This is a damned disgrace on the part of the British government again

...to wrongly blame a man and then fail to correct their error...this is done so very easily... ALL THE TIME ...look at the way they treated their ex Ghurka soldiers who were denied citizenship and the right to live in the UK...they laid their lives on the line though. So for years this poor man's family were led to believe he was a self styled cowboy showing off when in fact he was saving a child's life. No wonder their colonies decided to break completely free of this cruddy little Island...this was reported in the British Daily Mail. And to think that the truth came to light only when the mayor of the town where it happened traced the soldier's relatives to tell them a road was being named in his honour as he was considered a local hero...his family now want the Ministry of Defence to amend the bombardier's military service record to reflect his heroism...a medal for heroism wouldn't hurt either now either would it. I first read it on here along with the rest of the world otherwise it would have faded into obscurity source.