Is the world wide web in trouble

It appears from this article click on here for more info that the web cable feed from New York to the UK or is it Great Britain will run out of space by 2014 unless somebody comes up with an idea of how to keep it running...At the moment it is buried under 2 metres of sand I presume off a Beach in the Duchy of Cornwall. of course this could all be a load of rubbish if the report from this source is to be believed. below is the supposed cable on the beach that spans the Atlantic I have read there are no motorways south of the city of Exeter. what made me smile was what this reporter said about kids and finding this if they dug down the two metres is he serious as if they would. One is more likely to find them doing something else but definitely not digging. As if a plastic spade would cut this cable just have a squiz at it. I always thought the web was done via satellite but it seems not here is an image showing the world webs not that I saw mine on it but it apparently uses underwater or submarine cable just like the USA UK version...in fact it is how all of us are linked I have explored Wikipedia and discovered the web is an application built on top of the Internet...this is becoming complicated but bear with me please. I have read in several places indeed even argued about this but lots of people believe America own the web not true in fact of all things it was invented in 1989 by an English Physicist Sir Berners-Lee. Annoying huh but there you have it this can be verified by clicking here.

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