Is this the way to live?

I don’t think so and hopefully most of us don’t either.

We have poverty in western countries that can be fixed merely by affixing a signature in the various governments like senates parliaments congresses etc I could go on and on.

These problems are not fixed either but the plight of some oppressed people in countries like Burma can be, this is just Red Chinese oppression and will go on and on until something is done.

This oppression by the Chinese Government is a bloody disgrace this is the same mob who wants the world to visit Beijing next year for the 2008 Olympics.

If I had the cash I would not go out of sheer principle, I may watch some of it on my Television set as I like sport but that’s as far as will go I assure you, especially reading about Burma (DON’T FORGET TIBET) by the way will you.

Then of course there are places like Darfur in the Sudan for four years, over 200,000 people from Darfur have been brutally killed by Sudan's military dictatorship

Foreign aid to this country at one time was appropriated by authorities in Khartoum but I believe that has been stopped.

Aid that was donated by our own Australian people was discovered to have not been delivered that quite shamed me but the excuse was it was not getting to where it was needed; I and thousands of other Australians don’t believe that excuse at all not for a moment no sir.

We sadly live in a rotten world countries in the west do help it is true, some say why should they, I SAY WE SHOULD.

It is reported that the USA has not been above board with us all re the events in Iraq either, it tells you as well on this SITE

This other site explains a lot more on IRAQ

Hopefully if you visit this site you will find out how you too can help the plight of the unfortunate peoples and it is not money so please click on it.

We must wake up to what is going on one day it will be far TOO LATE please click on all the images to view them full size.

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