Out of Africa

You probably all recall the movie out of Africa starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford at the time I was not impressed although I watched it; it was ok I guess and the wife liked it.

I am not impressed with what is coming out of that continent today either first up there’s that rat bag Mugabe if I could think of a really nasty name for him I would.

Then we have Mandela who may be 90 and was very harshly treated by the South African government when apartheid was the rage but is not supportive of an all out attempt to blow Mugabe off his rostrum.

Come along now Nelson I wanted you released as well in fact I am glad I was never a South African because of you in the main as I loathed Apartheid.

I really don't believe all this crap reported by the BBC that the Mugabe problem can and will be fixed either but certainly hope it will help matters along

But now to top it all this insidious evil creepy thing I read on that bastion of unbiased news the BBC was this In Tanzania, 25 albinos have been killed in the past year all this for body parts what a bloody disgrace.

Here we are eight years into the third Millennium and folk still think in this way; I am reminded of the Dominican Republic and VOODOO yes Voodoo.

I have no doubt these practices go on in other parts of the world as well but in certain countries in Africa they are discriminated and yes being murdered.

Think well you African Nations because civilised man evolved in Africa aeons ago and greed and in a lot of cases ignorance is making you greedy

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Two stories reported by the BBC BBC

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