Using public monies I see right up to the end

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of my arch enemies (should have been impeached) G.W.Bush made his final boots and all free trips (for him) to Virginia today. The occasion his last flight on Air Force one for a ceremony at the Norfolk Navy base I guess…it was in fact the commissioning of the USS nuclear powered aircraft carrier the George HW Bush. This carrier is of the Nimitz class…a grand ship actually, I like the look of her…The aircraft carrier will be the 10th and final Nimitz-class sub and the ninth in the Navy's fleet. All the usual hangers on were present naturally like dead eye Dick, Miz Condi and Gates…why not they never paid the good old American taxpayer did. I did mention Bush’s Momma came along as well I hope can’t leave her out of this gathering can we. Cripes Bush actually said Mom was a strong force of nature Sis was there too would you believe Dotty Koch…in fact it was her who did the business you can read it on Australian ABC here. I don’t think Bush actually realises that most of the American people are actually sick of this war that has killed so many; in fact I’ve lost count of how many. And the cost well the mind boggles. I hope along with many Americans that the new President will endeavour to bring a halt to this but I get a feeling it won’t happen not yet anyway

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