At long last Australia throws off the conservative yoke

At long last Australia throws off the conservative yoke ************************************************************************************** I have of course been watching (well I still am) the election on of whether or not our incumbent Prime Minister will lose the election well I do believe he has in more ways than one. He may well lose his seat as the Member of Parliament for Bennelong in fact it seems likely he will. Not a word has he said so far nary a word. In news just in he has conceded defeat. So Mr.Rudd will be sworn in as the new PM and his deputy PM who is a woman Julia Guillard which will make a pleasant change Well there was a murmur he wanted to wait until all postal votes come in; these come from all over the world wherever Australians are on holiday and such. To me it matters not he has lost the reins of power sadly his offsider retained his seat but in opposition only. One thing that does bother me with the change, our relationship will change with the USA but not for long if their democrats get complete power so for my American friends roll on 2008. These results can be seen on this site but; for how long is not known it may be a temporary site for this event. So to sum up goodbye John and welcome Kev who incidentally went to school in my home town well done Kev.

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