I stepped outside this morning and boy was it hot..humid as hell and I had to go get some groceries...that sort of thing. My mood was hot and mad after I took the wrong road...not really my fault as...you wouldn't read about it roadwork’s loomed up. them things are everywhere Guess my mind was not on the road...well it wasn't I know this...anyways I carried on cuz in my mind some place a voice kept saying go to the shopping mall there...you need a change I though yeah why not my usual joint has a monopoly where I live…which I reckon is a bit crook…after driving around and around I finally got a parking place. Gets out of the car the heat hit me like a ton of bricks…50 swearwords later I was in blissfully cool air-conditioned surroundings…after a run in with the assistant in the delicatessen…I calmed down. This is good I thought my other store doesn’t have all the goodies this mob has…that’s when the fun started. My usual brand of a apple juice was nowhere to be seen…I saw a young bloke having a swig of apple juice ah then I spotted it way way up on high…damned if I could reach it…got it I thought grabs my walking cane…(this cane has a history some low down thief flogged it off me when my back was turned rotten mongrel) where was I oh yeah as I was saying I grabs my newbie all aluminium job reaches up yanked at the drinks …three cartons tumbled down…how I missed them I’ll never know…but they clobbered some guy WHACK…lucky for me he was just shocked and stunned…we had a beer together when I finally got home…yeah he lives near me. Off I goes again and I’m not lying but I spotted a gal looked like my daughter from the back…hiya babe I sez…nearly got a smack in the mouth...lucky there but…she spotted the cane…yeah the newbie cane…I hope the mongrel who flogged it off of me gets the treatment I narrowly avoided. Going through the aisle that has clocks… stuff like that I recalled an e-mail I had once where this joker used to set off the alarms on em and watch for reactions…yep so I did that…sheer bedlam..when asked by the store manager a baby faced pimply kid if it was me…I just blew up…me I sez do you seriously think that a 73 year old bloke like myself would do that…I heard oohs and ahs everywhere…some bloke took him to task over it…must have just come in before the soft drink crisis…I left em to it…I just meandered my merry way through the aisles. Got to the aisle that has canned meat…canned vegies that sort of stuff had a squiz see if anyone was in it…lucky Mick I thought and started to bowl some cans down to the end of the aisle...all went ok for a while…still sorting out the clock bizzo I s’pose…it couldn’t last of course…they tried like hell to find me but I sneaked into the butchery department quick smart asked the butcher could he cut a joint of beef in two…no worries mate he sez…I followed him in chatted to him about next to nothing..to stay away from the commotion outside…what’s going on out there mate have squiz through that window would yah…just some pimply kid getting ticked off it looks like sez yours truly…oh him he’s just the under-manager….he hasn’t got a clue not a brain cell in his head…I reckon your right mate shifty lookin bloke too I sez…you got that right he sez…fancy a cup of tea in my office? Too right thanks old mate…at this stage I just wanted to get out of the store….in the end I had to go of course…my shopping trolley was still there...I took off my hat and glasses wandered nonchalantly to the far end cash register and wonder of wonders. The kid with all the zits could not be seen…however it was still being talked about by the gals on the registers…what happened to this guy I asked…boss gave up looking she sez but how he vanished has us all baffled. He found the butchery department door closed…which he found strange…yair a bit odd that I told her As I collected the goods I just couldn’t resist saying so what did this joker look like…oh about your age but he had glasses…that’s a hell of a thing for a bloke to do cripes…tell me about she sez. Oh well I said have a nice day..ok you too came the reply… Off I toddled free as bird...but had to hide in the gents when I spotted zit face giving me a hard look in the car park...I made it home had a couple of beers with the bloke I knew...enjoy your day I enjoyed mine...but it had its moments


The American Civil War

____________________________________________________________________ The American civil war of 1861-5 was a rather important happening pitting Americans against Americans…It revolved around slavery and the disagreement of the south’s refusal to give up what amounted to cheap labour, Sound familiar to you!! Thought so it does to me as well The southerners today yeah... Lots of them have huge assets which their kin acquired by the use of slaves If an agreement had been reached, in hindsight there would have been no war…the war itself was set off by the states that owned slaves (YES NEGRO'S OWNED LIKE DOGS) to accept the decision of the 1860 Presidential election…which had seen the first Republican candidate, Abraham Lincoln, sweep the northern states but did not gain a single electoral vote in the South… From December 1860-February 1861 seven states in the Deep South passed ordinances of secession, occupied federal installations, and called out their militias. These states set up their own Confederacy with a pro-slavery constitution headed by a Confederate president, Jefferson Davis, and this new government located its capital initially at Montgomery, Alabama. ( later it was moved to Richmond Va) The rebel government was eager to remove the two remaining federal outposts on their territory, at Pensacola in Florida and at Fort Sumter in Charleston harbour. After a stand-off lasting four months, the Confederacy bombarded Fort Sumter in Charleston harbour on 12-13 April 1861. Lincoln asked for 75,000 volunteers…it was reckoned quite wrongly it would not last for long…the confederacy was extremely large…a naval blockade was decided on…even submarines were used…very brave guys considering the conditions…in actual fact the civil war was a kind of testing ground for today’s submarines…in the end the union mustered up more,so the 75, 000 volunteers were soon supplemented, and by the 1st of July 1861 300, 000 men had been raised, the majority for three years. Jefferson Davis had succeeded in raising 200, 000 Confederate volunteers by August 1861. These hosts on both sides were difficult to command. The men believed that they were civilians in uniform and enjoyed all their previous rights; they were not deferential to their officers, who were often elected. Many incompetents had to be weeded out by commission’s boards…as usual politicians not only bibbed in with orders they actually got their selves commissioned....nothing has changed there I notice

All the time the Brits were featured buying cotton picked by slaves naturally...that cruddy little Island may have done a lot in colonising the world...it also stuck its nose in to things that really did not concern them. They were still annoyed no doubt that they lost the war between colonial America and their selves...plus France stuck her oar in too A different matter today where bullshitter Brown their PM is crawling up Obama's a**. But I digress. The civil war had cost 620, 000 American soldiers' lives (360, 000 Union and 260, 000 Confederate), although two-thirds of these were victims of disease not bullets. The economic damage inflicted on the South was enormous. Total southern capital, heavily invested in now-demonetised slaves, shrank by 46 per cent, whereas northern capital grew by 50 per cent. In 1860 the slave states contained 30 per cent of the total wealth of the USA; by 1870 this figure had slumped to 12 per cent. The war's political significance was enormous: the issue of secession was dealt with once and for all; slavery was abolished. This is only a brief outline of the civil war...I did find out that Australians and New Zealanders (plus the Irish) fought in this war...but I have no idea as to which side they were on

What worries me is that the way things are going at the moment in the United States, there could well be another one...just my opinions and comments are welcome


The possibility of a Double Dissolution in September 2010 Australian elections

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has told reporters that some agreement is still possible in key climate talks in Copenhagen despite major disagreements in over one hundred provisions…at the moment 747 we the people here in Australia think you should cut your B/S and think long and hard about our spiralling interest rates. Copenhagen can go on hold so should all the money (ours not yours) you have decided in your wisdom to bestow on the Girl Guide movement… (Sorry girls you will have to wait I’m afraid for a while…until this Ragbag gets his facts and priorities in order). Right so first up we want our troops brought back from Afghanistan (you were voted in on this pledge) you ratted out instead…I fervently believe at least, I’ll take that back you sent more because Obama (another spendthrift with his people’s money) asked you to. Now most of us think that you a multi millionaire (a battler’s man what crap) should spend start spending your cash for worldly jaunts…you have deep pockets, to be blunt an abyss. Now you are toying with the possibility of a double dissolution so as to give you more control…meanwhile things are getting expensive for us to purchase…power is rising by 60%...still I don’t suppose it will bother a silver tail like yourself…BUT I do wonder whether the GG you picked might do a John Kerr on you it happened to Gough REMEMBER him…oh of course you were a diplomat to Red China you may have wiped it from your memory banks Why your popularity has suddenly shot up beats the likes of us downtrodden serfs. Take what is known as the welfare or social security benefits my only two granddaughters have never known what a job is… what is worse they never intend to work…the youngest is 25 or 26 not married no kids (I thought this a disgrace that they have never worked)…still you 747 prop them up with the taxpayers cash why should they, this is how they think…my oldest son and my grandson are even smarter…they draw cash from you and also work on the sly…thank God my other two are not like them. 2010 will be the horror budget so I reckon the government will probably hold an election about March next year (The Rat has until October) If it comes to the double dissolution I’m afraid all could be lost for genuine law abiding citizens here. The main thing and I think most of us want is our troops brought back from foreign wars…THAT WAS YOUR ELECTION PLEDGE REMEMBER it conveniently slipped your mind as usual. Another thing that really gets up my nose (I’m not alone on this one) is you taking control of what internet sites we can see…who the hell do you think you are, doing a Red China again yeah well it stick out like dogs testicles to me. You know you remind me of that Brit politician Jim Callaghan he was an oily heap of **** just like you or a smooth talking politician...take your pick Here is an image of you sucking up to Clinton