Not entirely unexpected in Australia

The good ole Australian Labor party romped home as was expected some here would have called it a Rout including me.

The monies some of the retiring ministers will receive including use of free air travel to me are horrendous when lots of us are on the breadline; incoming Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is leaving things as they stand he was quoted as saying today.

The Member for Bennelong ex Prime Minister John Howard has lost his seat to ex ABC (Australia) news reader and reporter Maxine McKew, the smirking ex treasurer Peter Costello was re-elected into the parliament but decided to stand down for election as head of the Liberal party.

The new Prime Minister elect is rumoured to be sworn in with his new ministry on Monday in the capital Canberra, this depends of course on the Labor parties choice at their Caucus meeting and a woman as Deputy Prime Minister that sounds good, not before time lots of us would say me included.

Kev promised us faster broadband I can’t wait for that to happen, on the other hand John Howard point blank refused to make it faster; a deal with semi government Telco Telstra is my guess.

On a not so nice note it seems that former Guantanamo Bay prisoner an Australian citizen Mamdouh Habib has filed a defamation suit against a columnist of Nationwide News saying he had made false claims this occurred in front of American and Australian officials.

I recall the case very well as do lots of Australians. No smoke without fire is my contention here, guess he may collect some cash; small recompense for his suffering or his family is my view.

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