I figured it would all come out into the open

ALEXANDER Downer and Mark Vaile have been ordered to provide evidence to the Cole inquiry about their knowledge of the $290 million paid to Saddam Hussein's regime by the AWB, better get your stories right this time boys. These are supposed to be loyal and honest ministers of the Crown. I never like Vaille when he was first voted into our Federal Parliament he was a bit of a shonk I thought; but then he was appointed a minister, Downer on the other hand was a bit iffy But did get better although I think he is a weak Foreign minister myself; but it looked like he has now matured in a big way, a very big way and a lot of the taxpayer's money was used. But it is ok to make us pay more for our medical treatment, and yet $290 million seems to have been paid to a dictator and then we wage war on him, something is not right here The Foreign Minister and Trade Minister have been told to provide written statements and to prepare for a possible appearance in the witness box, to answer questions about the kickbacks scandal. Downer bribe denials sunk. The inquiry's senior counsel, John Agius SC, said the ministers would not be treated differently to other witnesses; "We have written to them and asked them for statements," he said. "If I need to call them, I will. I suggest you subpoena them Mr. Agius much better than writing to them letters can get lost. I figured it would all come out into the open in the end;all these denials for what? It has now become public knowledge as can be seen but the question remains still what about honest John will he deny this to he bitter end or not? No good arguing about it Mr.Howard the Buck stops with you. PRIME Minister John Howard has angrily rejected suggestions that former AWB chairman Trevor Flugge had access to a $4-million slush fund in Iraq, Still $4 million is just a drop in the ocean compared to $290 million; no more tucked away is there Mr.Prime Minister? and then this " Quote" AUSTRALIAN spy agencies have known for eight years a trucking company that funnelled money to Iraq for the AWB was part-owned by Saddam Hussein's regime and breached UN sanctions; 8 years and old honest was still in charge then. My oh my what a dishonest lot we have running our country; a bloody disgrace I reckon.


An open letter to Anthony Blair MP, PM

Has it ever occurred to you Mr. Blair that there is no comparison for asking Australia to help you in WW11 and the situation in Iraq, none what so ever you would do well to ponder those words; “not quite the same thing old boy” how magnificent my butt go win it on your own with your Buddy over in the States; they are heartily sick of it too him as well. At least we get the chance to oust our bloke this year I believe but your turn is coming; personally you will be ousted no risk ours maybe not. Don’t believe little honest John either he is as bad as you but I think he has a slightly different agenda than yours. And don’t come the raw prawn with us about an earlier time you spent here or that cheap shot about friends, of course friends don’t always see eye to eye but this digger summed you up quite well. I reckon you have enough to deal with in the UK without sticking your oar into our business stay out of it and go settle your worries in the old Dart not hither and yon. We are not in the British Empire now it crumbled years ago while you were a lot younger but now you are in power you have been to busy telling the UN and the rest of the world about the WMD and to think that the British and American government sold Iraq terrible weapons but you couldn't find them could you? Where are you peddling your bull dust next?

Well the Commonwealth games are over 2010 The next one

All Sports summary medal table ordered by gold ranking Rank by Gold Country Gold Silver Bronze Total Rank by Total 1 Australia 84 69 68 221 1 2 England 36 40 34 110 2 3 Canada 26 29 31 86 3 4 India 22 17 11 50 4 5 South Africa 12 13 13 38 5 6 Scotland 11 7 11 29 =7 7 Jamaica 10 4 8 22 9 8 Malaysia 7 12 10 29 =7 =9 New Zealand 6 12 13 31 6 =9 Kenya 6 5 7 18 =11 11 Singapore 5 6 7 18 =11 12 Nigeria 4 6 7 17 13 =13 Wales 3 5 11 19 10 =13 Cyprus 3 1 2 6 14 =15 Ghana 2 0 1 3 =16 =15 Uganda 2 0 1 3 =16 =17 Pakistan 1 3 1 5 15 =17 Papua New Guinea 1 1 0 2 =21 =17 Isle of Man 1 0 1 2 =21 =17 Namibia 1 0 1 2 =21 =17 Tanzania 1 0 1 2 =21 =17 Sri Lanka 1 0 0 1 =31 =23 Mauritius 0 3 0 3 =16 =23 Bahamas 0 2 0 2 =21 =23 Northern Ireland 0 2 0 2 =21 =23 Cameroon 0 1 2 3 =16 =23 Botswana 0 1 1 2 =21 =23 Malta 0 1 1 2 =21 =23 Nauru 0 1 1 2 =21 =23 Bangladesh 0 1 0 1 =31 =23 Grenada 0 1 0 1 =31 =23 Lesotho 0 1 0 1 =31 =23 Trinidad and Tobago 0 0 3 3 =16 =23 Seychelles 0 0 2 2 =21 =23 Barbados 0 0 1 1 =31 =23 Fiji 0 0 1 1 =31 =23 Mozambique 0 0 1 1 =31 =23 Samoa 0 0 1 1 =31 =23 Swaziland Well all in all a crowning success for these games this is the medal tally for each country and I reckon all countries did well myself; you can only do your best and that’s what these athletes set out to do; real proud us Aussies won such a lot but after the proceedings had finished of course these two got together to discuss the war in Iraq and Blair wants to carry on this war;nothing new in that with the pair of them I guess but this war has to stop, NOW. On this thorny subject; it appears the two B’S want to go along with it and whatever the US president says to honest John he sucks up to him like I don’t know what.I'd rather not say what, Blair wants to carry on this war; even addressed our Federal parliament on the subject. Go back home Blair we don’t love you here keep your war speeches for the Poms; I read somewhere he was on a record making flight to get here I sure hope it's quicker getting back, I been wondering did he need a tourist visa as we are full up these days LOL. The honour guard was not my idea I swear.

Be worried, be very worried

The climate is crashing, and global warming is to blame Sunday, March 26, 2006; The following is a summary of this week's Time magazine cover story. No one can say exactly what it looks like when a planet takes ill, but it probably looks a lot like Earth. Never mind what you've heard about global warming as a slow-motion emergency that would take decades to play out. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the crisis is upon us. From heat waves to storms to floods to fires to massive glacial melts, the global climate seems to be crashing around us. The problem -- as scientists suspected but few others appreciated -- is that global climate systems are booby-trapped with tipping points and feedback loops, thresholds past which the slow creep of environmental decay gives way to sudden and self-perpetuating collapse. That's just what's happening now. It's at the north and south poles -- where ice cover is crumbling to slush -- that the crisis is being felt the most acutely. Late last year, for example, researchers analyzed data from Canadian and European satellites and found that the Greenland ice sheet is not only melting, but doing so faster and faster, with 53 cubic miles draining away into the sea last year alone, compared to 23 cubic miles in 1996. One of the reasons the loss of the planet's ice cover is accelerating is that as the poles' bright white surface disappears it changes the relationship of the Earth and the sun. Polar ice is so reflective that 90 percent of the sunlight that strikes it simply bounces back into space, taking its energy with it. Ocean water does just the opposite, absorbing 90 percent of the light and heat it receives, meaning that each mile of ice that melts vanishes faster than the mile that preceded it. This is what scientists call a feedback loop, and a similar one is also melting the frozen land called permafrost, much of which has been frozen -- since the end of last ice age in fact, or at least 8,000 years ago. Sealed inside that cryonic time capsule are layers of decaying organic matter, thick with carbon, which itself can transform into CO2. In places like the southern boundary of Alaska the soil is now melting and softening. As fast as global warming is changing the oceans and ice caps, it's having an even more immediate effect on land. Droughts are increasingly common as higher temperatures also bake moisture out of soil faster, causing dry regions that live at the margins to tip into full-blown crisis. Wildfires in such sensitive regions as Indonesia, the western U.S. and even inland Alaska have been occurring with increased frequency as timberlands grow more parched. Those forests that don't succumb to fire can simply die from thirst. With habitats crashing, the animals that call them home are succumbing too. In Alaska, salmon populations are faltering as melting permafrost pours mud into rivers, burying the gravel the fish need for spawning. Small animals such as bushy tailed rats, chipmunks and pinion mice are being chased upslope by rising temperatures, until they at last have no place to run. And with sea ice vanishing, polar bears are starting to turn up drowned. "There will be no polar ice by 2060," says Larry Schweiger, president of the National Wildlife Federation. "Somewhere along that path, the polar bear drops out." So much environmental collapse has at last awakened much of the world, particularly the 141 nations that have ratified the Kyoto treaty to reduce emissions. The Bush administration, however, has shown no willingness to address the warming crisis in a serious way and Congress has not been much more encouraging. Sens. John McCain and Joe Lieberman have twice been unable to get even mild measures to limit carbon emissions through a recalcitrant Senate. A 10-member House delegation did recently travel to Antarctica, Australia and New Zealand to meet with scientists studying climate change. "Of the 10 of us, only three were believers to begin with," says Rep. Sherman Boehlert of New York. "Every one of the others said this opened their eyes." But lawmakers who still applaud themselves for recognizing global warming are hardly the same as lawmakers with the courage to reverse it, and increasingly, state and local governments are stepping forward. The mayors of more than 200 cities have signed the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, pledging, among other things, that they will meet the Kyoto goal of reducing greenhouse emissions in their own cities to 1990 levels by 2012. Nine northeastern states have established the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative for the purpose of developing a program to cap greenhouse gasses. So I guess these Guys are doomed just like us and many other animals that inhabit both Arctic regions on this earth; I applaud the 200 odd Mayors in the USA for at least trying; your head of state will not even sign the Kyoto agreement; to busy feathering his own nest etc, did I hear the word dollar? yeah well you got that spot on.


Magic Myth or What?

Ancient Egyptian Mythology Seems these guys were heavily into all this stuff; whether you believe it is another matter I myself am dubious but then I did not live in that era. Then there is the famous Indian rope trick now this one I have seen and can only put it down to mass hypnotism The Trick An early account from India in the 14th century, tells of a magician using a coil of rope with a large wooden ball tied to one end. The magician tossed the wooden ball high into the air. Instead of returning to the ground, it rose higher and higher until the rope disappeared into the clouds. A small boy (the magician's assistant) jumped to the rope and began climbing hand over hand until he too disappeared into the clouds. After a few minutes the magician called the boy - no reply. Impatiently, the magician grabbed his razor-edged sword and began climbing skyward. Moments later the crowd began hearing screams of pain and a small object fell to the ground. The crowd retreated in horror when they realized the object was the hand of a small boy. Moments later another hand fell, then a head, then a torso. Suddenly the magician reappeared, assembled the bloody body parts into the crude shape of a human, and gave the form a sharp kick. The boy, now miraculously restored, jumped to his feet with glee. The trick continued to astound onlookers well into the early 1930's. Many of the world's greatest magicians traveled to India in hopes of tracing the origin of the effect but to no avail. For a time it seemed that the trick was destined to remain eternally out of reach; But then it seems a solution was found it was as I thought BUT In 1955, a Indian Guru named Sadju Vadramakrishna came forward and announced he had performed the trick himself; It seems he used thin wire in a large field but he failed to explain it properly. Although Vadramakrishna's vague explanation served to satisfy most casual listeners, others had their doubts. What he failed to explain and what thousands of eyewitnesses reported, was how the trick was performed from the 14th century onward in broad daylight. Still when I saw it performed in India with a huge mob of people it looked good oh well another Myth down the gurgler. We get this sort of thing in my area of the world A close friend and neighbour Papua New Guinea. It’s an ancient belief making a sinister comeback. Curse and superstition have always been part of life in Papua New Guinea - now those beliefs are being used more and more to justify violence and payback.and of course the Shamans are revered not so much by the young there now as they have been introduced to our Western ways sadly at times; all they really are are local tribe Doctors; they occur in lots of societies as depicted by this Indigneous American Shaman or Medicine man. Shaman are just like your local Doctor they demand payment today it is usually cash but not always gifts, offerings etc; yeah that one needs some pondering I mean the guy might want your wife dicey I'll stick to my Doctor I think lol. African magic yeah an odd one that but.conjures up words like Obeeyan or Voodoo but it seems there is a great difference I knew that lol. Seriously they are in the Southern USA and Haiti I believe. Haiti's government officially sanctioned voodoo as a religion but that was in 2003 it always conjures up visions of pins and dolls to me; not that kind no lol. Most images courtesy Google


A helping hand after Larry's fury

HELPING hand. . . Defence personnel unload supplies in Innisfail as the relief effort to help victims of Cyclone Larry stepped up yesterday. Sydney Olympics chief executive Sandy Hollway will join Major-General Peter Cosgrove's team in charge of rebuilding the devastated community. FORMER defence chief General Peter Cosgrove has likened the devastation caused by Cyclone Larry to that of a war zone. General Cosgrove, who will lead a task force heading the reconstruction effort, has toured areas of north Queensland ravaged by Cyclone Larry. He said the destruction was what he had expected based on his experience of Cyclone Tracy in Darwin and the Boxing Day tsunami in Indonesia.General Peter Cosgrove walks to the Court House along Rankin Street after arriving at Innisfail this morning to head the Cyclone Larry rebuilding effort in North Queensland. Picture: Bruce Long.. .I liked The look of him in his uniform of course, he was an excellent General in my opinion; looked after the men and women under him especially when he became Chief of our defence forces; he was a bit of a lad as a Lieutenant in Vietnam I read somewhere or saw it in a magazine; a bit gung ho in those days but he has the ear of honest John so he's in like Flynn as we say here. There's a video clip on the site by the way.


What we actually do on Australia day

This clip by Sam Kekovich describes in most part what us Aussie's do on Australia day so just sit back and watch him while I go eat lol. Enjoy this laconic Character as do lots here.
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Cops are human

We all grumble about our average laws and the Police who at times put their lives on the line to uphold the law but as this clip portrays they are in fact just average with in a lot of cases wives and families to support; This video is in jest of course as we all know but their personal lives can be hell at times. Ok yeah sure I have been booked for speeding a few times but I was heavy on the foot so although they are also unpaid collectors of revenue here in Australia at least and some are gung-ho types; the majority are not.
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What a slow back thinking Nation well government composed of people yes of course.

Canada bans Aussie ad campaign wake up Canada this is the Twenty first century don't you know NO sooner than British censors cleared Australia's colourful tourism campaign, Canadian officials have banned it, but not because of the word "bloody". The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has refused to run the "Where The Bloody Hell Are You" ad during family television programming because of the word "hell", Toronto's Globe and Mail newspaper reported today. Sounds like Canada is hell lol glad I don’t live there cold hole that it is and that new government they have oh boy.


Rectifyfing a friends error on Tropical storms

The terms "hurricane" and "typhoon" are regionally specific names for a strong "tropical cyclone". A tropical cyclone is the generic term for a non-frontal synoptic scale low-pressure system over tropical or sub-tropical waters with organized convection (i.e. thunderstorm activity) and definite cyclonic surface wind circulation (Holland 1993). Tropical cyclones with maximum sustained surface winds of less than 17 m/s (34 kt, 39 mph) are called "tropical depressions" (This is not to be confused with the condition mid-latitude people get during a long, cold and grey winter wishing they could be closer to the equator ;-)). Once the tropical cyclone reaches winds of at least 17 m/s (34 kt, 39 mph) they are typically called a "tropical storm" and assigned a name. If winds reach 33 m/s (64 kt, 74 mph)), then they are called: • "hurricane" (the North Atlantic Ocean, the Northeast Pacific Ocean east of the dateline, or the South Pacific Ocean east of 160E) • "typhoon" (the Northwest Pacific Ocean west of the dateline) • "severe tropical cyclone" (the Southwest Pacific Ocean west of 160E or Southeast Indian Ocean east of 90E) • "severe cyclonic storm" (the North Indian Ocean) • "tropical cyclone" (the Southwest Indian Ocean) Please Americans do you see your Hurricanes are just a Cyclone it matters not what they are called as long as you understand they are one and the same and that it in fact pisses an Aussie off when he gets an e-mail from a friend in the USA and they are likened to a tornado; which they are not of course; Which we also get by the way; In fact other countries surely must. The one we have just had Cyclone Larry was a category 5 but is now down to 2, I think after wreaking it's wrath on the top end of Queensland; I felt a few drops of rain this morning so it could be a spin off from it. For readers other than the USA here is a Picture of a Tornado does that look like a Cyclone or Hurricane to you?. Actually most of my E-pals know the difference just the odd one does not. Images courtesy Courier Mail Brisbane.


Welcome to the land down under

First up a short clip on some of our unique wildlife we have some weird to other folk’s way of thinking various animals that are not seen anywhere else in the world. Some come on over and visit we are friendly as are the animals about 22 hours from the USA or the UK that’s all. We also have some great things on view here besides the wildlife of course and we are quite civilised we are not all Crocodile Dundee’s ok lol.
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From the grave to young American voters

The following is extremely interesting and true. You can be a democrat or a republican and acknowledge that the facts below are true: My name is Mary Jo Kopechne. I would have been 65 years of age this year. Read about me and my killer below: When Sen. Ted Kennedy was merely just another Democrat bloating on Capitol Hill on behalf of liberal causes, it was perhaps excusable to ignore his deplorable past. But now that he's become a leading Republican attack dog, positioning himself as Washington's leading arbiter of truth and integrity, the days for such indulgence are now over. It's time for the GOP to stand up and remind America why this chief spokesman had to abandon his own presidential bid in 1980 - time to say the words "Mary Jo Kopechne" out loud. As is often the case, Republicans have deluded themselves into thinking that most Americans already know the story of how this "Conscience of the Democratic Party" left Miss Kopechne behind to die in the waters underneath the Edgartown Bridge in July 1969, after a night of drinking and partying with the young blonde campaign worker. But most Americans under 40 have never heard that story, or details of how Kennedy swam to safety, then tried to get his cousin Joe Garghan to say he was behind the wheel. Those young voters don't know how Miss Kopechne, trapped inside Kennedy's Oldsmobile, gasped for air until she finally died, while the Democrats' leading Iraq war critic rushed back to his compound to formulate the best alibi he could think of. Neither does Generation X know how Kennedy was thrown out of Harvard on his ear 15 years earlier -- for paying a fellow student to take his Spanish final. Or why the US Army denied him a commission because he cheated on tests. As they listen to the Democrats' "Liberal Lion" accuse President Bush of "telling lie after lie after lie" to get America to go to war in Iraq, young voters don't know about that notorious 1991 Easter weekend in Palm Beach when Uncle Teddy rounded up his nephews for a night on the town, an evening that ended with one of them credibly accused of rape. It's time for everyone to state unabashedly that they will no longer "go along with the gag" when it comes to Uncle Ted's rants about deception and moral turpitude inside the Bush White House. And if our leaders don't, let's do it ourselves by passing this forgotten disgrace around the Internet to wake up memories of what a fraud and fake Teddy really is. The Democratic Party should be ashamed to have the national disgrace from Massachusetts as their spokesman. Whether this Jerk is still in the position he had or is even still alive I know not; but he was a coward and a murderer both IMO.


The Aussie wheat scandal more dirt

Diplomat destroys bribe defence It always comes out in the end and I reckon heads should roll over this. It just boils down to the fact that our government is dirty and very dishonest; I know the opposition isn’t worth a cracker either but what choice do we have? None at all at least we can break the government’s majority in the senate. At least we may be able to vote in an independent to hold the balance of power old honest John hates that me I just love to see the bastard squirm. I love watching him being interviewed on the 7.30 report, the lies and evasion are sight to see believe me Our Australian federal government are all for lining their pockets more so than the crappy opposition we have,But that can and will change if they get in just look at these back biting clowns; never turn your back on them ever. The Howard government believes, in common with George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler: - that power and wealth are sufficient for greatness, - that war can be good, - that governments can limit freedom of speech and the press when they choose, - that people can be locked up indefinitely without trial if that is convenient, - that the only value of the environment is that wealth can be got from it. All three were/are willing to damage the world for the short term 'good' of their nations. More like their own bank accounts as well I reckon. If they eventually change our flag will it look like this? lol; many of our Men died under our proper flag why should we change? I realise this is in jest but they really are trying to change it. All the same I myself wish us to remain allies with the USA; The folk there are getting a raw deal I reckon like we are here.


A Hodge podge of this and that

Hacking now that'’s a fearsome word enough to make a bloke quake and you too as well I reckon. As we all know it is getting worse and in the main the young, boredom well it could be, all the same I was amazed at reading mere schoolchildren were into this highly illegal art perhaps they could devote it to getting rid of several government folk in say the White house; nah no such luck sadly. All images courtesy of Google BTW excepting the dog who is owned by my daughter. Radiation yeah well another crook thing as well; somebody told me a few days ago they could smell it and it was doing things to them, I never really believed it until I did some researching so I have to apologise to them for that I guess, but it seems it does do all of this and worse Now I see that dogs yep plumb ordinary dogs can smell on a person whether they have cancer or not, there is a drawback to this as you don'’t know what they were sniffing previously guess I'll take my chances and get a cat no dog scan. Bungee jumping yeah that is a definite no no for this bloke; my daughter has done it she said, the strange thing is I'’m the only one who knows about this fearsome episode in her life; but it is sure not for me although I am getting a parachute drop on my birthday, but I want to, ah takes all sorts but I fancy that somewhat, a tandem one naturally. I was looking forward to a trip to the USA to see some e-mail friends and then on to the UK to see my kin there before heading home, sadly it's all a dream funds for that have now gone still I am sweating on a lotto win what a joke; mere pipe dreams still nobody can tell I guess, it actually could happen!


Condoleezza Rice ranting in Sydney again

I have to agree with her statements on her upbringing of course; I myself think it wrong but then here at the time, well when I first lobbed in it was a white Australia policy and even our indigenous people were not even counted in the census every five years; I thought that odd but kept quiet as one did in them days. "My family couldn't go to a restaurant, or stay in a hotel, when I was segregated at school - I didn't have a white classmate until we moved to Denver when I was in 10th grade." now she is the most powerful woman in the world it seems; It was a time of "church bombings, and of white supremacy, and of the Klu Klux Klan", the US Secretary of State told a crowd of 300 students at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music yesterday. All the same even this yak with music students was not that peaceful. Guantanamo Bay came up in the lecture which was only to be expected. I can only presume she was sent here by her boss who is still engaged in underhand actions; nothing new there we expect it of him but we are sick of his policies as are a lot of Americans as well. I was kind of inspired to write this after reading come speak to me 2. post about Dr Condoleezza Rice I particularly liked the image of her on it with the POTUS supposedly whispering in her ear; all jokes aside she has had a decent education and her record looks impressive so she did get up out of the deep South and make something of her life; however we can do without other countries opinions just like the USA would not like lectures and rants from other countries allies or not.After all none of us likes being lectured and by a foreigner at that; Is she on a world tour doing this at the expense of the American taxpayer? you bet she is; A typical politician.


Big brother is watching you

Can this be true you bet it is. Spying yes for many of us older folk it conjures up visions of the war, the cold war, dead drops or letter boxes in British parlance and micro dots; The US also spies on it's allies as this ex CIA agent says; His reason is much different and I think it does look as though it is a very reasonable explanation but even so the whole thing abhors me, I realise it is six years old but all the same no smoke without fire. and another explanation heavens the list is endless; it sounds like the Soviet era; here is another snippet regarding the University of Texas law School, now Texas rings a bell even to me an outsider and to you good folk in America as well I reckon! Nowadays its more the industrial espionage that is all the go; but don’t sigh with relief just yet as allies spy on one another all the time; I thought yes the USA is at it again but no not only them in fact Australia has a huge programme of spying in collaboration with America; but that’s not all worse is to come from my research; Every call and I mean every call made by a US citizen or a Brit Citizen, and the rest of us I should reckon is as well; it is harder with digital technology but it can be done and is I assure you is monitored by the US National Security Agency and the British Government Communications Headquarters eavesdrop on the whole world. The NSA is forbidden from listening in on Americans without a warrant, but the US government circumvents this problem by formally allowing the GCHQ to spy on Americans. The NSA listens in on British calls, and then the two just swap the information; so GCHC spies on American cell users and other phones I believe and the NSA at Fort Meade spy on the Brits not a gentlemanly act at all. This is worth a looksee or squizz as I call it I do hope you are paying attention now as there’s worse to come. Did you know your details can be recorded from your printer on your computer? not just your trustworthy (bad choice of words) printer from other places like this for example your Zip files you download is one and the main offenders according to this report at hand are AOL, netscape, realnet network in fact there was a court action according to this guy and really it is advisable to read all of that last link; you will be amazed at what is on it; I was even though I knew of spy cookies and the like, well most of us do that use the net.


Seems folk are finally getting serious in the U.S of A

It appears folk have had enough of their head of state and good on them as most of the world has at some point or another except our resident clown but to give him his due ours is well not honest at times but not a megalomaniac either and he does have his head screwed on. Those jokes me and millions of others have received through e-mail about him are looking more like a fact everyday All bad things must come to an end if not severe censure, impeachment or November will get you in the end; roll on November as I reckon that will be a certainty for sure. I mean the facts speak for themselves no body has to say a word when this guy does something he never thinks; were you not taught as a child to look before you leap? Hardly anyone feels sorry for you and you really have caused as many deaths as some of these other autocratic dictators if one thinks about it When you finally vanish into obscurity I reckon the Sydney council should have a massive pyrotechnic display (they will it's another excuse to party over your demise) from the Sydney Harbour bridge to really outdo the new year one they put on; a suggestion Mr.President go quietly and maybe just maybe you will not get carted off in chains.As the Japanese once said in the movie Tora Tora Tora we have awakened a sleeping giant the American people have been awakened but it was hard to do anything but now a distinct possibility is looming your gone buster. This will be your only reward for hoodwinking the people of your country and your coalition; it's a shame we Aussies are part of it, Blair can fight his own battles but he won't last long either. And your record well words fail me and billions of others I think. I reckon although this cartoon is a joke it has 99.9% reoccuring of the truth thanks to Google for the images and alternet for bringing it to my attention.


President G.W.Bush should he be impeached?

A brief summary; President of the United States World Leader Education: B.A. Yale University (1968) MBA Harvard Business School (1975) Date of Birth: July 6, 1946 Career Highlights 46th Governor of Texas (1994-2001); managing general partner of the Texas Rangers (1989-1994); private career in the Texas energy industry (1975-1986). Dossier courtesy of www.forbes.com/ 2001/10/12/gwbush.html When George W. Bush took office in January 2001, after the most contentious U.S. presidential election of the 20th century, it seemed that the biggest challenge his administration would face would be to revitalise a lethargic economy. All of that changed on Sept. 11. Now the man who was derided during the campaign for not knowing the name of the general who runs Pakistan has had to pressure Gen. Pervez Musharraf to be the first line of defense in the war on terrorism. Bush's domestic agenda--ranging from education reform to privatising Social Security--has been tabled to push through legislation that would make it easier for the U.S. to fight terrorism. He has hastily rallied an international coalition to search for terrorists and punish the nations that harbour or abet them. Holding many of these new allies to this avowed purpose could prove difficult the longer U.S. actions continue and the farther from Afghanistan they get. Really I guess it is not my place to say about President G.W.Bush being impeached; I am not American I don't even live there but his policies do come back to haunt us the Australian people; indeed many countries have allied themselves with this man and his policies; that said after reading this article I think it would be good to see him go even though it is a shameful thing to do; one must remember the shameful things he has done is still doing in fact; we are now allied more to the USA than we ever were which is a good thing; I won't argue with that. In fact I am all for that but it is also tearing our nation apart slowly; what it is doing to other allied nations which it seems is now called the coalition, is anyone'’s guess; Also funds to do this have to be met by the various taxpayers from the USA and other countries; The loss of human life I won'’t dwell on as I have before posted similar things; suffice to say it is horrendous on all sides of the coin. Actually as a Blogger I am just having my say on the matter, but it is I think dividing America in some places, which I think is a shame as I like Americans and their country and they saved us in both wars; but I think that Mr. Bush has just gone too far this time.


Not again surely

US warns of challenge from Iran Washington has warned that Iran's nuclear programme is one of America's biggest challenges, and refused to rule out any option including military. By this remark Mr. Bush I presume you mean the coalition again? I mean I noticed recently 2200 Canadians were sent to Afghanistan with some Romanians; we have a few there as well. By this idiotic remark do you and this Bolton Character at the UN claim to be God almighty the pair of you? How do we know for sure it is not for peaceful purposes as the Iranians claim? You said this about Iraq and look how wrong you were and how you made your own people and your Coalition such fools oh yourself included I might add. I sure hope the next Presidential nominee is not like you; whoever it is may stand down as the worlds self appointed Police Chief but I fear not. On the other hand you could be right and as I see it you are maybe trying to appease the Israeli's,nuclear image courtesy of Wikepedia and Google. Folk are still dying from the last Image BTW. And come to that a better idea would be to ban nuclear weapons from the world you included; and have it very closely monitored by an international body set up for that under the auspices of the UN instead of your government.

I am just wondering if you all know the name of the First American President?

I guess what springs to mind is George Washington but You would be wrong, in fact some of his men wanted to make him a King; still you have one now I think and most of you are not amused by him I know we here in the main are not.anyway this here is an image of the First President, in fact George Washington was the eighth President I too was wrong but then I am a foreigner. John Hanson, American Patriot and First President of the United States (1715-1783) Actually he only served for a year as that was the rule then.And his term was really from. Six other presidents were elected after him - Elias Boudinot (1783), Thomas Mifflin (1784), Richard Henry Lee (1785), Nathan Gorman (1786), Arthur St. Clair (1787), and Cyrus Griffin (1788) - all prior to Washington taking office. Why don't we ever hear about the first seven Presidents of the United States? It's quite simple - The Articles of Confederation didn't work well. The individual states had too much power and nothing could be agreed upon. A new doctrine needed to be written - something you now know as the Constitution. oddly according to this he was the third American President; I guess you will have to make your own minds up. I think really that (I'm sorry I cannot tell a lie) George was actually the first President of the United States under the constitution that America follows today. There is something I reckon would make all of them turn in their graves but. And that is the way things are done now in the USA not quite what they envisaged and I don't suppose a lot of you do either. Comments are welcome as I may have made some errors being human even though American history was a subject for me when I was a boy at School.