Congratulations sir on a fine achievement

************************************************************************ After months of what must have been a wearying campaign to be become the President of the USA...Mr Obama must be very pleased. From slavery to President is no mean feat in fact I never thought it would happen. Do you know there are still slaves today in the USA illegal yes but still slaves...I do believe it is now called human trafficking Now of course his work will have started in earnest Putin needs to be put down a bit... in my opinion he is nothing but an ex KGB thug...then there is Medvedev to consider and let’s face it he is the Russian President. Why him and Putin seem to have more or less the same things to say about various matters has me baffled. Look at the way in which Russia treated with disdain the recent gas crisis...I’m wondering just how he will get along with Hu the red Chinese overlord. Of course Hu had Mr Obama’s Speech heavily cut although the fools left the English translation in...I suppose it had not occurred that quite a few can speak English. Still they had a Phone call in November last year. As president he will have all these problems thrust upon him as well as the ones listed below. Afghanistan Cuba Guantanamo Iraq Iran Saudi Arabia Israel well the list is endless. Raul Castro has made overtures already I read But more importantly his own country, and its inhabitants most of whom voted for him. They are looking towards him for help...but he can’t do this on his own you may have to get up off your butt as you call it and help. Still this bloke is good so I read and have been told Probably saying I'll see Medvedev next Comments are always welcome


  1. Very candid and expresses the author's thoughts well.

  2. Thanks for your comment creekinmad