Do you want excellent employment prospects

So you want a job with excellent prospects and better yet fantastic time off (with pay of course) if so this is the job for you...AUSTRALIA POST who like any other normal blood sucking money grabber will have today off with pay of course (Friday here January the 2nd ) they already had Thursday off along with other workers for the New Year. This unsatisfactory (to me at least) arrangement must be addressed Kev why oh why is this blatant use of the taxpayers money being permitted. This I must admit has been happening for years this mob never work on a Saturday morning; strangely for the last three Saturday mornings they have. Oh of course that accounts for a working day closure today. Another strange thing is that sub Post offices do open well some of them. Seems to me it is just like the banks a very minute few open on a Saturday morning. This is even worse as they have to answer to a board of directors. After some checking I find our politicos get a real cushy time and go back to running Australia around the middle of February. I find this state of affairs to be a bloody disgrace these jokers do a hell of a lot better than our posties even, To get back to the original whinge or whine if you are American something has to be done about this and NOW not twenty years down the track

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