This is probably true of most social networks but I hope not

Yes well it needs to be looked at and I am referring to Facebook here, I like the site I like a lot of the things possible to do on there however I found a not so nice side.

They have a search for friends on it called advanced search so I took advantage of this to search for more friends; bad idea.

When you click on a Facebook user on this programme more than likely there is a picture, the snag is in a lot of cases they are group pictures, ok so I thought I would just click on them all figuring I would come up with at least one hit, the ages are on there so I was looking for folk around about my age group, wrong it seems like a lot of sites people lie re their age in a big way.

So me here got a message saying how dare you write a message to a young girl on the Internet by a supposed friend of the person I clicked on, she called me terrible things etc I expect you get the drift.

I DID NOT EVEN KNOW HOW OLD THIS PERSON WAS but thinking about it what the hell is a child doing on one of these sites; yes very strange and considering the age groups I searched were from 60 years and up well it upset me slightly.

I flagged it of course with Facebook I was only given 2 options for a complaint Spam and harassment; I picked the latter.

Needless to say I will never search on it again; I have 20 friends on there so I think that will do me.

My youngest one on there by the way is 30 but then again she is my niece.

Comments most welcome.

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