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I’ve often wondered whether we were being told a lot of crap when this first started up...now it seems it is. The article in question pertains to European law (I don’t much care what they do with these globes but could tell them if needs be) why on earth our esteemed dork who runs my country went along with it God only knows... oh so his predecessor went along with this farce too (what’s new) see here for details Too be blunt its bullshit Source The decision to remove Saddam Hussein according to the EX-British PM was correct or was it...quite frankly if Saddam Hussein had been left alone would the world today be in the terrible state it’s in? I think not...but oh no Blair had to play that stupid game called follow the leader...as did our resident clown at the time Howard...Bush had a few followers alright...in this case it was uttered in public after the Afghanistan debacle I quote “Iraq is next” unquote what Iraq had to do with this is still not known to me...this is on the BBC also Many years ago the Australian labor party promised to deal with these impudent Japanese whalers; indeed he was elected on that premise...we are still waiting Kev old mate...I’ll tell you this for gratis I don’t vote for you or the Australian party anymore...you seem to ride rough shod over us all...there is a name to describe you...how’s about getting up from your taxpayers food travel and drink and fix this. See here for more details This well it is just a sick joke did Obama deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize...A BIG NO naturally he had to fight to get where he is...he is not exactly doing to good...but a peace prize from a man! Who has decided to send many more troops to Afghanistan...he gets the Nobel Peace Prize for that...get off the grass. This is on the BBC This is a classic...a SEA rescue operation was launched to save a 500kg cow after it was found floating about in Northern Territory waters yesterday...seems it was not too happy at first either...sourced from the Northern territory news