Aussie wildlife unsafe in a Brisbane Suburb

Live Magpies and Cane toads were found nailed to trees in this leafy park; a baby Koala bashed to death and thrown in a rubbish bin.

Another Koala and its Joey were also beaten but are now recovering at Australia Zoo Steve Irwin’s place, who would turn in his grave if he knew this

What this world is coming to lately has me uptight and outraged ok I am usually outraged at a lot of things but what have these poor creatures done to warrant around 15 men aged between 20 to 25 savagely (an estimate only) brutalising them.

It seems the police are helping the RSPCA to arrest these despicable creatures; I wish them well in their endeavours to arrest them.

These attacks are in fact sadistic and this gang has been described as psychopaths I agree with that.

Our Premier Anna Bligh is hoping this is stopped it would distress her she said; too bloody right Anna it annoys me as well.

These mongrels responsible for these uncalled for attacks are no doubt drawing unemployment benefits (just a guess) but I bet I’m not far off the mark.

Local residents are hopping mad it seems and who could blame them I’m not that impressed with these mongrels myself either I mean how low can a human being sink to to do things of this nature; low I’ll tell yah

Courtesy of the Brisbane courier Mail


  1. They were indeed rats! Racism is out people! Its not cool! Away with the damned racists!

    We are humans. Not blacks nor whites nor browns. Just humans. why discriminate??!!! Fails me!

    I the colour is just an excuse for discrimination. People want to be 'superior', and colour is just an excuse for this stupid complex!

  2. Anonymous31.10.08

    Agent M said...
    I hate people who harm animals.. Just because they're not humans doesn’t mean that you can use them as 'items' for getting your need! It’s as worse as damned terrorists who kill humans to attain their needs!!!

    And it amazes me that this happening in Australia - the land, where I thought everyone loved animals, and I respected the continent for that! This is despicable! Madness! These few are spoiling the name of the great nation where Steve Irwin was from! He would indeed stir in his grave if he knew what was happening in his zoo!

  3. fixed it I hope thanks for the comment M A disgrace definitely