Obama is going to wage war it seems

America’s newest President romped home in the November elections last year and the whole world rejoiced. Well folks we rejoiced too damn soon he is waging war on Swiss banks in effect he is resorting to what I and quite a few others would term an illegal manoeuvre enforcing the placid Swiss into divulging Swiss bank clients who are American citizens. Indeed it is at the moment illegal for swiss banks to violate said law. But now it appears Mr. nice guy has forced the swiss to make an exception against one bank in particular. This bank good readers must also it seems pay $780 million in fines no less. Good old Mr nice guy has now declared war what a pathetic **** on all tax havens. He is not the only one either France and the UK with Germany at their heels quickly got into this act I sincerely hope Kevin 747 does not try this on...somehow I think he will await a decision on this until he sees how the land lies next year when yep you got it it is election time once more. Course he is a red Chinese lover who knows with him So to get back to good old Mr nice guy not only is he content to take any monies he can grab he is also taking money from honest Americans to pay for his Grandiose schemes...A squiz at this video may change your minds about him come next Election time. Mark my words all you Americans well all western nations if this persists one day you will all be as poor as church mice. Freedom has never come without a cost this disgraceful business could well be the downfall of a lot of western governments one day. May I remind you Mr nice guy America is not an autocracy as yet but the way you are going it could well become a reality one day...I don't want that and neither does the American citizen either. You are recieving very bad financial advice...I suggest you fire the bastards before you bring down America to a third world nation. It almost happened here once under the auspices of Paul Keating one time treasurer and later Prime Minister of Australia. We got rid of him America can get rid of you also...you are treading on stony ground here. People who do that usually fall by the wayside hopefully you will see the light but somehow I think not. I mean someone has to pay for all the promises you made to get elected don't they. One can soon topple from the spire, sourced from here


  1. Yes, Obama has me worried. Our previous administration spent way too much ... and Obama is leaving them in the dust. His Socialist agenda is scary. I didn't vote for him the first time, and I'm not gonna vote for him the second time.

  2. Thanks for your comment Nutuba..Yes it is a worrying time for you all..as you said the Bush administration spent quite a lot of your money.
    Obama is really going to town though..he is as we say here going completely overboard...and you are footing the bill.
    Rudd here is also a socialist but as yet things are not too bad...this could change as we both know..at least we have a new election next year..so 747 is treading carefully at the moment.