Before I get stuck in to you Mr. Premier your record so far. Hospitals waiting Lists in an appalling state and getting worse. Your proposed cut in stamp duty while commendable will be at the expense of folk waiting for surgery I presume! The $54 million proposal for parenting, reading and school safety I suppose that will be at the expense of folk who need surgery as well? Explain parenting please; I understood it to be raising a family well families are raised always have been and always will so for starters that is the weakest lamest thing I have ever read and you propose $54 million good grief man do you honestly think we are dimwits. Now lets see what other hare brained scheme you mooted ah here’s another new environmental walks in three areas of the state one of which is mine. This is not fully explained; what do we want that for exactly local councils can do stuff like that out of the rates they charge which strangely enough in my area are spiraling out of control. Getting worse than the Gold coast here but you want to allocate money towards it at the expense of senior citizens because they and the disadvantaged suffer the most. Also these men and women on the councils are paid huge payments rate payer's money again so tax payers as well. In fact I had quite a shock to read somewhere that the local Mayor of the Sunshine Coast who also has full time employment receives around $10.000 a year one wonders if this is a tax free payment I do at least. I guess what I am trying to say here is get rid of all these petty councilors put government managers in with orders to CUT COSTS, that way at least you would have some justification for all this allocation of money which has really been available all along, you would not make a good poker player mate that's for sure. I am not accusing my local council or administration if you like but I do recall in NSW some Sydney administration was taken over by the state government of that state; things ran a lot smoother after that it even happened to the Lord Mayor’s administration in the City of Sydney. Its time Peter to ponder on these rash statements of yours at the expense of the disadvantaged; and we are many. $60 million I see you have rashly stated for extra buses for Brisbane (naturally) the Gold coast and a southern suburb called Logan and here’s the kicker only 487 additional hospital beds spaced out over 5 years only 487 beds Good grief what the hell is wrong with you. Instead of allocating money off the top of your head think of folk like that for a change. I have always voted labour as a matter of principle as I loathe conservatism but I am now having a long think about this maybe independent is the way to go if some managed to get elected your grandiose plans could well be thwarted a plan it seems at our expense. One more whinge and I’m through. Where oh where have you been squirreling this money as it has been in the Qld coffers or should have been methinks some thing is rotten in the state of Denmark Ur Sorry Queensland; you pork barreled the money somewhere just get off your high horse with the B/S Pete. [Brisbane Courier Mail] ````````````````````````````

More Plutonian capers

This mission is well to say the least obsolete. I very much liked the tact and diplomacy of NASA’S Administrator Michael Griffin in his statement regarding the New Horizons spacecraft on its mission to the now whittled down solar system due to be launched in January 2007 Thanks to all those astronomers from the International Astronomical Union who in my opinion have royally stuffed up their decision to revamp the solar system to their way of thinking not that I will pay them any heed; bunch of morons. At least this mission will go on thank goodness; yes I know it will cost a lot of money; money that at one time I thought was wasteful but I have changed my opinion somewhat as when you think about it humankind is always seeking new knowledge, we would never have progressed like we have if we were not curious it’s In our nature I guess and just a thought it could well be possible to dump that bloke who despises Israel what’s his name now ah yes the Iranian Ahmadinejad that’s the bloke on the now reduced in rank Pluto. Thankfully then we should hear no more of this upstart who it seems will not gel with the rest of the world (he needs a shave as well) where was I? Ah yes the new horizons mission, it seems that scientists are captivated by Pluto so that must be the 90% who were for some odd reason denied the right to vote on that stupid decision to downgrade such a beautiful looking planet as depicted in an earlier post of mine yes a planet in my opinion to a dwarf. I just hope I am still alive to see the expected images in 2015 that hopefully will be beamed back to Earth {we are a planet and not a dwarf I hope} well one never knows with the IAU around. Space aircraft and ships sort of hold a fascination for me I know not why they just do. I read all this on[ here] and it makes for very interesting reading. It also states that Pluto orbits the sun every 248 years and has a moon or two, sadly it also uses the dreaded word Dwarf; strangely it also states that Earth is a misfit in all this; I find that odd very odd. Ah well roll on 2015 ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````


Hey get this that mongrel Hair is sooo sorry re that e-mail

Too late matey you have done your dash and I hope heaps of the fourth estate front up on your door step. Remember that old saying LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP yeah well I have never forgotten it. My Dad taught me well and it sunk in, with you it obviously hasn’t sunk in and you are still one greedy mongrel as well. Some of your dubious umpiring decisions I in fact agreed with but brother you are low as I said in another blog rant a few days ago AND it is being read as well; these things tend to get around sport stop over there with the Poms ok. You are a disgrace to Australian umpires Pommy ones as well no doubt! I am only wondering what that excellent if not the worlds best umpire at the time DICKY BIRD thinks of all this a Pom of course and a fair man at that. Doctor W, G Grace would have had a few words to say to you methinks if this had been in his day; you do know who I mean I hope THE FATHER OF ENGLISH CRICKET All cricket I think. pictured below. Even our players were very respectful when playing against the old enemy. You sir are not a gentleman. [Source] ``````````````````````````````````````````````````

For Folk who wish to comment but cannot

This is just a tip for anyone who looks at this Blog or mine or indeed any other blogs as there are millions of us out there. If you wish to leave a comment click on comments; a form will open up make your comment and then to post it on here so the author of the blog can read it and reply back if it is deemed necessary. So if you are not a Blogger and only have e-mail just click on sign in as anonymous leave your initial or whatever as the Blogger most likely knows you. Here are some pictures to show you after you have clicked on comments. Hopefully you will manage it and just as a thought you could consider blogging yourself if you have the time that is. I find it much more interesting than forwarding jokes and indeed you can learn a lot from this experience I know I have all thanks to a friend I write to. You can also when you go to a Blog browse through other ones usually you can do this at the top right of the page. If you click on each picture it will be full size most of them are I have found. you will then be able to see what I meant. ENJOY. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````

Where I live

Here are a few pics of my local beaches and river in Maroochydore Queensland Australia other wise known as the Sunshine coast,These are all taken in our winter by the way. This area stretches a considerable way from Noosa Heads in the North to Caloundra in the South. This is the local Marina I buy my fresh fish from here sometimes straight off the trawlers. Caloundra also has a private air museum well worth the entrance fee I assure you; it’s also possible to purchase a ride on a helicopter if you wish. Me well having been in Military ones it never crossed my mind to be honest. Noosa is a sort of Mediterranean type of place you know little bars and cafes on the pathways or sidewalks I call them pavements myself. Still most of the Sunshine coast has this type of arrangement of eating out in the open or alfresco as posh folk call it, heaven knows why. Then there are the ranges in the hinterland this is a view of the Pacific from there beaut huh? Many tourist shops abound here and even a local watering hole which from the outside looks like a British Pub there the resemblance ends as its pure Aussie inside. Below is the Pub. Still with a mild winter climate why not indeed most folk in the Northern Hemisphere would not think it winter, still Spring has zoomed in pretty fast this year. This shop below is a delight for tourists. . This area is of course a Tourist resort so it can be a pain at times living here it's expensive for us locals sadly and to park a car yeah I don’t want to go there thank you. Between Blogger acting up and it sure acted up earlier this morning and a power cut some storm I guess but I never heard it I was so peeved I nearly threw this computer out of the window and I want to put another picture on yet but I will not tempt fate but enjoy the view and join the queue or line for your tourist Visa. Before you browse away here is a shot of a local market which sells anything well almost open every Sunday whatever the weather.



I have just read a report about the ignorance of some Australian teachers you know the grim people that try to educate our youth and guess what!! They are not as smart as they were 20 years ago; I agree whole heartedly they are not some cannot even spell for goodness sake good grief what is this world of ours coming to on second thoughts don’t answer that don’t even try it will get worse I reckon. Don’t get me wrong there are ones who are very literate but sadly they are in a minority in Australia at least, probably like it in most western nation’s truth be told. [Source] I know this for a fact even when my wife and I TRIED I stress that tried by the way were looking after foster children our own having flown the coop. I found they the teachers did not know their ABC or world geography (the foster kids were not that smart either except one boy) but were always wanting pay rises. I blame our state governments for employing these teachers male and female. This direct quote “The Australian study by economists Andrew Leigh and Chris Ryan from the Australian National University finds the failure of teachers' pay to keep pace with other professions and the fact that teachers are not paid on merit are key factors in the decline of standards” to me is utter B/S. A dedicated teacher like the ones we had way back in the 40’s and 50’s are now as dead as a DODO. All this is of course the voters fault deep down as these things should have been on political party’s mandates at the polls but no doubt we never questioned them on that. The onus is now on us to lobby our members of the various state government body’s concerned. Suggestion “if they are that dense why not import some from countries who care about children” and one other thing. Make sure these kids go to school as half the time they wag and are off to the beach or whatever, nothing happens about this just the usual talk; we need more than talk but above all else we need teachers who are educated and not dimwits as they are being portrayed on my reading of these reports. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

Seems the Solar system is being shrunk you are next on the list Neptune old mate

FAREWELL NEPTUNE YOU ARE RAPIDLY APPROACHING YOUR USE BY DATE R.I.P. What a beaut looking Planet. Yep these Dorks have made us the laughing stock of the universe are you getting all this citizens of the Alpha Centauri system it will be soooo much easier for you to invade a much reduced Solar System please promise me one thing any chance you could ship these lunatics the International Astronomical Union (IAU) off to some far distant galaxy if and when you arrive before your system is downgraded also. I have never read such rubbish in all my life it goes like a second rate movie. Hardly any of these so call scientists’ voted only around 10% so I read the other day. I notice that Indian Astronomers are not amused either; when I first started writing about this inspired I must admit by a blog I visit here quite an interesting [blog] as well; I never really gave it much thought but I am out of the Dunce’s corner now these jokers are in line for their Dunce’s hats Indeed there are rumblings that our Moon could get Planet status Hm what a load of rubbish the Moon is a satellite as indeed are all other debris orbiting Earth. God what are these clowns thinking of. I read the comments on the source and they were as bad as mine regarding these so called scientific folk. So that’s two down how many more to go before our system fits into their parameters. [Source] `````````````````````````````````````````````````


More Broadband Connections

In Scotland sadly and not the land down under, friends I e-mail in the UK have told me the rates for provider’s and I had a nasty shock; do something Howard about this will you if you want votes as we are now getting sick and tired of being stuffed around. Like most politicians you are full of crap and looking out for yourself. Attractive price offers, which include "free" broadband from some of the telecommunication companies, has resulted in the number of the higher speed connections soaring in the last year. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that in June 73% of homes with online connections were using broadband - up from 54.4% in June last year. Dial-up now accounts for just 27% of the market. 48% of households in Scotland now have some form of Internet connection, but that is somewhat lower than the south-east of England, where 66% of homes are now online. Take note all you greedy provider’s in Australia including Telstra under the guise of Bigpond ok separate companies and yet not separate youse are still greedy. of course you can have an American appointed to run your flagging company you just did he was fired with a bloody great golden handshake. Why that ever happened is all beyond me what is wrong with an Australian to run an Australian company? sweetheart deal somewhere Hm!!! food for thought but. You would also note that the speeds in the UK and Europe are very fast compared to Australia and the USA Australia is the lowest of course; if you care to look that is. We need to get rid of Telstra and its monopoly on telephone lines also as BEWARE if you change your phone provider to another mob you will instantly go on TELSTRA’S HIGHEST rate of rental as a penalty for freedom of choice. Courtesy Scottish snippets[Thanks]


Did I read this correctly?

As I see it his American military lawyer Major Mori seems to be trying to do more for David Hicks than his own government. I reckon he was in the wrong place at the right time for the USA and it's Allies personally. A direct quote “Major Mori said the Australian government had abandoned Hicks to an illegal process and indefinite detention at Guantanamo Bay, even though he had not broken any Australian laws” unquote. So it seems he may well be forced to spend another 2 ½ years in the hellhole of Guantanamo detention camp. All British born Moslems were released as was one Australian Non Australian Born Moslem but not David is it because he is Australian born? Who knows? Our Attorney-General Philip Ruddock who to me is a complete Asshole has assured us he will not get the death penalty although Major Mori U S Military said it is likely if found guilty. One might say there is no smoke without fire and I can agree with that BUT no Geneva signing was ever done; the United States Supreme court has ruled these military commissions illegal so the whole question is WHY. This I believe is trying to be overturned By the U S Congress I read. To be fair I have heard a lot of Aussies condemning him but I myself although ex Military do not. I suggest RUDDOCK you get off your ass and fly to the USA and demand that something be done; even your own Daughter disowned you over the harsh treatments condoned by you and meted out in our detention centres WAKE UP MAN come to your senses. Thanks to [News com] for this news report.

Follow up to This is not good for the game Posted on 21.8.06

I have just read with very considerable interest the latest action of Aussie Umpire Darrell Hair and thought it fair to Blog it so it is all on this [report]. Hair has now gone down in my estimation to rock bottom low as the expression says he by this latest money grabbing act is LOWER THAN A DASHUND. I knew he had left his native land for the UK well they to be honest are welcome to him money grubbing bastard.


Ye Olde Copper's Clappers

An old one I know but I crack up at it whenever I watch it oh boy do I ever so I hope youse all do as well. Too funny

The Dwarving of Pluto

Scientists are or can be a strange lot at times and this heated debate about Pluto to me is just plain B/S as far as I can gather after reading this [REPORT], I was tempted not to Blog this but changed my mind a tad especially as to the reasons given by this crazy mob in Prague. They live in their own little worlds excuse the pun and care not what the great unwashed think one iota. It would seem it was demoted as a planet but now classed as a Dwarf such {CRAP} in our solar system causing a lot of controversy and money etc yes money as teachers and the like now have to update textbooks etc and really who actually among us ordinary folk really gives a #### I don’t but being very interested in outer space I care a little yes and I notice the reason given is this “Pluto was disqualified because its oblong orbit overlaps with Neptune's. Xena also does not make the grade of being a planet, and will also be known as a dwarf planet” This is akin to saying ah little Johnny he’s a weirdo he wont walk in a straight line he insists on zigzagging this does not make him less human of course. It goes on to say the public will be upset yeah well I am hows about you put more effort into finding cures for age old diseases instead of all this mumbo jumbo. According to this [source] you will notice it orbits the sun just like all the other planets and yet The scientists agreed that, to be called a planet, a celestial body must be in orbit around a star while not itself being a star this is a direct quote a bit of a contradiction there I would say as it does orbit around the Sun yes of course the Sun at the moment is a star will they declassify that I wonder. Who knows with these maverick Einsteins. And so folks this is the new Solar System as decided by these knuckle heads.


Some weird stuff

Weird is surely right. I know the Irish are the butt of many a joke and sometimes unfairly but this really cracked me up. It seems a new King of Ireland has been crowned whether that’s all Ireland I know not but the newly crowned King is a GOAT lol ``````````````````````````````````````````` To be blunt a number of New Zealander’s are in fact living in Shit street yep that’s right its all on here; seems some streets were named Kaka Street thinking it was a native bird but according to the Maoris’ Kaka literally means shit in their language and not a bird, oh boy will my Kiwi pals get a shock when I ask them do they live in Kaka Street I really cracked up on that one but. `````````````````````````````````````````````` A Philippine judge fired or sacked (we here say he got the ass) seems he believes in Dwarves and mystical powers; guess he’s entitled to believe that but I suppose it influenced his rulings in court cases who knows. Just noticed the decision was overturned on appeal even odder. Ah it takes all sorts lol. ```````````````````````````````````````` Role playing games in London surely not yep seems it is now on; it’s been done in a few other world cities. Assassins stalking the streets shooting folk relax ok with water pistols’ mind you I would not want to be a bystander caught in the crossfire no sir. ````````````````````````````````````````````````` Lots of weird stories to be found all on here including these that caught my eye I still love the street name one cracking up even now too funny. [Source]

Hundreds of Millions Huh

I have just read an interesting article in the Sydney morning Herald on speeding fines; it seems a Judge ruled all cases [invalid] since 1999 so I may get some money back as I copped a couple well to be honest more than a couple between 1999 and 2003 so here’s hoping for a tax free windfall from the NSW government. And now I copped one in Qld but theirs is much cheaper and I was speeding but I may not have been speeding in NSW. The way I read it no money will be forthcoming but when somebody lodges a lawsuit and they will then yep I just might get some extra bucks, one wonders about interest on this money but I’m sure some joker will fix that up so I am feeling good today now bloody oath I am. ```````````````````````````````````````````



Turn on full audio plus Woo yeah man This is one of my favourite groups before they split up I might be a tad long in the tooth but they sure get me going I only wish I had the whole album to show you yeah of course I have it its blasting out right now LOL So enjoy ok all courtesy of YouTube and Web0


To Sydney and the most beautiful natural Harbour in the World

Both of these clips are courtesy of You Tube and the folk who made them. So a big hand for them and I promise you will love it when you get here just call me ok and I will show you around a bit of the place depending on my schedule of course really all you have to remember is that we drive on the correct side of the road LOL yeah you got it the left hand side. Still you have to land and go through immigration and customs first; some of our customs are strange be warned. Enjoy


A SORT OF STAR OF DAVID BADGE to be worn I sometimes wonder what this world is coming to I really do. It all stems from this report that I read in the National Post (Canada) a [news] story and column by Iranian-born analyst Amir Taheri reporting that the Iranian parliament had passed a sweeping new law this week outlining proper dress for Iran’s majority Muslims, including an order for Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians (yeah I had to look the last one up and am not much wiser lol) to wear special strips of cloth. According to the reports, Jews were to wear yellow cloth strips, called zonnar, while Christians were to wear red and Zoroastrians blue. I was at once going to write a scathing piece denouncing it as it brought to mind visions of the Holocaust in WW11 where a similar law was enforced; however it now seems that the Post has admitted there is no real truth in it; all the same I wonder. I was not aware that so many Jews and Christians lived in Iran and that other mob as well, sadly I cannot give the figures as it seems they are not on the site now; however one member of the Iranian Parliament is a Jew which I must admit I found odd. All the same there is something in this even though the [Jerusalem Post] denies it as internal Security Minister Avi Dichter responded to the new law Friday night, saying, "Whoever makes Jews anywhere wear the yellow star again, will find themselves in a coffin draped in black." I myself reckon there is something in this as the purpose of this strenuously denied law I quote” The purpose for the law was to prevent Muslims from becoming NAJIS {"unclean"} by accidentally shaking the hands of non-Muslims in public” unquote. According to [Wiki] there is a draft of this so called law before the Iranian Parliament. As to being unclean well having seen Moslems on the streets in Moslem countries filthy dirty and in one country crawling with lice; huge beasties as well I really don’t know what all the ruckus is about; ah silly me all this right hand business is what it’s about if true. But there definitely is something in these reports and they loathe westerners and they wonder why we loathe them. Personally I have stuck up for these countries on human rights issues and still will but it sure leaves a sour taste in my mouth.


This is not good for the game

There is always controversy when umpire Darrell Hair is officiating at cricket and it’s only fair to note that he is always accusing players from the Sub Continent; mind you after seeing Pakistan in action something is afoot. I myself reckon that he was correct in this decision as well “in 1995 he called Sri Lankan bowler Muttiah Muralitharan for chucking - using an illegal bowling action”. However it was checked and found it was not so; many of us think he still was and I noticed his shirt was different than the other players in the sleeves to cover his arm action when bowling; but it is claimed he suffered from some illness or other and the end result was a misshapen elbow. He most likely did have this illness but I reckon he was a chucker even after the bowling great Dennis Lillee said he checked out ok but I digress I have to get back to [Pakistan] a nation of fine cricketers but this is not the first time they have been accused of ball tampering. To be fair most teams have been accused of it strangely enough it usually happens on the Sub Continent. England was accused of it but sweet talked their way out of it. Possibly our blokes have as well to be honest (ah not us we are not cheats) but whatever as this report says it is a 129 years since this has happened a long time between drinks wouldn’t you say. Still a grand game cricket although I don’t think my American friends would think so This site has more on [this] How George got in on this is a mystery indeed and there are 7 or 8 images of him practicing the game oh boy what a hoot. You will get your eye in George mate LMAO. ````````````````````````````````````````

Another Clown South African I'd say

Dolphins are not in my estimation stupid as this [report] says good grief they have been used doing various tasks for Navies in the world notably the US Navy and also the old Soviet Navy and all this started way back in the sixties. Something is very wrong with this study (yeah another useless study) by the Witwatersrand’s University situated in South Africa I would say. This [site] could save your grant for your study quite easily just send any monies to me after reading this I meant that. Paul Manger yeah well look into it a little further before stating such idiotic facts as I can assure you that no dolphin, porpoise or whale is stupid I guess that honour goes to you; methinks you are the stupid one. now this [site] is a real goodie I reckon. I have other names I could call you but I would not dignify myself by doing that; it would belittle me not you if I did. Just put up and shut up willya.

Off Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast Qld Australia

Not one of our better days sadly as it looked a bit rough out there anyway I hope you like this clip it will either fascinate or frighten you so enjoy.


Looks a tad like Captain Kirk's Ship the Enterprise I thought. Well in two years at least and NASA will be using our Woomera base to launch a rocket to the ISS so I read [here] this morning courtesy of the South Australia Advertiser. I hope I am still around to watch this as I have always been interested in outer space long before any rockets left Earth although I did have the nasty experience of seeing Hitler’s rockets soaring over England in WW11 but all this is in my wartime memories. Another space concept I have read about is the ATV Vehicle pictured here (an artist’s impression). but if it has not yet happened well it will; it seems a better idea than costly launches by NASA shuttle craft as well in my opinion. What I would really like to know with billions of others is this (IS THERE LIFE SIMILAR TO US) I sure hope so as I fail to see in this vast Galaxy we live in that this is not possible in fact it has to be I mean why not is all this for us and us alone? I don’t think so. When I mean life I don’t mean lichen either which has some scientists in such frenzy; ok it is life but I mean people like you or I not some piece of moss and such. I am now resigned to the fact that the so called aliens discovered near Rockwell was a hoax purported by the US Government as well. For some time I also believed this [depicted] and am still trying to but I have doubts but for anybody interested in space this is a must they are supposed to be actual conversations or the transcripts of them but you must read it properly to understand it. The best way is to click on every link and you will be fascinated by what is described here The best link is here this is actually a movie filmed in March 2006 by [Crystal ]Productions and goes for some 13 or 16 minutes depending on choice; I opted for the longer one and I must admit it has reawakened me a tad in Serpo Interview with Bill Ryan at Laughlin, Nevada UFO Congress March 2006. Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Lynn Cassidy Music by Rick Katz and Kerry Lynn Cassidy For more information go to:[ I trust you who are interested in outer space will be interested in this you know it sounds very feasible even though there are a few inconsistencies minor ones in my view see it has sparked me up again oh boy I will be dreaming of this tonight This below is an actual quote from the home page of this (I truly want to believe) serpo website {“I printed all the information... and provided the retired USAF Colonel] a copy... I watched his eyes and facial expressions. After he was finished, he stated, 'Oh my God, who on this Earth would release such classified material?' I then asked him if all this information was real. His simple answer was, 'Yes, all real'.”} Air Force Lieutenant Colonel currently assigned to the Pentagon (name supplied) I sure hope I have piqued your interest it gave me a reminder all stemming from a news article I read today. Images courtesy of NASA


My third trip with the Royal Australian Navy

Well yeah I enjoyed this trip as well on board HMAS Darwin an FFG 04 A little TECHIE info for I start ok. Laid Down: Launched: 26 March 1982 Commissioned: 21 July 1984 Displacement: 4,100 tonnes Length: 138.1 metres Beam: 13.7 metres Armament: 76mm rapid fire gun, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, Standard surface to air missiles, Phalanx Mk15 close-in weapon system, 2 triple anti-submarine torpedo tubes for Mk 46 torpedoes 'Nulka' Anti-Ship Missile Defence Main Machinery: 2 General Electric LM2500 gas turbines geared to a single controllable pitch propeller Speed: More than 30 knots Ship's Company: Approximately 221. And you can read all about her and other vessels of The RAN on this site {Aussie Navy}. It was a long time ago now but I will try and recall as much as I can. I went aboard her with both of my son’s on a Sunday as I recall afterwards we went to the Pub down at the Dockside and had a few beers; my oldest son went home but I stayed sadly and got terribly drunk I guess I thought I was the age of my youngest son and his mates also an American aircraft carrier was in port full of Marines which no doubt spurred me on. Enough of that I bunked in the Petty officers mess this time as my son had been promoted a further promotion did occur but I was back home then. Strangely enough I scored a women petty officer’s bunk as she was on leave (furlough) at the time. The tucker was the same except it was delivered to our own mess to eat showers etc were excellent as is usual in our Navy. My adventures aboard were much the same really as my trip on HMAS Brisbane except this time I got to fire an AK-47 where that came from I don’t know and although curious never asked; I had seen one on the Brisbane oddly enough. To cut to the chase we all of us Fathers were invited to the stern (the rear) to have some Machine gun practice firing at balloons which were bobbing around all over the place I was given the usual safety instructions but being ex military knew them so I told the young sailor this needless to say I never popped a balloon still none of the others did either so I felt better after that, A difficult thing to do actually. We witnessed missile firing, guns firing (no wonder I’m deaf) even a rescue at sea an exercise of course. All good entertaining stuff all in all I enjoyed it. I must say I got one or two shocks as a lot of the crew were young women indeed as we sailed a patrol boat steamed a tad close but closer enough to see there were female officers aboard; this was quite a new thing then I thought but it seems not. So first day out at sea and to go up top you have to clamber all over bodies to get where you were going male and female all suffering from gigantic hangovers like me lol. Seems this is the norm on our ships; there were none on the Brisbane though still I am talking years later. Anyways one arvo I am sitting in the mess reading a book just me and the Bosun and a knock was heard at the door; the Bosun says see who that is Mick wouldya. No worries so I opens the door and there’s a young female sailor there wants to wake a bloke up. The Bosun he just said let her in so I did but I knew for a damm fact that all the blokes in there asleep were all stark naked; it seems that’s the norm now as well as I enquired about it still I was a bit long in the tooth to them I guess; I know I am now but. I liked the Bosun he seemed a fair dinkum bloke everywhere I went he seemed to be involved but he was a fair bloke with the crew. It seems the Skipper was prone to sea sickness most of his other commands were Submarines and he preferred it under the waves. But having been aboard a Submarine I know I could not hack it. This is a hoot nobody but nobody is allowed up topside at night dangerous I guess but if you wanted to smoke that’s where you had to go; the cruncher is they all smoked in the little gym they had made out of a disused gun turret I really got a laugh outta that I tell you. Ah well all good things come to an end so as soon as we docked I went off to the Railway station for the trip back to in Taree in NSW. This is a pic of her I preferred the Brisbane I think but still a fine ship for all that the same type as the USS Reuben James in my last yarn.


I Have decided

I think I will stop posting for a while as I have a number of reasons. 1- I rarely if ever get a comment 2- On the rare occasion when I have it is usually from the same two bloggers and then it is not frequent. Myself I comment on several blogs some better in my opinion of course than others; I do however make a comment. We are all entitled to our opinions naturally. I have also seen some blogs which are very well written and no doubt different than mine but it’s the same old nobody ever bothers to comment on them either well sometimes but it is rare. So I am taking a good month’s sabbatical on blogging on blogspot at any rate. I do have another blog well 2 more in fact and I seem to get more comments on them than on blogspot. Also blogspot seems to have this dammed Beta in operation which at the moment is not working so well at the moment for me at any rate. Another thing I have come across all to frequently in this world of blogging is how folk seem to blog on the same subject as I myself have possibly leaked to somebody via a chat on instant messenger. It seemed to be a good idea at the time and I in fact still like blogging but I will be more circumspect in the future I think. Will be back maybe on the battle of Britain memorial day.


More on medical studies

I read this with great interest as I suffer from it myself. My Doctor offered me the test indeed he made out a referral to ensure I got one done and if he saw me downtown he nagged me until I had one. Also it is advertised in pharmacies in every state in Australia I have been to; I have been to a few as well so I tend to think this report a load of bull myself. Most of my neighbours who are elderly like me have been tested for it as well as a matter of fact it cropped up in a conversation the other day before I saw this [report]. Just goes to show that you cannot believe all these things published by the fourth estate in my opinion. Doctors here are very aware of this problem in fact I would say it is most likely the patient who does not bother to have these tests done. I myself never until I realised that was the reason I kept breaking bones just simply falling. I am talking simple falls here where usually you only cop a sprain not a fracture. What is more this test is free or if you have money one just claims it back on their health plan. The treatment is only a once a week tablet (pill) So yeah another piece of junk to write to sell newspapers I guess just my opinion of course.




Beattie’s Death Knell?

WELL I HOPE NOT Ok yeah you look and act like an affable bloke going around on the election trail with yer Akubra Hat on yer head but that’s not enough mate. Far too many to list here but one in particular sticks in my craw Medical. I am slowly going blind here waiting for a cataract removal three years now awaiting and hey GET THIS the surgery procedure is down to around six minutes now compared to the twenty when I had one eye done (good old eye he’s taking a beating as it’s just a blur out of the other eye) I get phone calls, letters etc oh yes I am or was on the short list as well. BUT it was insisted I take another eye test at the taxpayer’s expense when it’s bloody obvious that I have had these tests. Yeah I did down in NSW; the waiting time there was only eighteen months before getting a Seeing Eye dog. Don’t forget the electricity reform you promised as we have yet to see it. If the opposition wasn’t so bloody weak I would be tempted to vote for them at least you are not a clown like their bloke. He is a complete and utter ###### in my opinion. Still you are getting there yourself so be warned Peter all is not well in Qld at the moment. My suggestions are pull your bloody finger out like yesterday and do things in a proper manner. [Info] Much more detailed info [here]



SO WHAT’S NEW Did anyone think for one minute it would actually happen? Be truthful here now, what a sick sad and sorry joke this is. Meanwhile folk will still die of course bloody maniacs and fanatics is how I would describe them and not just Hezbollah in fact Israeli’s opened fire first trigger happy bastards all of them this includes the Hezbollah fanatics I for one am glad I don’t live anywhere near those regions at all, just read this [Sydney Morning Herald]. SHAME ON THE LOT OF YOU words actually fail me.


A close call

This report popped into my mailbox this morning from the Brisbane Sunday Mail and as you can see it was dated yesterday SUNDAY AUGUST Thirteen 2006 a silly prank by teenagers I guess and dangerous and stupid into the bargain BUT it happened on JANUARY one 2002 so why has it taken the Qld government so long to show this event well over 4 years ago Good God Mr Beattie and you are hoping for re-election with your transport minister stating its horrifying; of course it was but why wait until now to tell and indeed show footage of it on [here] Seems to me these young Yahoos were just grogged up still celebrating the New Year. Personally I feel sorry for the train driver; it must have been one hell of a shock for him. These things happen with lots of young people these days I guess they always did but they know the difference between right and wrong I know I did and I was no Angel I assure you.


Opal Country

I have been to Lightning Ridge once and found it to be a modern place in the far North of NSW it was not of course a few years ago but still it did boast a Pub now it boasts a bowling club as well as a Pistol and tennis club quite modern as well. Motels and caravan parks (trailer parks) are here for the traveller now half a dozen or so I just had a few beers at the pub there and slept in my car when I went. [Source]. When I first drove up to Lightning Ridge from Sydney it was a dirt road if you could call it a road now it seems it has a sealed road and flights into the ridge and out naturally It’s situated on the edge of the beginning of the outback as shown on this map and is legendary for its black opals. There are fossicking areas where who knows you could make a fortune and after freshening up you can even play golf but don’t get your hopes up as its greens are sand from an old opal field; it even boasts a Goat race yes I did say Goat. This site if you are interested in fossicking should be of great interest [Lost] Sea Opals I do have a friend who is interested in this sort of thing so I hope she reads it.



One wonders why this mob that I am not that fond of for various reasons wish to stick their big oar in this conflict. We have enough troops there as it is under various disguises but of course silly me these are Muslims. Better you stay away we in Australia for all Howard’s sucking up to you are not that fond of you as a government and I guess you are not fond of us either. We made a huge error by actually allowing you to conduct joint exercises with us and our true allies some years ago in the north of Australia. That was soon stopped then you stuck your oar in in East Timor as well. Another bone of contention I and a lot of Australians have is your handling of that affair and more so the New Guinea one They don’t care for you much either and it seems some mark you not all but some of your troops are just plain THUGS. Hows about you GOOSE STEP your way to Afghanistan and Iraq use your brand of thuggery there. Sort out the insurgents in those two countries. I don’t hate Muslims or Jews but you will not help by going into an already declared war zone I’m sure the UN will in the end sort things out hopefully. In fact I just heard on the news a solution seems to be in sight and Israel has agreed, So you will not be needed to help the already strained situation there You will be just another mob to be watched closely and very closely I might add. [Source ] Maybe all your sucking up to Mr George Bush was in vain! I for one certainly hope so.


A quiet peaceful clip for a change

This clip was filmed at: Bommie Stradbroke Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia Kindly reproduced with thanks to Reef Vid [organisation] It's a Grey Nurse Shark on the prowl and it looks like all the other fish are hiding and I don't blame them. I thought it made a pleasant change to all the war and mayhem I usually rant on about so I hope youse all like it I know I did
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Young women in China’s Yunnan Province are being sold it seems either as a wife or to Brothels and Sweat shops in Thailand; good grief what a shocking state of affairs and in the twenty first century as well. After reading this [BBC UK] news report I was flabbergasted. I mean I know we still have Piracy and on the high seas as well not just DVD piracy etc but this is a BLOODY disgrace on the part of the Chinese government; yes they are trying to clean their act up but why take so long it never took them long to reclaim Tibet did it? Course people are different according to the Communist government well one would think so Apparently known as people trafficking which I agree goes on in other countries and western ones at that but only to escape certain atrocities in their own country forced that issue. The trouble is the women leave thinking they will earn good money but are in fact tricked; I shall refer this report to my human rights link on my Blog of this but no doubt they have already heard of it. This is slightly different a baby was even sold on eBay according to this [report] Oh and boys fetch a bigger price than girls it seems, ok so this happened last year but it happened and in China as well. It did say it could have been a hoax but somehow I don’t think so.

A tragic waste in a way

From this [source] I read it appears a young 21 year old Sailor a Petty Officer serving on a US Submarine the USS Albuquerque(Los Angeles Class) has been charged with spying. Whatever the temptation and thoughts he had goes overboard; in my opinion he committed treason. There was a time when execution was the penalty if proven guilty but I think that is over now but not knowing American military or civil law I honestly don’t know. He was listed as a deserter hence his arrest. If he did not like the navy so much why did he not Endeavour to get out of his contract? Maybe it is not the norm in the USA but I do know it can be done here. An officer will decide whether to pursue these charges but he has done this several times so the future is not looking rosy for this bloke. I myself can see no mitigating circumstances although no doubt it will come out at his trial. He is or was serving his country and no matter what his thoughts he has been accused and by naming him throws little doubt on it unless naval authorities do this in the USA and they will for sure. What a tragic waste of a young man’s life.


A real brief glimpse of today

It seems that everyday when I look at online news all it is fighting or killing so much so that I get fed up of reading it and so I get fed up of writing articles about these events on my Blog. Hardly anyone reads them; if they do well I rarely get a comment; I do sometimes but it seems to be rare. I know next to nothing about American politics although I have been trying to get a handle on things re their political scene so I am not passing comments on posts I see of that nature for a while at least. I will stick to our Aussie political scene I think and they are rarely commented on either. Sometimes I wonder whether this Blogging does any good still I will keep at it a while longer but I may lessen the number of blog posts I make; I get disheartened when hardly anyone makes a comment. This is what I noticed tonight while perusing the headlines. Also in Breaking World News • Hungary: Man taps into major oil pipeline • 33 more feared dead in Pakistan rains • Pakistan: At least 13 killed in van accident • Heather locked out of Sir Paul's home • Jakarta: New Indon bird flu deaths confirmed • Baghdad: Iraq bombs toll climbs to 19 • Sri Lanka: Colombo car bomb kills two • Beirut: Lebanon 'hoping' for cease fire • Colombo: Bomb rocks Sri Lanka capital • Tyre: Israel warns of more strikes • Dili: 40 youths arrested in fresh Timor unrest • Wheat: AWB faces Iraq 'compo' bill • New Zealand: 'Warrior' gene blamed for Maori violence • Jerusalem: Israeli army, Hezbollah in fierce clashes • Auckland: Kiwis start staying home Makes you think just what sort of a world we all live in today In the main it is all war stories of course the [source] is here.


Memories of the sea on HMAS Brisbane (DDG-41)

I was never a naval man (although I did join but never went which is another story) I love ships and the sea always have so I was really delighted when my youngest son who served in the Royal Australian Navy for twenty years invited me to sail with him three times. I cannot really recall the first trip as it was a day trip only but the second one I really recall with a lot of pleasure. It was on the DDG-27 / D-41 HMAS BRISBANE a three day trip from Sydney NSW to Port Melbourne Victoria For the technically minded here are the specifications of her CLASS - CHARLES F. ADAMS As Built. Displacement 4526 Tons (Full), Dimensions, 437' (oa) x 47' x 15' (Max) Armament 2 x 5"/54 RF (2x1), Tartar SAM (1x1 Mk 13) ASROC ASW (1x8), 6 x 12.75" Mk 32 ASW TT (2x3). Machinery, 70,000 SHP; Geared Turbines, 2 screws Speed, 33 Knots, Range 4500 NM@ 20 Knots, Crew 333-350. Operational and Building Data Laid down by Defoe Shipbuilding, Bay City Michigan USA on February 15 1965. Launched May 5 1966. Commissioned December 16 1967. Built for the Australian Navy. FATE: To be decommissioned October 19 2001 and then to be sunk off the Queensland coast, in the Coral Sea for use as a recreational dive site. My time aboard her actually started the night before with a lengthy train ride from Taree oh some six or seven hours down to Sydney where I stopped with my son’s wife and was picked up by a launch from Garden Island as the ship was at sea and had called in to pick up me and ten other father’s to steam with her. Trouble at the start going up the ship’s ladder lol but I made it we all did. We had a welcoming committee naturally and were supplied with anti sea sickness patches (I noticed quite a few young sailors aboard wearing them) I discarded mine in the shower as in my case it was not needed thank goodness. Well first up we all had to sign waivers then our respective sons bore us away to our berths. It appeared that you stayed in the mess of whatever rank your son held at the time so I was designated for the leading seamen’s mess. Showers were first rate as was the food and I found out that the food was not done specially because of us mob but I tell you those blokes had real good tucker believe me just one thing wrong they never got enough of it. That was remedied I believe the following year as those blokes worked hard so obviously needed lots of food. I could never find my son so I had to find my own way around the ship; I did of course real quick I also got a working uniform off him so I did not stick out amongst the rest. Finding my sea legs was pretty hard in fact I don’t think I really did to be honest. Alcohol is permitted on our ships so I had my ration with the next man (two cans permitted) to get that I found a tad difficult as it was stored down in the magazine and as hatches are closed on board at night it was hard to slither through; I managed it I assure you and was usually third or fourth in line. Back in those days I drank the stuff a fair bit (I don’t today hardly ever just the odd beer) so I just got a few of the younger seamen who did not drink to go get their ration which they gave to me so that turned out well lol indeed the guy that issued it said as I left the ship in Port Melbourne the number of men on this ship that drink have increased whilst you have been aboard in a jocular way of course. There were displays of missiles being launched for us to view and on the Bridge as well a coveted place, I had a friendly chat with the Skipper who was well liked by officers and enlisted men. I also met an American sailor aboard doing his sea time with our Navy; he was stationed at Woomera usually which is a joint US Australian Base. We sailed down in company with the USS Reuben James (FFG-57) at the end of the Coral Sea remembrance celebrations which were continued at the Melbourne town hall free grog and tucker courtesy of the Melbourne town or city council. Transfers of men from each ship were done by line at sea and I struck up an acquaintance with a Petty officer from the Rueben James and we both toured the engine room together swapped ships caps as well and I still have his name of Lynch a nice bloke, apparently he was in the engine room on his ship. I foolishly asked him did they volunteer to come across for the alcohol and he said well the main reason was the food is better on your ships; I was told afterwards they got fast food only on their’s but I am not so sure I believe that still who knows. I was being searched for all over the ship by my son it seems he was an important personage on board and hardly ever left the control room of the ship. Young seamen were searching all over but it made it hard as I was in a working uniform so I blended in and did not stick out like the other dads aboard I spent some of the time at the stern out of the way sneaking a smoke on the Helo pad actually, wended my way down to the SONAR room now that was an education, in fact the bloke running it was showing me some demo tapes of it and got blew up by some officer on the bridge for not asking permission to do it; all was smoothed over he assured me. The control room was something else again little monitors everywhere not quite like ours at home sort of round in shape and plotting by RADAR very interesting indeed. The last night aboard was a real eye opener for me at least. My son and I finally caught up so we showered and went up to the junior ratings mess after our grog ration to watch a movie Kevin Costner in that Robin hood movie it had just come out at the time so there we all were watching and a knock on the bulkhead so I opened up and there was a ship’s messenger seems he was looking for me; I had an invite to the Petty officer’s mess for drinks. Heck I thought looking ruefully at my cans; I’ll drink them says Buck (my son) he knew the reason I reckon grinning so off I toddled and boy what a night in fact I enjoyed it much more than the movie, I just made it back in time for a shower and breakfast eggs bacon the works. Then topside again coming into Port where I could see my daughter who was living there at the time. She was in the Royal Australian Air Force so came aboard then I went to the march to the town hall for the rest of the celebrations. And our American sailor marched with ours not his as he was one of the Brisbane’s crew on attachment. There was so much more I did on board that sadly I cannot recall it all now but I sure did enjoy myself as did all the other Dads. I have another adventure aboard the HMAS Darwin which I will do another day which was just as exciting well maybe more so as I had some shooting practice aboard her. Sadly the Brisbane has been decommissioned now and sunk just off the coast near here as a reef for divers’ which is much better than selling her for scrap. Here is an account of it. HMAS Brisbane scuttled as scuba diving reef off Sunshine Coast CYBER DIVER News Network by MALCOLM COLE BRISBANE, Australia (1 Aug 2005) -- IN 34 years of military service, including three tours of active duty, the HMAS Brisbane never encountered an enemy that could do it harm. But in just seconds yesterday, a series of carefully timed and placed explosions took the former guided-missile destroyer to the ocean floor off the Sunshine Coast. Shortly after 10.15am the decommissioned warship entered a new service – one expected to last 500 years – as a dive site and artificial reef. Spectators aboard hundreds of private boats and more than a dozen aircraft, and thousands more people confined to shore, watched as the Brisbane slipped beneath the waves. Among them were a handful of former HMAS Brisbane crew members, many of whom had served on the ship during its two tours of Vietnam and spoke proudly and fondly of their days on the "Steel Cat". But while they insisted they were happy to see it end its days as a tourist attraction, there were a few moist old eyes as the Brisbane gracefully went down. Kerry Kerr, who served as a Leading Engineering Mechanic on the Brisbane, said the scuttling provoked mixed feelings among former crew members, particularly those who went to war on the ship. "Every person who is in the Navy or has been in the Navy, they each have a special ship," he said. "If they went to war on it, that does make it special. I hope this makes for entertaining reading and comments are most welcome.


Fight back

Isn’t it about time we got tough with the Japanese over their senseless whale slaughtering well I think so, is there nothing we can do there must be surely. this site is dedicated to{ whales}.These folk are not frightened Howard why are you? It seems our beloved (to some) federal government is opposing a law suit against Kyodo Senpaku that will force our Government to take action against this whaling company who is killing whales in OUR Antarctic sanctuary it has been declared as such. I have a few suggestions but sadly they will not work. One resume all Japanese property in Australia. Two stop exporting them our beef let them get it elsewhere. Three raise import duty on their cars forcing them more loss of income and forcing us to buy Australian instead indeed all Japanese products. Of course none of these things are really feasible I guess but we can and should call the Japanese ambassador in and inform him that if this slaughter (which is not needed by the way for the excuse the Japanese give) continues we will blockade their whaling ships and get tough with them and I mean tough we have bent over backwards to cultivate them and we are repaid in this way they have. They call us Gaijin I loathe the term. I think Howard is frightened of provoking them personally. There are times when I wish I was the PM. So the message is Howard get tough ok and get them out of our sanctuary ok like yesterday. REMEMBER there are millions maybe billions in this world who like these oh so gentle creatures. Their environment is bad enough as it is what with the lengthy travels they make to play and breed and also feed and encountering fishing lines nets what have you. They don’t need a once barbaric race (are they still one wonders) to kill them off as they tried to do with the Chinese, Koreans and even us Westerners. This report makes for some very interersting {reading} if you are a whale lover.


What a load of garbage

To my way of thinking it is just what Paul Dillon said in this report just more money making schemes for our government who it seems don’t give a fig as long as they are coining in the cash. {Source} They don’t care about the average person who I have noticed do drink alcohol sensibly; no sir all they want is more money most likely to pay for the generous tax cuts Aussie workers received in the June budget. Hey Costello we are not all stupid you just think we are. This problem will never go away either so you never got first look in at the leadership so you are punishing ordinary working folk whose only relaxation may well be a trip to their club or pub on a Friday night. SHAME ON YOU.

So what’s new?

Nothing new in this as I see it; it goes on all over the place even in other countries. Dangerous yes of course; illegal again yes but it will I fear never be stamped out, in fact I think it will get worse and worse. The state of New South Wales at one time even had FREE yes you got it free injection rooms so heroin addicts could shoot up, whether they still have I don’t know I moved to sunny Queensland but it may go on here but I can’t be bothered really in checking anymore. Now I am not an old fuddy duddy well belay the old as I am getting on in years. I have smoked pot on several occasions if the truth be told I dare say a lot of us have. Pot is also a good pain reliever in my considered opinion as well. Upon reading this so called study there are errors in it as a lot are tested here before starting work this includes our military and our police services (they seem to prefer the word service to force I know not why) Commenting further on this not so accurate report from {Source}. When I worked I used to go up the pub lunch time and have a couple of beers myself but none of us who did this ever got smashed; like this mob seems to be getting stoned. All I agree with is it is dangerous but it will get no better in my opinion only worse. All governments in this country of ours need to look into this far more than being concerned with banning smoking (another drug) just ask yourself this question Quote” WAS OUR COUNTRY A DANGEROUS PLACE WHEN ONLY GROG AND TOBACCO WERE THE MAIN DRUGS USED OK AND A LITTLE POT” Unquote no it wasn’t but now we have all sorts of drugs there are so many that I haven’t the patience to type them all in and whose fault is it our governments fault is who, and now we have a new study to read which costs money and for what as it is a tad late now to stem this; still I guess the revenue spent is tripled with FINES ON SMOKERS. ```~~~```~~~```~~~```~~~```


Yeah well I did mine

Yay we are really getting modern in the land down under that flaming Census form is here again and you can fill it in online; I really don’t care where I am on census night to be honest as they accepted my census so as far as I’m concerned it’s over and done with for another five years. If I suddenly am killed I won’t worry for starters, if I end up in hospital that night (hopefully not) I shall just inform them I have been counted in but if they wish to lodge me on their form that’s their worry not mine lol; to be honest I have often wondered every five years how they do that it must be one hell of a job; special forms I guess who know s who cares mine is done and that’s the end of it. I was discussing this subject with a friend in the USA and was told theirs is every ten years but she did wish they did tax returns online. I looked into that and yep good old Australia does leading the world AGAIN good old OZ a beaut and technical country. As requested this is my {source}.


Enough to make Grandma turn over in her grave

Just look at these headlines every time you look at the world head lines a few examples will show you so there’s this Israel rejects Hezbollah's cease-fire offer then this Two killed in Gaza by tank shell more yet this is just the start Australia Will Investigate Report of Anti-Israel Terror Threat oh yeah it just goes on and on and on Four Nato soldiers die in attacks: Kandahar blast claims 21 lives it seems this list is endless Cuba to Defend Against US Interference I mean I don’t know about you but this and far much worse is showing up everyday; I read this and wonder if we are not perhaps turning into the savages we once were some 60.000 years ago never mind all that rot that history began just over 5000 years ago because it has been established beyond any doubt that we were approaching some form of civilisation even way back then. I got all these reports on Google news by the way well ok I also read them in my local media but so what; are we us enlightened people of the twenty first century barbarians? Well there are surely times when we act like it. Bad choice of words really as we are definitely slipping into crazed animals at times I think myself at least, youse can all make your own mind up on that score. There are days when I am very wary of opening a newspaper or reading it online for fear that in the night world war three started in earnest. One day it will if we keep up the way we are going; PAY ATTENTION ISRAEL, HEZBOLLAH, THE TALIBAN, OSAMA BIN LADEN in fact all of you who are contributing to our demise. The end could well be nigh and all the Arab countries will alas have no paradise, and neither will we the followers of the little and great Satan; we like to believe in it too even though a lot of us are sceptical. So for all our sakes both yours and ours stop this mindless slaughter before its too late and we will all or most of us be dead. {Source}


Odd news from hither and yon.

I just love this one our good old I am not retiring Prime minister has been given a goat lol well he is 67 by the foreign affairs opposition spokesman one Kevin Rudd, It’s not what you are thinking folks it was really in aid of helping the people of the Sudan but I found it very apt lol. {Source} ``````````````````````````````````` Seems what appears to be a large Jaguar no not the XK model an exotic large cat is roaming around the Hawkesbury area and boy does it eat a lot so look out peoples of the Hawkesbury. {source} ``````````````````````` What a bummer for these three cons who busted out of gaol and hitched a lift with yep a Cop car lol.{source}. ```````````````````````````````` This last one is not really funny I guess it seems that a 91 year old bloke from Germany brought MORE than 20.000 bees into his home but escaped serious injury; he sure was lucky I reckon; fought them off with a brush; plucky bloke for sure. {Source.}