The possibility of a Double Dissolution in September 2010 Australian elections

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has told reporters that some agreement is still possible in key climate talks in Copenhagen despite major disagreements in over one hundred provisions…at the moment 747 we the people here in Australia think you should cut your B/S and think long and hard about our spiralling interest rates. Copenhagen can go on hold so should all the money (ours not yours) you have decided in your wisdom to bestow on the Girl Guide movement… (Sorry girls you will have to wait I’m afraid for a while…until this Ragbag gets his facts and priorities in order). Right so first up we want our troops brought back from Afghanistan (you were voted in on this pledge) you ratted out instead…I fervently believe at least, I’ll take that back you sent more because Obama (another spendthrift with his people’s money) asked you to. Now most of us think that you a multi millionaire (a battler’s man what crap) should spend start spending your cash for worldly jaunts…you have deep pockets, to be blunt an abyss. Now you are toying with the possibility of a double dissolution so as to give you more control…meanwhile things are getting expensive for us to purchase…power is rising by 60%...still I don’t suppose it will bother a silver tail like yourself…BUT I do wonder whether the GG you picked might do a John Kerr on you it happened to Gough REMEMBER him…oh of course you were a diplomat to Red China you may have wiped it from your memory banks Why your popularity has suddenly shot up beats the likes of us downtrodden serfs. Take what is known as the welfare or social security benefits my only two granddaughters have never known what a job is… what is worse they never intend to work…the youngest is 25 or 26 not married no kids (I thought this a disgrace that they have never worked)…still you 747 prop them up with the taxpayers cash why should they, this is how they think…my oldest son and my grandson are even smarter…they draw cash from you and also work on the sly…thank God my other two are not like them. 2010 will be the horror budget so I reckon the government will probably hold an election about March next year (The Rat has until October) If it comes to the double dissolution I’m afraid all could be lost for genuine law abiding citizens here. The main thing and I think most of us want is our troops brought back from foreign wars…THAT WAS YOUR ELECTION PLEDGE REMEMBER it conveniently slipped your mind as usual. Another thing that really gets up my nose (I’m not alone on this one) is you taking control of what internet sites we can see…who the hell do you think you are, doing a Red China again yeah well it stick out like dogs testicles to me. You know you remind me of that Brit politician Jim Callaghan he was an oily heap of **** just like you or a smooth talking politician...take your pick Here is an image of you sucking up to Clinton

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