These yarns are not exactly fiction but may have been embellished a little; this one is about what happened after a country race event near Torrens Creek. During the afternoon uncle Dick had been boozing up at the bar, and when he came back to our camp, tanked to the eyeballs, he said some Ringer had been threatening to beat him up. A little after this he wandered out into the night and flaked out on the ground a little way from the tent, One of the Aunts coming back from the toilets found him lying there, and remembering what he said earlier jumped to the conclusion that he had been caught up with by the Ringer. Poor Dick has been bashed up, she announced, as soon as she got to the tent. Uncle Bill also with a few grogs in him jumped up wild as hell; I'll get the Bastard that did it, he shouted and charged out into the night, heading across the flat he tripped over Dick. There you are you rotten Mongrel Bill shouted and started to put the Boot into Dick's ribs, first on one side and then on the other. Next morning old Dick was staggering around the camp holding his sides, some Mongrel got me last night and really did me over No worries said Bill I caught up with him later and really gave him some Boot Leather