Website building Armistice Day

I have been a bit forgetful regarding blogging lately it seems there has been a lot happening for me with one thing and another health is one I do not intend blogging that one.

But I have however finally got a website a personal one a big vote of thanks for it must go to my youngest son who was very enthusiastic about it even though very busy himself making websites and other things for other folk in the course of his business.

He hosted it got me a domain name showed me how to create things on it, it was not an easy task for me getting on in years but I stuck with it.

I seem to have been busy ever since what with editing it, creating a picture gallery there are videos on it in the form of a video diary.

Another feature on it is Google maps another idea from my tormentor er son who arranged that bit showed me how to add maps (I found that bit a tad difficult) it is mainly about my location here on the Sunshine coast so very Australian I guess see here for more.

With all this going on I kind of forgot my usual blog post on Armistice Day or as its known here Remembrance day I wore a poppy of course, I think in the USA it is called veterans day.

I did do a little blog about it after all I seem to be losing it.

I don’t need to rave on about it as most of us know what it means although there are times when I wonder if it was worth it the way things are shaping up in the world today sadly.

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