I thought I had seen it all

Folks do you really believe this rubbish as I certainly don’t and the cost $210,000 Australian.

This is how the British propose to treat unruly school children.

They are getting their feet rubbed what a crock of crap.

Here the world is watching a new man being voted into the white house and unruly London kids will soon be getting foot rubs

"It's incredibly important that we address young people's behavioural problems," a council spokeswoman said.

The conservative MP John Penrose got it right "Experienced teachers have a range of ways of dealing with badly behaved pupils and stroking their feet is not one of them," Mr Penrose said.

I read a publication which is available online but a friend sends it I’m wondering what his comments on this ridiculous scheme are.

Surely the British are not that naive as to fall for this which has been mooted by a south London Lambeth council.

As Mark Wallace, from the Taxpayers' Alliance said nothing for children who work hard and luxuries for naughty children this sounds a very familiar story to me.

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