This it seems is an Internet treasure hunt which kicked off on May one 2000, I myself had never heard of it until a good friend I chat to most days told me of it and gave me the site site today so I figured I would blog it.

This friend does lots of good work re scouting and all sorts of things in that vein.

To reward her scout troop for having cookie drives and for her as she bakes them to send to troops in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, one soldier has donated a GPS for the troop to use in this treasure hunt; it seems one is needed for this latest hobby there is also much info on this on here it works like this a Geocacher usually places a waterproof container of some kind with trinkets or such plus a log book with a pencil.

He or she then notes the caches coordinates and posts them on a website so I presume that is the official site!!

The hunters or seekers obtain these coordinates along with some details and find the cache using hand held GPS receivers and record all in the log.

Usually more treasure is left as the finder has the right to keep what he or she finds.

A great way to spend the weekend instead of watching TV I reckon and a tremendous idea for scouts to do this kind of thing.

I am quite wrapped in the idea the next step is how much does a GPS cost in Australia, I believe it is much cheaper in the USA.

This twenty first Century form of treasure hunting is done in at least a 100 countries all over the world and on all seven continents yes all seven so that means it is done in Antarctica also amazing huh

A happy and Prosperous New Year To all of you.

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Only the New Year to go now

And video conversion.

I shan’t be sorry when all the Christmas celebrations are finally over for another 12 months it is usually a costly time.

I can get back into my normal routine like all of you.

I have naturally been watching the Cricket test between India and Australia with great interest.

Telecast from the Melbourne cricket ground the traditional venue for all Boxing Day cricket tests, the Indians did very well on the first day.

Sadly they were bowled out in their second innings fairly easily; I really thought they had us on the ropes; it is a struggle still out there so the pitch must not be so good to bat on although all the commentators say it is

For all international Cricket updates click on here a great site for all cricketing fans.

I seem to be having trouble uploading videos to Myspace for some odd reason no doubt I will get to the bottom of it.

For all you folk that need to convert videos back into MPG from flash on you tube and similar sites try this site it does it online for you and e-mails you the result; a better idea than a lot of other sites that profess to do this for you but you have to get out the old credit card.

This one is completely free; I test drove it and no worries it worked like a charm.

You may have to wait 24 hours for the result but it’s free so I reckon that’s a small price to pay.

Some folk wonder why we do this but there many gains out of it ok so you spot a video on You Tube but cannot embed it as the owner has disabled it.

Solutions download and convert it and post it up yourself on the tube or another of the video sites that are coming out of the woodwork, and hey presto you get an embedment code.


Coonamble NSW Australia Featuring the Historical Museum

Some of the local inhabitants think that Coonamble is out in the back of beyond well maybe not all of them; after having been there at least once every nine months or so for a period of hmm 4 years I guess I kind of got that impression myself but after reading up on the place this is not strictly true.

If you wish to be technical and give it the correct name it is really Coonamble and Macquarie Marshes; not that I saw any marshes on any of my visits.

It is a small town with a population of around 3000 or so, interestingly enough Google maps classify it as a city which I found odd.

It’s a service centre to the largest shire in NSW actually which give or take is around 10,000 square kilometres covering the slopes of the Warrumbungle range.

There quite a few famous Horse stud farms there but Wheat Sheep and cattle kept the town going although sheep took over as the mainstay instead of cattle

Coonamble gets its name from an indigenous word Gunambil, three tribes of our indigenous people were thought to be the original inhabitants in this region of NSW.

First European’s in the area were from the party of John Oxley, the river which is mainly dry was named after Lord Castlereagh who at the time was Secretary of State for the colonies.

Even water from the artesian basin is still used by the town and district.

They also have a museum with quite a few exhibits a daughter of a friend I write to helps out there quite a lot I believe, this is purely voluntary of course.

This museum the Coonamble historical museum is the former Police station which was built in 1886 and converted to the museum a good idea I reckon

There is even a Cobb & Co Coach restored and even loaned out for celebrations etc.

There has been a lot of closures in Coonamble I have read

I have no doubt this sort of thing has happened in most of Australian towns as I have seen them in other towns; sadly I never got to see Coonamble’s museum.

Here are a few images of a very few of the exhibits.

First up here is the old Police station

These are the old horse stables

Things did look rather grim in those days I guess but people survived just look at us today.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at a little of Australia's past I know I did

Most likely you all have similar museums in your own local town so these images may bring back memories for you

My info I got from a book and my friend who lives there so no direct link to a site sadly

Comments most welcome


More on climate Change

Farmers and fuel companies reckon Bio Fuels could help save earth from this global warming which in some circles is being called a catastrophe but this again smells of money to be made.

The farmer’s well they do not fare so well here in Australia due to the terrible droughts we have so I don’t begrudge them the means to earn money as half the time a lot of them exist on social security payments.

Fuel companies are a completely different kettle of fish they are greedy they know they can sell their product with no worries

Of course at the same time I realise that the population of our planet is increasing hugely so we do need better methods as to the care of us all so the need for a scientific study is on the cards

The thing is we get these studies all the time using our money to fund them; these scientists may well be devoted to their profession but why use public money (ours) when private institutes can employ them.

Do we ever hear of one of the giant petroleum companies offering here no I thought not.

In January of this year in fact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) gave the major oil companies one week to get their act together and bring petrol retail prices into line, with the Singapore unleaded petrol price so obviously this was a breach of the rules so as to give their shareholders a massive profit; at our expense of course.

Whether they have done this remains doubtful to me as my petrol price when I fill up is still spiraling up and up as no doubt it is in countries like the UK and the USA.

Big hearted of them huh British Petroleum (BP) is another of these giant companies; they along with others are responsible for the destruction of rain forest in Brazil.

Mind you this will happen well it is already due to the demand for these bio fuels.

Simply put the land is needed to make this happen

This puts the oil mob into a quandary as it has to sell its product.

What I don’t understand is why; we have heaps of oil reserves here in Canada, the USA and off Brazil even offshore in the UK have them.

About time a nuclear car was invented (it probably has) but the oil companies won’t want that.

To sum up this world is in one hell of a mess and it’s about time somebody did something they will when it’s too late.

I still don’t reckon that all this is changing our climate maybe a little but it has always been that way.

To be fair since the industrial revolution methane levels in our atmosphere have increased by as much as 145% but this is evolution for heaven’s sake look at the space garbage orbiting our planet all these things contribute to this BUT nature will work this out not us puny people never fear like she has done in the past.

Global Temperature Since 1860

Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions Since 1860

There are all sorts of theories on this and there always will be I am just wondering if any of this will help; my take is no.

We humans have always been a greedy aspiring lot and nothing will change that.

God I wish I was rich LOL

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Global warming

Whose fault is this?

I am talking global warming here and to me it’s a natural phenomenon nothing to do with greenhouse gasses and all the B/S put around by various western world governments all on the advice of their scientists.

These scientists may have degrees and so forth but a lot use this clothe and feed their selves and their families simply on grants, did I hear you say how... your money the taxpayers money that's how.

This phenomenon occurs naturally.

Companies are cashing in on this and we are stupid enough not to see it.

Why even one of the power companies in Queensland here uses as its main selling topic this idea of giving away for free 6 light globes or bulbs (it seems they stop carbon emissions) I did not take much notice of this ridiculous idea to try to obtain customers; not that the idea won't aid in managing this problem as it will

When they are freely up for sale in stores and shops and the previous government outlawed the old type; not a good selling point mate sez I to the salesman, now if you offered me free power for three months; I might listen to you, and closed the door.

This problem naturally occurs on earth if you care to go and take at squizz at all the info on the subject; I did.

I read a few links kindly sent to me by a friend in Arkansas and was simply amazed at what was said on them.

It seems in one incident a threatening e-mail was sent to a sceptic and reckoned he the writer would bring this bloke to his knees for daring to challenge corporate America; I’m a sceptic I may spell the word differently but would have told him to go to hell.

This kind of stuff we don’t need it smacks of exhortation and money for starters.

Having said all this I would go along with trying to manage this natural RE-OCCURRING phenomenon.

Maybe we should stop sticking our oar into other countries problems and spend the taxpayer’s cash on doing just that for a change.

I see on the chart up here that the USA is one of the biggest offenders but I understand why.

All this waffling by their Senate gets on my nerves to be candid the jokers get paid enough, by you of course.

This is not to say I disagree with the Kyoto protocol as we should Endeavour to stop India and RED China from belching out their filthy emissions; these can and do cause disease but on the subject of global warming would it help? Slightly perhaps but its not going to stop it happening in my opinion.

I see (Sir) Richard Branson lobbed three BILLION into the pot to help, good old Dick, and here’s that joker whinging about being a sceptic and challenging Corporate America; money where your big mouth is Michael T Eckhart, where’s your money to aid in managing an event that occurs naturally.

You jokers make me want to puke you are not worth a two bob bit none of youse.

I reckon I have said enough on this matter but at the bottom I have put some links for you to read up on this.

Mainly all from the US Senate who seem to be better at the B/S game than us Aussies




US Senate

Comments most welcome


So the Yanks think we are becoming an insular people

Due to the new government we now have I reckon that American thoughts about us Aussies are becoming worrying: not to worry youse good folk over there some of the figures shown in this report by the Herald Tribune are in my estimation sheer rubbish.

Mind you it does look that way but it is only the Government you have in power at the moment that has sparked off a lot of this; I fancy this will change once the Democrats resume control of the Whitehouse.

Also we are becoming sick of your language and junk food influence so I read on OUR ABC NEWS this morning I go along with some of that but it will never change in my opinion besides I like MacDonald’s tucker myself lol I often have it.

Yeah well the language problem may be annoying to some of us but who cares I certainly (sure) don’t

It is not just in this country that this has happened have a squizz at other western countries, in particular the UK, they are as bad,

On a visit to the old dart in 1987 I made a beeline for MacDonald’s to stuff myself with a burger.

I read further we don’t approve of your Gun Laws well maybe not but it’s not our business what you folk do over there is it.

And our Gun law policy never really worked properly anyway

You have a problem with social equality it seems (so do we) that was not mentioned in the report.

In short a lot of hogwash or as it used to be said here (Ah she’ll be right mate).

As long as we remain friends and allies is what counts in my book.

A parting shot we like your sports so there is some good in us after all



This blog I am writing about I recommend without question, you may be more familiar with this blogger under another excellent blog he has entitled Blogger Tricks he gets many enquiries re this blog and has helped people on numerous occasions including myself, he has quite a few blogs; seven or eight I believe!!

Click on HERE to see his very latest one; after reading it you may hopefully come to the same conclusion I have; it is really for the oppressed peoples of Malaysia (our neighbours to the north of us) it involves donating a photo of yourself or family group lighting a candle for these people; not so much to ask is it?

Hopefully this message will get through to the Malaysian Government, I personally have my doubts it will but I have found that if one persists in the end It will bear fruition.

Well Peter is persisting and I am going to help in my small way as well.

I ask that more of you citizens of this world join with me in trying to aid this country it will not take a lot of your time.

I have read on other sites (in the main social networking sites) that other countries have their woes as well; they obviously do, we have ours in Australia also.

Peter however is doing something about his countries problems in his own way and I applaud him for that; there is an element of risk for him in this Endeavour but he and a lot of others are still trying anyway.

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword; in this case I certainly hope it pans out well.

What is a photo with you holding a candle going to do you might ask in my view it is a start.

It certainly has my support



So it is finally official here in the land down under we have a brand spanking new Prime Minister, a former diplomat and an entirely different look altogether from former Australian labor party leaders, he has charisma folks much more than I can say of our last Prime Minister or his Treasurer.

He was sworn in with his cabinet today by the Governor General who represents Queen Elizabeth more to come on her later.

His first job it seems is to ratify the Kyoto Protocol this may cause estrangement with the Bush administration as will the return of our troops from Iraq, I have just read he has signed it already good on yah Kev.

I often get letters from Americans saying our force there is puny; of course its puny we may have a huge country but the population here is so small compared to the American one.

I did read they were stretched to breaking point as well.

Like them we have military commitments in other parts of the world, they also double up as border guards patrolling our seas

Kev did say that in his first term he would not be looking into the Republican issue; no doubt that will be on in 4 years time, why should we have a Governor General admittedly appointed by the federal government when we can have a president as head of state.

That deals with the Queen for the moment who needs her we sure don’t, Canada is welcome to her and all the hangers on she brings with her.

I don’t agree with changing our flag however as many men and women died serving that flag, no outbursts from any American on this please you have a state that has the British union jack on its flag, for those that do not know which one it is Hawaii.

I wish Prime Minister Kevin Rudd all the best in this his first term as head of the Australian federal government and the Parliament.

Interest rates should be high on the agenda as they seem to be spiraling.

I guess that’s it on our new bloke for now but he has my overwhelming support.


Young warned over social websites

Be careful Facebook users I have been reading a very reliable piece of news on the BBC and it seems your privacy can be at stake here apart from the larrikins on there, as I see it folk will have to say just who they are; I cant see that happening myself but certainly hope so This comes after my whinge about the site yesterday, a shame as it’s a good site and ideal to while away your free time Millions yes Millions of young people are in jeopardy with the details they post on Facebook Obviously they don’t wish their employers to know these details, I have always been wary on some of these sites.

The worrying thing is this site is free so who pays for it? Good question, having a stab at it I reckon they use personal details which could lead to spam I reckon, Mind you I was hassled on there recently but nothing to do with this article I read My advice is BE WARNED there are a lot of nasties out there It’s a tad different in the UK I read as to users in the USA they have young members whilst in the UK they seem to be older.

I did read there are 14 year olds using it I have a suggestion to Facebook why not have a special site for children that age? It makes perfect sense to me There are quite a few articles on the BBC about this site; the best way is to click on the links I made (usually green) to get more info

Read the one called too old for networking I had a job to believe what the bloke on it said as I am 30 years his senior and I am on it; there are many my age on it

All comments welcome


This is probably true of most social networks but I hope not

Yes well it needs to be looked at and I am referring to Facebook here, I like the site I like a lot of the things possible to do on there however I found a not so nice side.

They have a search for friends on it called advanced search so I took advantage of this to search for more friends; bad idea.

When you click on a Facebook user on this programme more than likely there is a picture, the snag is in a lot of cases they are group pictures, ok so I thought I would just click on them all figuring I would come up with at least one hit, the ages are on there so I was looking for folk around about my age group, wrong it seems like a lot of sites people lie re their age in a big way.

So me here got a message saying how dare you write a message to a young girl on the Internet by a supposed friend of the person I clicked on, she called me terrible things etc I expect you get the drift.

I DID NOT EVEN KNOW HOW OLD THIS PERSON WAS but thinking about it what the hell is a child doing on one of these sites; yes very strange and considering the age groups I searched were from 60 years and up well it upset me slightly.

I flagged it of course with Facebook I was only given 2 options for a complaint Spam and harassment; I picked the latter.

Needless to say I will never search on it again; I have 20 friends on there so I think that will do me.

My youngest one on there by the way is 30 but then again she is my niece.

Comments most welcome.