Above the lower forty-eighth

Alaska is AKA the forty-ninth state a state that is the largest American state in the union of the USA.

Alaskans call their state that or did according to a fascinating book I have just read finished it too about the IDITAROD Sled race a very gruelling race and not for the faint hearted.

A race that runs for 1 150 miles/ 1 850.7456 kilometres so one hell of a race.

In atrocious conditions women enter this race by the way, it has also been won by a woman I read somewhere on one of these links, who said women were the weaker sex Hmm; one of us blokes I guess.

Usually after a ceremonial start from Anchorage the true start is from Wasilla but this can be changed it depends on weather conditions and so forth but it ends in Nome under the burled arch

It has been said that it the US senate tried to ban it but I notice it is all actions go for 2008 the 2007 has been run already.

This video clip courtesy of You Tube says it all.

There is also a video on this link, which is of great interest well to me at least as well as this one on the tube.

It gives heaps of photos and stats on the race on here also so very interesting indeed a definite must for a blog in my opinion.

Alaskans remind me very much like our own pioneers in Australia so I quite enjoyed doing this blog on it.


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