A holiday of a lifetime

Hi All, Check out this fishing tackle store it has everything you need to go fishing and best of all postage is cheap as. I brought a new fishing rod and received it the next day. The guy who set the fishing store up built it as a hobby shop. So where is this great shop you ask well it is in Caloundra QLD Australia...pop in if you are on holiday on the Sunshine Coast you will just love it if you are a Fisho if you are not well give it a burl it is a most relaxing sport at times; click on great shop for more details. You can even put your trophy images on here plus there is a forum where you can tell us all your fishing yarns we will believe you just kidding folks. I was actually amazed when I saw this shop to be honest it is set up really well not like some I have been in which are just one huge muddle. You can find just what you need almost at once if for some odd reason you cannot the staff will help you. Nothing is too much trouble for them I assure you so just bustle up to Caloundra at the start of the sunshine coast for the fishing trip of your life. About a 45 minutes drive north from Brisbane should see you right. Good hunting

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