Giant Bird Droppings in New Zealand

What a subject you will think and I for one will agree. But I actually read about it on this site this means researchers must be rooting about in ancient huge bird s**** er faeces what a (excuse the pun) load of old crap. It’s reported as being a treasure trove of info but why do we need to know all this. I mean is it to keep these researchers in a job so they can feed their loved ones or what? I mean I’m talking crap here now ancient plain old fashioned bird shit. Do we really want to know about all this discovered recently; prior to this these huge bird turds for want of a better word have been buried underneath caves for millennia. This stuff has a name it seems they are called coprolites; sounds better than turds I suppose. Some professor on this site reckons that we in Australia should have some of this gargantuan stuff from giant marsupials from the past. I don’t think we need him here to dig up any of this crap we have plenty of the new stuff. That poses a question; I wonder what people of similar interests will find here in a few millennia? Still not to worry our animals will be too small I reckon. On the other hand maybe not if these researchers now decide to have a go at making one of these giant birds from DNA found in these huge Mounds (good word) of bird droppings. In the future they may think it was us and the small crap of today could be attributed to their young

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