A good day for me today

Happy Father’s Day you blokes

Yep Father’s day here in Australia,

Daughter took me to lunch I had to buy the grog of course but the tucker was good and I got a decent bottle of port as well so all up a good day,

The card made me smile have a squiz lol inside it said

From the kid who always tried to get off on a technicality.

Lotta truth in that I tell yah lol

The youngest son has made me smile as well as you can see.

On the inside, it said on the outside there is a lot of BULL oh well happy Father’s day anyway lol.

I appreciated them both


  1. Lol...Good one Mick :) Love the card :D

    BTW, belated Happy Fathers Day!

  2. Thanks Agent M I loved your new nickname but the eye gave you away LOL