My solution to fix up the planet

I have noticed that every time I open a newspaper switch on the TV (radio what’s that) all I seem to read are grim reports about various wars going on...terrorists attacks bombings stuff like that. Shitty little muggers, child pornographers this list of unhuman (wait piracy) nasty crimes grows day by day...in fact if I wrote a gazillion words about it I’m sure to have missed one. Suffice to say that if at this very moment in time we were called upon by our creator to explain our lips would be zipped like a zip file. Well I have a proposal which may (probably won't) fix this problem round up all militant groups difficult yeah but worth it. Of course I include our heads of state and ALL government representatives that we like dumb idiots voted into office...in fact I suggest we start with those as they are using our cash most of our cash to be correct. This solution will cost a bit but then look at the HUGE salaries heads of state and heads of our various governments around get completely GRATIS from us mugs...ladies and gentlemen we can afford this surely. First though a brief look at the facts I’ll start with this bloke OBAMA Nobel peace prize holder (I was shocked and stunned when I read that info) then whistle on down to his cronies. Onto the Brit Government, a load of con artists I ever saw...I’m not certain about the various European Heads of state and their hangers on...probably the same as the British bloke bullshitter Brown one could never trust the French heads of state but that was in the days of Mitterrand...I know little of the other European countries...however one I have never forgot the Russian ex KGB thug Putin. In fact these types of creeps are everywhere we get them in Australia (look at that conniving liar Rudd) they need to go. Just recalled the worst of the lot, the RED Chinese government you know they killed all those students in Tiananmen Square over 20 years ago. Yeah my solution now don’t laugh I’m serious here. I guess you all recall reading about this planet that’s just been discovered...thought you had here is a video to make this interesting I know what you are thinking but you are wrong by the time we have conned our various governments into building space craft...this planet will hopefully sustain human life. So here we go oh no not us those rotten heads of government and politicians are ALL gunna go whilst we live securely once more on our own earth global warming or not. So what do you reckon a good idea yeah it is you know it we all know it all it needs is just needs a little foresight Source

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