vista Yea or Nay

This is the real vista it is claimed so why all these other video’s running it down yeah well you have to look at the bigger picture and to be frank at the moment I am not impressed but you can make up your own mind; remember how much all this will cost you ok, here is the first video which I found on You tube go have a squiz.

Here is another that is not so complimentary sorry about the language but it is not my video

Like the guy says it is horrid.

And now from Washington itself have a squiz at it so three videos but there are more on you tube if you wish to go look at them good luck with your decision your wallet will empty fairly quickly as well.

From their Redmond HQ no less

I am definitely having second thoughts.


A monster of a Hog

This Hog a feral Pig weighing 476,72 kilogrammes which is 1,051 pounds was shot by this boy pictured here WOW what a veritable monster

Jamison Stone, 11, poses with a wild pig he killed near Delta, Ala.

An 11-year-old Alabama boy used a pistol to kill a wild hog that just may be the biggest pig ever found.

Jamison Stone's father says the hog his son killed weighed a 1,051 pounds and measured 9-feet-4 from the tip of its snout to the base of its tail. Think hams as big as car tires.

If the claims are accurate, Jamison's trophy boar would be bigger than Hogzilla, the famed wild hog that grew to seemingly mythical proportions after being killed in south Georgia in 2004.

Hogzilla originally was thought to weigh 1,000 pounds and measure 12 feet in length.National Geographic experts who unearthed its remains believe the animal actually weighed about 800 pounds and was 8 feet long.

After seeing the pig in person, taxidermist Jerry Cunningham told The Anniston Star it was "the biggest thing I'd ever seen ... it's huge." huge is right I thought I would blog it, well I agree and so I am blogging it as well


A wealthy Federal Government agency in Sydney I’ll say

So it seems that in excess of A$600 Million in foreign aid never did get to where it was destined for it was kept by a small Federal Government Agency in Pitt street so what’s new this government does this all the time remember the wheat board scandal I thought you might.

Read this what a sick joke we the Australian people are expected to welcome this well no we are not supposed to know about it silly me.

A quote from the Herald “Almost $1 billion which the Government has identified as official aid is being spent on programs in which no new money flows to the countries said to be getting it, Aid watch says in a report to be released today”. Unquote’

It matters little that it was covered up that seems to be the norm for the Howard Government.

I have my beady eye on you Rudd before you even get the top job in the land; be a bit more open than the bastards in power at present.

This money tagged development assistance to Iraq also dubbed as phantom aid yeah well that seems right.

Cripes as I read on it gets worse while the elderly and the sick get older and sicker A$ 3 Billion more of foreign development never in fact leaves the country and indeed some have been directed away from overseas poverty relief programmes

In actual fact this newspaper found most of the loot had never left good old OZ

Remember here that good old Johnny Boy made a pledge to the United Nations to increase official aid to A$4 Billion a year by 2010

Johnny Boy is running his last race this year and he has to be worried; what happens when the new Government is sworn in well I'll tell you there will be hunts for scapegoats.

Sadly this does not return the missing cash but surely somebody is responsible for that cash oh well no doubt we shall find out eventually or will we Hmmm.

As Mark Thomson says it is a mere bribe while Australia actually preaches the rule of law and how to govern to our neighbours in the Pacific; so I read it as bribe money known as squeeze in Hong Kong.

This means then as I see it that somebody does get the cash that the average Aussie worker toiled for like a goat cash not meant for where it was actually going (I should have been an accountant) well I for one do not like it and my reaction will be shown on polling day you can be sure of that.

I have only ever missed one Election Day be it local Government, State Government or Federal Government and that was a referendum my excuse I simply forgot after reminding my children not to forget lol

You can bet your boot's I won't miss this one even if I go to the polling booth in a wheelchair.



Two very lucky ladies plus a newborn

A high flying birth

This drama it seems happened high above the Pacific Ocean on Good Friday and luckily there was an obstetrician on the flight an Aussie doc as it happened flying to Santiago from Auckland New Zealand.

The Mother to be was not even aware she was pregnant whilst the obstetrician worried about any instrument to cut her with should the need arise as all cutlery etc are now plastic thanks to anti terrorists laws

To make matters worse it was a breech delivery as told in this news report.

Three lucky ladies really I think


Children with firearms at school

A friend sent me an e-mail today about guns in the hands of a student so I searched on you tube and lo and behold it was on there; it makes for interesting viewing and listening to I had quite a shock in fact there were many on you tube one featured a Police officer who in the opinion of many on you tube should be fired not literally sadly also he needed lessons in how to speak English, I could not understand him at all to be honest.

In fact I will put it on here so you can take your pick of whether I was correct in my thinking or not.

However first up is the one my friend from Texas sent to me below.

This in turn made me decide to do a bit of an article on this subject.

We have drugs in our schools in Australia but as far as I know no firearms YET at least as firearms are banned in this country after the massacre at Port Arthur Tasmania of I think 33 innocent people; The NASTY responsible is still alive in secluded quarters in Gaol on the Island.

The other one yes it is my fervent opinion this Police officer really does not know safety procedures with firearms one iota and needs to be re-trained you will note how he waves it around in the air snatches one out of a woman’s arms.

In short the man is a disgrace to the police service he is in I could not tell as he was in mufti and if he said well I never heard it.

I do know if I had acted like he did when I was in the military I would have ended up behind bars.

Anyhow here it is below decide for yourself

A strange weekend

Computer free lol ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So I know it is an odd day and all that but the fact remains that I went and had the last cataract in my eyes finally removed I timed it and it took 23 minutes. The strangest thing was I glanced at the clock took note of the time; I also found I could not move and a mask was in place; I drifted off to sleep and then awoke looked at the clock 5 minutes had elapsed but a shadowy figure was visible through sterile drapes it stayed like that until I was wheeled from the operating room; back for a cup of tea which I did need badly and some food. Amazingly I had to be driven to the eye specialists office on the Sunday for another squizz at the eye well both eyes so all is well and I worried about the anaesthetic for nothing.


We do not need anyone kowtowing to the Red Chinese government

Personally I would far rather have an audience with the Dalai Lama than any Chinese official.

China took Tibet as far as I’m concerned the Han live in Tibet now.

Tibet was just minding its own business when along came what I still call the yellow peril and forced his hand thereby making him live in exile; in the beginning it was India I have absolutely no idea where the his Holiness the Dalai Lama lives now.

I loathe communism in any shape or form.

I’m also annoyed that our Federal government including the leader of the opposition Rudd are snubbing The Dalai Lama; I cannot recall a time when the Dalai Lama has treated anyone with contempt but that joker Hu and his mob do it all the time beneath his smarmy smile, Senator Brown reckons it’s a disgrace and so do I.

This is a direct quote from Senator Brown “Here we have in Canberra this obsequious, weak at the knees attitude and we must bow to Hu and the rest of the reds in Beijing from all people but the PM

Human rights are at stake here and one must remember that Australia has large amounts of resources that the Chinese government want desperately

As Michael Danby a labor MP said to the ABC we as a nation should defy the political pressure remember this is a nation that killed its citizens in Tiananmen Square some years ago now, surely we have not forgotten that episode: I haven’t I don’t think I ever will.

China is too fond of shaking its fist at other nations far too much.

A few things I figured I would blog

So Monday

My youngest son took me to the eye specialist about a 50 kilometre return trip so not far I drove to his place about 30 kilometres return trip first.

It seems my left eye is really crook it’s no wonder I squint whilst typing and reading.

It will be fixed on Saturday as I have been on this waiting list so long they are going to do the procedure at a private hospital about an hours drive from his place; only a day job 20 minute procedure and the rest of the time in recovery; I am a tad worried about the anaesthetic as at one time I was a smoker; I stopped for a very long time but after that I started up again but finished not really all that long ago now well at a guess maybe 2 months or more I cannot recall; I shall not start again as I was amazed at the amount of money I saved.

Then it seems I have to go back to see this bloke the next day; I queried that as it will be on a Sunday so he said I am opening just for you lol.

My son did not like the attitude of the staff there he said they were quite rude to me; I did not realise this being deaf as well don’t get old peoples deafness, cataracts, rheumatics; the list is endless.

So yeah a night without the computer which was ok I just went to bed after supper and a few cups of tea.

So Tuesday

Watching the news on TV with my son and a cup of tea the conversation sorta of skewed onto our upcoming federal election which will decide the political party to run Australia.

I happened to mention the $500 tax free bonus the treasurer is giving us senior citizens by the end of June and the son says yeah you will take the bonus but you won’t vote for him; I had to chuckle at that I admit the thing is I have been doing a bit of soul searching re political parties and I just might vote for him after all or an independent I haven’t made up my mind yet; I did not tell him that of course, I must have a real good squizz to see who the half senate election has as it’s nominees as well.

Half of the Australian federal senate are up for election every three years.

There are in fact 76 senator’s 2 each for the ACT and the NT and 12 each for the states, they are elected on a proportional representation for 6 years but they are rotated so half have to retire every 3 years except the 4 who represent the ACT and the NT they are elected every3 years with the common herd

So home I went and thought I have a few things to do like a gift voucher for my son’s wife (her birthday is almost here); went into the larger of the two shopping malls we have in Nambour and we were all asked to leave the fire alarm went off like a banshee; a hoax of course but a nuisance to all concerned probably a load of kids but maybe not it could of just happened

Down under just to finish off your reading

Men at work a very catchy tune to describe us Aussies clip courtesy of you tube I actually found several versions on there but the photography on here was in my opinion better I particularly loved the three last words portrayed at the end of the clip; it is us to a tee for sure.

This music is also on both of my blogs on the side music only not a video like this.



Two sick puppies

This is what I would term a bloody disgrace and if this stupid duo had been working for me and did this I would have fired them on the spot,

Greg 'Opie' Hughes and Anthony Cumia this is not humour and you get paid for saying crude things like this, good grief the pair of you should be in gaol in my opinion.

Don Imus got fired and he was nowhere near as crude as these two half-witted morons.

Just look at these two half baked clowns on here (Fox news) anybody with an atom of sense would ensure they never worked again.

I am not in love with the people these idiots goofed off at myself but I would never do what they did.

GET RID OF THEM XM their apologies mean nothing nothing at all.


The Zimbabwean Cricket tour just hit Ctr+delete yea or nay

As I recall this happened once before but the Australian cricket board were allowed to make up their own minds and I fervently believe we should do so in this instance; on the other hand this could well be the correct decision

Politics should have no say regarding a sporting series of any kind not just cricket but any sport in my opinion.

This is a direct quote from our present incumbent Prime Minister and I myself although agreeing with his comments re the Mugabe regime I quote The federal government has ordered the Australian cricket team's tour of Zimbabwe be scrapped, said Prime Minister John Howard” unquote

I do see the dilemma that by banning the teams Cricket Australia will not have to pay this Mugabe character a red cent whereas if Cricket Australia simply called it off this joker would inherit A$2.4 Million in compensation which I guess most of us know will go into this grubby blokes pocket.

None of it will go towards easing the plight of the average Zimbabwean at all; I am not so certain that the rest of the Cricketing world sees it in this light let us hope so!!

This is a crying shame of course and the west has tried to help in the past; the results were not positive sadly.

We do have many Zimbabweans living in Queensland as a result of Robert Mugabe’s policies; I guess a lot of them are Australian now although I have heard they do wish to return to their own country.

Their ex-workers want them back or did as well what a terrible quandary to be in regardless whether it is about sport or not.


Supporting Human rights

Well I have been in favour of human rights for some considerable time now so ok some of the religions can and will offend some but they are still entitled to rights whether they are Muslim or Christian in fact any religion.

I was always taught as a child by the way that a person’s religion is their own affair entirely I still do by the way, click on the image to see it better.

Terrorist attacks that we in the west have been subjected to are from extremists Fundamentalist Moslem's or Muslim usually but not always.

Info here.

The folk that are Islamic on this human rights blog of mine are just ordinary people just like you or me they are not fanatics at all in fact in most cases they have been gaoled by fanatics.

So this peoples is a good thing in my opinion I am always writing letters on their behalf and at times these letters do help some of the people who have lost their liberty to their fanatical governments; not always of course sadly.

This supporting will not cost you any money either although there will be times when you could be asked for a donation; you do not have to do this of course it is usually a case of consenting to sending a letter from you to the transgressors.

This is even made easy for you by being already written you can alter it if you desire but with a couple of clicks of your trusty mouse VOILA it is done .what can you lose a couple of minutes of your time and you may get an innocent person out of gaol remember this is 2007 and not 1907.

There are times when us humans lose sight of that sadly.


We all make errors


A slip of the tongue by the POTUS George W Bush was sure picked up on at this white tie dinner and it seems this is not the first time he has got up our Queen’s nose he did it at a state event held by his father when he held office

Have a squizz at the look he's getting lol.

His Mother seated him well away from the Royal visitor and then to Barbara Bush’s horror he said to the Queen that he was the black sheep of his family and then asked 'who’s yours?' none of your business came the tart reply

Poor old George lol I guess I felt a bit sorry for him there it seems he can't win a trick whatever he does

The Age

Apartheid in a school in Georgia USA officially officially over

Georgia high school holds first integrated prom, but traditions die hard

We’re gonna party like it’s 1969 was a comment uttered on this statement by associated press


It was difficult to get comments in fact as it appears school officials told white students not to discuss it with the media.

In spite of official integration it was and has always been done separately what anybody else would in fact term apartheid.

However the students decided to abolish this and integrated themselves and good on them I say I have no time for racists at all.

Mind you it did not really go down as it was planned as many whites attended their own private prom as it is called.

And the mere fact that this well American apartheid if you like has not made that big a difference especially in the Southern states of the U S of A is really a matter of conjecture as I write to quite a few Americans and not all of them love their coloured brethren; I guess the same could be said here in some cases onlthough hefty fines can result if the practice is abused.

Now as I blogged yesterday this abhorrent practice is rearing its ugly in my country in fact in my state and I personally take exception to it.


KKK 'on recruiting mission in Queensland'


It would seem evil is rearing it’s ugly head in Queensland Australia from southeast Qld to North Qld in the north a member of the defence force at Laverack Barracks Townsville had set up a website for these racists.

This is being looked into I read on here.

These scumbags should be gaoled and thrown out of the country in my opinion.

Australia is now an ethnic country and we do not want the likes of this outlawed group here; I read that they are outlawed in the USA and yet their grand wizard appears on American television why I shall never know.

However they are most certainly not wanted here.

It appears one of our military set up a website supporting these scum in Townsville as well; if this is not dealt with at once we will look bloody fools and racists it has to stop and the offenders gaoled if they are in the military well then nothing less than a dishonourable discharge and imprisonment will suffice.

It’s a blatant reminder methinks that this kind of hatred still exists in this multicultural country of ours.

We must nip this in the bud right now It first came to my attention on here


Some interesting items I read today

One of which was a reason given as to why it is almost impossible to get a woman elected as President after reading it I still think a woman can be elected as the administration head but yes it will be quite difficult.

Their system actually trips up a woman seeking to get elected to the top job sadly to quote Andrew Reynolds who is a professor at UNC.

Guess what it is not politics as much as sheer dominance by wealthy WHITE males.

I myself don’t like the sound of that either thank goodness I do not live in the USA that is just sheer racism and DOMINANCE naturally

The U.S. political structure is partly responsible. Many parliamentary systems encourage alternative voices by allowing small parties, but the United States fosters a two-party system in which the parties have to appeal to a broader audience; well so I am led to believe; I don’t actually either.

Its all hocus pocus yes ok smaller parties can mess things up for the larger political parties I agree but is this a bad thing? No it is not as smaller parties hold the balance of power in our senate I believe at the moment.

This is distrusted by the Democrats and Republicans and the evil spectre of money of course is high on the American agenda; the average American citizen will tell you that.

There have been many women who have held the reins of their country even our close Neighbour New Zealand has Helen Clarke at the helm it is all on this info I read on Reuters, some on the sub continent also.

It seems that voters in the USA are not really comfortable at the thought of the Commander in chief being a female; why I certainly don’t know but this is the 21st Century Mr and Mrs America and not the 18th I think a woman can do just as good a job I mean lets face it other women have and succeeded in fact some are still in office as I said earlier.

She will have her military advisers never fear, I just hope that if a woman gets elected as the POTUS she will pick women military advisers just to get things on the right foot.

You would actually be amazed at the number of men in Australia that I have discussed this with thought it a good thing; not all of them but a fair swag of em think in this vein.


Distasteful but true

The CIA (Central intelligence Agency) is one of a few intelligence agencies run by the US Government.

For decades it decried the then USSR for their prisons indeed quite a few westerners have been unwilling guests of the old USSR but the high and mighty good old USA has almost a similar prison system.

Thanks to in the main blogging I fervently believe it was exposed because a sharp blogger blogged it; well I like to think so at least.

What a shocking thing Mr G W Bush and the rest of his administration ought to be downright ashamed of themselves; they won’t be of course these jokers always seem to get away with it even after it was all exposed the Bush administration just blithely carried on.

Did I hear somebody mention free speech nope one has to be very care of what they say in the land of the free.

It’s much the same in the UK so I read on the BBC so it surely must be the same in my country; all governments are NOT to be trusted at all whatever their political stance.

I should imagine William J. Donovan (a.k.a. Wild Bill Donovan) turning in his grave if he could read this but then maybe not who knows,


A cool site from India and very informative

Yes a pretty cool site and the young chap who runs it is most helpful I found

This is one of his posts which I quite liked so I joined the Google thingy that is making big inroads into Yahoo and MSN instant messaging it was not hard to do and much easier if you have a Google account so I guess I was lucky there; otherwise known as social networking I guess it is aimed at the younger generation but who cares I sure don’t.

Of course Blogging India is about all manner of things really all sorts abound on here so for anybody who has just a little interest in blogging check it out; I did.

Even decided to get informed by e-mail when a new post is posted.

What a load of Crap

So folk from the sub continent are now whinging over the fact that Adam Gilchrist scored a 149 runs in the world cup final and in their opinion it’s illegal.

Read up on the rule book folks ok a squash ball could be construed as padding as well if you think about this and cannot be equated with Dennis Lillee’s Aluminum Bat either.

The plain fact of the matter is that we won; there can be only one winner.

Yes I do realise that a lot of betting occurs on the Sub Continent regarding cricket; it does here in Australia also, possibly not to the same extent as the sub continents punters but who knows I have never actually checked it out.

What really gets up my nose is that there are now blogs on this if you click HERE whingers all.

Face up to the facts India and Pakistan you are both excellent teams it is not in your makeup to do this obviously a member of the fourth estate dreamed this LULU up to sell newspapers; I got the report from HERE.

This bloke well words fail me just read what he says

The characteristic of the squash ball indicates that the ball is made of vulcanised rubber with additions of polymers and synthetic material to achieve a degree of fairly low resilience. The lower the resilience of the object the higher the proportion of energy used in deforming it. Thus when a batsmen hits the cricket ball, the air inside the squash ball gets pressurised or deformed, releasing a spring load of energy, that is transferred directly to the bat, resulting in a catapulting effect on the cricket ball, as evidenced by the spectators, watching Gilchrist's batting spell bound.

In this context, it is evident that wearing a performance enhancing device (Squash ball) is prohibitive against the Spirit of the Cricket Game' and is analogous to an Athlete using performance enhancing drugs to win his event. Furthermore, the Australian Cricket Team should be disqualified from the World Cup 2007. To me this is no worse than adding padding for protection or more rubbers on the handle of a cricket bat. This bloke is even equating it with drugs good grief whatever next! One wonders whether Gilly has used this before maybe but who cares really; I just reckon like I said earlier it's just a gimmick to sell more newspapers. Go GILLY give em heaps


A salute to a very elderly Australian

This has been linked to several times but I thought I would as I have a few readers that are or would be considered elderly; I don't think of them in that way of course but this lady has 37 Years on me and is going strong I tell you. Click on Life of Riley under this image for her blog or blob as she calls it. From what I read she was a bit of a fighter in her younger days and still is it seems. she was around at the turn of the last century pretty good going for a lady of 107. It is definitely worth reading just click on the link in green under the image of herself ________________________________________________ Life of Rily


Galloping Gertie’s Face lift


It will now be known I read on Wiki as sturdy Gertie by locals.

The old Tacoma Narrows Bridge will soon be open once more after a face lift costing $849 Million a lot of money in anyone’s language.

Actually started in September 2002 and it is now so I read and heard from a friend almost ready to go, the tolls are in and I believe it costs around 3 bucks.

A rather odd fact that I read on Wiki was that Clark Eldridge who accepted some of the blame for the collapse was that he was captured by the Japanese and was recognised by a Japanese officer as the fall guy in Japan itself before the end of the war in the Pacific; this officer it seemed strode up to Eldridge put out a hand and said Tacoma Washington; I think he was a student in WA prior to the war.

This bridge is in Washington State in the Pacific Northwest

A friend of mine told me a little of Galloping Gertie I wont repeat what she said so as to keep her anonymity.

However I did discover a video clip of the tragedy so watch very carefully and you will see the collapse in its entirety.

And just here is a map of the placement of the new bridge it does remind me of a certain suspension bridge also in the Northern Hemisphere but the Washington one is huge compared to the one I was thinking of.

This Video clip from You Tube was amazing I thought but as I said earlier you will need to watch it very closely.

Building big data Bank