Mooloolaba Queensland Australia

A coastal town on the sunshine coast renowned for surfing, fishing etc; a resort area about 100 kilometres (I don’t do Fahrenheit go and Google it) a friend I write to in the USA said she does not do Celsius so here's my reply. (just teasing you Carol.)

North of the state capital of Queensland Brisbane Australia, I go there at times instead of Maroochydore also a resort township, only a few kilometres separate the two towns.

I myself on first moving up to Queensland (Qld) from New South Wales (NSW) lived in Maroochydore but I now live about a fifteen-minute drive away inland.

I often go to both places and of the two; I think Mooloolaba looks more like a Mediterranean town or resort it has alfresco types of bistros and cafes.

It has a beaut Surf Club also there are night clubs there well I admit to spotting one at least not being a night club person.

Underwater world is also there a place where the fishing trawlers come in so I get fresh seafood from them.

All in all a great little place and I am off again there tomorrow so I do hope the welcome rain has stopped for an hour or so.

Above is a video of the place courtesy of YouTube.

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