Spammers and your guestbook

Or Project Honey pot as it’s known as

A strange name to be sure but it is only a name and as long as it does what is designed to do who cares what it is called I sure don’t.

This is all related to E-guestbooks on your blog or website and its function is to catch spammers.

It does this by you installing code on your site that is invisible to us mere humans BUT is visible to spam robots, so I guess you could say us idiotic humans caused this so what’s new?

Still these guys have come up with what is hopefully a cure for spam but only on blog or websites, I must stress this.

Mind you if your address is on your site well then it will be found as e-mail addresses are in fact sold to unscrupulous folk who then bombard you with spam.

This project is run in conjunction with your guestbook only ok.

It even gives IP addresses of suspected spammers and shows you how to find them.

There is also an e-mail address you can send your spam to and they will look into it "


So all you bloggers out there should I hope find this of interest.

I did at one time have an e-mail and Blogging friend who denied getting spam mail; still I can believe it as the secrecy of this friend was amazing I don’t think she had a lot of mail to be honest.

Comments are most welcome as always.

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