Spammers and your guestbook

Or Project Honey pot as it’s known as

A strange name to be sure but it is only a name and as long as it does what is designed to do who cares what it is called I sure don’t.

This is all related to E-guestbooks on your blog or website and its function is to catch spammers.

It does this by you installing code on your site that is invisible to us mere humans BUT is visible to spam robots, so I guess you could say us idiotic humans caused this so what’s new?

Still these guys have come up with what is hopefully a cure for spam but only on blog or websites, I must stress this.

Mind you if your address is on your site well then it will be found as e-mail addresses are in fact sold to unscrupulous folk who then bombard you with spam.

This project is run in conjunction with your guestbook only ok.

It even gives IP addresses of suspected spammers and shows you how to find them.

There is also an e-mail address you can send your spam to and they will look into it "


So all you bloggers out there should I hope find this of interest.

I did at one time have an e-mail and Blogging friend who denied getting spam mail; still I can believe it as the secrecy of this friend was amazing I don’t think she had a lot of mail to be honest.

Comments are most welcome as always.


Some lessons learned

Harsh ones at times

I have been dabbling with eBay and OZtion (an Aussie auction site) well I use the Australian eBay site too for obvious reasons.

I mean I live in this sunburnt country

I am afraid I went overboard with this Auction business and now have three soon to be four computers at home and three more at my sons place.

I have called a halt to this two I gave to my son one he is using as a server he told me.he is using the other for his personal computer.

The third one he has is my original computer that he kindly gave me but I stuffed it up whilst experimenting making a partition on the drive so I could install Ubuntu an alternative to Microsoft windows.he is going to try fix the Bios but fears the worst. my own stupid fault I hat a lot of data on it as well . yes you twigged it I never made a back up so remember peoples make one for peace of mind.

My e-mail inbox is now full of mail from auction sites telling me what is being auctioned etc.

I have purchased some bargains it is true but my son says I will not make a profit re selling them again.

I am afraid he seem right but I shall still keep the best two plus my old one for menial tasks like burning DVD;S and also CD’S now and then Endeavour to sell them; all the same, I shall never get to the USA if I keep this up.

I want to visit there and Canada as well before I vanish from this mortal coil I tell yah.

My days now are filled with memory chips larger hard drives stuff like that; not to mention software like windows and office in fact I sadly bought a Sata 250 Gig hard drive brand new. Still in the box but not for long.

What my cleaning lady thinks I have no idea but when she pops in every 14 days her cry is good grief another one it must drive her bloody bonkers.

So you know about New Year resolutions right well mine is starting early this year, in fact it started as I put these words up on my blog and that’s fair dinkum.

My oath it is.

I am annoyed the partitioning never worked out all the same as I want to see Ubuntu.

Comments most welcome


Hanging in there Just

These two are soooo lucky they are still here the idiot on the left will hopefully be gone from the political scene here in Australia before Christmas, the other has to go next year 2008 is his limit.

Actually, I never wanted the self-styled World’s Police Commissioner to come here at all along with most Australians, but he has to as he represents America in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit or APEC as it is usually called

In fact, in a first for us here the USA was permitted to use their secret service officials armed. I reckon they have done it before personally.

This goes against all our laws here but I can understand the reason, this of course does not mean to say I like the circumstances, as I do not.

I wonder if other world leaders who visit the USA are allowed the luxury of having armed bodyguards!! I would say yes though as sadly the USA is in my view gun mad at times.

APEC, was established in 1989 to further enhance economic growth and prosperity for the region, and to strengthen the Asia-Pacific community, so a good idea for all concerned.

I do hope that the red Chinese are taken to task over its policies but I doubt it as what is getting most people annoyed with Communist China has actually nothing to do with APEC’S agenda at all; still while all these nations are together I reckon it is a good idea to bring up things like the Kyoto protocol.

Global warming and all that jazz; get stuck into that while they are all at the conference table is my view.

This war in Iraq which I think could well spread to include Iran is something else again; these two dill’s have and will be discussing this mark my words, most of us are now sick of reading about it; what stuck in my craw was the way our foreign minister described the views of our defence forces.

To quote Downer “Australian soldiers do not wish us to pull out of Iraq” unquote sadly he may well be right BUT for all the wrong reasons.

The real reason I reckon is that they get a large sum of money tax free to go to Iraq, Afghanistan and other trouble spots.

I do wish those things had applied to me when I did my time as a soldier but no I signed on the dotted line to serve her Majesty’s forces just like the ones today I am still wondering if I did something wrong or was it a progress thing, silly me of course it was.

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A good day for me today

Happy Father’s Day you blokes

Yep Father’s day here in Australia,

Daughter took me to lunch I had to buy the grog of course but the tucker was good and I got a decent bottle of port as well so all up a good day,

The card made me smile have a squiz lol inside it said

From the kid who always tried to get off on a technicality.

Lotta truth in that I tell yah lol

The youngest son has made me smile as well as you can see.

On the inside, it said on the outside there is a lot of BULL oh well happy Father’s day anyway lol.

I appreciated them both