Blogging as a diary and other such muck

I did read on a blog recently that blogging is not considered the ideal place to write as though it was a diary but blogging in my view can be about anything under the sun really.

The strange thing is a blogger I know encouraged me at one time to write about certain events which I did even stranger is that this blogger also does the same things; weird huh!!

I also read they do not consider the insertion of embedment’s of videos on a blog as it slows things down for the reader; maybe it does but it is my business what I blog about.

One wonders do they know how to do that!!

I have videos I could put on a blog but I will not as I was asked not to but I admit to thinking about it.

Some great images are on it of the Pacific North West in the USA oh well maybe I will and maybe I will not who knows.

As long as the mild sledging I am reading at the moment keeps on keeping on I shall think seriously of blogging it.

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