmen are being requested to give evidence dragging something up that they probably still have nightmares about as they will never forget it good grief.


It seems I have been corrected on my blog re the Bush budget submission.

After reading it I have to admit I did not research the subject enough; I have learnt that lesson today for sure.

This is an edited account regarding Medicaid sent to me by a friend from the USA.


Well! Now let me explain to you how Medicaid works! If you have the "Gold Card" you are entitled to free ER visits whenever you want. This silly bit of legislation was in response to some sob-sister saying she was denied care. So Medicaid recipients--and 90% of those are not working or really disabled--get free care in the ER. If Miss Medicaid makes a doctor's appointment, she has to be there at a certain time, and has a $2 co-pay. Why bother with that when you can just drop in at the ER when the movie is over? The whole premise of free ER care is that people will use some sense in deciding when a visit is necessary. Wrong! Welfare favourites—for an example a woman who came in by ambulance for an ultrasound (at 2 AM) to see how far pregnant she was, so she and her new boyfriend could plan their vacation

A woman and her son who had just flown back from a vacation at Disneyland, and although neither of them was sick, she thought they should be checked for SARS, just in case. They come for tetanus shots (free at the local clinic and you have 48 hours from the injury to get your vaccine), splinters -- the nurse could pull that splinter out--bee stings--why buy benadryl for $4 when you can get it for free at the hospital--and run up a $400 bill? The people in trouble are the "working poor", those working as clerks in Wal-Mart, or sweeping the floors at the mall. They get penalised for trying to work, by being denied any health care. They can't afford the $300 plus it takes to buy insurance and have to actually pay for the antibiotic if their kid gets an earache. They are the ones a kind nurse would find samples for or ask the doctor to order a dose given in the ER, and slip in a dose for them to take home. And the old people-- more than once medical staffs have lifted a body out of someone's car--the spouse was afraid to call the ambulance because of the expense. Private insurance requires that you call and get an OK for any medical visit or procedure. If you do not do this, they will not pay--not the very first thing you think of when your kid has a broken leg. But no call, no pay. SO--I am of the opinion that something needs to be done to stop the leaks in Medicaid--a nation-wide REASONABLE health care system with insurance for everyone could be supported on what we waste on Medicaid!

And some more than welcome info on The Gold card or what is known as the Medicaid card.

All you have to do is not be working and have a dependent child. So, getting pregnant is the key to getting the card.

It seems Most have figured that one out! If you have a child, you get welfare, free housing, food stamps and class A-1 free medical care. Not much incentive to go to work is there. It was designed for women who were left on their own to care for a family--and has become an industry in itself. And when you're maxed out with whatever number of kids your state allows, you start working on your disability--a bad back is a good one--you can't prove or disprove back pain. States vary in how many children will be supported, and of course that is challenged on the grounds of religious rights. Oregon and Idaho are quite liberal, and people are moving north from California where it is getting tighter. If a woman has a child under school age, she is not even required to look for work. So the kids are usually spaced about 5 years apart.- Men are not eligible, but will usually look for a woman with several children and free housing, and the ADC (Aid to Dependent Children) gives a cash allowance for each child--it is not generous, but all living expenses are already paid--and the Boyfriend usually ends up using this money for whatever his favorite recreation is.

I am not suggesting we cut back on the care of veterans--anyone who served the country should have free care. Anyone who is really disabled--mentally retarded, severely injured, or mentally ill should be cared for--and they are getting the least care as they are not able to figure out the system.

Here's an insurance approval story, speaking of the mentally ill. I heard a nurse was taking a break from ER and working in a psychiatric ward. The hospitals in town had consolidated, and the smaller one was now the psych facility. Admission of patients required that the patient travel across town for a physical evaluation in the ER first. It was a large city, so it was some distance. A man showed up at the psych hospital, obviously disoriented, hearing voices, and threatening to hang himself--and he had a rope with him! This particular nurse was called to the lobby to deal with this. The guy was indeed psychotic, and had scars on his wrists and neck from a previous suicide attempt. His wife, who was out of town, was working, so he had insurance through her job. The nurse called to try and get approval for ambulance transportation to the main hospital. Now the people you talk to when you call are not medical people they are trained by the insurance company to enforce the company's rules. The situation was described in some detail, and it was suggested to send him by a bus. It was explained he was psychotic and disoriented, and travel by bus was dangerous for him and the general public at large. The reply was "Well, he'll just have to drive himself." "But he's intent on hanging himself!” explained the nurse. "the reply","Can't you take the rope away from him?" this actually happened.

This may give you a better understanding of our medical system.


After reading this I felt duty bound to post it and I must admit it shocked me somewhat.


Is this joker for real?

Yeah I do believe he is. But will he get the go ahead Mm well that remains to be seen I guess one could liken this state of affairs to the mess Gough Whitlam Australian Prime Minister in 1975 put forward in his budget to the tune of borrowing what were called in those turbulent times Petro Dollars to the tune of A$400.Billion needless to say the Senate turned it down. This caused the supply or budget bill to be denied, 32 years ago now but folk still talk of it. The amount proposed by the President of the United States is to me simply a horrific figure 2.9 Trillion Dollars good heavens it makes the mind boggle even though there are many more people in America than Australia. Whitlam was fired by the then Governor General Sir John Kerr causing Whitlam to say dreadful things and calling him in public Kerr’s Cur; strangely Kerr was a supporter of Whitlam’s party the Australian Labor Party possibly a member I cannot recall now In this case things are slightly different the problem is Bush is the head of state he cannot fire himself but the congress or senate (correct me if I am wrong here please) can with a process called impeachment; this process of course can take a long time. The way Bush is doing this seems to me very evil and he is in fact denying better medical treatment to the folk who need it the most the disadvantaged and battlers as we call them in Australia or to be blunt the poor, I believe this is called the Medicaid programme but it also would mean worse medical treatment for retired folk and disabled. The proposals about sending more military overseas must surely be questioned by his own party if it goes on at the rate Bush wants hardly anybody would be left to defend the USA in the UNLIKELY EVENT of an attack. Surely he does not want to leave his office like this I know I wouldn’t This budget by Bush is indeed full of debt and deception as the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee Kent Conrad, said America cannot afford this the people cannot afford it. I read all this on MSNBC it makes for interesting reading there is also a video on there of the President doing his thing or trying to; I rant about our top bloke I know but he is not as bad as Bush YET at least I truly believe if the Republican Party had got in a month or so ago America’s esteem would have slumped to an all time low thank goodness the Democrats regained control. I have read he can still be impeached even though it takes a long time but after other previous impeachment proceedings on other officials of high office which really did not turn out as they should have done I find it extremely unlikely he will be impeached. My opinion of course.


Something a little different for youse all

Hows about a cruise on Sydney Harbour which was in the beginning a harsh penal colony.

Today Sydney Named after Lord Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales I lived there at one time myself and I recognised certain things in this video clip courtesy of Annieet Martin who strangely enough is from Quebec Canada on a world tour and posted it on you tube I heard his French as well.

There is the famous coat hangar of course the Opera house, Luna Park a replica of HM Barque Endeavour and at the end two of our aboriginal people playing the Didgeridoo and they were wrapped in coats so it must have been winter down in Sydney which can get very cold at times.

So enjoy please it makes a pleasant change from the stuff I usually rave on about.

American presidential elections

How America elects its President's

I did learn something new on reading this report from the BBC it seems Americans do not directly elect the nominees they the voters do not, technically, participate in a direct election of the president. They choose "electors", who are pledged to one or another candidate. This is known as the Electoral College.

In almost every state, the winner of the popular vote gets all the Electoral College votes in that state.

So it seems a candidate can win the presidency without winning a popular vote.

Something I did not know I found this info very interesting and to me as an Australian very strange indeed.

It seems the road to the White House is long, complicated and expensive according to this report I read on the BBC News.

Regarding the election itself these are always held on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November.

It apparently costs a heck of a lot of Dollars on the campaign trail, delegates chosen in the State primaries select the nominee but the party usually knows who has won by then.

I have to be honest here I really cannot understand a bar of it but thought I would try and explain to some folk in other countries who are as dim witted as me on this subject.

All I really know about it is that the present incumbent and we all know who that is; is finished as he cannot hold office for more than two terms although this was not always the case so I read once.

So with a bit of luck Americans may well see its first woman President from what I have read at least.

And the reign of George the second will be gone hopefully for ever.

A very strange thing has just occurred to me America defeated a George the third when they declared their independence in 1766 their final victory was at Yorktown in 1781 well to be honest I did know that little snippet.

Oh well


Here we go again more studies and weird stuff

You won’t believe this will yah scientists are now researching how we smell I could give em a few reasons ONE we have a nose a bloody obvious one yeah I know.

TWO did we have a tub this morning.

THREE this mob here are just telling us what we all flaming well know I mean who really wants or needs to know the sniffing process get real youse mob will yah.

This one is from the Uni of New London it doesn’t matter which Uni I reckon it’s just a load of B/S and yeah that can smell to high heaven; put them on to studying Elephant’s crap course; they will need step ladders to research that thoroughly them big jokers eat a lot I know I have seen it.


On this same site I read that while government leaders argue about the practicality of reducing world emissions of carbon dioxide, engineers and scientists are trying to find out about cement; it seems cement accounts for around 8% of our total carbon dioxide emissions.

A croc of garbage I reckon when you look at other things that DO cause emissions and therefore climate change.

Quite frankly I reckon we have left this problem a bit late now thanks to certain world leaders dragging the chain on this subject

I really love this one a Dutchman was fined $97,000 for spam it seems he e-mailed 9 BILLION Cripes for erection pills we all know it is Viagra like the site says there probably is a headache pill spam message awaiting him in his junk mail folder


Well this Sheila never smelt that’s for sure after 4 days in a bathtub in Linz still I guess the water froze over or something still firemen rescued her from her plight not funny really as the lady in question was over 80 years of age, it seems neighbours heard knocking noises one lucky lady.

From the same site I found one filthy bastard who was wanking in a men’s rest room eyeing up other users using the facilities provided in a proper manner bloody pervert

A prominent public health expert name of Tilson a Doctor no less 67 years old as well no Viagra for him then he doesn’t need it.

Plus this little error ah well accidents do happen just think if this had happened to one of us a huge law suit would be on the cards

A surprise Chimp Born at La. Sanctuary

In a mysterious bit of monkey business, a female at a chimpanzee sanctuary has given birth, despite the fact that the facility's entire male chimp population has had vasectomies.

Ah somebody just felt sorry for one of em I reckon at least this Chimp was not like this Tilson joker.



An addition to my climate change post.

Last week’s news of top CEOs telling Bush to get his climate act together was the beginning of the end of the global warming argument, I read here. Today’s news of a 113-nation agreement on human contribution marks the actual end. If you read it in detail it seems it is really going to get wooly ok I know I won’t be around but many folk will be and just think of the unborn children that will face this bleak looking future, it seems TEN MORE NATIONS since 2003 have now jumped on the bandwagon, let us hope there will be more. What with all the starving nations and warring factions this one is just as bad if not worse for all Mankind note please I will not be politically correct I am aware it is now called Humankind but frankly I don't give a Brass Razzoo, my children will tell you that. The evidence for climate change is definitely unquestionable. It is racing along because we have obviously aided and abetted it But it’s nice to know that 113 governments on this planet are finally ignoring the arguments against global warming and at least trying to do something about it begin dealing with that and at least this planet stands a chance.

Climate change

I guess it is all connected with global warning. IS THIS OUR FAULT AS HUMANS? Yes I do believe it is; I discussed this very briefly with a friend of mine from Idaho today who asked for my take on it so I figured on blogging it as I know she reads my blog. I sourced it from the BBC but there are many other sites who say similar things. I can recall once on a visit to the UK in 1987 to see some kin of mine one of my brothers there scoffed at my suggestion at the hole we had in our ozone layer in the Southern Hemisphere was caused by fluorocarbons and said he was not concerned with our plight; I notice there is or was one in the Northern Hemisphere but my brother being the man he is or was did not care one iota; a selfish man a very selfish man indeed. I checked of course on this site before making a fool and liar of myself Ozone hole repairs and it does appear as though it is gradually working the hole up in the Northern Hemisphere it seems is quite large now I wonder how that brother of mine feels now nothing probably. Evidence that these holes were dwindling actually led the major industrialised nations to cooperate in reducing production so all up there were 93 nations hopefully more now. This chart below is some indication I guess. The predictions do not look good I’m afraid IPCC PROJECTIONS Probable temperature rise between 1.8C and 4C Possible temperature rise between 1.1C and 6.4C Sea level most likely to rise by 28-43cm Arctic summer sea ice disappears in second half of century Increase in heatwaves very likely Increase in tropical storm intensity likely. I know I did read once that by around 2035 or so it would be terribly hot here in Australia so I guess the same could be said of countries in the Northern Hemisphere. It is happening without a doubt ice bergs are already melting one wonders at times whether other stuff we do like mining and drilling helps as the Earth is tilting more and more on its axis. What about all these mining companies and oil companies who are benefiting from huge profits as indeed are our governments; do they really care? Personally I don’t think so as long as their bank accounts get fatter why would they complain yeah why indeed a good question. It is my considered opinion these so called fat cats look further than their bank accounts as the day will surely dawn when their own dependants will be just like the rest of the common herd all because of GREED.

Interesting stuff

This features a Bridge in the state of Washington called the Canal Hood bridge renamed of course what isn’t.

It opened on August 12 1961 and is I believe the world’s longest pontoon bridge, the floating section stretches

6520 feet which in my measurements and in most of the modern world is 1.987296 kilometres the total span is in fact 7,869 feet (2.3984712 kilometres)

Renamed in 1977 after Washington’s Director of Highways to the William A Bugge Hood Canal Bridge it is not called that by the locals I have been told in fact I hate this name changing rubbish it brings to mind Cape Canaveral and LaGuardia Airport which were both renamed at least it has gone back at Cape Canaveral and Former President F Kennedy is still honoured there as the space centre is called that now, but I digress back to this Bridge which I have been told is the subject of many traffic jams (nothing new there we all get em) especially when the Bridge is opened to allow a Submarine through pictured here the USS Ohio SSBN-726

The Washington State Department of Transportation I read is a pioneer in designing and building floating bridges, and holds the record for the first and the longest floating bridges. Four of the 11 permanent floating bridges in the world are in the Puget Sound region; I wonder did they pioneer the Pontoon Bridge at operation overlord on D Day June 6 1944 Hmm oh well just a thought I reckon it was the US or Brit Sappers that did that one not to worry on with the Hood Bridge.

I did read on here that the west half of the bridge sank in 1979, the costs for replacement of the west half and rehabilitation of the east-half was $143 million. The bridge reopened in October 1982 after three years of construction; lots of cash there courtesy of the Washington taxpayer’s no doubt!! The original cost to build it was it seems $26.6 million.

As I delved further into this I found it connects the Olympic Peninsular and the Kitsap Peninsular across the Hood Canal and is only the longest in this type in the world in a saltwater tidal basin and the third longest bridge that floats

If you click here it shows the traffic this Bridge is a vital link for all residents’ commuters etc.

While I’m raving on about Bridges I might as well mention Australia’s most well known landmark.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge it’s the world’s largest steel arch Bridge but not the longest that honour goes to the new Lupu Bridge opened in Shanghai China a dead ringer for our old coat hanger by the look of it; those jokers would copy anything compare it here ours is the top image naturally.

Now our coat hangar as the Sydney Harbour is affectionately called; yeah well being typically Australian the opening was unique and was done twice, in March 1932 the NSW premier of the day John Lang did not have the time or wits yeah wits would be right here the stupid Galah officially declared it open instead of cutting the special ribbon for this historic event so this other joker whom you gotta admire I reckon Captain Francis De Groot of the new guard just slashed it with his sword Bridge History.

Sadly De Groot was arrested taken to a psychiatric hospital; he was declared sane of course and why not he did get fined 5 quid but; I dunno how much in dollars with inflation but it would have been about ten bucks so nothing to write home about really.

Anyways after all this malarkey Lang officially opened an already opened bridge and after a huge pageant they actually allowed the public to walk across it what a hoot.

Costs a bloody fortune to drive over it today I know that yeah folks it’s a toll bridge and when I worked in Sydney in the 60’s the bridge was still being paid for as a Scottish mob built it I heard.

Well I’m done for the day