China why do we trust the red devils

They are one of the shonkiest nations on the face of our world every other word they utter is a bare faced lie; this is the nation that so badly wanted to hold the 2008 Olympics.

Well they are as I understand it I guess it shows how much I loathe them not because they are Chinese because they lie and stop at nothing to get recognition and worse of all they are a communist autocratic dictatorship; I won't wear that and never will.

I loathe communism in every shape or form

They have treated the Tibetan nation with utter contempt just took over the place without such a common courtesy as by your leave sir.

Now they are helping the Sudan surreptitiously according to this news report from the BBC; I don't doubt for one moment that the report is true either.

In this excellent report by the BBC the Chinese Autocratic government is aiding and abetting the Sudanese poking their big noses into where it is not needed from our point of view.

Who they think they are fooling has me completely baffled but trust the BBC to pick up on it by the way for North Americans lorries is the Brit term for truck

China's government has declined to comment on the BBC's findings, which contravene a UN arms embargo on Darfur now that should make you all think as the BBC found out quite a bit of illegal manoeuvring on the part of the RED government of China who are now not averse to capitalism either

I now invite Hu Jintao to take up his position on this with me; he won't of course probably still calls us running dogs or some other derogatory term

Ah he calls all white people Gweilo’s (鬼佬) I wonder can he recall what white folk call his people ah well back to school Hu

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