Obama and Bin Laden

I was actually pleased to hear of the silencing of the world’s most wanted man…I was not however wrapped in the dubious way in which it was done.

Many people are of a similar opinion, as to photos of his demise I care not one way or the other. What did worry me was the articles by Glenn Greenwald referring to the Nuremberg principles See here The Nuremberg principles and Benjamin Ferencz this 92 year old ex-combat soldier who was also a prosecutor at the war crimes tribunal. What he stated made perfect sense to me; Michael Newton also a lawyer from Tennessee came on after Benjamin Ferencz who had similar views in some respects but not all. Now think back if you are old enough or know your history…war criminals were given a fair and just trial. OK so you may think ah that was in wartime possibly you could be right; I do not think so however. These days in times of terrorism could be different but in my opinion should not. After 9/11 Bush went gung-ho into Afghanistan he publically declared Iraq is next. If you cast your minds back Saddam Hussein was given a fair trial he did not think so but he did receive one. I moot that this will be argued for quite a few years but the fact remains he was not captured and brought to trial and he should have been. This action has caused a bit of a rift between the US government and the Republic of Pakistan, justified by the Americans but not by their ally Pakistan. In lots of ways the US government tend to roughshod over a lot of the world: A very bad habit sadly. Comments are welcomed