Update on Skin head attack

Here is an update I found images of the two mongrels that did this despicable act,damn racists so here they are courtesy of the courier press read it here

Further to this it matters not what their parents say (parents stick up for their offspring) they should be gaoled for terrorism in my honest opinion never mind what the director of the Southern Poverty Law Centre says.


  1. Anonymous30.10.08

    Sad for sure. What a horrible plot they had. I'm so glad they got caught before they wreaked all the havoc they planned.

  2. Me too in the past I have blogged and did not go much on Obama but this is going way to far.I never advocate racism I loath it..I have changed my opinions a little now.
    Obama may be just what the USA needs to put them back on its feet and lets face it can he do any worse than the Republicans?....I think not a change may do wonders.
    Thanks for your comment anonymous