How low can some social sites stoop to

Well a few months ago I joined this as soon as I realised what in fact this site did (I could tell almost straight away) I unsubscribed as it actually spies on your friends it has an excuse as well it says see what your pals are getting up to without even going and visiting their sites etc. Some get taken in by that if they are lazy; yes I am at times This cruddy lot e-mail you when they get the goods on your friends. That was enough for me I got off of their books although no doubt they have a lot of info about me. I have since come to the conclusion that Facebook is becoming a royal pain as well so am getting out of it today. If you look at the second image on here on the 5th line down it admits it I suggest you scrutinise that unless you want to be part of this business. Click on the images to view them. I don't anymore I find the only sites I like are StumbleUpon and our Aussie site Buzz As from today I am getting out of Facebook . If you are one of those people who like playing silly games etc well Facebook and my space are right up your street but not mine. When I first started to receive e-mails on what my friends were up to I was astounded and it took me a while to work it out BUT as soon as I realised and checked around the jig was up. This Spokeo takes a bit of beating FBI and the CIA you have competition...Google them and read the results I did. Comments welcome

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