The Gestapo at work in the USA

Airport Screening in the USA This to me is an infringement on public rights and liberties of all citizens of all countries that merely wished to visit the USA for some reason or other. It would appear this zealous mob is overstepping its remit I have been told this by friends and also suffered from this when visiting. After the indignities I suffered at the hands of this pathetic mob which reminded me of Gestapo tactics it will be a long time if ever that I return to the USA as a guest. I have it on good authority that aircrew are treated in the same manner...their own aircrew by the way I was most indignant and was very rude and cutting to the punk who was trying out his tricks on me, needless to say I had to be searched I just did not like this jokers attitude QANTAS did not put me through this humiliation why are these Gestapo tactics allowed to prevail now. It has been a long time since 9/11 and what's more other western countries have had similar problems re terrorists yet we do not employ these methods and our countries function just fine. Another thing I noticed my friend and I were stopped by the border patrol near Mexico...I have read of illegal’s as I expect you all have ...were we searched? No of course not the young guy peered through the driver’s window and never even had a dog or asked to look in the trunk. His very words were have a nice day and that folks was it. American taxpayers are being ripped off by this lurk all the time...get real POTUS will you and look into this...your citizens need basic health care and education free. Whilst on the subject of these so called illegal’s let me say I found them hard working and courteous...why I receive e-mails whining or whinging about them is quite beyond me. They work hard to support their families back in Mexico very hard indeed Apart from all this I did have a very enjoyable time in the USA and I thank all my hosts especially one friend who put up with me. Here is a quick video of the Grand Canyon...It is no good hiding now the world can see you smiling Another quick one a little gloomy as you can see and so cold. I met many people whilst there and had a thoroughly good time...my thanks go to you all especially Bonnie and her family. I encountered snow the likes of which I cannot recall ever seeing and all Americans I met were very friendly people. I must say they do tend to eat too much though LOL The source for the Gestapo tactics is on here

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