Update on Skin head attack

Here is an update I found images of the two mongrels that did this despicable act,damn racists so here they are courtesy of the courier press read it here

Further to this it matters not what their parents say (parents stick up for their offspring) they should be gaoled for terrorism in my honest opinion never mind what the director of the Southern Poverty Law Centre says.


American Skinheads or neo nazis

Two men one only just of legal age have been arrested in the USA for planning plots which included robbing an arms store and targeting a high school in America. Most of the students were African American apparently Agents today thwarted these plans, skinheads naturally and racists. It seems these two rotten species of humanity planned to shoot 88 black people and to cut the heads off of 14 more; I read these 2 numbers are symbolic in the white supremacy movement. After these disgraceful events they decided to go on and kill many people ending up with Obama as their last target. What a terrible thing to do the mind boggles although I have heard from a few people Obama could get assassinated God knows why We live in a terrible world today and it seems to be getting worse this sort of thing has to stop. Whatever your political preferences you should be allowed to vote in peace without one eye in the back of your heads. This happens to be the 21st century and not the 19th. My country gets scum like these two jokers as well it just seems more prevalent in America because of its vast population compared to ours. The full story can be read here in the Brisbane courier mail


Political correctness

Well it would seem our esteemed Prime Minister and the leader of the Opposition have decided to carry on with the tradition of saying the Lord's prayer at the start of each day of federal parliament and so they should. We don't need to go down the road the USA is doing much to the chagrin of its citizens This bloke should butt out being in a minority the Australian Greens want the prayer replaced with a period of reflection and a conscience vote in both houses on the issue. Yes well I am not against being green at all but what it has to do with the Lord’s Prayer in a Christian nation has got me beat Still the greens always were a bunch of wankers probably always will be. We don’t need their idiotic ideas just because we have other religions here. I don't really care about the other religions; I don't suppose they much care about ours either. If the other religions including the green bloke don't like it they can always clear off I won't miss em, neither will many more either. It is all on here at the Herald Sun for more info. Being a greenie has got nothing to do with the religion of a Christian country wake up you dorks for goodness sake and stick to saving whales and such I am in total agreement with that. Next thing some clown will be pushing for us to say happy holidays instead of merry Christmas this bloke I bet the Australian Greens leader Bob Brown who is as nutty as a fruit cake